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Shotokan Karate Kata

I would not ever want to mess with this man. A martial artist for over 40 years he holds a 6th degree black belt in Kyokushin Karate and is experienced in judo, aikido, daito-ryu, itto-ryu, boxing, and several Chinese arts. He is also a teacher of qi gong. Caile tells the story from , when he was was in Japan studying karate with Mas Oyama , the founder of Kyokushin Karate.

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Suddenly the group seemed to lurch toward them. Oyama stopped and then uttered a short, powerful sound, something between a grunt and a soft shout.

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All action stopped, their bodies seemingly frozen, movement suspended as if energy had been sucked out of their limbs. It seemed like an eternity, but it must have been only a second when the youths regained a little composure and turned. Immediately they melted aside, then quickly disappeared down the street. Not a word had been said. Sosai Mas Oyama himself talked about the importance of projecting your kiai, in a manner of speaking, as seen here in this clip of him teaching. According to Forrest E. Make never giving up a habit.

What Every Karate-ka Should Know About “Kiai!”

Attack challenges put in front of you. These include not only the challenges on the mats, but the challenges of life. Facial expressions, timing, sounds, and even silence convey messages, mask true emotions, and influence. Haragei is an important and powerful concept in Japanese communication. Kokyu chikara — Breath power. Using your breathing to coordinate the contraction of your muscles so you can use your physical strength most effectively.

What is “Kiai”?

Boxers are masters of this, as well as power lifters. To do this you have to relax and concentrate on your breath going into your lower abdomen hara dantian. Kime is the focus that defines Kiai and probably the most important factor. Your entire focus should be focused on the objective, with the level of commitment both physical and mental, and finally ending with the Spirit Shout that we are most familiar with when we talk about kiai.

Directing your energy intensely, courageously and confidently. Sochin Energetic Calm 40 movements, Kiai on movements 28 and 40 Note: Oyama stopped and then uttered a short, powerful sound, something between a grunt and a soft shout. There are no specific sounds involved. As Sensei Fogarasi explained to us, we need to focus on where the sound is generated. We teach traditional Shotokan karate and are now accepting new students. Also introduced for the first time is the students requirement to perform a simultaneous two handed combination block, in this case a gedan-barai lower level down block , and a chudan-uchi-uke inside outward block , both of which are performed on the second and fourth movements of this kata.

Your spirit focused intensely through your eyes. It emphasizes coordinating and focusing physical energy in each technique, and teaches a student to concentrate his mental energy and focus it into the physical movement. Properly disciplined, traditional kata training even conditions the warrior to commit and focus his spirit through commanding the directions in which he points his eyes.

There are no specific sounds involved.

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They are unique to the individual practitioner. Traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single syllables beginning with a vowel. In kendo, for example, a point is only given by the Shinpan referees if the hit is accompanied by a strong, convincing kiai. As Sensei Fogarasi explained to us, we need to focus on where the sound is generated.

Kata Moves and Kiai Points. Kata, No. of Moves, Position of 1st Kiai, Position of 2 nd Kiaia. Heian Shodan, 21, 9, Heian Nidan, 26, 11, Heian Sandan, Kiai points; Virtually all of the katas taught today in the Shotokan system have at least two kiai points. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, an example.

The kiai should start in the Hara. This means the yell should come from the belly, not the throat. That is where your kiai muscle is located, not the throat. For myself Kiai has meant a lot. When things are going tough for me, outside of the dojo, I will close my eyes and think of how the kiai feels. How it resonates inside my body. I really step into the feeling, and it changes me. Suddenly I feel more confident and able to take on whatever is in front of me.

I feel focused and determined. Karate training is about so much more than fighting, kata and exercise.

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It gives you tools that are applicable to every facet of your life. Face any challenge or obstacle in front of you with the spirit of Kiai!

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Despite the translation of big and small, the Gojushiho kata are reversed. Kiai - Focus point in the kata where the Karate-Ka shouts. Please select from the list below the Kata you wish to view. Meikyo Bright Mirror 33 movements, Kiai on movement 32 Note: This kata is sometimes referred to by the name Rohai. It is believed that Meikyo is taken from one of four Rohai kata practised in Okinawa.

This was due to the likeness of the action of a woodpecker tapping its beak against a tree. Bassai Dai To penetrate a fortress 42 movements, Kiai on movements 19 and Kanku Dai To look at the sky 65 movements, Kiai on movements 15 and Enpi Flight of the swallow 37 movements, Kiai on movements 15 and Jion Named after the temple Jion-Ji 47 movements, Kiai on movements 17 and Jitte Ten Hands 24 movements, Kiai on movements 13 and Hangetsu Half Moon 41 movements, Kiai on movements 11 and Gankaku Crane standing upon a rock 42 movements, Kiai on movements 28 and Bassai Sho To penetrate a fortress- Minor 27 movements, Kiai on movements 17 and Kanku Sho To look at the sky - Minor 47 movements, Kiai on movements 6 and Chinte Incredible Hands 32 movements, Kiai on movements 28 and