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The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that it has launched a review of the Brussels IIa regulation and will adopt a report on how it has been applied in practice. In addition, a study has been requested to collect relevant data including on the child return procedure. Il governo maltese ha di recente avanzato l'idea di mettere in vendita la cittadinanza isolana al prezzo di seicentocinquantamila euro.

In tal modo ci si aspetta la nazionalizzazione di circa duemila extracomunitari. Se tale proposta dovesse divenire legge, automaticamente chiunque comprasse la cittadinanza europea otterrebbe anche la cittadinanza europea e tutti i diritti a essa connessi. Risposta congiunta di Viviane Reding a nome della Commissione. Can the Commission state whether it shares the concern that the decision of the Maltese Government is effectively to put European Union passports up for sale? And will the European Union be monitoring the effects of this policy on the European Union as a whole?

Some non-EU nationals were expected to acquire citizenship in this way. If this proposal were to become law, any person purchasing Maltese citizenship would automatically obtain EU citizenship, with all the associated rights. Given that all the countries with which Greece competes for tourism have set VAT on catering services in single figures, does the European Commission realise that this is not just a budgetary question; it is, above all, a question of economic development?

The impact proved however much smaller, as the economy contracted more severely than assumed when those quantifications were made. The Commission is not aware of any specific analysis on the macroeconomic impact of the reduced VAT rates for restaurants or of its impact on tourism.

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While Greece has benefited from a strong tourist season in , this cannot be attributed to the reduction in VAT rates for restaurants and catering: The budgetary impact of a full year of reduced VAT for restaurants is significant. The selection of the most effective way to bolster economic growth and improve competitiveness is the ultimate responsibility of the Greek Government.

Abusi in Iran contro rifugiati afgani. Non potrebbe la Commissione farsi promotrice, a nome dell'Unione europea, di un intervento umanitario volto ad alleviare le sofferenze dei cittadini afgani rifugiati in Iran? L'UE ha esortato l'Iran a rispettare gli obblighi sottoscritti in materia di diritti umani. La relazione di Human Rights Watch del novembre riguardava principalmente i rifugiati privi di status che possono essere espulsi a norma della legislazione iraniana. Le presunte violazioni dei diritti umani dovrebbe essere oggetto di ulteriori indagini.

Un programma di rimpatrio volontario ha permesso di fornire assistenza ai rifugiati che desiderano tornare in Afghanistan. L'UE fornisce assistenza allo sviluppo a favore dei rifugiati afghani anche in questo contesto e intende continuare a farlo. As part of this hostile context, the Government recently took repressive action against Afghan refugees already present in the country. The European Union has always endeavoured to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and cannot fail to acknowledge the need to act as a mediator to ensure that the Iranian Government undertakes to protect the rights of Afghan citizens and, in particular, individuals who, by their very nature, are disadvantaged, such as women and children.

Is the Commission aware of this situation of discrimination against Afghan refugees in Iran? What does the Commission intend to do to try and persuade the Iranian Government that it is essential to preserve the integrity and human rights of the Afghan refugees in the country? Could the Commission not promote, on behalf of the European Union, humanitarian intervention aimed at relieving the suffering of the Afghan refugees in Iran?

The EU has called upon Iran to respect the international human rights obligations that Iran has signed up to. Allegations of human rights abuses should be further investigated. Assistance has been provided to refugees who wish to return to Afghanistan through a voluntary repatriation scheme. It is important to ensure that asylum space in Iran.

Humanitarian assistance is also focused on the needs of the most vulnerable refugees in terms of health and food and their life in dignity in Iran. Long-term solutions for Afghan refugees and creating conditions for sustainable return and reintegration do not lie within the scope of humanitarian action alone. Political and development assistance from the international community is required for the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees to support voluntary repatriation, sustainable reintegration and assistance to host countries.

The EU has been providing developmental assistance in this regard to Afghan refugees as well and is planning to continue to do so. Could the Commission, prior to its assessment at the end of the year, say what view it takes of how this instrument is being applied in Spain, and of the effectiveness of Spanish legislation to combat intentional public incitement to violence and hatred?

Before it carries out its assessment at the end of , could the Commission give its opinion on the way that this instrument is being applied in Spain and the efficacy of Spanish laws intended to fight against deliberate, public incitement to violence and hatred? It is up to Member States and national authorities to ensure that the framework Decision is implemented at national level.

The Commission has announced that during it will enter into bilateral dialogues with Member States, with a view to ensure full and correct transposition of the framework Decision into national law. The relevant procedure for this is the regulatory procedure with scrutiny by Parliament.

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At that meeting, a non-paper on the possible modernisation of the agreement was submitted by the Chilean party to be studied by the European party. It was also agreed that the next meeting of the Association Committee would be held in Given that negotiations over this modernisation process have yet to begin formally, could the Council state when they will begin and how long they are expected to take? It is also engaged in negotiations with India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. Finally, it is in the midst of negotiations to update the Association Agreement with Mexico.

In this context, can the Council specify what degree of priority it is giving to the possible negotiations to revise and update the current Association Agreement with Chile? Reiterate their recommendation that the contents of the Association Agreement and the opportunities that it offers should be given greater protection and disseminated more widely for the benefit of entrepreneurs and citizens as a whole.

In this respect, the parties stress the need to strengthen the design of new areas of cooperation in which both parties can contribute equally; to explore shared areas of interest more deeply; and to seek new forms of association to bring about bilateral cooperation, including greater participation by civil society and the private sector or the deployment of triangular cooperation initiatives;.

The Chilean proposal to review the Association Agreement is wide-ranging and covers institutional issues, sectoral dialogues and trade matters. The EU welcomes this initiative and will soon provide an answer to the Chilean authorities. Depending on the area of cooperation, the speed of review may differ. The EU intends to begin new sectoral dialogues that will be determined by the substance and joint interest of the parties. Establishing new Sub-Committees is not foreseen for the time being. As far as trade is concerned, the Chilean proposal is a useful contribution to the process of exploring the possibilities of modernising the trade part of the Agreement.

Finally, as the coverage of any ambitious modernisation of the Agreement would go beyond the scope of the review clauses on agriculture, services and investment , the Commission will have to respect the relevant EU procedures. It is possible that this will require an impact assessment and proposals for negotiating directives before launching any possible negotiation. This will depend on the outcome of the consultation process with Chile as well as on the internal EU consultations. A second chance for entrepreneurial ventures is a basic measure for sustainable development and prosperity.

Does it intend to take the initiative to harmonise current Greek legislation with its own second chance proposals in a country such as Greece, where the need for a second chance applies to a large proportion of entrepreneurs and self-employed people? Although this measure was not adopted on the basis of the Greek adjustment programme, this pre-requisite is consistent with the objective of enforcing tax compliance in Greece, thereby contributing to a sustainable social security system. Removing this requirement may therefore have a significant impact on collection of social security contributions, which already suffer from low collection rates.

The Commission is of the opinion that such measures should aim to reduce administrative burden and foster entrepreneurship, while remaining fuly compatible with the achievement of the fiscal targets. The Commission acknowledges the need to improve across the European Union the conditions for entrepreneurs including self-employed persons who are unable to meet their financial obligations, as set out in the Communication on a new approach to business failure and insolvency.

As a follow up, the Commission is working on a legal instrument which would support the efforts of those Member States currently undergoing or considering reforms in this area. What assessment has been made of the potential negative social and economic consequences for Member States of introducing a cap on the right of citizens to free movement? The Commission has not carried out any assessment of the potential social and economic consequences for Member States in case of introducing a cap on the right of EU citizens to free movement.

Damit kommen auch Substanzen in den Blick, die in Ersatzteilen von historischen Fahrzeugen verwendet werden. Zudem ist nicht absehbar, wie eine Neukonzeption von einzelnen Teilen auf den Gesamtwirkungszusammenhang von Fahrzeugen wirkt. For many substances this gives rise to new requirements for authorisation. This also includes substances used in spare parts for vintage vehicles. The relatively low demand for these spare parts makes new designs and the substitution of critical substances in the spare parts wholly unrealistic. Furthermore, it is impossible to know how a new design for individual parts would affect the overall working of vehicles.

REACH provides for a number of exemptions to that requirement, but the specific case of spare parts of vintage vehicles referred to by the Honourable Member is not foreseen in the regulation. The Commission is aware of these issues, which may also concern other older motor vehicles in addition to vintage vehicles. The authorisation requirement is not a ban and authorisations will be granted where the risks from the use of SVHC is adequately controlled or when the socioeconomic benefits outweigh the risks to human health and the environment from its use and there are no suitable alternatives.

The Commission is presently in consultation with the Member States in order to identify possible ways to address the matter within the existing legal framework provided by the REACH Regulation. Sebbene l'Ungheria abbia annunciato di celebrare l'Anno di commemorazione dell'olocausto , molti ebrei e altri osservatori nel paese temono che il problema dell'antisemitismo abbia radici profonde.

Quali misure sta adottando per sostenere i gruppi e le organizzazioni ungheresi che si prefiggono di contrastare le percezioni negative degli ebrei e della cultura ebraica? La Commissione ha annunciato di voler intavolare nel corso del dialoghi bilaterali con gli Stati membri per garantire il recepimento pieno e corretto della decisione quadro negli ordinamenti nazionali. Spetta dunque agli Stati membri prendere le misure necessarie, in particolare in termini di formazione e informazione, per evitare che la memoria della natura criminale e totalitaria del fascismo e del nazismo vada perduta o sia banalizzata.

The party has been accused of vilifying Jews and Israel in speeches in the Hungarian Parliament, where it is currently the third largest party. Hungary has announced that it will commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Year , yet many Jews, as well as other observers based in the country, suggest that the problem of anti-Semitism runs deep. What steps is the Commission adopting to support groups and organisations within Hungary that are working to challenge negative perceptions of Jews and Jewish culture?

The Commission recalls that it is for the Hungarian authorities to investigate individual cases in order to determine whether they represent incitement to racial violence or hatred, and to draw the necessary conclusions under criminal law. The Commission has announced that it will now engage in bilateral dialogues with Member States during with a view to ensuring full and correct transposition of the framework Decision into national law. It pertains to Member States to take the necessary measures, notably in terms of education and information, to ensure that, among others, the memory of the criminal and totalitarian nature of fascism and Nazism is not forgotten or banalised.

Stava cercando di prestare assistenza medica ad alcuni manifestanti, anch'essi in precedenza malmenati dalla polizia. Dopo quattro ore lui e altri otto detenuti sono stati portati al reparto penitenziario dell'ospedale per le emergenze di Kiev. Egli rischia ora di dover scontare da cinque a otto anni di reclusione.

Quali provvedimenti sta adottando l'Unione europea per documentare i singoli casi di cittadini ucraini che sono stati vittime di brutali attacchi da parte della polizia, soprattutto alla luce delle numerose manifestazioni di protesta che hanno avuto luogo nella capitale? He had been trying to offer medical assistance to some of the protestors who had also been beaten up by the police.

The Yoga of Nutrition

Harahuts was stabbed a number of times in the stomach, back and head and was detained by Berkut for three hours without receiving any medical attention. After four hours, he and eight detainees were brought to the police branch of the Kiev emergency hospital. He is now facing a prison term of five to eight years. The EU Delegation in Kyiv is in close contact with all actors involved to report this and similar cases. In addition, the European Union fully supports the idea of an Investigation Advisory Panel, proposed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and accepted by the government and opposition.

Possibili connessioni tra perfluorurati e diabete di tipo 2. I composti perfluorurati PFC sono sostanze utilizzate in molti prodotti industriali quali pentole antiaderenti, schiume antincendio, grasso e materiali idrorepellenti, materiali a contatto con alimenti, sciolina e tessuti in GoreTex. Il team di ricerca ha notato che questi sette composti perfluorurati erano rilevabili in quasi tutti gli individui coinvolti nello studio. Le analisi specifiche condotte hanno poi permesso di scoprire che alti livelli nel sangue di uno di questi composti, l'acido perfluorononanoico PFNA , erano collegati al diabete.

I risultati finali dello studio, pubblicati sulla rivista Diabetologia, hanno tuttavia mostrato che non solo il PFNA era collegato al diabete, ma anche il noto PFOA acido perfluoroottanoico utilizzato nella produzione di pentole antiaderenti. Perfluorinated compounds PFC are used in a wide variety of industrial products, including non-stick cookware, fire fighting foam, grease and water-repellent materials, food contact material, ski wax and GoreTex fabrics. They have already been the subject of many studies and investigations into their effects on human health, but a new study has been carried out by the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, to measure the levels of 7 different types of perfluorinated compounds in the blood and assess whether these are related to diabetes.

The research team observed that these seven perfluorinated compounds were detectable in virtually all the individuals involved in the study. Specific analyses then enabled the researchers to discover that high levels of one of these compounds in the blood, perfluorononanoic acid PFNA , were linked to diabetes. The final results of the study, published in the magazine Diabetologia, nevertheless showed that not only was PFNA linked to diabetes, but so was the well-known PFOA perfluorooctanoic acid , used in the production of non-stick cookware.

This same compound was also was also found to be linked to disrupted secretion of insulin from the pancreas. However, a change of the harmonised classification of a substance can be proposed by a Member State on the basis of new information. Due to its classification as Toxic to Reproduction Cat. In the development of a restriction proposal, all relevant data shall be considered, including from registration dossiers and other information.

Fortsatta oegentligheter i samband med transport av delfiner mellan medlemsstater. In 11 bottlenose dolphins were transferred from the Lithuanian Sea Museum to Attica Zoological Park in Greece, while the dolphinarium in Lithuania underwent refurbishment. The Greek authorities have confirmed that they accepted revised source codes for the dolphins for their transfer certificates to Lithuania. What action will the Commission take in response to these irregularities in dolphin trade between Greece and Lithuania?

The Lithuanian and Greek CITES Management Authorities have recently provided information to the Commission on the conditions under which the transfer of the seven dolphins to which the Honourable Member refers took place. According to recent police investigations, Catalonia has become a focal point for the spread of Salafi-Wahhabi extremism across Europe. In the city of Reus, Islamic training conferences have been held by two Salafi organisations that have been in conflict with each other since mid in an attempt to gain control of the Salafi movement within their area of influence.

To what extent do Member States and their respective security services cooperate in fighting against terrorism in Spain? The Council has neither discussed nor taken a view on the specific situation referred to by the Honourable Member. Is the Commission aware of this situation in Denmark? What does it advise Denmark to do in order to provide an appropriate form of compensation, where necessary, for citizens who have been harmed by this? Certain aspects with regard to the prohibition of defence lawyers to pass on documents to their clients as foreseen in Danish law seem to be related to the right to a fair trial.

A limited exception from this right is foreseen only if the refusal is strictly necessary to safeguard an important public interest, such as in cases where access could seriously harm the national security of the Member State concerned. The Commission is therefore not in a legal position to take any measures against Denmark for possible non-transposition of this directive.

As regards the interpretation of Art. However, the Commission is not aware of ECHR cases which cover a legal situation comparable to the one in Denmark described in your question. The agreement focuses on copyright exceptions to facilitate the creation of accessible and affordable versions of books and other copyrighted works. It sets a norm for countries ratifying the treaty to have a domestic copyright exception covering these activities, and allowing for the import and export of such material.

Why has this treaty still not been ratified by the EU? What measures have been taken by the Council to sign and ratify this disability rights treaty as soon as possible? What are the next steps? No such proposal has been submitted to the Council so far. According to data recently published in a Bank of Greece report on fluctuations in the pay of employees in the private and the wider state sector, it is clear that the total reduction in unit labour costs will reach As a member of the troika, is it working for the promotion of arrangements to implement measures in labour relations and collective agreements in Greece that were provisionally suspended with a view to cutting remuneration, and thus to reduce its negative consequences for the economy and social conditions?

Fine tuning wage-setting mechanisms can help in ensuring an adequate response of wages to economic activity in order to preserve existing jobs and facilitate the creation of new ones. One main objective of a statutory minimum wage is to reduce the risks of abuse in the labour market, namely wages much below productivity linked inter alia to monopsony power.

Minimum wages can also reduce in-work poverty and sustain demand by low wage earners. The goal is to analyse the issue taking into account the economic and labour market developments up to that moment and the trends expected going forward. A solid analysis should precede any recommendation. A lower tax burden on labour, and subsequently a higher take-home pay, can favour incentives to work. But those benefits have to be seen against the drag of lower tax revenues on the government accounts. As the European Parliament elections draw near, the sorts of political and ideological ideas that the people who are standing as candidates are relying on are becoming clear.

Behind the political groups is a whole spectrum of social and ideological ideas and attitudes. Some of the political parties with their sights on the election, however, represent ideas that are questionable from the perspective of European values, and, furthermore, are contrary to the criminal legislation of many EU countries. How is it possible that openly Nazi-minded or holocaust-denying candidates or candidates supporting racist attitudes and ideas are able to stand for election? How will the Commission monitor the ideological backgrounds of European election candidates?

Does it intend to take action if representatives of ideas that are against the law stand in future elections?

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The Commission strongly condemns all forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia, regardless of who they come from, as they are incompatible with the values and principles on which the European Union is founded. Member States must ensure that also legal persons are liable for such conduct. This is one of the four conditions political parties at European level must satisfy in order to apply for EU funding.

The regulation provides for a specific procedure to verify that that this condition continues to be met. Si tratta di una discriminazione esplicita e diretta a favore dei cittadini tedeschi e nei confronti degli altri cittadini europei che si trovano in Germania. Pisciotti, cittadino italiano, arrestato in Germania al momento dell'arrivo a Francoforte, sulla base della richiesta di estradizione emessa dagli Stati Uniti per una violazione della concorrenza che, nella maggior parte degli Stati europei, non costituisce neppure un reato.

Al riguardo, secondo una giurisprudenza costante, il principio della non discriminazione impone di non trattare situazioni analoghe in maniera diversa e situazioni diverse in maniera uguale. Extradition of non-German European citizens living in Germany is permitted. That means that the regulations on extradition between third countries and the Federal Republic of Germany apply exclusively to foreign citizens, including Europeans, who are in Germany, but they never apply to German citizens.

This is blatant and direct discrimination in favour of German citizens, against other European citizens living in Germany. Within the scope of application of the Treaties, any discrimination on grounds of nationality shall be prohibited. It is in this regard settled case-law that the principle of non-discrimination requires that comparable situations must not be treated differently and that different situations must not be treated in the same way. The Treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America concerning extradition states that the contracting parties shall not be bound to extradite their own nationals subject to certain discretion for their authorities and provided their law does not so preclude.

This requires consultation and coordination with several different Commission departments. He will be informed directly of the outcome when finalised. Despite widespread violence and political instability in Egypt, Libya and Syria, relative peace and stability prevail in Tunisia, which was also affected by the Arab Spring.

It was the first state to overthrow its dictator, in , and Tunisian protestors continue to focus on the need for democratic transition and national debate, rather than tending towards violence. In this context, can the Commission detail what steps are being taken at EU level to facilitate continuing peace in Tunisia, as well as to encourage the application of democratic principles and values in every aspect of Tunisian society?

The EU is well aware of the security risks and terrorist threats. The reform of the security sector is a priority for dialogue and cooperation with Tunisia and the issue of radicalisation is on the agenda at different levels. The EU is closely monitoring the protection of human rights and the reinforcement of civil society.

The EU financial instruments are used to support the transition in different fields ex. The EU has also facilitated the cooperation between the Council of Europe, and notably the Venice Commission, and the Tunisian authorities with a view to provide expert advice on the drafting of the new Constitution. This week, it emerged that the Commission has opened three formal investigations following allegations that public funding given to seven Spanish football clubs was in breach of EU state aid rules. Allegations surround state-backed loans and the sale of land and involve seven clubs, including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

In light of this, can the Commission provide a status update as to the nature, scope and proposed timeline for these investigations, as well as information detailing whether any other European football clubs are implicated? A second investigation concerns Real Madrid CF, which benefitted from a possibly advantageous real property swap with the City of Madrid. The third investigation concerns the special tax status for four clubs. The effect of this exemption is that these clubs enjoy a preferential corporate tax rate. Spain has been invited to comment on the opening decisions.

Once a non-confidential version of the decisions is established, in cooperation with the Spanish authorities, they will be published in the Official Journal, together with an invitation to third parties to make observations. It is at this stage not possible to indicate a time for the adoption of the final decisions. The Commission is also looking into cases in other Member States.

There is an ongoing formal investigation regarding several Dutch football clubs. Furthermore, complaints have been received concerning Celtic Glasgow and Swansea and possible aid to Athletic Bilbao for a new stadium. These investigations are still at an early stage. What steps have been and will be taken at EU level to encourage social and political stability in the Central African Republic following the recent upsurge in violence? What specific efforts have been made at EU level to protect Christians and other vulnerable groups who are at risk of persecution as a result of the unrest?

If it is able to provide assurances that its approach to promoting peace in the Central African Republic will have the rule of law and the respect of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of religion and of association, at its core? The EU is involved in efforts of the international community to address the political, humanitarian, social, and human rights dimension of the CAR crisis and gave its full support to the appointment of the new transitional authorities and is ready to support the elections process.

The EU is the most important humanitarian and development partner and has recently scaled up its humanitarian engagement. The EU has development cooperation projects in the field of justice, police, public finance and infrastructure and is preparing a development package to support the transition phase. The EU will continue to support inter-faith dialogue and inter-communitarian mediation and reconciliation as well as the deployment of human rights observers within the UN Integrated Office in CAR.

The European Institute for Gender Quality EIGE has published a report on the effectiveness of institutional mechanisms and gender mainstreaming in the European Union between and What steps is the Commission currently taking to ensure the effective application of the principle of gender equality? In view of the conclusions of the EIGE report, what additional measures does the Commission plan to present? At the same time, questions such as a reduction in consumption and the re-use of recyclable products have been tabled within the framework of a dialogue on the creation of a new approach to waste management.

Does it have data on the application of recycling strategies in the Member States? Are evaluation tables available on the take-up of European recycling programmes by the Member States?

Where does Greece stand? The Commission continues to develop end-of-waste criteria for certain waste streams to enhance their marketability. Recyclable products are promoted through the voluntary Ecolabel scheme and the Green Public Procurement policy. The Commission is studying the feasibility of including mandatory material efficiency requirements, including some aspects of recyclability e. The Commission will present in the near future a legislative initiative on resource efficiency and waste. The initiative will build on progress of the Roadmap to Resource Efficient Europe in unlocking EU economic potential to be more productive whilst using fewer resources.

It will review key targets in EU waste legislation and consider mechanisms and instruments such as industrial symbiosis, ecodesign and leasing to increase the proportion of waste being put back into productive use through circular economy models.

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Adozioni internazionali — Famiglie italiane bloccate in Congo. Il benessere di ogni bambino e la tutela degli interessi e dei diritti dei minori sono aspetti di assoluto rilievo e principi cardine dell'Unione europea. Quali iniziative intende porre in essere al fine di sbloccare tale situazione e permettere ai cittadini italiani di rientrare in Italia con i bambini adottati? The situation has now been further complicated by the fact that the visas of some of the Italian parents have expired, and others will do so in the near future.

Consequently, a number of Italian citizens could soon be forced to return to Italy without their adopted children, who have been looking forward to the day when they are welcomed into families which already regard them as one of their own. What steps does it intend to take in order to resolve this situation and enable the Italian citizens currently stranded in the DRC to return to Italy with their adopted children? How does it intend to foster the establishment of a clear legal framework on international adoptions?

There is currently no European Union legislation on adoption. This matter is regulated by national laws and international conventions. This means that it is up to the national authorities in each EU Member State to establish rules regarding adoption, measures preparatory to adoption or its annulment. In particular, the Commission monitors in general the developments in relation to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption, to which all the Member States of the European Union are Party.

It appears that independent consulting firms are being given contracts by the Troika to establish how much money the countries that have got into difficulties require in order to prevent a payment default. It is said that the consultants are often awarded contracts without any public tender procedure. Designing a financial adjustment programme is a complex task which has to be carried out in a relatively short period of time. In some cases, the high level of expertise needed to address very specific financial issues required national government to resort to external consultancies.

Asset Quality Reviews AQRs are supervisory tasks and it is the ultimate responsibility of the Member States concerned to contract for advisory services. This also applies to the handling of the selection process which is fully under the control of the governments of beneficiary Member States and any agreement on fees involved, but, as in any other case, the Commission always insist on the thorough application of EU procurement rules.

External consultants are not involved in the design of the ensuing policy response within, or outside, the context of the programme. Relevant expertise is normally available within respective national supervisors. But in the context of a severe crisis of the banking sector market participants typically question the quality and impartiality of prudential oversight of competent supervisors.

Such doubts may give rise to major macro-financial risk. While Troika partners do not have the necessary capacity to necessarily quickly carry out large-scale banking sector assessments, the use of external consultants provides for a degree of independence of appreciation that is necessary to obtain a clear and timely assessment of the main problems in credit institutions and to reassure market participants and the broader public of the impartiality of such assessment.

According to a report by PricewaterhouseCooper PwC , the European financial system is threatened by the surge in the volume of non-performing loans across Europe. Given that the policies for the recapitalisation of European banks and the imposition of stabilisation regulations have created strong recessionary pressures on European economies, without creating stability within the banking system:.

Does it have information on the volume of non-performing loans in the European Union and in each individual Member State? Stability of the financial assistance programmes aim at ensuring financial systems. Other measures have been implemented for significant banks such as the EBA recapitalisation plan and the ECB comprehensive assessment to be conducted in Data on non-performing loans are made public by Central Banks, national supervisors or banks but the Commission does not forecast the evolution of NPLs in banks.

As a follow-up a public consultation was launched at the end of to acquire views on the need for and feasibility of harmonising some aspects of insolvency law. The Commission is aware about the social impact of unemployment and poverty. Hence, the Commission has promoted several initiatives to tackle these problems, including the Youth Employment Initiative adopted last year by the European Council.

Freedom of expression is not unlimited: Anti-defamation laws pursue the legitimate aim of protecting the reputation and rights of others. However, it remains the case that in a number of Member States actions in this field are pursued and prosecuted via the criminal rather than the civil law.

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There are currently no plans at Union level to regulate the decriminalisation of defamation. Member State laws and policies differ considerably with regard to the rules and procedures concerning defamation. A recent survey carried out by the Cyprus Institute of Statisticians shows that approximately 6.

This is due to the rapid deterioration of the economic situation and the rise in unemployment, leaving many Cypriot citizens unable to afford even the staple foods necessary for survival. Does it agree with the view expressed widely in Cyprus that austerity policies implemented under the memorandum of understanding MoU are sharply exacerbating the social and economic cost of the crisis?

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The Yoga of Nutrition (Izvor Collection, Vol ) [Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. The Book of Divine Magic (Izvor Collection ) Omraam Mikhaël. Very informative re how we should persive food, not just swallow.

Does the Commission intend to introduce new support programmes for citizens who are unable to cover even their most basic needs due to the crisis? The economic adjustment programme for Cyprus puts emphasis on the crucial role of safety nets and takes into consideration the need to minimise the impact on vulnerable groups. To this end, the Cypriot authorities have embarked on a reform plan of the welfare system aimed at increasing its efficiency and effectiveness, notably by providing a guaranteed minimum income GMI scheme, which will replace the current public assistance scheme and expand its coverage to cover also those currently not covered by the public assistance scheme i.

The Youth Employment Initiative aims to faciliate job creation and the entrance of youth to the labour market and help reduce the youth unemployment. In addition, a new instrument, the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, will provide material aid contributing to reducing poverty. The Commission has also set up a Support Group for Cyprus whose aim is to assist Cyprus in alliviating the social consequences of the economic shock by mobilising these funds from European Union instruments.

Does the Commission consider its decision to participate in the Troika, while being an EU institution as appropriate? What are the democratic deficits and shortcomings identified by the Commission itself in the adjustment programmes in terms of transparency and accountability?

Does it intend to review the fiscal multipliers used as a basis for the assumptions on which the support programmes rely? Why is it that the consequences of the fiscal policies currently implemented in Greece and in other Member States were not taken into account? The Commission's role in past financial assistance programmes is to act on behalf of euro area Member States. Within this framework, the final decision on financial assistance and on conditionality lies with the lenders. The financial assistance programmes have been negotiated with the sovereign governments of the beneficiary Member States which are fully accountable before their national parliaments.

In crisis conditions historical fiscal multipliers do not provide a reliable guide for economic and fiscal forecasting. Fiscal multipliers tend to be larger at the current juncture. Economic assistance programmes prevented the disorderly default of a Member State, avoiding much more severe and abrupt social consequences, and limited contagion. The Commission assessments of the implementation of the programmes can be found in the regular compliance reports that are available on the Commission website: The Commission published its replies to the questionnaire related to the own initiative report of the parliament at: As stated by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection AEPD , the breach pertains specifically to the collection of data on users, the consolidation of the said data across all Google services and the retention of this consolidated file indefinitely, without the knowledge or the consent of the users.

Does the Commission know whether the other five countries, namely Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands, have taken similar measures to prevent privacy law breaches by Google? Without prejudice to the competence of the European Commission as guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection legislation falls within the competence of national authorities, in particular the data protection supervisory authorities DPAs and courts. The national DPAs have been examining the new Google privacy policy.

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The proceedings before the other four DPAs are pending. Several other expenses were included in the budget, e. The tender procedure was repeated and the project was finally awarded at a slightly higher price, in the context of which, the bribery in question was requested. The standard procedures at the selection stage include appropriate gathering of information from MS Authorities, with whom contacts are ongoing.

The purpose of the evaluation-process is to verify whether the information falls within OLAF's mandate and is sufficient to open an investigation or coordination case. On the basis of the results of the selection process, OLAF will decide if a formal investigation needs to be opened.

Due to confidentiality of OLAF's investigative process, and in order to protect the fundamental rights of persons possibly involved, OLAF cannot make any further comments on this matter. Hoe reageert de Commissie hierop? Deelt de Commissie de mening dat deze arrogante houding, van nota bene een kandidaat-EU-lidstaat! Ondermijning van de rechtsstaat. Tientallen leden van de regerende AK-partij en goedverdienende zakenmensen worden opgepakt op verdenking van corruptie.

Drie ministers stappen vervolgens op. Is de Commissie bijgevolg ertoe bereid de toetredingsonderhandelingen tussen de EU en Turkije onmiddellijk, eens en voor altijd! Does the Commission share the view that every cloud has a silver lining and that it is therefore sensible to take advantage of this situation by terminating the accession negotiations once and for all? If not, why does the Commission wish to continue with these never-ending accession negotiations, seemingly at whatever cost? If not, how would the Commission describe these actions?

How does the Commission respond to this? If not, how does the Commission view the matter? Dozens of members of the ruling AK Party and well-paid business people have been arrested on suspicion of corruption. Three ministers resigned as a result. He announced a cabinet reshuffle, in which a total of ten cabinet positions, half of the cabinet, changed hands. Does the Commission share the view that pointing the finger at others merely serves to deflect attention away from the severity of the corruption scandal, and that this is to be condemned?

If not, how does the Commission interpret this situation? Ir-riintegrazzjoni ta' persuni li kkommettew reat. Ex-offenders reintegrating into the community face a number of challenges, especially when it comes to finding employment. At the same time, support in finding and maintaining employment may help reduce recidivism. Certain existing projects in this field enable offenders to participate in comprehensive education and employment programmes while still in prison, and provide a continued connection to education and employment services after their release.

What programmes does the Commission have in place, or intend to start, to support families of ex-offenders and ensure their economic stability and financial security during the reintegration process? The Commission does not have statistical data on the rate of recidivism in the Member States.

The Commission has continuously funded EU projects related to prison education and training through the Grundtvig and the Leonardo da Vinci programmes. A Learning Network of ESF Managing Authorities of several Member States was established during the period in order to support mutual learning and exchange of good practices to support the reintegration of ex-offenders http: In addition in , the Commission has undertaken a survey on prison education and training in Europe http: This is not only because the children are not even considered to be victims, but also because very similar things still occur in the European Union today.

These children trust their mothers who, following their biological instinct, want to protect their child ren , but then have their son or daughter taken away from them. The father is subsequently awarded custody or the child may be put in a children's home or special institution, even if the mother is perfectly healthy and capable of being a good parent. If so, what does it intend to recommend that Denmark do in order to fully protect the rights of children and mothers?

Does the Commission intend to take action to protect the human rights of children and mothers? If not, how does the Commission justify intervening in defence of human rights in non-EU countries when those rights are not observed in the EU? It is therefore for Member States to ensure that fundamental rights are effectively respected and protected in accordance with their national legislation and international human rights obligations.

Within its competences, the Commission has always been strongly committed to promoting the rights of children and women. The Commission is also committed to support Member States in combating violence against women, by improving knowledge and data collection, exchanging good practices, empowering women and raising awareness. Through its three generations of Daphne Programmes, the Commission has also aimed to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence. Con todo, ha decidido mantenerlo en su timeline. Before it carries out its assessment, could the Commission give its opinion on the way in which this framework Decision is being applied in Spain and how effective Spanish legislation is in combating deliberate public incitement to violence and hatred?

Subsequent to the press picking up on this, Cano decided to protect his Twitter account to prevent the tweet being visible to the general public. However, he did decide to keep the tweet on his timeline. Before it carries out its assessment, could the Commission give its opinion on the way in which this framework Decision is being applied in Spain and the effectiveness of Spanish legislation?

Is it seeking to combat deliberate public incitement to violence and hatred? It is up to the Member States authorities to implement the abovementioned decision. More particularly it is for national authorities to investigate specific cases, and the national courts to establish, according to the circumstances and context of each individual situation, whether such situation represents an incitement to racist or xenophobic violence or hatred. Zusammen mit der internationalen Polizeiorganisation Interpol hatte sich die Agentur beispielsweise an Razzien gegen vermeintliche Mitglieder des Anonymous-Netzwerks beteiligt.

Europol has been working to counter net activism since before the establishment of its new European Cybercrime Centre EC3. EC3 was created following a restructuring of the whole Europol organisation. EC3 is supposed to carry out threat analyses and test IT systems for vulnerability. So far, however, it has focused more on terminological refinements. What other bodies or authorities participated and which EU Member States were they from? What firms or institutions are involved in the development of the European Tracking Solution? What products and contributions are they making?

The Commission has asked the European Police Office Europol to deliver elements for a reply to the question put forward by the Honourable Member. The reply of the agency will be transmitted by the Commission to the Honourable Member as soon as possible. The EU is concerned about the worsening security situation in Iraq, including the growing terrorist threat facing the country and the increase in sectarian violence that last year led to the highest casualty figures since The EU is also closely following the developments in Anbar province, including in the cities of Ramadi and Fallujah.

The EU considers that the protection of civilians from violence is of paramount importance, and encourages efforts by the Government of Iraq to ensure the provision of essential services as well as access by humanitarian agencies to areas affected by the fighting. The Commission answered that the Greek authorities are responsible for providing accurate fiscal and statistical information, while the Commission continues to monitor the implementation of the adjustment programme, including all factors affecting public pension expenditure.

In view of this answer and the information provided by the Greek authorities, based on which the fiscal adjustment programme is assessed and Eurostat statistics are compiled, will the Commission say:. At which point are the relevant financial provisions for outstanding pension rights included in the calculation of the Greek deficit for and and to what extent do they encumber the general government deficit?

According to the ESA fiscal statistical rules a pension application affects the fiscal deficit once the application is approved. This resulted in pending applications for those who applied for a pension without having yet reached their new retirement age. These applications will naturally not be approved; therefore they will not have any fiscal consequences. Since then, EU sanctions have been eased on several occasions.

The grave economic and social consequences of the sanctions have caused deep suffering among the Zimbabwean people, in particular among the poorer members of society, by restricting employment, social services provision and development opportunities. The EU should not employ double standards in dealing with its partners. EU restrictive measures against Zimbabwe still consist of a prohibition to export arms and equipment which may be used for internal repression. In addition, a number of Zimbabwean persons 91 persons and entities 9 entities remain subject to restrictive measures.

However, these latter measures have over recent years been gradually suspended in relation to a large majority of these persons and entities. These particular measures have now been suspended in relation to all but two individuals and one entity. Preoccupante retromarcia della Commissione sulla separazione bancaria.

Voci insistenti raccolte dal Financial Times del 6. La proposta si basa sulle raccomandazioni formulate dal gruppo di esperti ad alto livello presieduto dal governatore della Banca di Finlandia Erkki Liikanen. Il seguente link rimanda al testo e all'illustrazione del contesto della proposta di regolamento:.

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How does it intend to foster the establishment of a clear legal framework on international adoptions? See our Returns Policy. After four hours, he and eight detainees were brought to the police branch of the Kiev emergency hospital. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Essential public works in the Ria Formosa have been put off year after year. What procedures are required to mobilise these funds, and what time periods are involved? It took me ages to be OK with my body.

If this information is correct, can the Commission say whether this unexpected abandonment of a rigorous policy of banking separation was prompted by intervention from the ECB or by pressure from the powerful European banking lobby? The proposed regulation would prevent the biggest banks from engaging in the risky activity of proprietary trading. A bank is considered TBTF when the consequences of its failure are believed to be detrimental for the financial system as a whole.

In order to prevent this risk from materialising, the proposal would impose a ban on speculative activities proprietary trading, i. The new rules would also give supervisors the power to require banks to separate certain potentially risky trading activities from their deposit-taking business if the pursuit of such activities compromises financial stability. Please find the text of the draft regulation and explanatory information under the following link: Quais as percentagens de cofinanciamento previstas em cada caso?

Essential public works in the Ria Formosa have been put off year after year. Dredging to improve water circulation and renewal in the lagoons and the construction of waste water treatment plants are badly needed to maintain good water quality. A wide range of socioeconomic activities of great importance to the Algarve region, such as shellfish gathering, depend on this. Sign In Register Help Cart. Cloud 9 Books Condition: Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements.

Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! The Yoga of nutrition Collection Izvor Ai? This is not a dietary handbook, it has nothing to do with diet. The author considers the way man thinks about food more important than what, or how much, he eats. The Master lifts the act of eating onto the level of a mystical rite, a sacrament such as Holy Communion, the Last Supper, in all their spiritual significance. Used book in good condition. Has wear to the cover and pages.

Contains some markings such as highlighting and writing. Minor lean to the lightly creased spine, shelf rubbing, little wear overall. He restores to the act of eating the mystical significance it attained at the Last Supper. Even the reader to whom this spiritual aspect is foreign will realize that his attitude towards food can lead to a deeper understanding of the relation between man and nature, for nature supplies man with food, and man, if his thoughts and feelings are attuned to nature, becomes capable of extracting from his physical food the subtle elements necessary to the full flowering of his whole being.

World of Books Ltd Condition: This is not a dietary book. He replaces our ordinary ideas of everyday eating with the true mystical significance of nutrition. In this way we can learn to extract from our physical food all the subtle elements necessary for true health and fulfilment. An Act which Concerns the Whole Man 2.