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Or do they PotW every time they roll a 1 or 6? If the former, they've become one of the most dependable psychic units in the Imperial arsenal. If the latter, just the opposite. So, there's nothing really stopping me from, or any downside to, putting various imperial crap in the same detachment.

You'll get better strategems the more focused your army is supposedly , but I'm not sure we'll see much of that until the codexes start to drop. Your marines won't be able to jump into a GK Landraider. One of the special abilities of the Inquisitor crowd is that they can hitch a ride on any Imperial vehicle.

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That's helpful, actually, thanks. Looking at inquistors and some converted bikes, so it all should work out. Once codices begin getting released, more specific armies will also be getting specific bonuses.

Ynnari VS Dark/Blood Angels & Assassins - 8th Edition Warhammer 40K Batrep - 2,000pts

So there will likely be unique strategems to spend command points on, unique detachments, unique psychic powers, etc. I just a want to take the same things I was allowed to and I have models for under the 5th ed codex.

They are Currently a Big Problem

Coteaz, henchmen, my converted GK bikers, etc. That's basically the idea of having varying "levels" of army. You wanna play some Marines with Guard support and an Inquisitor leading with some Sisters lending a hand while a Knight stomps around in the background? These initial indices should be compared to the Grand Alliance Battletomes of AoS, the Appendices from the 3e main rulebook, or the old Ravening Hordes lists.

They keep saying the more focused your army is, the more bonuses. Aura bonuses will be limited to certain groups of units and the better strategems will likely be more powerful in a focused army list.

Put Cawl in the middle of them for rerolling everything and supercharge all your plasma…my nid friend did NOT approve! Wondering about the plasma. The grav gives reliable shot output and multiple damage against a lot of targets and str isn't all that important anymore. Kind of suck if cawl isn't nearby though. Anyone know what armies custodes will do well with? You can't just give your inquisitor anything from the list of all melee weapons. It's only specifically the Wargear: Inquisition Melee Weapons on the Army List page.

It's only on there because they for some reasons didn't give Uniques their full pts including wargear like they did everywhere else. Eldar Craftworlds, Harlequins and Ynnari — 8th edition Full leak. Orks — Full 8th Edition Leak. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. June 1, June 1, 3: Vote Up -1 Vote Down. June 2, 1: The monkeys are still in there! This makes me happier than it should. What does Master Crafted do? Noticing the master crafted hammers don't list -1 to hit. I thought Sisters of Silence were a 30k thing?

June 1, 2: June 2, 2: June 2, 8: June 1, 6: June 1, 8: They sucked so badly in the last edition so people will finally buy those models lol. June 1, 4: Not sure where to post this bit the full leaked rules are up on Redditch. June 1, 1: I did miss it. June 1, 5: Oh well… As I understand it, you Perils of the Warp if your roll double 1s or 6s on your psychic test.

Beyond that, can't think of anything. The Vindicare just through his long range, d3 damage with a possibility of d6 damage , a wound roll on a 2 and that he ignores saves. The Eversor just because he will be absolutely deadly in cc. Wounding on 2s with the chance of inflicting mortal wounds for 60 pts less this edition? I think I'll start with the Vindicare first!

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Then get the Eversor. What's wrong with the other two compared these? I agree with you, those are the two I've been leaning towards the most overall but I don't know why the other two are lackluster. From my perspective these two are more reliable in wounding enemy models Vindicare wounds on a 2 even against vehicles and eversor has strangth 5 with the neuro gauntlet and can reroll wounds. All of the Assassins are extremely strong and used right can destroy your opponents strategy but the Vindicare and Eversor are the most versatile in that regard.

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If the latter, just the opposite. Really, acolytes are ten-point wound and attack upgrades to Inquisitors. Years later, when Julius comes of age and learns his true identity, he narrowly escapes his own death while the lives of those closest to him are jeopardized because of the publicity his newfound identity brings. First time author Peter Levin has written an enjoyable, thoroughly engrossing novel that spans continents, generations, and major worldwide historical events. A model with upper gear costs 10 points 60 for maximum 6 members squad with 'possible' re-roll bonus thanks to Quarry rule and bodyguarding Inquisitor, not 'terrible' choice While there is the opportunity for a great amount of narrative flavour in this group, it's unlikely to find much utility in competitive 40k owing to its small detachment size and GEQ-equivalent stats, but uses could be found as it is light on points and delivers more survivability than the average group of Guardsmen.

Its a tie between Vindicare and Eversor: One by itself might not be spectacular but imagine 3 of them; D3x3 shots at a character of your choice every turn, preeeety good. This guy will wreck any infrantry squad that thinks its safe to hide at the backlines hello Mr heavy weapons guys!

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Yea, I'm gonna get these two. They are by far the most useful and beneficial for their point costs. In my humble opinion i feel like the Vindicare should only ever be taken in sets of 3 as i described, the reason being I've had a look at all the codex's and most of the characters that you will want to snipe have 5 wounds; for example Space Marine Ancients and Daemon Heralds.

If you just take one its gonna take at least 2 turns if your lucky to kill one, but with 3 you have the average odds of dealing 6 mortal wounds thus a dead character.

That makes sense, I mean to get the odds in your favor to make that 1 turn knock out punch. But on the other hand to sink pts and take up three elite slots, the game has to be a large one to really make this effective and an efficient use of points. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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