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German words for saying the time. Learn Intermediate German Words with Alisa! German Vocabulary Made Easy.

Basic German words

Test Your Knowledge Again 1. Another shopping location is das KaDeWe, an upscale department store in Germany. The feminine Gender article is die. This sentence sounds strange. To express preference, you can use lieber instead of gern. There are two common verb forms in English that just don't exist in German: When extending to 'which Tuesday night?

Learn the Top 10 Happy Words in German. Test Your Knowledge Again 5.

German Words & Phrases

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Ein Bisschen - A Bit. Sprechen - To Speak. Die Sprachen - Languages. Test Your Knowledge 6. Test Your Knowledge 5. Auch - Also, Too. Gut - Good, Fine. Der Abend - Evening. Test Your Knowledge 4. Test Your Knowledge 3. Kommen - To Come.

For example, in the sentence "The woman ate an apple. If you are curious: If we replace the nouns of the example by pronouns, the sentence becomes: The subject of this sentence is the pronoun "she" and therefore this kind of pronoun is called a subject pronoun. Now that you know about the English subject pronouns, here is a table of them with their German counterparts. Note that you corresponds to three different words in German, depending on whether you address one or more persons and whether you are using a more formal or more familiar way of addressing them. Here is a more systematic table with all the forms in the present tense.

Note that the subject pronouns are capitalized because they start the sentences. There are possessive pronouns e. For instance, native speakers usually don't say Mein Name ist Verbs are the words that describe the action of a sentence, e. Conjugation refers to changing the form of a verb depending on the subject of a sentence. For example, the verb to be — sein has several different forms: Most English verbs, however, have only two forms in the present tense, e. German verbs, on the other hand, have usually several forms in the present tense. Two extremely common verbs are to be — sein and to have — haben.

They are conjugated like this:. The test consists of three parts: The grammar part is about conjugation; i. The vocabulary and translation problems are all from English to German because this is what you have to learn if you want to communicate in German.


From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. The German pronunciation of many letters is similar to the English pronunciation, but there are also many differences. Try to answer the following question by listening carefully: How is the "ie" in "Sie" and "Wiedersehen" pronounced? How is the "z" in "Schwarz" and "Franz" pronounced?

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How is the "sch" in "Schwarz" pronounced? Similar to "ee" in "meet". Similar to "a" in "mad". Working with the dialogue. Translate the dialogue to English with the help of the list of vocabulary. Listen to the recording without reading and try to understand the meaning of the words.

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Morgen weiß ich mehr (German Edition) [Marcus Klug, Michael Lindner] on uzotoqadoh.tk Und wir können die alte Platte von der Industrialisierung einfach auf. Es ist noch nicht redigiert, aber frisch ans Werk ist gut begonnen. "Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen " So beginnt hier Kapitel 1.

If you cannot remember some words, look them up and start again. Read the dialogue aloud. Compare your pronunciation with the pronunciation of the recording. Listen to the recording without reading and write down the dialogue in German. Pause the playback after each sentence to write down what you have heard. Repeat this exercise until you know the spelling of the German words.

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Try to translate these English pronouns to German: What is your name?