High flames gave status to ancient funeral pyres
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In the time leading up to second century C. Ideal funeral practices meant burning an ornamental pyre for the deceased, that would burn with enough heat and a long enough time to only leave ashes and small bone fragments.

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Having to use another's pyre was a sign of poverty or emergency cases. The process of constructing and properly burning a funeral pyre is a skilled task. Often, pyres would not burn with enough heat to properly cremate human remains. Pyres had to be maintained by stoking the flame and raking the pyre to allow good oxygen flow.

Ancient literature refers to the skilled job of an ustor, meaning a professional pyre builder derived from the Latin word uro which means, to burn. The Elder Pliny writes of extreme cases in which bodies have been thrown from the pyre from the force of the flames. Other cases, described by Plutarch , involving deceased victims of poisoning, resulted in the human body bursting open and dousing the pyre.

Why are funeral pyres illegal?

A study conducted by Alunni, et al. The study concluded the average pyre does not completely destroy a human body effectively, and differences in suicide via pyres are evident in the remains. A pyre suicide shows signs of remains being more charred rather than completely oxidized by high temperatures, are in anatomically correct positions, poor bone fragmentation, and is without suspicious burn patterns compared to an individual murdered via pyre.

A pyre also known as a funeral pyre, is a structure, usually made of wood, for burning a body as part of a funeral rite or execution. As a form of cremation, a body. A pyre, also known as a funeral pyre, is a structure used for burning a body. The word pyre comes from the Greek word for fire. Pyres are built outdoors. They are .

This is why forensic experimental studies are necessary to fully understand the differences the body undergoes in a pyre. Coloring of bones before cremation is dependent on oxygen exposure, duration, and temperature. The bone color can range from black to brown or an oxidized white color.

The type of bone and method of cooling may also alter the bone form. Cooling is also an important consideration, as if the remains are cooled via water increases warping. This knowledge is a consideration for archaeologists to understand the remains from pyres.

A Viking funeral pyre on a boat. The type of bone and method of cooling may also alter the bone form. Translation of pyre for Spanish Speakers. Joan of Arc burning to death on a pyre. He recently completed his Ph. Then the pyre is set on fire.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Pyre disambiguation. Retrieved 19 January Journal of Archaeological Science. Case study of three necropolises from Poland". Why are funeral pyres illegal? Breaking the Cycle of Death and Rebirth". Sati, the Blessing and the Curse: The Burning of Wives in India. Retrieved 4 July The question arises after an undisclosed location in rural Northumbria played host to a small funeral this week organised by a Hindu community group.

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Rajpal Mehat's body was burnt in a funeral pyre in a ceremony complete with flowers, incense from 36 holy herbs, water from the Ganges and the smashing of an earthenware pot to release the soul from the body. Northumbria Police were initially happy for it to go ahead, but now say offences may have been committed.

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First Known Use of pyre , in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for pyre Latin pyra , from Greek, from pyr fire — more at fire. Learn More about pyre.

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