The Worst Witch Strikes Again (Worst Witch series Book 2)

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Mildred is put in charge of the new girl Enid Nightshade with disastrous results, and Ethel gets up to her mean tricks again at Miss Cackle's birthday celebration. Paperback , 92 pages. Published October 1st by Puffin first published The Worst Witch 2. Enid Nightshade , Mildred Hubble. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Nothing falls into place around her. I had more fun reading this book than the last and first.

She and Mildred make a fascinating team. I have to say I really liked how the last book ended, with the villainous witches being captured. It felt like the story suddenly got more expanded, as though there was something bigger at hand. We do not have that here. I do wonder about the families of these girls.

They are never talked about. Cute second installment in the series. It's not so much that Mildred is the "worst" witch, but she's fairly hapless. Also, she has a nemesis. Shakes fist at Ethel. Honestly, though, this one was so short it made me wonder why it couldn't have been part of another book.

Oct 21, Susan rated it it was amazing. This is the second book in The Worst Witch series. Although, at the end of the first book, Mildred Hubble had saved the school from disaster, she had a terrible report and is worried about the coming term. There is a new girl at school — Enid Nightshade — and Mildred is supposed to be looking after her. At first, Enid seems quiet and placid, but all is not what it seems below the surface… Summer term ends with Sports Day — can Maud avoid the threat of being expelled this term or will there be another disaster?

This is a school story with a twist and a series that my daughter is really enjoying. Thankfully, there are more books for her to read after this, and I am also enjoying these excellent books. Jan 07, Andrea Way rated it liked it. Loved reading the whole series when I was younger and love just the same now. I was so worried; the poor Mildred almost got herself expelled, again!

Oct 31, Amara rated it liked it Shelves: Cute, but not as cute as the first one, which I love. I actually like the reincarnation of Enid Nightshade better than her book character. Mar 04, Marda rated it really liked it. More interesting then the first in this series. And again, a wonderful story.

Enid appears now at school and Mildred is to take care of her. Since all the books kinda resemble the first one in the stories. Mildred causing trouble and then solving it, or she and her friends saving the school, I went with 4 stars for all the rest. Because there's nothing like the first book. Sometimes I think the Worst Witch series is simply fodder for female friendship fan fiction.

Oct 17, Lucy rated it really liked it. I would firstly, hardly say that Mildred is the "worst" witch. She is very open and kind hearted. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

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Jill Murphy also written and illustrated several award-winning picture books for younger children. Inside the cupboard, the two girls find an old broomstick that they use to fly out of a slit-window that leads into the assmebly hall. I have to say I really liked how the last book ended, with the villainous witches being captured. She has been described as "one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the land. At first, Enid seems quiet and placid, but all is not what it seems below the surface… Summer term ends with Sports Day — can Maud avoid the threat of being expelled this term or will there be another disaster?

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Its writing was delayed when Murphy underwent cancer treatment. The stories mainly take place within the walls of Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches, a girls-only boarding magic school that is described in the books as a stone castle on top of a mountain, surrounded by pine forest. The school year is divided into two terms: Students starts at Cackle's at the age of 12, and finish at the age of 17, for a total of five school years.

Halfway through the first term, the first years are each presented with a black kitten- Mildred receives a grey-and-black tabby cat as they apparently ran out of purely black cats- which they teach to ride the broomstick. The first book postulates that the cats weren't for any practical purpose except to keep tradition going, and in Wishing Star , a group of elder witches note that there is no restriction on what animal a witch must have as her flight companion, with cats only being traditional as they are discreet and easy to care for, which leads to Mildred being permitted to fly with her dog, Star, after he shows greater broom aptitude than her cat Tabby.

At the end of the first year, each pupil receives a copy of The Popular Book of Spells , a three-inch thick volume bound in black leather. This was not really to be used, as they already had paperback editions for the classroom, but like the cats, it's another piece of tradition.

At the end of the fifth and final year, students sit the exams for the W. Witches' Higher Certificate , and most pupils were awarded with the certificate. The first book says that the school winter uniform is composed of "black gymslips, black stockings, black hob-nailed boots, grey shirts and black-and-grey ties. Mildred "Millie" Hubble is the protagonist of the series.

She is a good-hearted, but bungling young witch-in-training, who never seems to get anything right. Jill Murphy's illustrations shows that she is tall, with long brown plaits. Some illustrations shows that she frequently fails to tie her bootlaces and the colour ones that her uniform sash is red.

The Worst Witch Strikes Again

According to the author, Mildred's appearance is based on her own appearance as a teenager. Maud Spellbody is Mildred's best friend. She is fiercely loyal to Mildred and assists her on most of her adventures, often against her better judgment. Maud is a decent and considerate person, but grows weary of Mildred's incessant clumsiness and often lectures her on how to improve herself. Ironically, Maud is not a perfect student, as she is also responsible for a laughing potion going wrong, as she along with Mildred had no idea how to make one. The author's illustrations shows that she is a short, plump girl with wide glasses who always wears her hair in bunches.

The colour illustrations reveal that she is blonde and her uniform sash is yellow. According to the author, Maud is based on her best friend as a teenager, a girl called Elizabeth. Ethel Hallow is Mildred's acid-tongued rival.

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She does very well in class, comes from a prominent witch family, and gives the impression of being a model student. However, she is spoiled, snobbish and vindictive although able to turn on the charm and act sweet and innocent when the teachers are near, playing the role of a victim with Mildred as the bully. Up until The Worst Witch to the Rescue , she is Miss Hardbroom's favourite student; however, in the same book, she is exposed as a cheat and a liar, and thus has to watch her step unless she incurs her teacher's wrath.

The book illustrations shows that she is a tall, skinny and sharp-faced young girl. Her hair is mousy brown and her uniform sash is purple. In the first book of the series, it is revealed without explanation that Ethel and Mildred were enemies prior to the story. Ethel takes pleasure in taunting Mildred about her inability to train her cat into riding a broomstick, and Mildred responds by turning her into a pig.

From then on Mildred and Ethel resent each other, and Ethel vows to get Mildred expelled. So far she has been unsuccessful. In the first five books she appears to have no friends, although her young sister, Sybil, makes an appearance in A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch. Ethel is Mildred's arch-enemy. Another of Mildred's closest friends. At first Mildred thinks Enid will simply be a nuisance and a pain, but she turns out to be a wild practical joker. Her attempts to make Mildred like her only result in Mildred getting into trouble, for example, turning her cat into a monkey and enchanting a vaulting pole which catapults Mildred into the air and into Miss Hardbroom's study.

Enid is tall, well-built and rather muscular for a girl. She has large limbs and fair hair, usually in one long plait. In the TV series she is small and waiflike with dark hair. She takes an instant liking to Mildred and hopes to become her friend, implying that she is not a judgmental girl. Overall she is friendly and kind-hearted, but sometimes oversteps the mark in her attempt to befriend and help people, and being nice. Aside from Mildred herself, Enid is considered the second worst witch in the Academy, as she too is hopeless when it comes to broomstick riding and magic.

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Miss Hardbroom is the fearsome deputy headmistress of Miss Cackle's Academy and the clear power behind the throne. She is Mildred's form mistress in first form and through various combinations of events continues to be her form mistress throughout the series. Tall, bony and sour-faced, she strikes fear into the pupils' hearts. Miss Hardbroom frequently praises and rewards Ethel Hallow, and frequently rebukes Mildred in front of the other students.

It is Miss Hardbroom who gives Mildred the title of "the worst witch in the school". In the later books Miss Hardbroom's humanity comes through on occasion, in incidents such as her accident in The Worst Witch All at Sea , the restoring of Mildred's hair to its rightful length in The Worst Witch Saves the Day , and her admitting of her error of judgment at the end of The Worst Witch to the Rescue.

Miss Hardbroom usually has her hair tied up in a tight bun which makes her face look really long. Miss Hardbroom is very strict on all of the girls except Ethel Hallow, the teachers' pet. Plump and pleasant, Miss Cackle is more lenient towards Mildred when she is in trouble, and rather than intimidate the girl as Miss Hardbroom does, Miss Cackle gives long, sorrowful lectures which causes Mildred to feel guilty for the trouble she is in. Her birthday is celebrated at her beloved Academy, and her students believe it to be the most boring event of the year. Despite her kind heart, Miss Cackle can be intimidating when she wants to, and has occasionally broken into fits of rage at Mildred, most notably both when Mildred humiliated the reputation of the Academy by ruining a broomstick display to honour the Wizards' Council Ethel had cursed Mildred to ensure she would make a fool of herself , and after she incorrectly believed Mildred was cheating at the school sport's day, after Enid cast an improper spell upon Mildred to make sure she won the pole-vaulting competition.

However, these moments of anger are few and short-lived. Miss Cackle has an evil twin sister named Agatha Cackle, who is bitterly jealous of her position of authority at the Academy. In the first of the series, Agatha and her coven of rebellious witches plotted to overthrow Miss Cackle and turn her, the staff, and students into frogs as they slept.

Mildred caught them as they brewed their invisibility potion, by turning them into snails and taking them to the school to show Miss Cackle. Ashamed that her own sister would break the Witches' Code, she ordered Agatha to accept defeat and live the code like all decent witches. She tries to take over again at the end of series 1, by pretending to be Miss Cackle and dragging Mildred out of the classroom by her ear. The "best friend" of Ethel Hallow, with whom she is often paired up.

Drusilla is a horrible, vindictive bully, but lacks the acid-tongued spite of Ethel, and seems to be in great awe of her. Their "friendship" seems to be more of an alliance or a form of servitude: Ethel and Drusilla are not true friends, they have stuck beside each other because nobody else can bear to be around them. Drusilla seems to have no will of her own. Drusilla does everything Ethel orders her to, and in one book The Worst Witch to the Rescue she steals Mildred's beloved pet tortoise and hides it in a tree.

In the TV series, she and Ethel briefly end their friendship when Drusilla sides with Mildred and her friends. They make up at the end of the episode though. The film followed the plot of the first book of the series, portraying the incidents of Mildred turning herself invisible and turning Ethel into a pig, Miss Cackle's evil twin sister Agatha plotting to take over the school, and the Grand Wizard viewing the Halloween Broomstick formation sabotaged by Ethel's faulty broom she lent to Mildred.

It was shot at St. Michael's College in Tenbury Wells. This holiday special later aired on the Disney Channel every year for Halloween until the late s. Denis King composed its incidental music score. He also wrote the song "My Little School". It was shot in Montreal , London and Cardiff. The series is mostly shot in studio in London, with some episodes filmed in Montreal, Quebec , Canada. The courtyard was filmed at Loseley Park , near Guildford.

Inside the school Great Hall, classrooms etc. When it was no longer realistic that Mildred would still be at school, the series relocated her to a magical university in Cambridge and was retitled Weirdsister College: In , a new series based on the series was made, entitled The New Worst Witch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the novel series. For other uses, see The Worst Witch disambiguation.

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