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About a year after David Munro was parachuted into the CEO position at Liberty, he is starting to resolve the numerous issues at the life insurance and asset management group. The biggest problem was that Liberty was virtually giving away its insurance business on a margin of 0.

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It is probably worth persevering with this business, however, as it has a decent share of the business moving into umbrella funds and its group risk death and disability underwriting has been satisfactory. Tourists were able to climb up to the precarious perch until , when those privileges were revoked in response to the Black Tom incident. However, Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone commented that "she doesn't have the pipes for material defined by Etta James. You know the one with the big ears? A New Day Has Come".

With repricing of products and tighter expense management, this has increased to 0. Almost as important as margin is the ability to retain business, and there was a change here as net client cash flows turned from a negative Rm to a positive Rm. A real growth in sales was never on the cards.

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Even bancassurance, simple products sold in the bank branches, involves some contact with bank staff. But Munro says that rather than having a sales and marketing silo dealing with the advisers, all business units should put intermediaries at the heart of their business. Like many new CEOs, Munro has changed the business unit structure: SA Retail is the core business, and in effect the group now has a series of options in what it calls the "business development" portfolio.

The real hospital pass will go to the executive in charge of the emerging consumer sector and direct: And even after decades Liberty Corporate provides barely a 10th of the earnings generated by the retail business. It is probably worth persevering with this business, however, as it has a decent share of the business moving into umbrella funds and its group risk death and disability underwriting has been satisfactory.

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Much more concerning is the cash drain in the rest of Africa, with health losses more than doubling to R45m and Liberty Africa Insurance going into the red with an R8m loss. The only good news was that the Rm loss in Stanlib Africa turned into a R10m profit, though only after shutting a number of operations.

He said no customer suffered financial loss, though presumably if they did Liberty or its insurers would make up for it. Munro was more impressive in his disclosures about retirement funds.

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He said Liberty is tracing 75, people who have not claimed benefits due to them on retirement or resignation or to their heirs on death. If the administrators are unsuccessful in finding beneficiaries, the government could decide to swallow up the capital for the fiscus. Liberty has the most registered funds under administration of all the SA institutions, but some of those funds have just 12, six or even one member.

Munro said it was rather overeager when it deregistered 4, funds, assuming none had any assets. This video provides all of the important information about the new report card for families of elementary students attending Liberty Public Schools.


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