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Use standard writing style and punctuation. Specifically, "A model can gain souls it couldn't collect normally due to Direct Spirits. Not which eligible model with soul taker. You can pick any model with soul taker, not just ones that could normally have gotten the soul.

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I didn't expect the ruling to go this way, but it did. Yes, models which would otherwise be excluded due to being farther away from the destroyed model than some other model with Soul Taker. But I suspect it'll take DL coming back in here for you to believe that, and that's your prerogative, but I think the consensus on here is how I'm reading it. Direct spirits states friendly living warrior models, however Immortals are constructs. Does this mean if an Immortal dies in Zaal's control range, he is not able to direct the spirit token of that immortal due to a construct not being a living model even though it contains a soul?

Soul Vessel allows Direct Spirits to consider Immortals as living models who generate soul tokens for the same reason that it allows Soul Taker to consider them as living models who generate soul tokens.

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A checking is being reintroduced on whether Direct Spirits overrides Soul Taker's limitations or not. I expect an answer shortly.

Uh, bruh, we're in the buffing era of Skorne now. Not happy at all how this ruling went but at least it's clarified. Not the end the world though at least.

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So what if there is no Extoller Advocate in a unit of Immortals? Can Zaal get the Immortal souls if destroyed by enemy attacks?

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He could not give the soul to any other model though, correct? If by enamy attack then yes. And the soul could be given to any model that collects souls when a friendly model is killed by an enamy attack or any others that apply. The way i believe he says it works now is if the soul was generated in zaals direct spirits range you ignoure where models are that can get souls and can give the soul to anyone who could have gotten it if they were the in collection range.

So if an enemy kills an immortal, zaal, or anyone who was a potential collector, or the ua for that unit can get it. If a friendly kills an immortal only the ua of its unit could because zaal cant get souls from a model killed by a friendly. Alternativly you cant give a soul from a keltari to the immortal CA as he can only collect souls from his unit. The CA can collect from an immortal out of formation but in direct spirits though.

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You also cant give souls from immortals in unit A to CA in unit B. When Direct Spirits is used, it is only modifying the proximity requirements for gathering souls. You must follow the requirements within each Soul Taker for what type of soul token that model can accept. No, Advocates can only collect from their attached unit. He asked about Extoller Soulwards, not Extoller Advocates.

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According to the reply, "You must follow the requirements within each Soul Taker for what type of soul token that model can accept. But the Soulwards have to eligible on their own. Likewise, the collection ability that specifies "in formation" still has to meet that requirement to collect. Hmm i thought he meant it removed distance entirely.

So if the model dies in direct spirits he could give the soul to a model accross the table. Just that models can still only gain souls from their normal source.

So the immortal CA could only gain souls from his unit and not a different units trooper. But i actually think you may be right now.

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Just hadnt looked at it that way. I don't see where the treatment of normal collection range is explicitly addressed. You can only move the soul token around to models that can accept the soul token I take this to mean the receiving model has to be within collection range before direct spirits can send it to them Also as far as I can tell the kovaas is mentioned only for completeness as direct spirits has no interaction with it.

I take this to mean the receiving model has to be within collection range before direct spirits can send it to them Also as far as I can tell the kovaas is mentioned only for completeness as direct sports has no interaction with it But he did also say "as if they were all in equal proximity". But he did also say "as if they were all in equal proximity". Which is why I'm a little confused as to why DarkLegacy confirmed to another poster which model I was referring to, but didn't include a simple "yes" or "no".

Is the issue of collection range eligibility still being checked? As part of the Skorne errata, Direct Spirits was looked at again. The previous ruling was cumbersome and not intuitive towards what it was trying to accomplish. Direct Spirits allows you to give any soul generated by a friendly living model in your control range to any friendly model with Soul Taker on the board.

Immortals, due to Soul Vessel, are living models for Direct Spirits as per previous rulings. You still cannot exceed the token limit specified by the different Soul Taker rules. Does it ignore the normal soul collection range of those Soul Takers?