I Am Not Esther (The Esther Series)

I Am Not Esther
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The plot sounds intriguing but doesn't live up to its potential. The main failing, in my opinion, is that for such a plot to work there needs to be sensitive attention to characterisation and this just doesn't happen. Some characters are caricatures rather than characterised. This includes Kirby whose constant rants and railings against the religion don't seem to serve any purpose than to hit the reader over the head with Cults. I think it is interesting tha in her attempt to draw a picture of an intolerant and judgmental religion that the author has drawn Kirby to be the same way.

Kirby is an unsympathetic characters that it is difficult to feel empathy for. Whilst making choices I don't agree with, I don't think Uncle Caleb is a bad man but I don't think the author had any interest in showing the shades of gray people have. I'm not sure which novel was published first but Klein did it much much better. It is a higher quality novel, with sympathetic characters who are finely drawn.

That novel is a far more satisfying read in all ways. May 09, Mary Bronson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow, this book was great. It was hard to read because of the content and thinking about this actually happens in the "real world". I thought the characters and plot were both written very well.

I read this book a long time ago in high school and had no idea that it had two other books. Now I want to read them. I was really excited to read it, since the theme was something I had never read about before and it had some great reviews. I am very happy to say I was not dissappointed. The religious themes aren't shoved down your throat, and neither does the story try to put you completely against it.

Instead it gently eases you into this almost other world that the characters are living in, and you slowly learn about their day to day and way of life.

I Am Not Esther Essay

The writing was just great. Simple, but descriptive enough to not seem childish.

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It flowed really nicely and it was a breeze to read. The pacing was also very well done. It's not an action-packed story, but it doesn't slow down enough to bore the reader either. I found it really hard to put the book down. The characters are amazing. Though you are introduced to most of them in one go, they are all memorable in their own way.

I really loved them all, even Uncle Caleb. I also thought that Kirby's inner battles about her feelings towards her mother and her doubts about her identity was really really well done. I just loved everything about this book. I really recommend giving this a try! Sep 22, Roxy rated it it was amazing. This is a really good quick-read, recommended tweens. Sep 25, Haley Dearth rated it really liked it. This book has a very interesting story, which I ended up enjoying.

While reading, I never really got bored of what was going on in the book because of the detail of what was happening. This book made me want to read more, which is very rare.

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I Am Not Esther (I Am Not Esther, #1), I Am Rebecca (I Am Not Esther, #2), and Being Magdalene (I Am Not Esther, #3). Start by marking “I Am Not Esther (I Am Not Esther, #1)” as Want to Read: A young girl is left by her mother with relatives she's never met who are members of a strict religious cult. Fleur Beale is the author of many award-winning books for children and young adults, best.

Sometimes through this book, I got angry because of some of the events that had happened. Overall this is a great and interesting book that I liked reading. I Am Not Esther is a book that describes the life of Kirby Greenland, who was sent to a religious cult. Kirby and her mom have a good relationship, but Kirby seems to be the one who takes care of her mom. Her mom then sends Kirby to her family who she has never met before.

She is taken to her uncle Caleb, who is in a religious cult, and his family. The second she walked into her new home, everyone started to call her Esther. They believed that Kirby is not a godly name, so they decided to re name her. Kirby had a lot of fits about all the extremities of their religion, so she was often sent to memorize the bible, or have her cousins punished by praying for hours on their knees unless she repented.

Later on, Kirby learned to respect Naomi her aunt and uncle Caleb. If anyone stands up against the church, they will get kicked out, and will pretend that they are dead to them. After talking to the school counselor, Kirby made the courage to stand up against the church, and so did her cousin Daniel since he wanted to become a doctor. In the end Kirby finds out she has a brother, and that her mom was in a mental hospital. Her mom later gets better and Kirby and her mom eventually live together after a few months. In the beginning, Kirby takes care of her mom and has good friends.

In the end of the book, Kirby becomes more respectful and more confident. She ends up believing in God since she was forced to live with her very religious family. During the end, she goes through a mental breakdown but gets back up and starts becoming a real mom when she starts taking care of Kirby more. I would recommend this book to high schoolers and older middle schoolers. If anyone younger read this book, then they wouldn't understand it as well. I rated this book 4 out of 5, because I feel the author could've written more details. Sep 24, Tasha Baxendale rated it liked it Shelves: I decided to read 'I am not Esther' because it was highly recommended by friends as they had previously read it at school and it was apparently an excellent read.

This book falls into the category of 'a book written by a New Zealander'. This category was interesting for me because I usually don't read books by New Zealanders as I usually can't find ones I can enjoy but this book was fantastic and was new for me.

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My favourite quote from this book is "It still isn't easy. I still cry a lot, but most I decided to read 'I am not Esther' because it was highly recommended by friends as they had previously read it at school and it was apparently an excellent read. I still cry a lot, but mostly I've stopped wondering if I was right to run away.

I Am Not Esther

I liked this quote as it really showed the conflict Kirby the protagonist was experiencing. Her mother lies to her and she gets sent away to her extended family who are really strict and she has never met before. I can understand how uncomfortable and home sick she is. It is understandable that she's upset. I believe the only way out of the internal conflict and struggle she is going through is moving on and letting go.

She is still sitting on the fence deciding whether her choice of running away was right. This book taught me that no matter what happens between you and your family they will always be there for. In this novel Kirby's mother is mentally unstable. She lies to her daughter and sends her to an unfamiliar family to look after her so she can get help. I believe her mother had good intentions and was just trying to get help to become better mentally, as a person and a mother.

Even though Kirby believes her mum did something horrible leaving her with a family who are extremely religious and have strict rules, her mother was doing her best to help. In the end Kirby finds her mother and has mixed emotions but she then puts the conflict behind her. Kirby decides that even though her mother abandoned her, she is still family and will always love her no matter what A character in this book that was interesting to me was Kirby Greenland.

In this novel the strange relatives she is staying with insist on calling her Esther. She continuously says throughout the novel "I am not Esther". I admire her as she never gives up and no matter what happens to her she will always hold onto her true identity. She is a strong and independent girl. Her determination to hold onto herself, not let anybody change her and make her something she is not, is outstanding. May 05, Sheila rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kirby finds herself living among religious relatives who insist on calling her Esther and make her dress and act like a character from history.

Soon a burgeoning care for her new brothers and sisters gives Kirby another good reason not to leave—how can she desert them here?

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How would they cope? Faith and love are dealt with gently; even rebellion is tinged with the recognition of kindness; and a story of hopelessness ends with hope restored. Kirby is a wonderful character. Her journey is a fascinating, thought-provoking read, filled with vivid detail and genuine humanity.

And I am not Esther is an amazing tale of survival, identity and mercy. I liked the picture on the cover. And I bought the book. Jun 01, Maggie61 rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this whole book in one sitting, cover to cover.

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How to write a great review Do Say what you liked best and least Describe the author's style Explain the rating you gave Don't Use rude and profane language Include any personal information Mention spoilers or the book's price Recap the plot. See 1 question about I Am Not Esther…. How would they cope? That being said, I felt like there lacked details and descriptions of Kirby's environment - like, she goes to school but never interacts with other students, it's like they're not even there. Firstly, how Miriam died had intrigued me and I wanted to What I liked most about the book was when Esther had been placed in the Discipline room and was forced to memorize psalms. It's a good book. How can she watch her tiny cousin suffer for what she does?

It brings out so many emotions and thoughts and was a fascinating read. I realize she did have some mental illness going on but she still had her faculties and had to know what hell she was sending her daughter to. For most of us it is difficult for us to understand their way of life and beliefs. Most that were raised in the cult just accepted the rules as they were with no thought of questionaing or disobeying.

And it was scary how Kirby was afraid of losing herself and how quickly she could become Esther, leaving Kirby behind. While Kirby did have some support in helping her leave the cult, unfortunatley there are still many cults out there where the kids have no dreams of escape, have no support system and are shut off from the rest of the world and will live their life out there. Definitely recommend this book. This book was a very good read. One that my librarian picked out for me and I'm very glad he did. The writing in this book was very impressive. It portrayed the thoughts and feeling Kirby had towards her mother and the negative situation she was in throughout this book.

The writer did well at displaying those emotions and the battle of guilt that Kirby was experiencing. This book was very honest in the way that it talked about relationships and being part of a community. I found it very moving and This book was a very good read. I found it very moving and often pulled at my heart strings. The story centred around a religious society that believe in living the teaching of the Bible very literally having no connection to the outside world.

Kirby is sent to live with her extended family and has to adjust to their way of life. Kirby struggles to keep being Kirby and not Esther was portrayed excellently. Kirby was very affected by her identity struggle in terms of whether she is Kirby or Esther, whether she will still be the adult of the house when she gets reunited with her mother and if she will ever be able to go back to how things were in the beginning.

Kirby felt that now that she did not have to be Esther, she wanted to be. About three months after finding her mother, Ellen moved into a flat. Almost as soon as he learnt to write, he handed his parents a note which read: His career as a clerk was short.

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