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watch It does not do the student trying to learn any good at all to have his partner tap out when they start the wrist lock, at the first start of feeling any pain. They must feel the pain, and the student practicing must know what it feels like to cause the pain and how they started the technique and where and when the pain came in. You must not intentionally hurt your partner, but you must hurt them a little to learn to do the wrist locks correctly. This might sound contradictory, when I say you must hurt them but you must not hurt them intentionally. But you will understand after you begin your practice.

You must learn where and Copyright Dr. You must learn control. And that takes practice and patience and a good partner. Basic Wrist locking Positions The human wrist is a marvelous thing. It can bend forward and backwards, and make circles right and left. It can bend up and down and a little sideways, but it definitely has it limitations on where and how far it can bend in any of these directions. And the entire art of wrist locking is in knowing how and where to over bend and over stretch the wrist to cause severe and immense pain and disable or control your attacker.

Lets look at the ways to bend a wrist so that pain is caused and one can begin control techniques. The Wrist does not like to fen straight backwards. To do the backwards wrist lock. You hold the back of the hand directly facing you and push straight backwards. The wrist does not like to bend straight forward. The wrist does not like to bend straight backwards. The wrist hates to bend straight up and down.

This is the first technique we will learn. Keep the thumb on the back of the wrist, and bring your right hand up to the side and start pushing backwards and down to the right. Keep the pressure doing down and to the right, and point the fingers of the right hand towards the ground. This will force him to roll over to his face and then you pull up on the wrist and lock it backwards as you apply pressure on the elbow and shoulder.

You may continue to bend the wrist with the left hand as you apply pressure on the elbow joint with your leg. You can finish the hold by locking the wrist severely over and bending the arm across your leg. Continual pressure will break the wrist, the elbow and the shoulder. By continuing the pressure up you will force the man to the ground and then you can step across and around to his back. Keeping the wrist locked and the elbow locked by applying pressure to the side. You can finish by locking the elbow and wrist and pushing forward to break them both.

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I started at age six. Do this at least 5 times each wrist. When you get your hand free reach up and grab the back of his wrist with your right hand. Subscribe Get our newsletter Submit. Book of Vile Darkness. You can continue to lock the wrist and finish the hold by pulling up on his 22 Copyright Dr.

As you start to bend the wrist straight up, you grab the inside of the elbow and begin to pull the elbow towards your body and his wrist. As you continue your pressure he will drop to the ground in front of you where you can finish him by breaking the wrist. Pressure is applied by turning the wrist in towards his body.

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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Complete Book of Wrist Locks by Grandmaster Ted Gambordella teaches you all you need to control anyone with wrist. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. 9th Degree Black Belt 41 Years teaching experience Buy The Complete Book of Wrist Locks: Read 7 Kindle Store Reviews -

Keeping the elbow very high. Finish the move by dropping to the knee and flipping him over to the ground. This locks the wrist and the elbow. The basic upper wrist lock is done by holding the wrist with both hands, stepping in and lifting directly up while pushing back on the elbow to keep it flat and keep the wrist bent. This teaches one balance, power and control. Because you can not use your body weight or his lack of balance to effect the wrist lock. All the pressure must be applied by using correct techniques. Here are the basic wrist locks practiced from the knees.

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Your partner holds both your wrists with both his hands. You pull your hands apart, then quickly together as you reach under and grab his right wrist. Your hold under the wrist and turn into the wrist like you are turning a wheel on a car to the right. This will force him to the ground in front of you. Turn the hand towards your body and away from the thumb. When you get your hand free reach up and grab the back of his wrist with your right hand. By applying pressure to the right and down you will throw him to the ground.

You roll your wrist over and reach up with your fingers to grab his arm. At the same time you bring up your left hand to hold the arm.

The Complete Book of Wrist Locks : All You Need to Know to Control Anyone with Wrist Lock

By applying pressure straight down and pushing towards his body with yours you will be able to drop him to the ground in front of you. Roll your wrist up and turn his wrist straight up and down. You now have him ready for a side wrist lock, which you do by pushing down with your entire body, not just the wrists towards the ground. You can finish him by curling his arm up with pressure on the elbow and continuing to lock the wrist. Turn your wrist over until you have his wrist completely turned backwards.

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His palm should be facing you. Hold with both hands. Now press straight down towards the ground, this will force him down.

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You can continue the pressure by pushing straight up on the arm to lock it out. You pull him towards you and reach up and grab the back of his gi. Begin to pull down and forward to spin his body around in front of you. Continue to pull over his head until you make a complete circle, Then you may pull him to the ground and lock the wrist for control.

Apply pressure to the thumb as you bend the wrist back and down You are bending the wrist back and down and also bending the thumb to really double the pain and control. Bring your other hand up and lock the wrist and begin to push down and into his body for pressure. You finish the move by applying down ward pressure on this wrist with both hands.

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Immediately tighten your neck and reach up and slap his face very hard. Then continue to reach over to grab his right wrist with your right hand. Pull his wrist off your neck and continue to roll your arms over forcing him in a circle in front of you. Lock his wrist with a down ward wrist lock and then step in for the finish by breaking his arm.

Reach up and grab the index finger with your left hand on his left index finger. Block the punch and reach around and take his arm off and begin to turn the wrist over to lock it. Hold the wrist straight up and begin to apply pressure to the back as you continue to turn the wrist towards his body. Keep the elbow up high. You can continue to lock the wrist and finish the hold by pulling up on his 22 Copyright Dr.

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Ted Gambordella fingers as you break the wrist. Immediately reach back and hit his groin.

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Now reach up and lock both of his wrist and pull his body forward while turning his arms over to lock the elbows. You can continue to pull and finally flip him over your head to the ground. In "Wrist Locks," You Get: It even works on resisters. In addition, you'll get a couple of moves that are so impressive, they're suitable for demonstrations. You'll even get a great technique for memorizing long sequences of material like wrist lock patterns and complicated moves.

You can apply this super memory technique to other areas of your life. This updated edition is easy to follow. From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert. Wrist Locks is loaded with great principles and techniques.

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You get 15 chapters, over pages, loaded with information that you just can't find anywhere else. Take a look at the table of contents for Wrist Locks: Practice for Fast Improvement and Great Results 2. What's in a Name? The Secret of Learning to Flow 7. Generalizing to Different People and Situations 8. Always React with the Best Lock Possible 9. Mastering Counters and Reversals How to Experiment and Invent Your Own Learning by Teaching the best way to improve You'll Know You're an Expert When If for any reason you feel that this book is not right for you, for any reason, we'll give you a prompt refund.

With all the risk gone, if you decide not to take advantage of this special offer, then you don't really want to master wrist locks, joint locks, arm bars, and controls. I hope you decide to do what it takes to raise your level of martial skill. Order Now and Receive the Following ebonuses: One of them is a proprietary secret. Completely revised and updated, too. Not only that, but it dovetails beautifully with the information found in Wrist Locks: And remember, you get a one-year, money-back guarantee.

Click here to combine Wrist Locks: Whether you are sparring in a dojo, socializing in bar or restaurant, or relaxing at your favorite spot, a wrist lock could come in handy. In fact, this type of control may save you And now, it has been completely revised and updated. And I do mean completely.

If you liked the locks before, you are going to love them now. There are even more locks than before, more principles, more tips AND For example, instead of TWO drawings to describe this arm-bar reversal: You get 10 precise photos showing you the exact technique: This book is a winner.