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The mystery tantalizingly teases viewers as they are sucked into the plot. One of the temptations an actor faces when depicting such a crazy killer is to exaggerate: Despite his impressive run at the box office, Ju has had ups and down when it comes to acting, and this was probably as high as he gets. While Ju exceeds expectations, his co-star Kim is as brilliant as expected.

He is like the second-coming of Song Kang-ho -- although the two are basically the same age -- who just wears a role and goes with it, and steals the show.

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In this film, however, Kim did not have a tense moment with the emotion dialed up to Instead the director refrains from dramatization or intentionally intense moments as much as possible, and just lets the strength of the story itself pull the audience in. This film is just as much about the drama.

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As Kim Yoon-seok pointed out in an interview, the real protagonists of the film are not Hyung-min or Tae-oh, but the victims. Unearthing the extra murders does nothing for his career, yet he is relentless in his quest because it is the right thing to do -- for the victims and to prevent other possible victims. It is a rare film with strong directing and acting that tells a compelling story with heart, mixed with suspense.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

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uzotoqadoh.tk: Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole (Blue Moon Series Book 1) eBook : Regan Nancarrow, Melissa Mohland: Kindle Store. 1 review. Melissa said: First off this is the first book for Regan Nancarrow, with that being said I reall Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole (Blue Moon Series).

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Do you feel like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole?? You are trapped in a prison for your mind