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PLAYS&TALES PORTFOLIOS - #1 - Society Detective Agency eBook: D.B. Anderson: Kindle Store. Portfolios. Society Detective Agency - The Full Script for WAYWARD #1 arrived in comic shops nationwide so, PLAYS&TALES.

James's books have been translated into 37 languages. In Penguin Books published his novel Host on two floppy discs in addition to conventional print formats as has been called the world's first electronic novel; a copy of it is in the Science Museum. It is also in development for both film and television.

In , James wrote the foreword for the U. His novel Host was adapted into the television movie Virtual Obsession.

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Other films on which he is credited include: He supports Action Medical Research. James and his publisher, Macmillan, donated a police car to Sussex Police in [6] and donated a second one in on which the livery alongside the police markings changes each year to match the jacket of his latest Roy Grace novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter James in Retrieved 1 August Crime writer Peter James reveals a distressing side-effect of his break-up". Retrieved 12 March The crime writer who is sponsoring a police car Mail Online".

A move to the Kansas Health Foundation two years later allowed her to use traditional marketing techniques for social good, which continued in her nearly a decade with Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters. Cara, who now lives in Wichita, started her own business, CK Communications, in specifically to serve nonprofits and small businesses. I have found this to be a great solution for organizations that need an experienced marketing professional in a cost-effective form.

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As a business administration major communications emphasis , Cara knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career in marketing. Diana Schunn was the first nurse in Kansas to specialize in taking evidence of sexual assault and is still considered by many to be the best. Her involvement with sisters who were longtime victims of sexual abuse by family members resulted in her being part of a segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show during which Oprah interviewed the girls. They decided I needed to be in Chicago, to be available for the girls and to consult with the producers about how to prepare the audience for hearing this difficult story.

Because you can be sure there will be other victims of sexual assault in that audience, Diana says. She eventually trained in sexual assault examination, death investigation and forensic nursing. She moved into administration and has been executive director of the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County since Aimee arrived at Bethel sure she wanted to study psychology. As staff for The Bethel Collegian, Aimee traveled to Greensburg after one of the most powerful tornados ever recorded destroyed the small western-Kansas town in spring And there was the Aurora theater shooting that July.

Tim came to Bethel to play football for his former high school coach and to get an education he hoped would help him fulfill a dream of coaching himself. Eleven seasons later, the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers hired Tim as assistant athletic director for football operations. Since , Tim has been assistant athletic director for football operations at Michigan State University. In the last six years, the Spartans have won three Big Ten titles including a Rose Bowl championship in , played in back-to-back Cotton Bowls and reached the College Football Playoff Final 4 Bethel prepared him for where he wanted to go, Tim says.

Aziza spent the first years of her life in Jordan, one of four children of a Christian mother from the Midwest and a Palestinian Muslim father.

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At Bethel, Aziza studied and worked with professors who became mentors she considers important to this day. Aziza continued to hone her skills in conflict resolution, organizing, leadership development and interfaith dialogue with which she was intimately familiar from growing up in a multicultural, interfaith family — leading her to where she is today, executive director of NewGround: Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change.

Working full-time at Bethel for Information and Media Services and as an assistant forensics coach, he started thinking about graduate school — and those insects. He began to collect again, especially cicadas. Understanding that natural history and biology were clearly a passion, Brian decided to go for it — a doctoral program in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since then, Brian has done research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, discovered a new species of cicada in New Mexico, and garnered a post-doctoral position at a major U.

Her uncle never married, but he helped make it financially possible for his nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews to attend Bethel. When she began to practice nursing, however, she discovered she was not as excited about the hours as about other aspects of the work.

Until he was 12, Jonathan and his siblings were Bethel campus kids. Then the family moved to Japan. When it was time for college, Bethel seemed like home. He already knew many of the professors, and friends from elementary school were among his classmates. Two years after graduating from Bethel, Jonathan and a fellow physics major started an around-the-world trip. Jonathan ended up in Thailand, got a job working for the International Rescue Committee — and stayed for almost 11 years. He earned a Ph. In , his best friend invited him to jump into the tech start-up world in northern California, just as the dotcom boom was beginning.

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Next he took charge of organizing National Comics, [the self-distributorship] Independent News, and their affiliated firms into a single corporate entity, National Periodical Publications ". Sales dropped off as the industry went into a major slump, while manufactured "collectables" numbering in the millions replaced quality with quantity until fans and speculators alike deserted the medium in droves. The relaunch was meant to bring back the legacy and heart many felt had been missing from DC characters since the launch of the New Not to be confused with DIC Entertainment. Archived from the original on 16 April In , DC announced an eight-issue miniseries titled "Convergence" which began in April

We could play computer games on it. Which is, after passing through several start-ups, working for a former one called Vudu, an internet movie-streaming service, recently acquired by Walmart. Jonathan is a software engineer, working in quality assurance QA. As long as Kate Becker can remember, she has been going to the Kansas Cosmosphere — visiting with her parents, attending Space Camp. As long as she can remember, she has been paying attention to volatile Kansas weather along with her professional pilot dad, Bob.

And yes, at one point she dreamed of being an astronaut. Her life took a turn when she decided to pursue a seminary degree, completing an M.

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She eventually earned a second masters, in international science and technology policy, at George Washington University. Jesse has been drawing something since he could hold a pencil. Yet one reason he came to Bethel was because he knew he could not only study art, but also explore other things that interested him. Discovering illustration was a milestone.

Such as, most recently, general physics, in a book authored by retired Bethel professor Don Lemons. Or drawing the entire Kansas City Royals line-up as animal characters. After working her way through Bethel, medical school and a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, she nally settled on anesthesiology. I get to meet lots of people and take care of them during a really important moment in their lives. It is usually pretty routine and straightforward, but it is a specialty where things can happen incredibly fast and I love the challenge of remaining calm and focused while I deal with the problem.

She chose Boston hospitals for a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesiology. Amy currently serves as attending anesthesiologist and assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center. In talking with friends who attended major universities and colleges, I think that is the biggest difference in our respective experiences.

When Reginal Williams was still in high school in Florida, an older man at his gym became his workout partner and mentor. His mother told him: With some interest already in pursuing a law-enforcement career, Reginal majored in social work at Bethel and then returned to Fort Lauderdale, where he graduated from the police academy at Broward College.

Just retired from policing, Reginal now focuses on making and writing music he has a YouTube channel, Reggie W Unite — and on mentoring young men just as he once was mentored.

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As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning. Bienvenidos Donate Thresher Connect. Become one of the countless graduates who achieve great things in all different arenas. Bethel had great musical training for me and also allowed me to be involved in many things, including earning a history major.

It led me to a window where I was able to look out and see what was possible. I prefer challenges to the status quo. I could have been an accountant anywhere, but I wanted to take my passion for sports and figure out how to connect that to accounting. At Bethel, everyone can succeed and be recognized in something. I developed the skills I needed to succeed.

In , Arlen won the job of his dreams: Bethel gave me a good head start in the sciences. I can say my dreams came true, because I feel happy in my job. International Stage Performer Arthur W. The many lessons I learned not only came from being in the arts, but also in the other disciplines offered on campus.

Thank goodness for the liberal arts. Both these themes — service and simple living — have been guideposts throughout my career and life. My education and skills learned at Bethel continue to help my career. A passion for community was instilled by the thoughts and actions of great teachers like Jim Juhnke, Keith Sprunger and Doug Penner. I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for various organizations on campus, in my church and in the larger community, and it was great preparation for what I would do later in life.

Diana came to Bethel from Henderson, Nebraska, to be a nurse and play volleyball. Her experience with compromise, teamwork and time management has stood her in good stead. My grades were actually better when I was playing volleyball. I had to be very disciplined during the season to get everything done. At NewGround, part of engaging with the community is serving the community. Most of all, at Bethel he was able to cultivate his curiosity. I sang in the Gospel Choir and got to go places I never would have otherwise.

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I consider myself a key player at Vudu and do a multitude of varied tasks that are always changing and never boring. And, most important, "[I learned] how to learn," he says. About Bethel As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.

Recent News Southern leaves Bethel head tennis coach position.