In the Halls of Arundhati

Arundhati Roy: the literary canary in India’s coal mine
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She revealed this on the occasion of the release of film critic I Shanmugadas' book 'Shareeram, nadi, nakshathram' at the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Hall here on Wednesday. She said each reader had their own view about the novel and she did not want to spoil this by making a film on the novel.

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The Booker prize winner said that a number of Hollywood producers approached her seeking the rights of the novel. The Estonian translator of the book asked her, "How did you know about my early days? Meanwhile, the writer seemed to hesitate to take a claim on the book saying "'The God of Small Things' is not mine.

Bush and Osama bin Laden are actually twins. The savage twin of all that purports to be beautiful and civilized. This Hussein character, by the way, is the despotic head of a nation called Iraq, which is also being attacked by America in its war on terror.

The literary canary in India’s coalmine, Arundhati Roy

Even if that could work, its collateral damage would surely be staggering. But in Non Sequituria, where illogic is ideal, it is the essential first step.

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So I can only see it as a great defeat if I really wanted to come into politics or stand for elections or ask people to like me or vote for me. Those who support the invasion and vote for the invaders cannot take refuge in ignorance. It is becoming more than clear that violating human rights is an inherent and necessary part of the process of implementing a coercive and unjust political and economic structure on the world. With her novels, she prefers to wait for her characters to introduce themselves to her, and slowly develop a trust and a friendship with them. Because of the work I do, I have lawyers who are friends. The bad news is that colorful demonstrations, weekend marches and annual trips to the World Social Forum are not enough.

Because … banana nuthatch goulash. Please, [in Non Sequituria thrumming, burgeoning anger is very polite] stop the war now. Enough people have died. The smart missiles are just not smart enough.

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An art which can draw out the incorporeal adversary and make it real. The politics of joining hands across the world and preventing certain destruction. Yes, the secret to fighting terrorism in Non Sequituria is not taking action, but taking inaction.


In Non Sequituria, where so many things appear backwards to the people of Planet Earth, you must explicitly avoid such things in order to succeed. As far as ending the real terrorism military and economic on Non Sequituria, it is, ironically, the villain Bush who may succeed where Roy et al.

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He has exposed the ducts. In ours such a thing would make for a rather absurd juggernaut. So alive that even its author can no longer distinguish between it and her journalism. Pakistan win toss, elect to bat against India in Asia Cup. Pakistan 25 minutes ago. Justice has been served, says Asif on suspension of Sharifs' jail sentence.

Arundhati Roy: the literary canary in India´s coalmine

Pakistan 31 minutes ago. Pakistan Navy seizes 3 tonnes of hash from boat in Arabian Sea.

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