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A few things that did bother me, but not so much to take me out of the story All in the book was great and I'm sure book 2 will continue the trend. Hopefully he'll be a hardened version of the character from book 1. But seriously, buy this book. Its a Good Read View all 3 comments. Mar 24, L. Evans rated it really liked it Shelves: I caught sight of this book on an advertisement and the cover drew me right in. This book had a good amount of action and character development that kept me hooked throughout. First, I loved how the magic was handled in this book.

It was different, developed, yet not fully unearthed by the characters. It grew along with the story, which was quite nice. I found the interaction of the races very interesting. The world was developed nicely and had a good feel of fullness and history.

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The writing itself was very enjoyable. So, fast-paced read, good writing, and nice world. How about those characters? I will say that Ian and Malaq were my favorites.


The other characters were a wide range and had flaws as well as admirable traits. It was a diverse cast and one I immensely enjoyed. Malaq had a fun, suave personality to him. I liked his humor and all around demeanor. I think I was drawn to Ian because 1 he was a magic user and I tend to like mages 2 he had a tortured side to him which is always alluring to me 3 he could be a badass!

He was also a vulnerable character, one who was caught up in something bigger than himself and kept messing up because of it. I will say, he had a huge weakness for women. Not a bad thing, it just started feeling So it lost something there for me. Not sure how else to explain it.

There were a few surprises at the end. I loved that I learned of the world as Ian did. I never rolled my eyes through a boring history lesson. It was worked in nicely to the conversations, musings, and interactions of the characters. For me, this is a huge bonus. Overall, great read for anyone who likes epic adult fantasy. View all 6 comments. Sep 28, K. Marsden rated it it was amazing.

Ian Troy has spent the last ten years trying to forget the war - the choice he made and the countless lives he took. But things are coming full circle as an old enemy strikes again, forcing Troy to embrace the darkest parts of himself to fight back.

Ok, I really enjoyed this. As you may have guessed from the high rating. Yes, I realise that it's almost May. First of all, my inability to be on time for anything is infamous. Secondly, I've had a lot of time-sensitive reviews taking up my time lately, and I was enjoying Crown of Stones too much to rush it. Believe it or not, I wasn't convinced during the first couple of chapters, as you follow Troy in his role as bounty hunter and self-imposed exile. It was really confusing, and with Troy being a major loner, it was hard to get to grips with his world. I think it was only with the arrival of Malak and Jarryd that I felt the story come to life, and I was hooked!

Malak and Jarryd are great characters. Malak in particular leaves you guessing where his loyalties lie. And it was interesting to watch Jarryd the puppydog become more aware of the dangers of the world around him. The friendship between them builds slowly, and you are left with the feeling that they are all going to have important roles to play later in the series. And the main guy - I'm just going to pause for a moment and say - this sword-fighting, magic-wielding, legend and walking disaster is called Ian.

I don't know why that fact makes me so happy, but it does. Perhaps because it's such a contrast to all the other fantasy books where the main character has a name that immediately picks them out as a King; or all the other names that are found in this fantastical land. The world that Schneider has created is both impressive, and flawed. She has created different races, a full history that is touched upon just enough to educate, without drowning out the plot. There is conflict between nations that has lasted an eternity. There are enemies, but no entire race is painted as evil, they all have their morals and traditions, their own reasons.

I find it a common problem in fantasy books, where authors are so familiar with the worlds they have created, they sometimes forget what it's like for newcomers. Related to this, despite having in-depth history for all the different races, they all seem to merge into one. There is nothing to distinguish between them in language, or daily behaviours. The other problem I had was the lack of any likeable female characters. I got the feeling that women were simply there to feed the men and provide somewhere warm to sleep. Even the Queen, and the all-powerful Sienn - there were moments when I held my breath that they might actually become strong characters The only time any woman got assertive was when she doesn't matter which she, there were dozens tried to jump on Troy's dick.

Which must be very magical indeed, with how in demand it is. Ok, on that interesting note, I'm leaving it there! All-in-all, a good book, and a series I'll definitely be continuing. Mar 02, Jeremy Poole rated it it was amazing. Book review The Crown of Stones: This is a rare piece of magic indeed, it put its spell on me from page one, big action to start leading to a very personal first person experience.

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The story is told through the perspective of Ian Troy, of the magic wielding race, the Shinree, enslaved and drugged they trudge through their life of hell. Answering to whatever master holds their chains. The writing is first class, apart from some spelling mistakes and odd words missed out, it is in-depth and fast pace. The characters are exceptionally well written and Troy has you throwing your arm in the air with fury at his self-doubt and loathing, shadows of Thomas Covenant. Ian troy is a shinree ,and like elric of melnibone, he is a relic from the past. For shinree, magic is the most potent drug..

Not the wielder's life.. A cataclysm in the past swallowed almost the entire race of shinree. And the remnants were reduced to mindless slaves,subjected to kayn'l the drug that seals the magic. Ian is perhaps the only free shinree. A warrior who ended a war in a single stroke. And he will Ian troy is a shinree ,and like elric of melnibone, he is a relic from the past. And he will judge himself,always based on that moment,when he leeched the magic-price from the battle field around him.

Like lena's rape scars thomas covenant's life for ever,Ian's soul is paying the magic price for ever.

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Ask any of my friends or family. This audiobook was absolutely perfect, helped very much by Stephen Frys narration I especially liked his Hagrid voice. Fascinating, Interesting, and a major Cliffhanger. It was just a kiss people, albeit a scorching one, but have mercy! I was taken with just how deep the author's grip of the male psyche goes and I mean beyond Ian's sexual frustration

The story is about how the past,that he payed such a hefty price to bury returns ,and changes the world as he knew while changing him. This is without doubt, the best debut of the year. The narration is excellently paced and the way she unveils the secrets is so cool. We will be immersed in Ian's psyche or his insatiable libido! It's a roller coaster ride that keeps throwing surprises till the very end. And the villains are really diabolic. Some times, we may think why he made that choice..

Especially the one near the climax is so insidious.. The less convincing part was the camaraderie between Ian,malaq and the archer boy. It seemed forced rather than natural. And the scene where Ian had bad guy in his hand and still bowed to malaq's choice. The journey was a dark one,it was one slow descent to hell.

It portrayed the flaws of humanity. Its a soul shattering account of a man,whose life has been sculpted and shaped and made into a gullible weapon. A man who's whole life was a lie.. Apr 13, Tom rated it it was amazing. The Crown of Stones was a fun and episodic read with lots of action and adventure. The author creatively plots and structures narrative events, making it hard to put the book down.

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The Crown of Stones is a complex and rich story world. All the characters are well-developed and I enjoyed learning about their back stories, especially the main character Ian Troy as the lonely figure. As a fantasy novel, I felt that I was transported to another world. Yet, I think this book refers to our current mom The Crown of Stones was a fun and episodic read with lots of action and adventure. Very cool and impressive book. Sep 25, Keeley rated it really liked it Shelves: I need the second one now!

Apr 20, Hope rated it liked it. A cover full of emotion an an exciting magical premise. Ian Troy narrates his painful journey of confronting his past to fight for his future.

His family, friends, and enemies are well thought out and often relatable. I was saddened how all characters seem to be hopeless addicts to either magic or power. Although I don't like Troy very much, there are redeeming supporting mates to cheer on such as Jarryd. The connections and relationships are tangible and complex, m First Impression: The connections and relationships are tangible and complex, making for a compelling story.

Rella and the surrounding world are from a simpler time before techonology and industry. The magic addiction and oppression, slavery, and obsession are difficult and heady themes throughout. Magic is written as something addictive and unpredictable with severe consequences - something not often considered in the fantasy genre so in love with the idea of magic. Schneider weaves magic with words, like a song on the wind.

No part of this story was boring or rushed, which is no easy task at pages. The author has a gift for writing, and the characters are unique and dimensional. Ian's interactions with his companions felt authentic. It's not always clear who the "bad guys" are, which is often true in life. Whomever records history has the perspective of virtue. The sexual themes throughout this first book could definitely trigger some readers.

I would rate it R for adult content, which seemed to be added simply as a show of violence. These themes felt cheap and egregious, as if the author was trying too hard to impress a lustful audience. I think there are better ways to create tension than to describe sex scenes in detail, as it usually detracts from the story. The violence, torture, and other themes made for a very bleak read. I would have given another star for the excellent writing and characters if there was less extreme violence and a little bit of hope.

Enchanting, Magnificent, Unbelievable, Brilliant and a Masterpiece. Schneider crafted the world building because I was awestruck with how she built it and introduce it to her readers slowly and amazingly on the novel. I was lost in the world of Troy. I could imagine that I can feel his pain real time. The struggles he fought, the guilt that he tries to hide and his courage, it was outstanding, outrageous and passionate.

Aside from the world building, the another thing Enchanting, Magnificent, Unbelievable, Brilliant and a Masterpiece. Aside from the world building, the another thing to look forward to this book is the magic system. That I completely fall in love with the magic system. I could imagine what is happening when I was reading the book. I could see the fighting scenes and how the incantations of spells work with every details page after page. It feels like diving and drowning and trying to survive all it once while embarking on the lonely and painful journey of Troy.

Let me tell you this, this book is full of revelations that will give you a moment of silence to absorb of what was happening. There are some unfortunate events because of misplacement of loyalty, there are some because of different beliefs and what hurts the most? There are some because you are the reason someone is dead and that someone is the one person you loved the most. Give me a moment to feel my emotion and cry this one out.

This book tore me apart, into little ashes, to pieces of hollow. Gods, Troy is so selfless. He would do everything for what he thinks is right. It is fair enough, indeed. Fair enough to make himself vulnerable, transparent and crazy. But do you know what? I find it too painful, knowing what Troy just had, what just people trade for what he just fight for. They easily barter that moment for every effort and power of Ian just sacrifice for.

This book is a manifestation of the endless cycle of pain. Perhaps, even more on what I read in the past. I love the concept that she puts and I believe, she was one of those talented authors who really did give justice to her characters. From loving to sacrificing, to fighting and believing, to trusting and being accepted, and to finding who he really is are just a few of the hints on the book. For 2fantasy readers out there, you will love this book unconditionally and no questions asked.

This book exceeded my expectations when I was just halfway through. And it blew my mind when I finished it. Fascinating, Interesting, and a major Cliffhanger. Just a few words to describe the unlimited boundaries of The Crown of Stones: I was succumbed by the beauty of this novel.

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Simply, stunning and extraordinary! Dec 10, C. Denault rated it it was amazing. I was drawn to Magic-Price when I saw the cover roll through my Twitter feed. Being a person who loves earth tones and gritty cover So. I was sucked in from the very first paragraph. I read as much as Amazon would allow and then downloaded the whole thing to my Kindle for Mac. What do I love about this book? Something about it resonates with me.

The writing style is clear and descriptive without being overly detailed.

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Sentences flow one to another in a way that keeps me reading…and reading…and reading. I also enjoy the dialogue and interaction between characters. They're believable and easy to relate to.

In particular, Ian Troy has a cocky, swaggering way of thinking and speaking that sort of takes my breath away. Needless to say, this book gets 5 stars, though I wish I could give it more for speaking so deeply to my imagination. I devoured it and went on to the sequel which is even better, OMG. All I can say is that I will read anything C. I love the way her mind works, the characters she creates, her fluid and vivid writing style, and her world-building techniques.

Jan 23, Clifton Stringfield rated it it was amazing. I had heard good buzz about this work, and though I rarely commit to high-fantasy I felt drawn in by the spell its cover cast upon me. The only race able to use magic are the Shinree, and each time they cast they must pay with some measure of life from their surroundings. It is at times a devastating trade-off, one which the story's broken protagonist Ian Troy has sworn off due to its addictive properties At the onset, Ian uses a powerful artifact known as the crown of stones to end a bloody war.

A decade on, this single act has polarized the world and wracked Ian with guilt. The ripple effects of this have shaped the world's borders and political climate, the scars reopening each time Ian Troy shows his face. Though he believes he has successfully evaded his past, Ian abruptly finds himself drawn back in to the magic game as puppet to a powerful spell caster. Reluctantly setting out on a mission to free himself Ian finds friends, lovers, buried secrets of his people and bloodshed, all the while barreling down a twisted road toward a seemingly inevitable end.

However, the conclusion is satisfying and anything but predictable, and one I found fitting due to Ian's blinding temper and painful indecisiveness. I'm not saying I was not let down at times, but at some point I had to realize as many other reviewers of this book fail to do that this work was not tailored to my own personal tastes. I was taken with just how deep the author's grip of the male psyche goes and I mean beyond Ian's sexual frustration Overall, CL Schneider spins a captivating tale which, in lieu of borrowing, learns from some of our favorite fantasy authors.

The result is a professional and engaging story well worth the price tag. I have heard talk of a possible movie or television show based on this series, and I hope it gets the treatment can you say binge watch? The Crown of Stones: Magic Price is a surprising, refreshing read. The second installment has just been released, and I will be reading it soon! Oct 05, Stefan Mroczkowski rated it it was amazing.

A Stone in the Sea

Schneider is a masterful storyteller. She was able to tell a tale that was unique, superbly written, and full of adventure. I absolutely loved the originality of the story, as it was unlike anything I had ever read before. In many ways, it was like experiencing magic in a new and refreshing way, which was very exciting. The story certainly held my interest throughout. I really liked the idea of how the protagonist, Ian Troy, was ultimately a dark, flawed character. For example, Ian was deepl C.

For example, Ian was deeply tormented by the brutal consequences of engaging in a battle against his enemies and was, therefore, forced into self-imposed exile. Then, many years later, he reemerged with his deadly addiction to magic reawakened. The reasons for his reemergence were intriguing, as Ian found himself in a bloody race to control an object of great power, the Crown of Stones, and, ultimately, to save his people.

Magic Price is an unbelievable first novel. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy. A great fantasy book. Love the cover too. One of the things that makes a great book is to take something common, and put a new twist on it. Schneider puts a new twist on magic, making it an addictive and painful burden to its users. It's a brilliant new perspective on magic using, and Schneider nurtures and develops this unique concept brilliantly.

The world she has created is vast, colorful, engrossing, and most importantly, believable. Schneider is a master at creating entertaining and be A great fantasy book. Schneider is a master at creating entertaining and believable inter-relationships between her characters; at one point when a character met their demise early in the story, I was truly left wanting more, and that was just from one character. Schneider has put into play another great fantasy world, with great concepts and characters, that will lead all of us into its yet to be told tales, and I cant wait to read them.

Mar 24, Matthew Harrill rated it it was amazing. First off, I very much enjoyed this book. I love a good fantasy and while I have not always gotten on with first-person perspective this kept me engaged throughout. I very much enjoyed the magic system, the ideas resonating with me because of similarities to a series I wrote myself in days gone by.

The protagonist more of an anti-hero rather than a good guy was frustrated, prone to addiction, and weak at a very fundamental level because of both of these traits. This made me most interested in First off, I very much enjoyed this book. This made me most interested in what was going to happen throughout the story. I must confess I do love an author who makes their characters suffer.

Stone Barrington is pulled along for the ride when a friend pursues a perilous course of vengeance in the newest novel from 1 New York Times—bestselling author Stuart Woods. In the wake of a personal tragedy, former CIA operative Teddy Fay—now a successful Hollywood film producer known as Billy Barnett—takes a leave of absence to travel and grieve, and lands in Santa Fe in the company of his friends Stone Barrington and Ed Eagle.

There, fate hands him an unexpected opportunity to exact quiet revenge for his recent loss, from a man who helped to cover up the crime. Stone Barrington gets entangled in the intricate and rarefied art business in the latest thriller by 1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods. And under its genteel and high-minded veneer lurks an assortment of grifters and malfeasants eager to cash in on the game.

As an eligible bachelor, man-about-town, and mover in the highest social echelons, Stone Barrington has always been the subject of interest and gossip. Stone Barrington is enjoying a boating excursion off the Maine coast when a chance encounter leaves him somewhat the worse for wear. The acquaintance is fortuitous indeed, for as it turns out, Stone and his new friends have an enemy in common. Newly ensconced in his Santa Fe abode with a lovely female companion, Stone Barrington receives a call from an old friend requesting a delicate favor.

Fresh off the runway at Teterboro, Stone Barrington arrives home to find an unexpected new client on his doorstep, anxiously soliciting his help. But everything is not as it seems, when the client reveals the true nature—and value—of his recent turn of fortune. A sensual woman with unexpected desires, Stone finds her revelations in the boudoir extremely agreeable. But on the other hand, she also has some unfinished business with a temperamental man who believes Stone is an intolerable obstacle in the way of his goals.

In a cat-and-mouse game that trails from sun-drenched Bel-Air to a peaceful European estate and gorgeous Santa Fe, Stone and his friend remain just one step ahead of their opponent. But their pursuer is not a man who can stand to be thwarted, and tensions are mounting…and may soon reach the boiling point. But no sooner does Stone fend off the offensive party than his client becomes involved in two lethal crimes.

After a series of nonstop adventures, Stone Barrington is eager for some peace and quiet in a rustic British setting. Unfortunately, Stone quickly learns that his new acquisition comes with some undesired strings attached—namely, a deadly mystery involving the complex relationships of the local gentry, and a relentless adversary who raises the stakes with every encounter.

Stone sets out to learn the true source of his curious misfortune and finds that what appeared to be bad luck may, in fact, have been a warning. But when the tables turn, the hunted may become the hunter….

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From the isolated landscape of Maine to the white sand beaches of Key West, the trail of deception, theft, and murder will lead to a perilous confrontation. Stone Barrington and his new love rack up the frequent-flier miles with a stalker on their trail in this thrilling adventure in the 1 New York Times bestselling series.

Their travels together lead them from Wichita to Europe, but trailing them is some unwanted baggage: And while Stone is fending off his newest adversary, trouble is brewing on the international stage.