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May you pray that I will never doubt again! I so needed this. I suffer from doubt from time to time. I will pray for you please keep praying for us. It helps a lot to see my thoughts and feelings echoed in the article and comments above. Thank you so much for posting this article. It helps to know that we are only human and others have the same struggles we do! God tells us to put on the full amour of God daily against the devils schemes. Ephesians also, that not find it strange that we r goinh through these trials ,that our sisters and brothers in Christ are experiencing the same things, 1peter.

We need ro remain steadfast and cling to Gods promises regardless of our feelings and emotions. Satan tries make it so difficult, but the lord overcame this world and we have that authority in Christ that we r more than overcomers through Christ who loved us. I to have prayed and prayed and felt like my prayers were being heard I would always get nervous about the rapture and things like that because of this. This testamony really helped me. Thank you for following Gods leadership and sharing it.

Praise Jesus for his goodness. May God Bless you and your family. See you in Heaven one day. My dad killed himself last year right before Christmas some time. So I could ues a lot of prayer s for peace and healing for this. I want peace to where if something were to happen to me like if I get into a car accident or something happens to me that I would go up to heaven.

I no we are not always granite about tommorw so I just would like peace about this for tonight and for Jesus to help me take one day at a time to help me overcome this. Thanks for the prayer s and may God bless you. I pray that God sweeps down his hand and embraces you with all the love and healing he has to offer you. I pray that the Holy Spirit heals your broken heart and makes his presence known to you.

I pray that our lord Jesus be your companion and remind you of his endless love. In Jesus name, amen. My dad is a pastor and I was saved at a young age.. I actually prayed the prayer and was baptized at age five and then again at twelve. I felt like not only was I not saved, but I could never be saved.. When she said that I felt love wash over me from the top of my head and go all the way down to my feet.

Did I mean it when I prayed? Does my life bear witness to a life lived for Christ? Was I sorry enough for my sins? Am I not in awe of the cross enough? I am 32 and for the past year I have struggled with this too. I believe in Jesus but at the same time I doubt. So if we doubt at the same time that we want him to save us , then will he? About 10 years to be exact. I went through almost every thought, feeling, ritual one could do or think trying to figure out how to be saved. There was a point that I came to, where I felt like it was too late to ever be saved.

That my opportunity to be saved had passed by me. The belief was so strong, that my skin felt like it was burning. I could almost feel the fires of Hell. I wondered if I could smell it too. My point in telling you this is not to frighten you. But to reach out and say, I know how you are feeling. After I came to this conclusion that I had lost my last chance of being saved, and I was doomed forever, a preacher came through my Bible College and to my amazement, his sermon was how he doubted his salvation.

How he at one point thought it was too late for Him as well. And how he found peace. After he preached, I went up to him and told him I was struggling with the same exact thing. He took my Bible and showed me what I had been missing with my understanding of Jesus. I had misunderstood the Gospel. I had turned it into one of works, not on purpose, but by misunderstanding. Satan had blinded my eyes from the truth. But when he showed me the simplicity of Jesus and what He did and accomplished on the cross for me, it all became so crystal clear.

One ministry is this website: It is the ministry of a man that severely doubted his salvation when he was a pastor even. He has some great messages and materials to go through that can and will help you. I KNOW with all my heart that you can be saved! And Yes Jesus wants to save you even though you doubt. I see this comment is just a few days old, even though this blog post is a couple of years old. I was just skimming through the comments, and saw yours and felt led to reach out to you. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

God is hearing your prayers. I will be praying for you. If you would like to correspond through email I would be happy to talk with you. My email is heather. That site was not helpful at all. This has helped me a lot. I was saved when I was 10 after a very clear presentation of the Gospel. I have grown in Christ greatly because of the type of churches I have been a member of and because I was taught early in my youth about how to walk with God in my Bible reading and prayer.

I am in a strong soul winning church where salvation is strongly emphasized. I have always felt that this is a disservice to people like me who have many times struggled with doubts about their salvation experience. I have tried this before by the way. I have made it my habit to go to the Bible anytime I have doubts.

The thing that causes me the most difficulty is when I see adult church members who have had the need to get their salvation settled. A big to do is made about them getting saved and baptized, and then we are reminded that if we have any doubts we should not fool around. It is as if doubting is the same as being lost. I just wish someone would be honest and say that it is normal for Christians to have doubts, and that it is a attack from Satan to discourage us or to render us useless for Christ.

Satan will do anything to get us to stop serving the Lord, and that includes challenging our faith. I think sometimes preachers will not cover this topic for fear that someone who truly does need salvation will misunderstand and get a false assurance. I have a feeling that this is a bigger problem than anyone is willing to admit.

I think you are spot on. What we can do is to share our own stories with those around us — we never know who it may help. It was truly God-led me finding this blog because I have been struggling for years with doubts. I know that salvation does not hinge on how good I can be but on Jesus and His shed blood for me but still I fear.

I admit I have felt true peace before. That others have the same feelings I do! You have been a great blessing to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! So glad my story could help you. I to have struggled with this issue. I gave my heart to the Lord many years ago. I do not remember the date or year. I do remember it was during a revival and close to Halloween. Now I have conflicting stories. Many years later I divorced my husband. I am 60 years old so I know that age is not a factor for these feelings.

Thanks so much for all of the comments, I have gotten a lot of valuable info from here. I was raised in a Christian home and saved when I was around 7, I think. I was baptized soon after, and lived in peace until I was about I did not know if I was saved, and went to the altar every Sunday praying for assurance and peace. I was ignorant about the bible, and just begged God over and over for peace and assurance. I talked with pastors and my parents and tons of people in the church, but instead of turning to God I started looking for distractions from my pain.

I fell out praying and reading my bible and I started doing and thinking bad things. I repented of the life I was living and asked God to forgive me. I still could not say that I was saved. I go through the day in torment. But I still have those thoughts and I still do not have assurance.

I know how you feel. Just keep coming back to Scripture every time you doubt. For me, it was a gradual process of seeing the doubts lessen. It took time but eventually they were just gone. Or am I not truly accepting him in my heart just in my head.

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What helped me was thinking back to when I was in 6th grade and I remembered asking Him to save me. I knew back then I had none of these questions and was sincere so I held on to that and kept bringing it back to Scripture. You are overthinking it and Satan is using that. Believe me I understand how hard it is.

But if I doubt if I have enough faith then so I have enough faith? If you desire to give your life to Christ and choose with your will to believe, then He will save. We need to keep coming back and back to His promises. Hope that helps a bit. If you could pray for me that I would believe on Christ and what He did for me with my heart.

This was Satan attacking me. I waited a while and thought this might go away. I looked up what to do and felt like God was pushing me to look it up. I found this website after another one. I read it and understood that I needed to continue reading verses every time I doubted God until my doubts went away. Satan will fail against my Father and Jesus will win the battle. I put some sticky notes on my wall with the verses on them. This was when ever I walk in my room I can read them and I plan to put them in my locker, lunchbox, binder and other places I often look. This way at school I can have access to them when ever I doubt.

I also feel like this might help. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I felt like I needed to answer you. Do you believe in Jesus Christ and what He has done? Your mom, dad, sibling, neighbor, teacher, preacher, etc…? Do you believe those in your life that have said He did it for them and saved them?

He did it for us too. I say us because He did it for you and me and each and everyone of us. He already did it. It is crazy to me that I am the one typing this to you. I say crazy that I am the one replying because like so many of the others who have posted, I battle horribly with doubt. All that is required of us now is what I mentioned above.

We, like with so many other things in our lives, complicate things unnecessarily. I apologize if I misquoted or misspoke anything and anyone else reading after, please, please feel free to clarify if I have clouded things or missed something or messed up in my bumbling attempt to help. Mostly because i was told God doesnt owe me anything and people only get 1 chance sometimes.

So feared that he would never draw me again. I couldnt sleep, eat, think straight or anything as i cried daily for months. I always thought i was saved because i believed. He showed me i was wrong. He drew me to the altar time and time again, and each time i rejected for fear and pride. Then i decided to go back to church one day after 4 years i guess, Fathers Day.

To die during surgery. He drew me again… this time to floor in front of me, not the altar. Went another couple years lost.. Telling myself i had time. So about a year ago, this month, i started watching Brother Charles Lawson on youtube. A wonderful preacher of God. He talked about the end times, and i watched more and more on death and salvation.

The fear started returning to my heart, then about april last year i wrote him letters, and their church tellimg them my heart, and mind and how i needed prayers and help. I knew i was lost and i had to do something. Thought God was gone. Then on Fathers Day, same church, as i went last time years before on that day, i showed up hours before church was to start, and a man seen me, and called the preacher to come talk to me.

We prayed and cried out begging God to save me. Then i got home, and had a phone call from a man at Pastor Lawsons church i had been watching on YouTube. He prayed with me. I closed the Bible. Cried every tear possible, done all i could. I told him i didnt want to live one more day lost, didnt want to wake up another day lost, i told him i give up! I cant do this anymore. I beleive with all my heart you forgive me of all my sins, already have, i just do. You have to do this.. I wanted to touch him, but a wall was in my way.

I threw myself off of my bed and to the floor on my knees and face. I screamed Jesus I Love You!!! I felt such releif and joy. Saying heavenly father felt wonderful. I was trembling all over and couldnt stop crying. I felt his goodness all around me. So i had to tell someone. I called brother ronnie and gave them the news.

I dont feel saved, im afraid in church, i dont know my direction, and i doubt again. I just want to know his will. I am guilty for being fearful, doubtful, and not sure what to do. Havent even been baptized, for fear of God telling me im still lost. Have an unsaved girlfriend i live with… no fornication anymore… i made mistakes.

Salvation to my mind was a thing, feeling, not him. For years i belived that. Now i get saved.. What did i do wrong?? I feel like dying sometimes. I would encourage you to search the Scriptures and claim Gods promises. Salvation is not about a feeling. And honestly it is nothing about us or what we do. It is simply trusting in what Christ already did. You trusted Him for that before, so now you must trust His promises that He will do and has done what He promises.

Hi…I too have struggled with doubts my entire Christian walk. It drives me crazy. My thoughts drive me crazy. I have few friends and only one family member, whom I know , that is close enough to me that I can speak to her about my Christianity…but I think she believes…once saved always saved. When I was a little girl…I had soooooooooooo much love in my heart for The Lord.

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I spent so much time in devotions when I was a teen. I truly loved The Lord. Now as an adult of 55, I feel more confused and sometimes lost…please pray for me. I am 14 years old and I have been going to church all my life. When I was 11, during revival I was convicted. I went to the alter to pray with my nana, and I thought I was saved that night. I started doubting my salvation about a month after. One Sunday morning when I was 13, I felt like I was being convicted again. I went to the alter to pray, and felt so much better.

I started doubting again a little while after that. I still struggle with doubts. At other times I wonder if I truly am or not. I have been praying constantly, asking for the lords help. I just feel like nothing is working. Everyone makes it sound like a huge burden is lifted, but I just felt the fear go away, and it came back shortly after.

All I know is that I love the lord, and I believe in him with all my heart. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you, and God bless you! For me, there was not a huge relief either.

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I chose to claim Gods promises and every time I doubted I would read through the list of verses and claim them. Over time the doubts came less often…. And eventually they stopped coming back. So find verses that you can claim and trust God that He will do what He said He would. This blog has been a blessing to me. I was 10 when I asked God to save me. I began to doubt my salvation when I was around I have struggled many many years. I am now 51 and I am a Baptist Pastor wife. Sometimes I am confident and other times not.

I have prayed many times. When I started doubting when I was a teenager. I went to the altar a lot. I asked God to save me I got baptized 2 more times after my time. I truly fought then as indo now that God saved me the very first time. I too would hear preachers say things like: I could write a book on this.

I guess that was the first time I realized others are going through this. My doubts usually are brought on by something like: I know I am now. That usually get me to saying how did they know. I then start praying. I taught a Wednesday night class to the ladies at church on this. I was amazed at the positive response I received. I could tell some struggled as I do at times. Just pray for me that God will use me to help other with their walk.

I do not know why some doubt and others do not. I got saved at the age of 4 in a Fundamental Baptist Church. I remember walking to the altar, I remember who took me into the gym storage room to pray, I remember praying not the words I prayed though and I remember exactly where I sat in that storage room. I was baptized at the age of 5. I remember a lot from this day as well. I had doubts once or twice as a teenager but was able to settle them quickly. I grew up in the same church and was under the preaching of truth all my life. Fast forward to today. I am 26 years old with a 4 and 1 year old and expecting my 3rd child.

I started doubting my salvation in March of It has been a long road and I am still fighting the doubts. Thank you for the scripture references. I deal with the same thoughts you described. I have met with my Pastor a couple times as well. We have all determined that I am saved and I need to fight Satan through the power of God on this. I have grown so much through this. I have read my Bible and prayed more than I ever have before.

I have discovered so much more about who God is and how He thinks of me. God is showing me so much even though I doubt him almost daily. He really is faithful. All your testimonies have been very encouraging. I feel like I could write a novel about the experiences and doubts I have faced the last year but this is it in short.

Feelings are a fruit of faith. They will not come until we can have faith.

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Remember that the Word of God is powerful, it is our sword against Satan and he hates the Word of God. He knows it is truth and that is why he will flee from it. The Father of all lies cannot stand to hear pure holy truth. I was raised up in a Christian home and my family went to an independent Baptist church that preached the gospel. A couple years later I was 9 and I was starting to wonder if I was going to heaven when I died I heard about salvation and being saved but I never really knew what it meant. I felt so hopeless and scared because everyone else around me was sure of there salvation and I just felt like I was only person having this problem.

I also realized that this feeling of doubt also comes from not reading my bible as often,not walking with God on a daily basis like I should, and living in the flesh instead of living According to Gods will. At that time I thought it was something I needed to do and felt good about it afterwards.. Now I am starting to have doubts about if God truly accepted it or not because of my lack of understanding back then.. All I knew was that there was a heaven and a hell.. And I wanted to make sure I did the right thing so I can make it heaven… Do you think this is Satan trying to play mind games on me.?

Or do I need to get rebaptized because of my lack of understanding as a young teen.? I have like many of you went forward to be saved many times. I have doubted most of my life. I really struggle with this. I get scared to go to revivals, tent meetings,youth meetings because they preach on Salvation. Or if people say I thought I was saved, but I realized I was not. I too grew up in church with Christian parents who never doubted.

I have sought help from everywhere. And yes sometimes u feel helpless. I pray and tell God I want assurance. I want to want to attend these services without fear. I start doubting before I ever get there. This post and these comments have been such a big help!

I had claimed to be saved when I was 8. I have been raised in a Christian home and my dad is an ordained preacher. So I got up and got my dad and went to the altar to pray. But after I prayed that night I got up from the altar and talked to my dad a little bit because I was confused again, because I was expecting some big thing o happen to me to show me I got saved. I felt so much better. I got baptized again and then a few months later I started doubting. During that time I found out my mom also struggled with doubt sometimes too.

So I have been dealing with doubt for awhile and it comes in waves. Then I doubt again. But reading these posts gives me comfort and I thank god for that. I need to spend more time with God and spend more time reading his word, and I hope others struggling with this can do the same and that they can stop doubting too. After I claimed to be saved at 8 years old I never doubted it.

Satan had what he wanted. So there was no reason to make me doubt it because as long as I was actually lost but believed I was saved there was no issue for him. As long as I ended up in hell, he was happy. But after I got saved at 14 I started to doubt. And the only way to make him feel better about that is to tear us down and make us sad as long as we are on this Earth.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I gave my life to the Lord when I was 14 and I have had my doubts but recently, they have hit me hard. If we start to drift away from his word or stop talking to him through prayer, we tend to lose that peace and the world starts to get a hold of us. Once again, thank you so much for sharing this, it was an encouragement! I have been saved for years, but doubt continues to plague me.

I continues to pray for chances to make sure that I am saved, but my timid nature holds me back from taking them. Pray for me that the Lord be patient with me and help me through this. This was an emotional blog for me to read to say the least. I was never into drugs, drinking , etc.

I went to summer camp each year with our church. I was in church every Sunday. How do we know heaven is real when nobody can see it? I have a real spiritual battle going on isnide of me and I just want to know how to beat it. If you guys get this message, please pray for me as well. I was saved, bought, and sealed August 4, but I went astray for a period of time. When I ran back to the arms of Jesus He openly accepted me.

But later down the road as I was growing in my walk Satan hit me with doubt and it crippled me. Little did I know it was Satan and it was absolutely horrifying. August 1, I announced my call to preach and it blows my mind that the Lord has entrusted me with such an honor. Thanks for your testimony. The reason I ask is because i feel i went through a very similar experience but am experiencing significant doubts regarding my salvation or the loss of it due to certain scriptures; whereas, you seem to have found a solution, or at least freedom from the doubt; as well as the joy in being back with your Savior.

I struggled with a lot over my childhood and teenage years with fears, insecurities, trouble at school etc…my life was always or at least seemed marked or characterized by sadness, troubles, etc…my dad had a tough position on me and my 2 sisters not to any real abuse levels but there was certainly physical punishment when we did wrong and sometimes, that punishment, to some degree, certainly looked and felt like abuse..

I grew up as a teenager angry mostly at him , fearful, no real motivation except drugs , alcohol and trying to fit in in school. Long story short; shortly after that 2nd baptism i was still wrestling with sin but like any other Christian. I feel my faith was slowly being choked out. I kept doing things that kept leading to oother things and soon wad caught up in the whole cycle of smoking marijuana again in my mid 30s.

I finally got off it since Oct , and stopped some of the other things that came with it, i. If you dont feel comfortable sharing your story in depth either i completly understand. Thank you all so much for your comments. I also feel like I live in a world of people who either do not believe at all or who do believe, profess that they believe, seem to always be joyful about God and trusting in his promises and encouraging towards others, etc. Which I was doing for a certain period of time when these doubts hit me VERY hard, shortly after I being struck with panic attacks out of nowhere.

I began experiencing other very strange physical symptoms, as well as so much cognitive impairment it was ruining my life. Every day I was sure I was going to die. I was sure there HAD to be something physically wrong with me and went to Doctor after doctor after Doctor, with no help other than being told I simply needed to be on medication for anxiety and depression. Several of them seemed certain most of my issues were manifestations of spiritual attack and needed to be fought with weapons of spiritual warfare.

At first I was hopeful about this, even empowered. So I began to fight. I experienced some temporary relief from time to time. However, as time went on, I plunged deeper and deeper into confusion, continued to be tormented by almost constant anxiety, frequent panic attacks, and spiraled into the worst depressive episode of my life which I have struggled with most of my life since adolescence. I could barely function and was heartbroken everyday over the effects this was having on my children and husband. It was the most terrifying feeling I have ever felt. I continued to wear myself out with desperate prayer.

I eventually ended up in the hospital. If anyone has a similar story and has truly come out on the other side, please respond to my comments. I have doubted on and off for half my life. One thing that helps me, is when Jesus talks about receiving the Kingdom of heaven like a child.

I think the key factor here is lack of faith. God is faithful to do what He promises. You cannot out-sin God. One thing that you can do is to verbally tell Satan to go back to hell in Jesus Name! Jesus says Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away!! Our sin has been paid! We must trust Jesus. I grew up going to church , was taught about Jesus but never really understood.

As I was a teen I knew he was there but never followed him or accepted him, I actually went off and was very rebellious ,involved in drugs and lots of sexual activity. My life was changing more towards christ and his scripture was convicting so I would change my ways as I was convicted. So would you say I was never saved then? We had watched sermons of Charles stanley and he always prayed a salvation prayer at the end and I would juSt say it with him. Then last year I woke up with horrid anxiety, doubting everything I once knew, to the point where I was even doubting Jesus existence!

How awful of me! But before my anxiety started last year I believed with all my heart that Jesus died for me and my sins and that he is alive. I just thought I had to believe in him and follow him and I was good. Is that not being saved? Please help me somehow. I want to love Jesus without wavering. I just want to know if I was saved back then when I just simply believed and wanted to follow his commands. I wish I knew.

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Is my faith not strong enough? If my faith is barely anything how can I even be saved? I wish I had a day i knew I was saved so that I could fall back on that day. Any insight please would be great. God bless the person who wrote this it helped me understand my salvation. I have been having douts about my salvation and this cleared it up and now I understand. Hello, I am someone who has doubted off and on for decades.

I know I asked to be saved. Is it enough to call upon the name of Jesus to be saved or do you have to know all of this at once? He is there ready to answer you. We recently have a new pastor and after hearing some of his sermons I started yet again to doubt my salvation. Because I fell away from God. Well after some soul searching and reading, I came to realize that I had been abused by a deacon and another person in the church as a teenager and child.

I had difficulty attending church as I had an abusive husband right out of high school who made my life difficult to live as holy as I wanted to. I slowly got out of church and went down a bad road. God brought be back like the prodigal son but due to my backslidden condition I thought well I may not have gotten saved. They will let you down. Faith is a rock we can lean on. Thanks for the article. Exactly what I needed to read. Linda, have you ever heard of religious obsessive compulsive disorder? I believe many of your respondents have this disorder. I have struggled with doubt for many years.

I have accepted Jesus numerous times. This is one characteristic of religious OCD. People with ROCD also struggle with evil thoughts and an over sensitive conscience. I have had these characteristics as well. When it flares up I go into depression. I am on some medication. Depression is also often physical in origin. I am in one, now. When people with ROCD get into such a state, they may have an aversion to the Bible, prayer, and church.

I have experienced this, myself. It is all in the chemical imbalance. I still claim Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and have accepted His forgiveness via the cross some years ago. But I still have doubts, and it seems to get worse as I get older. People with ROCD have an addiction to seeking reassurance. They are through no fault of their own often resistive to things that may help other people. Despite this, some do overcome ROCD. I am still seeking. Please pray for me. I would just say that God can overcome anything. Overactive conscience, assurance seeking, etc…Obsessive to the point of tears and depression.

I got saved in Sunday school when I was My first question that would come in my mind when people died where they will be going heaven or hell.

My faith in Jesus was very strong until the day I got baptised at When Satan attacked me very badly. I have no peace these thought haunt me. I per believe Jesus has died for me he has forgiven me he rise up for me. I have received him in my heart. Whenever I sin he spk to me I confess my sins he give me peace. Whatever I gave through he spk to me through the bible and meets my needs. I have a personal relationship with him. I love him so so much. But why is Satan attacking me u are not saved y do the thoughts come in my head when I believe Jesus has died for me and accepted me.

Please pray for me and please give me advice how I can overcome this. I just want to grow with Jesus instead of worrying all my life am I saved. Easy way to say it is that GOD forgives me but I struggle to forgive me. This is a blessing to me to see someone else openly have struggled like I am. It is a vicious cycle. I have been a Christian for about a year now. I find myself doubting so much. I cry out desperately to the Lord to help me know where I stand with Him. Sometimes I feel like such a fraud because I think even though I proclaim God, I must not be saved due to my constant inner torment over my standing with God.

All of this is just so exhausting. Please pray for peace in my life. I was just reading a verse on another blog which was encouraging. Reading many of these articles I rarely seen one that talked bout the drawing of God through the Holy Spirit to Salvation. I said yes, only because I asked Him to and assumed He did but doubted before I even walked out of the church. Its been a roller coaster and Im still not sure. The other night is the scary thing. I wanted this feeling cause its only happened a few times before and I would hesitate on it til end of sermon and run to alter then and ask God about it, take care of it, save me if it was my calling and convicting power and other night I hesitated again.

Its not as if I blew it off totally and walked out of the tent meeting in that condition. Ran to alter at end of sermon and asked God to save me again and believed He would do it although doubt would still linger. People and pastors tell me simple faith in Jesus and conviction would be way more than that small stomach thing and that God is not looking at a watch…ok come on, come on, opp…times up, you missed it. May never draw you again. I need all the prayer I can get and any advice.

I keep hearing the devil messes with us and knows how to do it but how can I be so sure??? But regardless, you need to look to God and His promises. You are way overthinking it. But the key is what God has promised. For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Read it and believe it.

I was raised in a Christian house and asked the Lord to save me very young. I attended a day camp and was asked to raise my hand if I wanted to be saved. I raised my hand after seeing others do the same and followed their example. Still, I am now much older and past my teen years but I have never felt good on the issue. Mainly because I am a strggling drug addict who has unsuccessfully found long term sobriety. Im sure many will read that last fact and think to themselves im undeserving, I feel this way too.

Everyone sins, mine just happens to be extremely damaging. While separated from here on Earth, we cannot grasp the true need for him our souls crave. I believe after death this need will be unclouded by earthly distractions and we will yearn to be near him with all of our hearts.

I drive myself nuts and im truly sick of my own choices…. I suppose this Bible verse says it all: For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. Who will set me free from [f]the body of this death? So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the law of God, but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin. She addresses some of the questions you are asking and talks about how to find true victory not by trying harder but by allowing God to change us from the inside out.

Thank you for your post. Keep in mind that your salvation is not based on your behavior. Listen to what you know to be true based on the word of God. After our salvation we still have our flesh trying to get us to sin, but we also have the Spirit who is able to give us victory. I really want to know i am saved. I am 39 and have doubted ever since being a child.

I am scared my heart is to hard because I wllifully have sinned so much…. Please pray I will have assurance and new life in him. Praying for you, Crystal. She explained that this is the wrong way to look at it. WHAT do we not have faith in? Too often we look at faith as a feeling or something we have to work up to. Will I choose to believe God or not? Just a choice — do I choose to believe God or choose not to believe God?

Thanks for this article! I am 34years old, married father of one. I have, on and off, doubted my salvation for the better part of 20 years. I believe I got saved at a young age. My heart is pounding, my thoughts race, I want to crawl out of my skin. I see other Christians basking in the depth of their relationship with Jesus, treasuring every morsel of truth they can get, and it pierces my heart. I struggle with Obedience, and that just adds to the insurmountable feeling of guilt and condemnation. I feel utterly and completely alone, as if rejected by God Himself. I do love Jesus, but I still doubt.

God have mercy on me on my soul, I would appreciate your prayers. The prison guard and army national guard. But that gives no hope at all.

20 Quotes from Tim Keller’s New Book on Prayer

I don't mean any offense when I say jewish. I came from Baptist background unexpectedly I learn many things and it really touches my heart. I am looking for an answer to my prayer for the past give years and your message help me alot. Thanks for your help. Nice article, but it doesn't help me. I have tried everything he suggests. And I still feel like I am talking to a wall or myself. I get more response from my dog! I have disabilities for which I have been praying for over a decade to be healed.

Instead, they are worse. I am trying to get a decent relationship with my adult son whom I was forced to give up custody in order to receive my get. He answers me as often as Hashem does. I do not undertand why G-d just cannot hea me. Haven't I suffered enough? What more does He want after nearly 20 years of chronic pain.

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Whar answer did I get? He added problems with my eyes giving me facial and eye spasms. What did that do except make me tied down to doctor visits, relying on my husband to drive me, taking away my ability to go when I want and not when my husand wants. He doesn't want me to call since it is always a bad time. Yes, it feels like I am being punished. What did I do to deserve this stress and anxiety? And thanks to my not being able to work, I do not have the money to go and visit my son in Israel.

It is expensive to stay in hotels. And dad is giving my sister all she wants. He is supporting my narcissistic nephew. But, he doesn't have a penny to help me? So, I pray for help. My husband who used to be able to save money before we married, now is having to give me money since social security disability won't pay for gasoline. So, what has praying to G-d everyday done for me? Yes, I am angry. I feel like I am wasting my time. Why pray when my answers are always NO! I do not deserve to be pain free?

What does G-d want from me? I now pray not to wake up in morning. Alice Odumosu , April 20, 9: Lara , April 30, 6: How could you possibly expect your prayers to be answered when you have such a negative outlook on life. I have never know anyone write an essay this long about everything that is wrong in their lives.

You have completely missed the point of prayer. Don't get me wrong; I am not saying your problems are not real, but as long as you continue to focus on the problems rather than God's love, your situation will not change. I feel sorry for you, not because of your problems but because of your attitude. The choice is yours - either keep pronouncing your problems and let them you or let go and let God, and be amazed. Do you let anyone correct you? You need to be corrected. Let me tell you about someone who does it correctly. My family helps take care of a man who has muscular dystrophy. He has hundreds of friends and everyone loves him.

People go out of their way to visit him and after being with him they forget that he can only move one finger, let alone hug his wife, throw a ball to his adopted son or help a stranger change their flat tire. He can not even wipe the crumbs off his face, but does he complain?

I have never heard him complain ONCE. It is not a part of his makeup. He constantly loves others and helps them. You must choose to get your eyes off of yourself. You sound like a black hole that sucks the life out of everyone around you. I am not trying to be mean when I say that but the truth may hurt in this situation. What you want from others is for them to give.

Well, at the root o giving is love. Start learning to love and you will not need to complain all the time. This article helped me a lot and understand more. I always wondered why I was rejected from this school a few years ago. I was reluctant but this year I tired again bug for a more prestigious school and this time I did differently. Instead of only relying on myself to get in I prayed, I prayed when ever I could. This article helped me realize what I need to do and made me feel better about being rejected because I know now i hav to figure out why by asking God.

Thank you so much! So right so positve. Because of that i love Judaisam. It s good for everyone not only for Jews. Shalom Hashem bless You. Hi, I'm a Christian from Australia and I am going through a very hard time at the moment, a separation and some incredible financial stress. I have been praying to God like you would not believe but have not felt any answer to prayer. When I have read answers on many Christian websites to try to understand why I feel as though I am being met by God's silence they all say much the same thing that I have not been showing enough faith or God answers prayers in His own way or in His own time, you just have to wait.

None of these answers have seemed satisfactory to me but then I read the explanation offered by Rabbi Weinberg and it seems to make much more sense to me. I will say this is the best article I have ever read well explained I really like it as it has motivated me. Thank you very much. I thought my prayer was answered I was working 2 ft jobs, and now it seems i've failed at one.

Money is a concern and keeping my family together. I have had a lot of blows in my life. How can I really be sure the He is helping me at times it feels like i'm being punished. I wanna say thank you so much im only 13 but i understand y i thought god was ignoring me. He is our father and we need to trust in him. I believe in my father and i am a sinnner.

I want to thank you for these words of wisdom above i hope to pass it on to someone in need. Thank you all so much. This was one of the best things I have read yet, such a well explained writing that makes a lot of sense. I loved this, thanks for posting! I ran acroos your artocle by chance. Even though i'm not jewish,my heart is jewish. But God is God. Thank you very much for your words and your winsdom.

This has been most insightful. Would like You to pray with Me as I believe God for a new job between now and tomorrow. May God bless You richly. I have been praying but it seems God is ignoring me. Have read this article and am willing to retrace my step. I pray this works out for me. I need your help. I have been unemployed for over five years, I receive no assistance, people avoide me like a disease. I spend my days applying for jobs. I have had several interviews, but no offers. I pray twice a day and talk to God all the time, but I receive no answer to my prayer.

When I had a job I donated to charity to help children's and pray for them. Can you pray for me to get sob? God wants us to work towards solving our problems. I have prayed and prayed for a job, I graduated from college a year ago, and I am constantly applying for jobs. I have a very professional resume. I apply for everything even not in my field. I am either over or under qualified. I also have a resume that works with jobs not in my field. I dont it back and hope something will hppen, I work hard at it all.

My car insurance is overdue, and I can't pay my bills. I tihe when I can and I help and pray for people. I am worried because I also have a car payment and I have to have a car. I love God dearly but am about ready to give up. I am totally scared. I know others are in my boat, but where is God. Is He going to help with my bills? This has been going on for too long. Hello Rabbi, I am a genuine person i believe and only want to find my passion in life and make a positive difference in life.

I believe in the Almighty God but am unclear what is wanted from me. Please help me to pray for answers of complete, undeniable clarity. I love my life with him with all my heart and would love too be with him until death do us part. Please prayer for our marriage too survive. Thank u and God Bless u all. Hi Rabbi Noah, I was born a Christian, my father was a Reverend until he died, my mother also a Christian is the biggest problem in my life, I love her, she is my mother and only family i have left. I have always been in bad situations all my life, never fitting in anywhere i go, always the odd person around, I lost my job 2 months ago as an IT technician, possible soon to be homeless.

All my life is am used to prayers and praying, so my question is that, why is my life still the same, problems still and always compiling , since last year explosive problems with my mother until now and so on, too many to elaborate here, basically i feel like i am cursed. I found yoru website while doing a ggogle search for "why some people prayers are not answered" so after reading your article , i just decided to write Blessed are those that get hear and their prayers answered..

I have hit rock bottom I begged and pleaded with god I thought about suiside. I thought god only gives you what you can handle well I'm just about at my ropes end I can't handle anymore. I can't figure out why god is not answering my prayers. I have lost my job I have no gas to look for a job my body aches from stress.

Amoh , April 24, 7: God is God, He's ready to meet you at the point of your needs. May God answer you when you call. I have never had God speak to me? Why does everything have to be so mystic and undefined? I understand billions are praying to God but he is God and all things are possible why do "we" make it our fault when God does not answer? When we are financially disadvantaged, sometimes we have expensive habits. I know people who are always strapped for cash, but they always have enough for cigarets and beer. Have a talk with God about your life and see if there is something you need to change that might help you solve whatever the problem is.

It is also important to listen and pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that come to you during and after a prayer. I have often gone to God in prayer for some problem I am dealing with, and a thought actually comes into my mind about something I ought to be doing, or not doing to help myself. If I pay attention and if I am obedient to the prompting, blessings come over and above the effort I make. If you are really serious God becomes part of your team and you will begin to make wonderful progress. I've been unemployed for 4 years.

I applied for so many jobs and I get no reply. I pray so hard to god to help me but I seem to be getting nowhere. Its making me so depressed cause I have no income. Please can u keep me in your prayers. I will keep holding on and pray god hears my prayer soon. Just feel trapped my life aint going no where being praying and having faith that god will one day bless me with a job I m a single mom it hurts course I can't mantain my kid and it hurts course we sometimes go to bed without food is god really hearing me I m in debts can't even find a job I been job hunting but no luck is been 3 years now I m even thinking of ending my life and my kid can't take this pain anymore it hurts to deep.

Taking your life will not solve the problem, what happens to your kid then? Remember you are the primary source of inspiration to your kid and thinking of taking your life amounts to cowardice. You have to be strong and keep your faith, who tells you Jehovah is not listening? He has a plan for you but just that he wants you to totally surrender to him. Look around you and reflect deeply there is something that you have to change.

Anonymous , March 5, 9: Please, you need to get help from a charity network, let someone know you are in hardship, there's organisations and shelters that can help you and at least provide a meal for you and your child until you get back on your feet. Charles , March 6, Dear I understand very well how you feel. You need to know that God is aware of your case, your case is His workshop. A song writer says God never sleeps nor slumber.

Your matter is His own. Give God time and keep praying. Just one answered prayer will make you forget 3 years of frustration. Best of luck dear. Derrick , April 4, 5: Im sorry for what you are going through. I am going through a similar situation. I have thought of ending my life many times but somehow I make it to the next day. Let's stay strong together and make it through this. I will pray for you and you pray for me. I love this article.. I'm allways wishing and hoping but its like god hates me and never listens to my needs,feels like his punishing me giving me a rubbish life nothing good happens want to believe in him but he isn't helping me he don't listen to my dreams and feels like he loves watching me suffer: Anonymous , February 7, 5: G-d does not punish, it is mostly you yourself that believes you are worthy of punishment, that you feel this way.

But do you love the Lord G-d enough to listen to Him, and enjoy all His benefits, Maybe if you looked up instead of down and give thanks for all His blessings, you may become a child of gratitute, Have you done anything to make life a little more easier for others and giving thanks to the Lord G-d for being able to help others, so that your heart will give Him praise and glory for giving you life, and therefore acknowledging His existence?

This has caught my full attention thats really what i need to trust and obey him all the way im scared at times and confused am i on the wright track. I will be after reading this it has really bluit my fear to faith. Fred , January 16, 1: I came across thi aticle wanting to know why my prayer are not answered but instead of a direct answer I got more courage to keep praying and beleiving the right answer will come by not praying alone but by doing what God expect me to right.

I always used to include other people in my prayers. When I was a kid, I used to pray, please take care of the poor people, why should they starve. I grew up and started praying for more "realistic" prayers - parents health and happiness, grandmother'd health, friends' successes. But once crisis struck me, I've just been begging and praying for myself. Is this selfishness the reason why God is taking his time answer me? I've been asking for him to communicate with me, but although my rituals have increased, I feel that he is away from me. Im was enlightend by what you discussed..

God really answers prayer. I've found myself going through things that are making me say why. The part that resonated the most was asking God what he wants from me and what is the message in all of this. It helped me to re-focus my thoughts of feeling neglected and realize that I might be neglecting the things God wants me to do and it took the stuff I'm going through to truly get my attention and refocus on him.

Thank you for this article. Its really nice and clear indication that god listens to our prayers. Sometimes we dn 't value wt we have and we have to face consequences later on A month or so I was praying the shemoneh esrei and I thought to myself "you have to trust God he's there for you. I always assume I am going to get turned down and you are saying expect to have your prayer answered and be upset if it is not - not like a child having a temper tantrum - more in the vein of God wants to help you because he loves you - You still have to do your part - but just approaching God remembering how much he loves you - that is just wonderful.

I will revisit this often!! This is one of the most impressive religious things I've ever read. This article was clearly written by someone enlightened and has surprised me like nothing on the internet has ever done before. I am having problems with my faith. I ask God a question every day, yet to my dispear, I never recieve an answer. I am a christian, but I feel you are closer to God than any one of my faith.

Harry , November 6, Being a Christian myself, i must admit, i found a better answer here than all the other spiritual sites i've visited. Elisa , November 10, 5: Catholic myself, and I have to completely agree with you, Harry. A huge thank for this. Honestly,its educative and good for anybody who will wants an answered prayers I'm praying for my 24yr old son who is battering a her ion addiction He is in big trouble I'm praying for his freedom , his health and his strength to stay clean.

Laura Mendola , November 8, 1: God is amazing and I have so much love for him. I will pray for your son to be healed from this horrible addiction. Please stay strong and keep your faith even stronger. My 38 yr old son is in jail he is addicted to heroin he has never done drugs before.

I pray for God to send someone to say he needs rehab because hes really a good person who got caught up in a bad addiction but it seems like hes just a drug addict in jail and no one cares. I have prayed for him for months and I feel like God is justbnot hearing me. I have some issues in my life of people I don't like and I keep praying about it but I cant seem to get passed it. Please pray for my son and me. He has a 12 yr old son also this is so sad. Rominger , October 2, I can say with great certainty that Yes indeed God does hear and answer your prayers.

As a PhD I had the same questions as everyone else.

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The difference is my scientific background wanted to prove it. I believe I have. I wrote a book that documents what I found. I am recently widowed This is really an inspirational article. To me it's like God has forsaken me. I lose my husband eight months we got to us to car accident, and life has never the same for me and my son. I prayed all kinds of prayer to God, no way, but i still belief and have faith in him. Erika , September 21, 8: We have a 4 month old son. I could really use his help right now. I've done nothing but pray to go.

I've never prayed like this before. I'm not even sure if I'm believing or having enough faith or not because I've need poured my heart out to God. I could probably use some guidence. God has a reason for everything. I'm putting my trust in him because his my only hope at this point. I'm ready for a change. And I will regardless of the outcome.

Talking to God has gave me comfort. I even asked for a angel to help us My son started laughing into the air right after. Believing in Good, good will come. Never doubt him and good will come as well. I pray for all of the people in need. Pray for each other and everything will be okay. This is a very inspiring article. I have had a lot of prayers answered in the past but all of a sudden I can't seem to get an answer to any prayer that I have put before God in the last four years. As a result I feel very unhappy and can't help looking around me and comparing my situation to my friends, workmates etc.

I am serious and know what I want from God. So I need my prayers to reach him so that I may get an answer. I have prayed and fasted to no avail. I have looked inside myself and confessed my sins but still my God is silent. I don't know how to pray any more. I want God to speak to me and let me know what it is that I must do to get His attention. I also ask for your prayers Rabbi for God to hear and answer me.

The problem with most folks me included! He will never abandon you or leave your side! All you have to do is call upon him in faith! And yes, sometimes he does arrange small mishaps to get us back on track, that's for sure! But always remember its for our own benefit! In the end, he wants us to be healthy, happy, and to follow his word. May God richly reward you for the work you are doing. This article has been such a blessing to me. I've been praying for the same thing for a while, I feel as if it's impossible but I'm trying my hardest to anticipate that god will help me.

I know without a doubt that I want this but he hasn't answered me yet, and I don't understand why. But this was very helpful! Lorna , August 19, 9: Don't give up praying but simply remember that His timing is ever the best. He knows why He's not doing it immediately but trust Him more because your miracle is just under your nose. Also ask yourself if what you are asking is in line with His will.

God is so great. Unfathomable yet nobody knows it remarkable things are happening in the world there is no end to the works of God all the time there are changes new creations wonders miracles yet nobody knows it one cannot even speak of it each person has his own perceptions to go by a person can always fortify himself never to lose hope regardless of where they have fallen never despair of crying outti God in Hisgreatness Godhas the power tour everything to good.

Although I a Catholic, you gave me inspiration to look within my self when God throws me a red light. God gives us many green lights and when He does that's when we need to show more thanks! This article was an answer to my prayers. This has changed something inside me, and I will always be thankfull!

Thank you Rabbi Noah for a very insightful and thought provoking article. I agree with the catholic girl. We are all taking different paths to the same destination. Peace and blessings of God on you all. I stumbled upon this article, and I am so impressed by it. Even though I am of a different faith, I recognize how vital sincerity is when we pray to God. Your article was such a wonderful reminder.

It was exactly what I needed to read at this moment. Wow this article is really helpful for what I'm dealing with right now. I honestly did think that GOD was leaving my prayers unanswered. But now I realize that GOD really does try to help you and that he really does love all his children: Sacrificing for what i want to accomplish is a difficult thing to do. It pushes me out of my comfort zone of always being the receiver and giving or sacrificing nothing.

Well i've got to grow sometime, might as well be now. Thank you for the call. Thank u so much fo opening my eyes. Right now I'm struggling with financial debt. I am at my wits end. I try to hold on to my faith in God. Yet it is hard, I hope God sees this and explain to me why??? Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I had to forward this to my kids to help them see the light. Also, it was a great message for myself.

I have been praying so hard to get out of a mountain of debt that keep growing over the years. The more I try getting out of debt seem like the more things break down or fall apart. Seem like man don't make things like they use to, too much plastic even in cars. Things I purchase 30 or more years ago is still around.

It's the new things that cost more and is worthless. Even the food seem to pass through our bodies quickly and we need to buy more. I try to pay all of my debts because God help us all if there was no credit. Things are too expensive for cash. Thank God if I am unable to get completely get out of debt, at least be able to keep up. I am a practising muslim and I have to say I found this article very apt and profoundly meaningful.

Thanks so much and stay blessed. My fiance and I are getting married on October 12, We are struggling to pay the food bill. Asking for a prayer to be answered for us. I don't know how we will be able to do it. Thank you so much and God bless you for such wisdom displayed in writting these encouraging words. I am not a follower of the Jewish faith but I have never found such clarity in an answer. I feel blessed to have stumbled across this page. Just want a prayer to help my daughter. She has lost so much of her hair, its falling out on clumps. All doctors have said she is healthy which I am so thankful for, but she is losing her hair and they dont know why.

Please god make it stop and let her regain her gorgeous locks, so she does not fall further into a depression. I need this favour from God; I haven't gotten it yet and its really weighing me down. Reading this has helped though.. This page has been extraordinarily helpful in my relationship with God. Iv'e been praying for something to happen and never got an answer, little did i know, i had something i still needed to resolve. I send a huge thank you to whoever typed this or contributed in any way to this page.

Its been so eye opening for me. Now i know, it is not praying that lengthens the problem, but not prayin the right way! Words not enough 2 say thank you. This 5 steps have redirect my approach to my God. Pleas bring more on financial stress and Gods way of getting of it. Reading this really helped me understand God and praying more. I am in a very serious struggle right now, but this information about God has helped me feel so much better. I thank you very much. As a Christian that is after God, I really have been struggling the past few weeks. I feel within the spirit and soul that God is calling me toward Him and have been on fire for him I look forward to reading more in the next few days!

I try and have patience and do my part, but some days I feel like I am going to loose it. All I can do is have faith that he knows to stop before I fall of the cliff lol. Thanks so much for this I truly feel God is somehow mad at me. I used to be into some not so pleasing in God's eyes, now im living the accepted way. Im really working to do the right things. Now what's crazy I was much happier and financially set when I was doing wrong For the past few years I've been studying the Jewish faith. In short I will formally convert later this summer. I was inspired to take this journey three years ago because of a Jewish friend at work.

She would talk about the various Jewish holidays and her close family. I had always wanted to learn more about Judaism and began my journey reading books and eventually taking and Intro to Judaism class in my community and attending regular services at a synagogue.

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  • Lichtinseln (German Edition).

My friend however doesn't know how she inspired me to walk this road toward the Jewish faith. It has come time for me to express my gratitude to her and explain that I will be converting soon. It's been hard to find the courage to tell her just how much her life has inspired me to grow. Today I asked God to help find the courage to ask her when we could get together and talk. Thirty seconds later she comes into the room I was working away from everyone else to sit down for a short rest. I was shocked at how quickly my short prayer was answered. I went up to her realising my moment had come and asked when we could get together and talk.

I told her it was something good and not to worry. We set a time the following week. She smiled and gave me a hug and my mind was at ease. I know that when I tell her, I will find the right words to express my love for the Jewish faith and how she helped make this possible. Sometimes we just have to pay a little more attention to the way God answers our prayers. Married to an atheist who makes his disregard of organized religion of any kind more than obvious.

He will be 80 in may and I am I don't know if it's his lack of spirituality that has changed his feelings towards me but his attitude has become almost unbearable. At this time in my life being a person with many illnesses and lack of income I just wonder if divorce would not be justified so that I can concentrate on the health and wellness of not only my medical issues but my mental state as well. I am so unhappy and I don't know where to turn. Oh yes he is a confirmed atheist as well as his son and they speak several times a week discussing religion or the lack thereof and think that God is a laughable word.

I really hate to hear him speak like that. He used to be so different as he would tolerate for lack of a better description, and respect other people's beliefs. Why am I writing this? I don't know actually, maybe it's a good outlet for me or just maybe I am praying in disguise. My prayers are often answered; not always when or in the way I expected. My brother has always called me a lucky person. He teases me, often saying I could fall into a pit of mud and come out clean as a whistle.

Okay, he didn't use those exact words I cleaned it up a bit for "publication". But looking back on my life I think my brother is right. I never felt right asking for "things" in my prayers. I never thought that G-d did more than put the opportunities in front of me and that I was the one who had to take advantage of the opportunity.

I must say that G-d gave me a few "opportunities" that I would rather not have chosen, but I have learned from each one I accepted. I have always spent more time thanking G-d for what I have I often think about changes I would like to have in my life but I don't pray for them. It feels much too egotistical. There are many, many others who need more than I. I simply say "Thank you, G-d" for all that I have in my life. I think that as a result of that, He has often given me opportunities to make the changes that I want and it has rarely been exactly what I would have prayed for.

But it has always been the change that I needed. Thank you, G-d, for this Rabbi's comments, suggestions, and wisdom coming to me at exactly the right time in my life! I am only 14 and I want to make my baseball team and I know I can but I don't think my coach sees it and I have been praying alot to god and now I know now I will make it because I am expecting the good from god. What if you have done all these things. Doing everything I can because I know that it is my job to do my part and not expect G-d to do it all.

It is as if He has abandoned me. Please help me to understand why. NO ONE has ever answered this question. I feel as though He doesn't know- or care that I'm alive. I really did not consider some of the things you said and overlooked how important they are, please continue to write and open people's hearts. This is authentic inspiration! I prayed after reading this and prayed a honest and sincere prayer. I talked about everything. My feelings toward everything. How I wanted things to be and why they were the way they were.

Said I was sorry, talked about my weakness and what my plans are. I asked for help with everything I'm facing. I'm trying to do better, but need help to get me there. After I read your post. I realized that god does answers prayers. All I had to do was realized that he answer it in his way and not my way.

I dream last might I saw in my own backyard a huge room then another room and yet another room underground. Then I said all this in my own backyard. God was saying, no god was telling me in my own backyard I have provided for you so much and even more and that I already have it. I just need to look and see it. Fix and repair what I already have then more will be added. I was looking for answers to why my prayers wasnt being heard. You open my eyes on what I am doing wrong. I am not listen to what God is telling me. Reminding me that God can move everything around when we believe.

Especially to pray every time I hear sirens. I was being called to that as I only realised now, with your article. This article has gotten me out of a very sticky situation through it's message. I consider this a life line given to me by God. I don't believe that you have to be sincere when praying. If god is "modern" then just talk to him normally. He probably gets sick of people acting like he's some king of everything.

Thank u for this article. I once read it before and today it sounded different. I really liked the article on how God answers our prayer and especially why we need to pray. I have raised my children by making them work for what they want as I don't want them to be spoilt entitled adults. What you have written had really helped me in relation to something I have been praying about.

A grateful Irish Catholic. I love how positive the Rabbi was in writing this. I keep going back and reading this. May your memory be eternal. This has truly helped me. Rabbi I found your article very moving and it guided me to the path that I had veered from. I completely related to it thru my life experiences. I felt you were reciting my life story.

I thank you Rabbi for the beautiful way you put everything in your story that many of us could relate to. Your Goyyy friend Peter. God Bless you and your family. Thanks to this article I have a totally new understanding of how praying works, and how lucky am I that I found this at a very difficult time like this.

For many years I have sort answers to how God really deals with our prayers, and today ,I have a total new understanding. Thank you zede, and thanks to the spirit of the Lord who guided me to this article. I was struggling asking God to hear me. I know now I do. Thank u for this article I had questins bt no unswersand this article just did what I wanted ididnt understand bt now I do thank u very much God bless. Thank you God for the people you send to show me you truly love me and do exist. At times I am blind but you show me my eyes were closed!

Thank you for this article, I found it just when I needed it most. I learned a lot and it gives me hope, now I need to change my thinking and the way I pray. Hey this id really true, we only want God to do something for us but we don't put effort in that.

Change first the wait for God's answer. I have understood that God loves me even though i am a real sinner. I have laden myself in a whole lot of problems but i believe God will soon make a way where there seem to be no way only if i keep my faith in him. I put my eyes on you God. If there is anything that anyone can offer me a favour, please pray and made it happen. I just want my beloved Hasan to return back to me lovingly and we shall settle as life partners. Enough if the depression all these while. After being in relationship with emma for seven years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused.

I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to a spell caster who helped me with my own problem.

What I learn from this article is for us to put God first in everything we do then he will look out for us. As a single mother of two and unemployed I look forward to God for every thing and my only wish is that God should answer my prayers in due time. I just loved this article. So well explained and I can read it over and over again everytime I face a road block!

Am so happy i came across this article it has thought me a lot about patience an faith in God and am really inspired. Thank you so much for this article! I think it's a great article and a great lesson. There's only one thing that still bothers me. In Tool 3, how does one know why G'd is trying to get your attention? In other words, what are you doing "wrong" that you need to fix in order to get your prayer answered? In fact, I am davvening already for long times to meet the right person, I have taken all the steps you listed above, but I still haven't met the right one. And everytime I think I met her, things turn out wrong.

I just can't figure out what I have to change. How can someone find out why exactly G'd wants your attention? Anonymous , October 28, Each person has somethilng he or she can work on to perfect, and each of us has to decide for ourselves what this could be. What could I give up and sacrifice to Him?

My hatred of this one or that one? Or perhaps the problem is lashon harah? Or some other mitzvah that I have been lax in? By the way, I would like to suggest that you consult wih someone who has experience in this field and try to figure out what it is that is wrong each time. May we hear good news from you soon! Jennifer , November 11, 8: Joel, I know exactly how you feel. I just got out of a 10 year on and off abusive relationship with the same man.

I keep praying that God will send me my husband. I think God is trying to tell me that I need to break away from my ex and focus on myself and then He will send me my husband. Ahava , December 29, I share your frustration. I've been with a Jewish man where I can't imagine either of us finding someone else who better suited for either of us, but he just won't get married.

I will pray for the right girl to come to you soon. Its been a long time since I have read this kind of article. It makes me uplifted, divine and more closer to God.