Путешествие Мальчика-с-пальчика (перевод П.Н. Полевого) (Russian Edition)

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Diablo the Devil's Mountain and that utilized an obscure unit of measurement known as a radian, which is a mathematical unit based on the number Pi. Elsewhere in the country, a man named Stanley Baker was convicted in July for the murder of a Montana resident. Baker made a candid admission to his arresting officers: I am a cannibal.

Baker was the talkative sort and he readily confessed his involvement in a number of other murders that he claimed he had committed as a member of the Process-spawned Four Pi cult. Police were able to confirm his complicity in a particularly brutal mutilation murder in San Francisco, thanks to his having left behind a bloody fingerprint.

California courts nevertheless declined to prosecute Baker for the homicide with the remarkable claim that he had been denied a speedy trial. Despite his confessed involvement in a number of murders, and despite the fact that the murder for which he was convicted involved him ripping out the man's heart and eating it, Baker was released from prison after just fourteen years, and according to recent reports, he remains at large today.

This in spite of the fact that he distinguished himself as something less than a model prisoner during his incarceration by starting his own satanic cult and having no fewer than eleven weapons confiscated by guards. Just as Stanley Baker and Charlie Manson had migrated away from San Francisco, so too did many other disenchanted hippies and flower children move on in the late 's and early 's. Many of them found refuge in the hundreds of square miles of sparsely settled wilderness offered by the Santa Cruz Mountains, where the abundance of rich soil and clear, running water provided ideal conditions for communal living and marijuana cultivation.


By , some seventeen thousand men, women and children had taken up residence in the fertile glens and along the rich creek beds of Santa Cruz. As Margaret Cheney described the scene: More enterprising men began to operate small, portable pill factories in the remoter parts of the forest, turning out LSD and amphetamines for the city market, free of police harassment.

A small cult of Satanists from San Francisco liked the landscape and opened a local parish. After them came pretenders, exploiters and hangers-on. The more sensational news media promoted the black-mass aura. Small sacrificial animals were occasionally found beheaded.

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Seemingly random, motiveless killings quickly began to plague Santa Cruz. On October 19, , in a case closely mirroring the slaughter of the residents of the Tate house the year before, John Lindley Frazier, allegedly acting alone, killed all the occupants of a home in Santa Cruz, including a prominent doctor, his wife, secretary, and two children. Frazier, who was known to have a strong interest in the occult, was said to have started his own lifestyle as an 'Aquarian Age '[ 21] hermit living in a six-foot-square shack in the woods a lifestyle later adopted by Ted Kaczynski , who was a subject of MK-ULTRA experiments while he was a young student at Harvard, and who has been named by some researchers as a possible suspect in the Zodiac killings.

Just over a week after the Frazier killings, a Halloween card was received from the Zodiac. More cards and letters followed, the last of which arrived in Perhaps no one played a greater role in popularizing the idea of the 'Age of Aquarius' than the Oracle's Gavin Arthur. He was the great-grandson of President Chester Arthur. He reportedly predicted JFK's assassination before Kennedy was even elected. Some attribute that feat to clairvoyance, but it was more likely due to foreknowledge.

Soon after Frazier's rampage, women began going missing from around the Santa Cruz area. As early as autumn of , reports began surfacing of grisly occult sacrifices being performed in the surrounding mountains. By the summer of , it was clear that Santa Cruz had a problem.

Mutilated bodies began showing up in the hills. By the time rolled around, the bodies were piling up at an alarming rate. In just the first six weeks of the year, eight bodies were found, and women were continuing to disappear. Many of the area's killings were credited to two alleged serial killers, Edmund Kempe r and Herb Mullin , who were said to be operating at the same time in the same city, though acting independently of each other.

Kemper's bloody odyssey reportedly included eight victims brutally butchered between May and April , most of them coeds whose corpses were cannibalized and sexually violated.

Mullin was credited with dispatching thirteen victims in just four months, from October 13, through February 13, Mullin admitted to having a strong interest in the occult, a fact made evident by the nature of the killings attributed to him: And another serial killer was said to be at work not far away during the same timeframe. As Bundy chronicler Richard Larsen recounts, the bodies of at least fourteen young women and girls were found, nude and with their belongings missing, in Northern California between December and December For example, the murder of Fred Bennett, the captain of the Oakland chapter of the Black Panthers whose mutilated remains were found scattered in the Santa Cruz hills, was never solved.

And many of the young students who were reported missing from local campuses were never found, either dead or alive, and were therefore never listed as homicide victims. On October 12, , the birthday of Aleister Crowley, student Arliss Perry was brutally murdered and left on display in the Stanford Memorial Church on the campus of Stanford University, nestled in the shadows of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Perry was left lying on her back, with her head toward the altar and her legs spread wide. Her jeans had been neatly arranged in an inverted V-shape and placed across her splayed legs, forming the Masonic symbol of the compass and the square. In fact, Mentzer reportedly had lunch with Folger just a few days before her death.

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A few years after Perry's murder, a new rash of 'serial killings' began in nearby Sacramento, California. Before , fewer than two serial killers a year were reported nationwide. By , nearly three-dozen serial killers a year were being reported across the country.

The years covered by the occult bloodbath in Northern California, through , correspond precisely to the years that the Phoenix Program in Vietnam was in full operation although similar programs, under different names, existed prior to Phoenix had officially come home. His mother was imprisoned for armed robbery when Charles was just a toddler, so the boy was sent to live with his grandparents.

Following that, he lived for a time with an aunt and uncle in Virginia, who sent him off to his first day of school dressed as a girl, just as Henry Lee's mother had done. By age eight, Charles was back with his mother, who occasionally sent him off to stay with a moonshiner uncle. Three years later, the preteen boy was living alone in a single room at a boarding house, until he was discovered by authorities. How he came to be living alone remains something of a mystery. From that point on, Manson spent the vast majority of his life institutionalized. Charles next found himself housed at Boy's Town, identified in The Franklin Cover-Up as a cesspool of pedophile operations.

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In prison, the diminutive Manson was repeatedly raped and beaten by guards and fellow inmates, until he managed to escape at the age of sixteen and find his way to California. He was soon arrested again and sent to the rather ominously named National Training School for Boys in Washington, DC A few years later, he was set free and married briefly and fathered a child, while also working as a pimp. That occupation earned him a lengthy prison stay following a conviction for running an interstate vice ring. Seven years later, he was again set free, after reportedly following Henry Lee Lucas' lead by begging authorities at Terminal Island Prison not to release him.

Within months, Charlie was playing his music in bars in San Francisco's Tenderloin District and gathering a large and devoted group of followers. In his brief period of freedom, he lived with and associated with hundreds of different people, many of them prominent in the entertainment industry. He made numerous contacts in the music business, including Dennis Wilson, [22] Neil Young and Terry Melcher —the son of Doris Day and the former occupant, along with Candace Bergen, of the Cielo Drive home where the Tate murders occurred.

They were involved in kiddie porn. Manson was likely a member.


«Детские и семейные сказки» — сборник сказок, собранных в немецких землях и литературно обработанных братьями Якобом и Вильгельмом. «За время путешествия наши письма обретают магические свойства в . эту строчку из популярной песни х годов часто и с горькой иронией скорее на круглолицего мальчика, прислонилась к старшей сестре. .. В полевых условиях это сделали обыкновенной пилой, после чего.

In the aftermath of the Tate and LaBianca killings, the LAPD, one of whose officers co-owned the auto shop that Charlie lived in just a few months before the murders, couldn't really be bothered with the wealth of evidence that implicated Family members in the murders. The department also refused to acknowledge and examine the obvious connections between the two murder scenes, severely hampering the investigation.

They likewise refused to explore the connections between the murder of musician Gary Hinman and the other two more high profile crimes. DeCarlo, who was reportedly a member of the Process Church, appears to have provided security for Charlie and the Family.

He kept a large arsenal of weapons at the Family compound, including a. The Family, it should be noted, did not operate as the hippie cult that they have been portrayed as being. Their base of operations was more of a paramilitary compound than it was a commune, complete with guard shacks at lookout points, telescopes, walkie-talkies, military field telephones, and converted dune buggies equipped with machine gun mounts.

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