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Information regarding which Praxis tests to register for and how to register is available in the Teacher Education Admissions Office, University Hall, Room Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of 51 undergraduate credits at Montclair State are recognized for academic honors.

For recognition of May candidates at the Commencement Exercises, the honors designation will be based upon the student's cumulative grade point average as of the previous January plus the anticipated MSU credits that will be earned by the end of the Spring semester.

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Academic honors are awarded as follows:. Cumulative GPA of 3. Montclair State University offers opportunities for students to undertake academic credit on an independent study basis.

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This form must be completed in full and approved by the instructor and the department chairperson prior to registering. The full course number except section number is required on the form. Registration for independent study courses must be processed in person in the Office of the Registrar by the student or a representative of the student. One copy of the Independent Study Application form is then given to the student; one is sent to the department chairperson and one to the instructor; the original is retained by the Office of the Registrar.

Undergraduate students in good academic standing may take a leave of absence of one semester by arrangement through the Students who plan to be away for two or more semesters must officially withdraw from the University refer to Withdrawal from Montclair State University. Students who take a leave of absence for one semester do not need to apply for readmission and can simply register for the next upcoming semester during the registration period.

Students who remain away from MSU for two or more semesters must submit a readmission application with the Office of Admissions by the set admission deadlines: August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Undeclared students must declare a major by the time they have earned 60 semester hours. Students are expected to complete the major for which they apply within the normal number of semester hours required for completion of the degree program. For most undergraduate degree programs, this is semester hours; however, certain programs require more than semester hours.

Undeclared students who have 45 - 60 earned credits must meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for the following semester to work on selecting a major. All papers, reports and research submitted by students shall be their own except as properly annotated. A student guilty of plagiarism may be subject to dismissal. See the Student Handbook for additional information, http: It is the student's responsibility to satisfactorily complete a prerequisite course before scheduling a dependent course. Specific directions can be found on the online Schedule of Courses Book for each semester.

The Dean of each College and School will have the discretion to make exceptions to this policy in special cases and extenuating circumstances. This policy became effective on September 1, , and applies to all students regardless of their date of entry to Montclair State University. To repeat a course a student must register and make payment for that course. Courses must be repeated prior to graduation. Where a course is no longer offered, the Dean of the College or School, in consultation with the Department Chairperson, shall designate an appropriate replacement course.

When a course has been repeated, both the original and subsequent courses are included on the permanent record, but the credit is counted only once.


University Catalog. You have reached an archived version of the University Catalog. For the most current information please go to: The University Catalog provides information related to Montclair State's and Graduate Degree Requirements, in this catalog are effective fall It is the.

The grade received in the repeated course becomes the official final grade. The final 24 credit hours required for graduation must be taken at Montclair State and cannot be acquired through transfer.

This policy is strictly adhered to. Any student who transfers from another institution with advanced standing in a major field of study is required to complete a minimum of twelve credit hours of upper level course work in the major at Montclair State. Some curricula may require more than this minimum.

Montclair State University accepts a maximum of 60 transfer credits from two-year institutions. For Academic Standards purposes, total semester hours attempted will be used to determine a student's class standing. Students are subject to academic probation, suspension or dismissal if the cumulative grade point average GPA is below 2. Semester hours attempted include all courses taken at Montclair State and any credits earned through transfer, credit by examination or assessment.

Probation Students will be placed on academic probation if their GPA falls below 2. Students may only remain on academic probation for one semester. Students are removed from academic probation if they earn at least a 2. Failure to earn at least a 2. Suspension Failure to earn at least a 2. Students placed on academic suspension cannot enroll in courses at Montclair State University under any circumstances for at least two semesters.

Students who have been placed on academic suspension are eligible to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions if they have been away from Montclair State University for at least two semesters. Readmission is not automatic and will be based upon the review of documents submitted in support of the readmission application.

Readmitted students are not necessarily admitted back into their chosen major. Dismissal Students readmitted from academic suspension must earn at least a 2. Additionally, students readmitted from academic suspension must earn at least a 2. Failure to meet these requirements, i. Students placed on academic dismissal are ineligible to apply for readmission and cannot enroll in courses at Montclair State University under any circumstances.

Readmission Deadlines To be considered for readmission, students must submit a readmission application to the Office of Admissions by the following deadlines:. Most courses at Montclair State require written assignments because writing is one of the best ways to explore, refine, and demonstrate knowledge. The following statement describes the mental operations and the writing skills that the faculty expects in your formal written work.

You should assume that an assignment requires formal preparation unless your instructor states otherwise. Writing and Literary Study provide a solid foundation in these abilities, but that is only the beginning. The written work that you do in all your courses will build on the foundation established in College Writing I: Writing and Literary Study, developing your ability to think and to communicate your thoughts in writing.

In the academic world, as in the world at large, readers will judge your written work primarily on the basis of its content; that is, on the quality of the information and opinions it contains. However, the careful organization and the clear, concise expression of that content are essential if your readers are to grasp your full meaning.

The faculty will therefore evaluate the organization and expression of your written assignments along with the content. Individual departments and instructors may add their own requirements to this statement, and each instructor will decide how the various elements will influence grading in a particular course. However, in the course that you will take to satisfy your graduation requirement in writing, you will be given a grade of Incomplete and referred to the Writing Center if your writing has severe problems.

This will apply regardless of the average grade of any other work done in that course. If you have questions about these standards, you may seek clarification from your instructors, from the English Department, or from the Center for Writing Excellence staff. The Center for Writing Excellence Sprague Library, first floor, offers consultation and tutorial help to all students, ideally through regularly weekly appointments, but also on a drop-in basis.

There is no charge for this service. You should be able to perform with college-level competence the mental operations on which written work depends. You should be able to apply to new situations the knowledge you have gained from your classes, your reading, and your investigations. You should be able to draw your own conclusions, rather than simply to restate or summarize the ideas of others.

You should be able to organize the parts of a paper in an orderly sequence, governed by a controlling purpose that is clear to the reader. Paragraphs and subsections should also have their own internal order. You should be able to adapt what you write to the needs and expectations of your intended audience, whether it is your peers, your teacher, other scholars in a discipline, or the general public. More often it is the result of a process involving several stages.

You should know how to use strategies that will help you to:.

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You should be able to locate, evaluate, and use materials published in various forms, including books, periodicals, newspapers, government documents, indexes, abstracts, microforms, websites, electronic mail, discussion groups, and other media materials. You should be able to summarize or paraphrase the written work of others.

Paraphrased material must be completely restated in your own words, and should blend smoothly into your style. You should be able to identify your source material according to the method your instructor requires. Data or distinctive ideas taken from sources must be identified by the methods of an approved citation system i. Direct quotations must be identified by a citation as well as by quotation marks or block indentation.

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Your papers should be written in formal, standard English. Your sentence structure should be free of major grammatical problems, such as sentence fragments, subject-verb disagreement, inconsistent verb tenses, unclear pronoun reference, and misplaced modifiers. Your sentences should be clear and concise, showing capable use of the tools necessary to a mature writing style, such as coordination, subordination, parallelism, and transitional devices.

You should show careful attention to matters of appearance, including legibility, neat corrections, and suitable presentation. If your instructor does not specify how you are to present your paper you may follow these recommendations:. Formal papers should be carefully proofread and typed. Last minute corrections should be neat and clear. Students are expected to assume responsibility for knowing and meeting the various regulations and procedures set forth in the Montclair State University catalogs, Student Handbook, and in the schedule of courses booklet published each semester. Montclair State University reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student whose conduct, class attendance, academic record or financial obligation should prove unsatisfactory.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of FERPA permits the University to release directory information about a student unless the student specifically requests that this information be withheld.

Students who do not wish directory information to be released should notify the Office of Student Development and Campus Life, Room , Student Center, within the first two weeks of each semester. Montclair State University defines directory information as: Department of Education; the right to obtain a copy of the student records policy. A policy statement pertaining to this matter may be obtained from the Office of the Vice President of Student Development and Campus Life. Official transcripts may be requested online, by mail, by fax, or in person and are usually processed within three to five business days of receipt by the Office of the Registrar.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak to their advisor before taking courses elsewhere. Entering transfer students to MSU will receive an assessment of their transfer credits and how these credits will be used in the accepted or intended program of study. Floors are divided into one, two, or three wings with each wing having its own community bathroom facility. These co-ed garden apartment units house upperclassmen. The apartments are broken up into three buildings, called Accipiter, Falco, and Buteo. Each apartment has two bedrooms, houses four residents, and has a kitchen and bathroom.

Housing approximately co-ed residents, Grace M. Freeman Hall opened in and is home to mainly students of music or athletic training. Residents live in a "suite" style double or triple rooms, in which two rooms share a bathroom. The building also contains a dining hall for students, Balance Kitchen at Freeman Hall. Edward Russ Hall is a coed upperclassmen community and houses the international community, housing 91 residents in a "suite" style community.

Russ Hall, the second building to open on campus in , was converted from an administrative building into a residential facility in the late s.

The Village at Little Falls consists of four separate residential apartment buildings: The four buildings house a total of students. Each apartment consists of a kitchen, living room, dining area, two full bathrooms, and either two double bedrooms, two single and one double bedroom, or four single bedrooms. The complex also has basketball courts and an outdoor pool open seasonally.

The Village houses junior, senior, and graduate students. Basie Hall and Paul Hall were renovated in the Summer of to replace flooring and furniture. It opened in the Fall of The hall is set up suite style with a single, a double, and a triple all sharing a bathroom, powder room, and a common area.

Stone Hall was originally built in as a residence hall, but was eventually converted into an office building. For the Fall semester, the building received a total renovation and was repurposed to its original use as a residence facility. The renovated Stone Hall houses approximately first year students in double rooms with community bathroom facilities. Montclair State is ranked among the nation's "Top Safest Colleges. Jeanne Clery Act crime statistics and comprehensive annual security reports are regularly published and distributed by the Montclair State University Police Department.

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Presidents of Montclair State University. Archived from the original on Check date values in: Cali School of Music: Academic Programs" Archived at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on 27 May Retrieved 29 May The named reference master's degrees was invoked but never defined see the help page. Archived from the original on July 20, Archived from the original on 13 May Retrieved 10 May Archived from the original on August 4, Retrieved July 17, Archived PDF from the original on Top Safest Colleges in America".

This interactive website not only provides links to the Student Handbook and the Course Catalog for current course titles, descriptions, number of semester hours and prerequisites, but also provides links to non-academic information.

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Montclair State reserves the right to change any of its policies, regulations or requirements at any time without notice or obligation. Academic advisors and department faculty advisors provide students with assistance in developing an academic program of study, choosing courses consistent with this program as well as discussing career options. All Undergraduate students should seek academic advisement each semester.

Students with a declared major receive their academic advising from their major department advisor. Freshmen and Sophomore students who have not declared a major are assigned an academic advisor in The Center for Advising and Student Transitions, Morehead Hall, Room