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You could further say as you read and learned more about education and learning your interest in becoming an educator continued to grow. One or more teachers have positively influenced most of us in our educational career. We get into education because some teacher made a profound difference in our lives. Let the interviewer know about the best teacher you know, what makes them great and how they have influenced your education beliefs. This is the time to be passionate, sincere, and complimentary. The same method will work when describing the best parent you know. What characteristics does this parent have?

What makes them so great?

Sample school administrator job interview questions and possible answers

Finally, you will need to describe the best student you know. This student will probably represent the very reasons why you wanted to enter education in the first place. This question offers a prime opportunity to differentiate yourself by presenting a vivid description of your life outside of work. Schools are interested in balanced, likable applicants. Your professional life is only part of an interrelated whole.

Schools expect you to demonstrate the same level of dedication and passion in outside activities as you do in administration. They are also well aware that many of the best work-related ideas occur when people are not at work, so what you do out of the school has a measurable impact on what you can do on the job. Besides, funny, offbeat, interesting people make work and school more exciting and often are better at out-of-the-box thinking.

10 School Administrator Job Interview Questions and Answers

Communicate feelings of passion, commitment, and devotion. Wherever possible, demonstrate the leadership abilities you have developed in these activities. To answer this question, make a brief statement about your interests and hobbies. If you have a family, mention that you enjoy spending time with them.

Do not mention parties, drinking, or other pastimes that will give a poor impression of you. Reading and sporting activities are also good to mention. Choose your most significant achievement in education and briefly, describe what you did, what skills you used, and how you did it. Dedicate time to prepare for any potential school administrator job interview questions in advance.

If you are having a difficult time narrowing down your achievements to just one, try to pick one that you are most proud of or one that deals with an issue that is important to the school you are applying for. For instance, if the school you are interviewing with is struggling with bullying, it would be great to mention your experience with introducing successful anti-bullying campaigns. Identifying your greatest strengths to a critical exercise to help you answer the school administrator job interview questions you will be asked.

After you identify these strengths, be prepared to back up your core competencies with evidence, such as real stories or examples to prove you have that strength.


As you know, preparing for your next education leadership job interview is critical to a receiving a job offer. Review additional school administrator job interview questions. The Doctor Is In.

Now it is his turn to be patient inside the flimsy, it-ties-in-the-back-please, gown. Are you applying and hearing nothing? Get the A-to-Z job search guide written by a recruiter. Every book comes with an epic free online class. Product details File Size: December 7, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention medical school school interview common sense interview process school interviews medical school applying to medical reading this book recommend this book interview questions read this book helpful freedman confidence interviewer helped schools admissions answers committee.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Aside from the fact that there is clear advertising for the company she works for, Dr. Friedman fails to adequately equip you for the medical school interview.

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The tips are sometimes not only uninformative, such as dressing nice and being polite, but they often become detrimental and unrealistic. There are trite phrases or ideas that should never be used in a medical school interview. My favorite gem was that you shouldn't ask anything of the interviewer when they ask if you have any questions because you've already done extensive reading on the school and know everything there is to know. I think that makes you seem either arrogant, crazy or actually disinterested. There is often plenty of information not to be found on the school website that you should ask.

I think this piece of advise even contrasted with a different piece she gave at a later point in the book. Friedman may have served on numerous committees to interview medical school applicants but I'm not sure she can accurately articulate what it was that made quality candidates. One person found this helpful. This is a little larger than a pamphlet and didn't gave anything I couldn't find in a web article.

Much better books out there in my opinion. Good book, easy and short read, and found it pretty helpful when applying. It definitely helped me better formulate and polish some of my answers. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. No insightful new information. Minimal coverage of actual interview questions and answers. For the most part this book is useless.

It's is very short, it takes about minutes to read and most of the info can be readily found on-line or by speaking to experienced people. In addition, many more schools are moving to MMI and the book does not provide any detailed info on this style of interview. I bought this book when I had about 3 weeks before my first interview. It helped me so much during the interview.

You want to show that you are a leader, a superstar, an influencer. This type of question can seem daunting. The goal is not to script out an answer word-for-word. The STAR format allows you to structure the general shape of your response by jotting down bullets for each of the key aspects of the story.

Need Answers to the Top 10 Interview Questions?

Check out Big Interview for more guidance on structuring great STAR stories — and an Answer Builder tool that you can use to make the process much easier. Inside Big Interview , our complete training system for job interviews, we give you video lessons, sample answers, and an interactive practice tool for all of these different versions of leadership interview questions.

With these bullets, the candidate quickly paints a picture of the challenge faced. She had to motivate a team of people who were stressed out, negative, and overworked. This scenario obviously required strong leadership skills. Avoid the temptation to get bogged down in too much detail. When telling a leadership story, make sure that you convey specifically how you stepped up as a leader.

What actions did you take and why? How did your actions demonstrate leadership?

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I then assigned each person to do more research on how we might implement one of the ideas. She gives us a step-by-step breakdown of her leadership strategy. She empowered her people to help solve the problem , she opened herself up to constructive feedback, and she made everyone feel valued and heard. Wrap up your example by describing the positive outcome s of your action. They loved the idea of being empowered to help find a solution. Instead of complaining, they channeled their energy in a more productive way once they knew that they would be heard. This freed up 8 hours each week — including two hours of my time and three hours for my top account manager.

Review the job description carefully and identify the type of leadership skills required for the role.