The Joseph Communications: Your Life After Death

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Been to a few churches too but those quickly fell by the wayside. I can safely say that this is the definitive collection and presents the missing parts of the puzzle. The explanation as to why we have become so confused and corrupted by distractions is clearly explained. But don't get the wrong impression, this is not some religious fanatical garbage. It is way beyond anything like that. It throws light on the deepest spiritual teachings but in an easy and uncomplicated communicative fashion.

The fact is that we already know most of the information presented, it's just that it has become confused and occluded not least by ritual, misinformation and gobbledegook. Read the book, you will not be disappointed. As someone who has been lucky enough to have experienced absolute evidence of life after death, I found this book's description of the worlds on the other side and the purpose of existence interesting, very similar to another account I have read.

It has made me think All a bit of a disappointment really. Felt that it was all too long winded but not really that rich in detail. It basically reflects the contents of a dissertation I wrote many years ago on a old BBC B computer when I was a lot younger and just toying with the subject matter.

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In essence, it could all be summed up as "death is not the end, it is not even the beginning, it's merely the continuation of a soul's journey to I'm still not really sure. One person found this helpful. I lost my husband and my beloved son This book made me feel worse. I lost my husband and my beloved son this year. I believe in life after death, so I felt I would see them again when I die, but this book talked about so many different spirit worlds.

It was not a good book, to give you any kind of reassurance. I was very upset,and in tears after it. Loved the book- It really resonated with me. Some of the content made me feel a little uncomfortable regarding Law of Attraction.

But that is also good. Thank you for making me think Joseph. The left over sceptic in me was the reason for the drop of a star. Unless I get a Joseph of my own I will not know how true it all is until I die. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. A truly amazing book! If more people read this and put the information to good use, then the planet and its inhabitants would be rewarded in such a big way. Please do yourself a favour and read this book, you'll be so glad you did.

Fantastic book, great read, leaves one with lots to think about. These are incredible messages of major importance giving comfort and guidance to what happens to us as we transfer or conscious self after bodily death. See all 45 reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Most recent customer reviews. Published 11 days ago.

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Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? There's no doubt about the sincerity of everyone involved. The books are attractively produced, and I'd judge them to be a significant addition to channelling literature. I'd also say the project has all the ingredients for commercial success, as the team behind clearly have a good idea about business, branding and marketing see their website.

On the other hand I'm cautious about taking this sort of material at face value. Even if one happens to accept mediumship as a genuine phenomenon one is bound to wonder about the genesis of these 'spirit teachings'.

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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. View or edit your browsing history. What is it you truly seek? Published 3 months ago. Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. The fundamental problem that we should be concerned with is how much that these sources deliver is cross-pollination thanks to the channelers' previous readings of other similar sources and religion in general.

The stuff about Atlantis is surely fantasy, and it's disturbing to see it being presented as fact. Certain odd comments seem to me to be neither true or wise, eg. They strive for Nothing, yes, but they strive for obliteration of the consciousness, which cannot happen,' Ditto the insistence that illness is just in our heads and that all medicine is effectively placebo. This might not matter if the material is genuinely helpful. For people who haven't thought about it much before, to be stimulated to think about survival, and the nature of the changed psychological environment, is perhaps useful.

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But the underlying tone, in Revelation particularly, is one of complaint and exasperation: Your planet is horrible and your situation is dire! You must learn to be spiritual like us!

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I realize some people find this inspiring, perhaps from appearing to be delivered by some wise being beyond our ken. But for all the obscure metaphysics, and the sermonizing about the need to change our ways, there is little of what would help us to achieve that. It's all about the destination, nothing about the actual journey.

If it's spiritual guidance we want, I'd argue we should look for it closer to home. Lately I've been re-reading one of Jack Kornfield's books, The Wise Heart , which offers practical advice on how to deal with issues such as fear, anger and resentment, from a human who has had to deal with these issues himself. I have to say, I find this much more helpful than listening to lectures about humanity's shortcomings.

I suppose a come-back to my complaints is that I'm not ready for this sort of exalted teaching. I won't argue with that. But I'm genuinely interested in the phenomenon of channelling and in the worldview that it promotes. Is it all a mysterious confabulation of human minds? Or is Joseph what he claims to be? And in that case, are such teaching entities perhaps themselves sometimes subject to the illusions they strive to warn us against?

You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. I must admit that the teachings as you quote and portray them here seem kind of flat. Some of the information strikes me as somewhat interesting. But then there's the stuff that, like you say, seems just off. Aside from Atlantis, and a shallow idea of Buddhism, there's the idea that the thoughts of Atlanteans were absorbed by flora and fauna, which then became much more aggressive.

I've been watching some episodes of Planet Dinosaur lately--pretty fun show. It's amazing what they've been discovering about dinosaurs. For instance, they can tell that certain carnivorous species had fierce battles for hunting territory, as they find teeth from that species embedded in the jaws of members of the same species. So if things were already that savage million years ago, the Atlanteans must have really driven aggression on earth over the edge! I think I'd be more willing to overlook that sort of nonsense if the material also had features that seemed particularly spiritually edifying, uplifting, challenging, or deep.

But at least based on what you present, that's not my impression. That's not to say the material isn't doing anyone any good. But at this point I'm personally not feeling moved to follow up and read more. Robert Perry November 16, at Julie Baxter November 16, at Kris November 16, at Sante November 16, at I don't understand the problem if another source confirms what Buddhism has already said.

The Joseph Communications: Your Life After Death

In the real world, confirmation from multiple sources is considered a good thing, not a bad one. In fact, the section quoted here mirrors what many religious and channeled sources have already said and what is Christianity, for instance: The fundamental problem that we should be concerned with is how much that these sources deliver is cross-pollination thanks to the channelers' previous readings of other similar sources and religion in general.

At any rate, it's interesting that the commenters so far find themselves smugly dismissive authorities on something that they, as nearly as I can tell, know absolutely nothing about. It must be nice to be so blindly certain about the world. Michael November 17, at This seems to be just more New Age sermonizing, arising from the subconscious mind of someone who has absorbed a lot of extant New Age material, reprocessed it through an unconsciously-formed subpersonality, and spewed it out as a "new" body of teachings.

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The teachings regarding Atlantis and modern medicine are ridiculous fantasy. Surely if a significant part of a body of teachings is demonstrably false, this taints the entire body of teachings. A little poison in a well taints the entire well. Fortunately, there are people around who don't let their current image of things hamper their growth: Take a physics book back years or so, and tell me what kind of response you get about your deluded ideas.

Michael November 18, at Well, I doubt that Joseph is the spirit of a deceased person, because we lack reference, ie, whether a communicator through a medium tells us it is a deceased person, maybe we can compare what the communicator says that when we knew that person was still alive, but in this case this is impossible, because nobody knows who was Joseph when he was alive. So it most likely is that Joseph is the unconscious of the medium but in other cases would not be this. Juan November 18, at Assuming there is real communication going on you have simply found liars. Kris November 18, at Hey Rob, I wondered what exactly you thought it added to the already significant body of writing in the same vein?

As with all these things, it is impossible to determine whether the purported communicator is genuine or whether what is being said is true or not. If I compare it with the writings of Silver Birch say, there seems to be a big qualitative difference. The extract you quote sounded like 'You're all in a mess. I have the answers. You need to do something about it now". With regard to Kris' comment: Having said that I found the Seth stuff incomprehensible and waffly and lot's of folks seem to like that.

Paul November 21, at Hi Paul, my post was a bit negative, so I was trying to counteract that. As you say, there was a huge audience for the Seth books, and I think this is on the same sort of level, so it could appeal to many people. I wouldn't want to put anyone off checking it out. Robert McLuhan November 22, at Paul November 22, at MJS December 10, at Matthew Colborn, Pluralism and the Mind. The Joseph Communications November 15, I've been sent two channelling books to review, Revelation: