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I'm sure they have but I'm not sure where.

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I'll find you a source! So I did some digging and, I got nothing. However myself and some others feel like Mm have just kind of mentioned it here and there. So, take it with a grain of salt, and when the beta comes we'll see.

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I am all but certain they've confirmed you get XP from people using your stuff, remixed or not. No word at all on whether time creating things contributes to XP. So when either one person or a team starts a serious project that they plan on pursuing they upload it to the dedicated Dreams Community site and maybe Mm should have a Dreams community sign up for serious project creators in different categories to officially be able to upload, this way the original source has their work locked down and already started and known to the community as a whole that way if someone else tries doing an exact carbon copy for personal gain everything for that project from original assets to credits for specific assets located in the project is already shown being used unless the original creator personally allows others to use them for whatever reason.

I haven't put too much though in this because I assume it won't happen but I'd be happy to be wrong I'm mainly excited just to create and that's it so these things don't concern me too much but I'm sure someone will care more about this stuff. Leave your thoughts below! Our reality exists within the third density. Just like we cannot see radio waves or gamma rays only visible light, we cannot see the densities outside of our own existence.

This is why certain ghosts or UFOs seem to phase in and out of our reality because they are theoretically altering frequency of the energy; frequency of matter. Hence when intensified thought coalesces into actual manifestations, it wont likely come into existence physically within our third density reality. However, it doesn't mean that it's existence is any less valid or real.

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When your precious earthly life is through, you go over into dicarnate planes of existence awaiting further incarnation. Here the default body is activated, that's the etheric body corresponding with the indigo ray existence. In this state reality can be manifested and manipulate at will, and everything that is experienced is a product of thought-form creation.

Lost In My Thoughts Creations

It is said that those who pass-over blindly expecting to see hell will get hell. Those who pass over blindly expecting to see heaven, will get heaven. Those spirit guides and other discarnate entities of an angelic nature who have the duty of helping spirits passing over into the spirit world, must talk the newly 'dead' spirit around to the true nature of their surroundings.

This is because the new arrival is very capable of manifesting the fiery depths of hell for themselves because of their unquestioning belief in heaven and hell, resulting in a very traumatic experience. Once this thought-form hallucination is dropped, then healing can begin.

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Nonetheless, this 'hell' thought-form could seem very real to the soul-entity experiencing it. As a soul incarnate in human form, you manifest thoughts using the intelligent energy of creation, freely and unknowingly, and these thought-forms exist among us outside of our perceptual range.

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Psychics however can sense the presence of such manifestations, and if there is an emotional element to it then empaths can experience these emotions as if they were their own - perhaps not understanding the origin of the emotion. Your thoughts regularly take form in your mind, for example, thinking of a concept and then visualizing it; it could be a thing, place, person, event and so on. Given enough emotional energy these visualizations manifest into thought-forms that may or may not take on a life of their own in other dimensions or densities - depending on the intensity of thought.

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Thought-forms needn't be solely manifestations of people or things; events can occur as a result of intensified thought. Consciousness takes on collective characteristics when a couple, family, town, city or planet of entities are thinking together. So for example, if an entire nation is living in fear of some event happening, such as disease, flood or terrorism, then their collective thoughts can manifest these occurrences in their reality. The law of attraction will come about if they are vibrationally aligned with such occurrences.

The thought-form that the people are creating will attract to them sooner or later.

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If you listen to conspiracy theories you might have picked up that those unseen groups in power, who manipulate the masses globally, actually want us to exist in a collective negative vibration; having negative thoughts, and manifesting negative thought-forms for ourselves. I heard and felt their awakening. Slowly, I began to follow these whispers from my DNA, to learn my native language and customs, to see myself as a Native American man.

I was raised in the midwest, God, Country, Mom, and apple pie land. I volunteered to Vietnam and spent two tours there. Afterward, it was pretty crazy. I knew something was wrong, but had no idea what.

But I think there are ghosts of war, images, smells, sounds, that continue to haunt, clinging to us like specteral fog, so there are different paths through this forest of recovery. We must heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.