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Ethical Leadership - Code of Conduct
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  • Home Board of Directors Code of Conduct.

    The inaugural Board of Directors developed and approved a code of conduct in They will be responsive to the governance structure and process, and partner with staff to advance the strategic plan We uphold the law, refrain from discriminatory behavior, and follow AGU bylaws and policies. We create mechanisms to implement and monitor conflict of interest policies.

    We act on behalf of our members, rather than personal agendas.

    Information For Students Teachers Professionals. I always look forward to your thoughts. Nov, It is very good job! Home Board of Directors Code of Conduct. Yes- keeping your word is the creator of trust and so many leadership qualities. Be consistent in all you say and do.

    We make decisions based on the merits of the issues. We commit to ongoing Board development and learning best practices for governing an association.

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    We treat Board colleagues as professionals — with respect and consideration, valuing a diversity of views and opinions. We avoid personal attacks directed toward other Board members, individual AGU members, AGU staff, partners and collaborators; not raising voices during Board discussions; and avoiding inappropriate or negative body language. While we may disagree with Board colleagues during meetings—and discuss personal views with members if asked—we demonstrate a unified front and support of the ultimate decisions made by the Board.

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    We do not betray confidences. Any code of conduct is a set of guidelines, like a road map, to help people understand their responsibilities and thus such a code is an important part of an organization. Is a code of conduct really that important in a new age of equality and modernity?

    If we are true students of history and understand the psychology of people, then we must answer these questions in the affirmative. In essence, such a code is more than a road map and more of a way of life that acts like a mentor in the absence of a mentor. We can find codes of conduct everywhere and not just in modern times.