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Henry the Master Huntsman

see This chapter contains all the info needed to complete the Master Huntsman achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You obtain this trophy for becoming. After I helped Hanekin Hare, I was honoured with the title of Talmberg Master Huntsman. Now I have to take care of the Talmberg woods and.

Discussion Master Huntsman Disappointment Spoiler self. I just became the Master Huntsman of Talmberg, and was very excited to go visit my new dwelling and explore my new woods, and maybe even throw a few poachers off my land! So Mr Chamberlain, give me my new keys! Well, let's go get 'Robin Hooded up' then sonshine!! So after getting to my brand new, run down shack thats falling apart, i find a pile of straw to sleep on I get a villagers bow I mean wife, why is it stolen!

Nevermind, my Cuman bow is better anyway Problem is, everything i kill in my woods as master huntsman, is still stolen Oh and by the way, try to throw some poachers off you land, and guess what, guards turn up and arrest you for brawling!! Being master huntsman does not mean you can hunt legally, or throw poachers off your land, which is not cool!

I agree will all of the points, the master huntsman title is not well incorporated into the game basically nobody in the game including the game itself acknowledges your changed social status. However, I believe that even as master huntsman, you would not be entitled to freely hunt your lord's game and sell quantities of it for your own profit - such action would be rightly seen as unlawful. The game is not your posession, you have only been appointed as an administrator of the property.

Grand Huntsman of France

So while you can hunt on behalf of your lord when he commands you to do so, for example , you cannot make selling game meat your private business. I never made it to become master huntsman, but i guess it's one of the many bugs or oversights in the game.

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The quest itself, was actually really enjoyable, and I really like Hannekin Hare as a character. Go now to the place marked on the map, a small mine, to talk to Hanekin about the details of his plan. Step 4 - Finish the - Cherchez la Femme side quest according to Hanekin's plan.

Hare's plan assumes the abduction of Margaret , the wife of the Master Huntsman.

Achievement Guide for Master Huntsman

Go to his hut a dusk that's when Nicholas leaves to go hunting - after hearing the hunter horn! The estate is guarded by one person, though. You can try to sneak in, choke the guard out or defeat him in direct fight. Return to Hare's hideout and listen to the rest of the plan.

Henry the Master Huntsman :: Kingdom Come: Deliverance General Discussions

You have to force Nicholas to sing the Nicholas' testimony that Hare has prepared. You can achieve that by convincing him with persuasion Nicholas has 7 points , intimidation 16 points or by beating him don't kill him though. Meet Hare in the new location. Henry will go with him to the Talmberg castle to stand before Lord Divish and clear Hare's name picture 1. If you've made all the right choices, Henry will be named as the new Master Huntsman in Talmberg. Take the offer picture 2 , if you want to complete the achievement.

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All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide. How to Become a Master Huntsman? How to unlock From the Ashes? Reconstruction of Pribyslawitz DLC after the main campaign? How to complete the game in hardcore mode? Why did the bird traps disappear?

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How to acquire a good armor at the beginning? The advantage of being the Master Huntsman is that any gamekeeper that harasses you can be shut down and told to get lost just by telling them that you're the Talmberg Master Huntsman. Last edited by Midnight Piper ; 28 Feb 3: I didn't think of it this way, it is true that the gentleman tasking me with hunts accepted the "stolen" meat.

I never wanted to sell it, I simply didn't want to commit a crime.

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Thanks for the perspective. Dudes it rules having your own home but i just wish it had the shared chest in the cabin Also it classes anything you put in the chest in the bed room as stolen when you take it out. Bordric View Profile View Posts.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Master Huntsman Trophy Guide - Side Quest: Sheep in wolf's Clothing

Because the game is broken and they don't patch or even hotfix the problems.