Serial Killers : Raya and Sakina

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Arab Serial Killers (Raya & Sekina)

They were hanged in Public attention focused on the sisters: Orabi Hassan, the first of his new neighbours that Hasballah got to know in Maskoubiya, was a short-statured young man with black hair, honey-coloured eyes and light-brown skin. At the time—that is, in —he was twenty-five years old, more or less the same age as Hasballah, and was, also like him, a Southerner. He had been born in Abnoub Al Hamam, a village in the governorate of Assiut, where he spent his childhood until, in early adolescence, the taghreeba propelled him northwards to Alexandria in search of a livelihood, just as it would thousands of Southerners.

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He was later to recall that he and his siblings had inherited four feddans of land on the death of their father, but that he had ceded his share to his mother and younger brothers, who worked it and lived off it, and would supply him in exchange with grain and ghee. But no effort was made to establish the veracity of these claims and they do not seem to match with the life he led in Alexandria.

What is known is that Raya and Sakina, with the assistance of their spouses, operated a drug and prostitution ring in the Labban district of Alexandria. Another common detail was the report that many of the missing women were last seen with a woman called Sakina. Sakina was questioned several times because of the reports, but she managed to dodge any suspicions about her involvement.

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On the morning of 11 December , a passerby discovered human remains on the side of the road; the body was damaged beyond recognition except for its long hair and was completely dismembered. There was also a piece of black cloth and a striped black-and-white pair of socks near the body, however, these items did not help with the identification of the remains.

Friday Finds: ‘Raya and Sakina’s Men’

In an unrelated incident, at about the same time in December, a man reported finding human remains beneath his floor while digging to fix a water pipe. After an investigation, it was found that Raya and Sakina had been renting a home, where the bodies were buried, at the time when the women and girls disappeared.

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