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dating mallorca">dating mallorca HOW many painful mistakes does a person have to make to learn from? Don't we all just want to be happy and have someone to take care of us and to be loved and to love back? We don't have to learn it, it is inside us. But sometimes we need to learn to breath again. This book is sarcastic, philosophical, honest, creative and simply good. I always admire the creativity of an author in regard to the chapter names. It could tell you more than thousands words in a long-length review. View all 12 comments. May 24, Sofia rated it really liked it Recommended to Sofia by: Here on Goodreads I note certain reviewers seem to consciously or unconsciously choose books which they will not like.

It's like they do not know themselves enough to filter out certain choices automatically.

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Self knowledge and acknowledgement is great to have and the earlier we grasp it the better. With Breathing Lessons, Sinclair too explores how to try to attain this knowledge. How Henry realises that he does not want the transient but the lasting connection. How the search for this connectio Here on Goodreads I note certain reviewers seem to consciously or unconsciously choose books which they will not like.

How the search for this connection made him loose sight of himself and how breath by breath he finds this knowledge and himself again. Together with Henry we journeyed through a kaleidoscope of people and snippets of time. A smart, witty, intelligent journey. I want to travel with Sinclair again. I understand the rationale behind marketing this as a novel, rather than what it actually IS - a collection of unrelated short stories i.

Although there are some labored efforts to link the stories in a rudimentary fashion, there is no chronological continuity, no through-line and though each of the stories is narrated in the first person, there is also NO continuity of character. And as in any collection, th 2. And as in any collection, there are a few gems, but in this case, most of the stories land more in the 'meh' category. They aren't awful, but most of them blur into a mediocre haze. Mar 01, Ulysses Dietz rated it really liked it. There is a strong visual quality to it, almost cinematic in the clarity of his imagery, but without excess or melodrama.

The quality of his writing pulled me along through the many shortish chapters in this shortish book. That said, the structure of the book left me feeling confused and disoriented. The disorientation I felt at the end might well be meant to echo that which Henry Moss himself feels.

If so, well done. But what a feckless, aimless, pointless kind of life. What am I supposed to make of it? The hard truth is that, when I read, I want to like the book emotional as well as enjoy it intellectual. I kept hoping I would, but I never managed to generate any real sympathy for or emotional connection to Moss. Maybe that was intentional, too. For me, they embody the tone of the narrative mosaic, and seem to reflect the only real philosophical perspective that Henry Moss can lay claim to. Is all that sex worth the emptiness?

I assume that if the author is not young enough to be my child, he must at least be nearly a generation younger than I am. That is, surviving it. The second resonates with the lessons I was taught when I came out at 20 in My generation of gay folk fought and marched and lifted our voices to win our people the freedom to abandon all thought of emotional or physical consequences in our quest for sex. We all said it was about civil rights, but we knew what we really wanted. And perhaps it is, indirectly. As you can see, this book made me think. It made me look back over my own very different life as a gay man these past 42 years.

It made me question the very roots of gay liberation, if Henry Moss is any measure of the result. It made me unhappy. As coach Sharpe says at the end: Sep 16, Steven Buechler rated it it was amazing. The language is frank and bold at times, but it reflects a reality many people exist in today.

We see the errors that he makes in judgement at times and realize that we ourselves have made similar errors in our own lives. Oct 04, Farzana Doctor rated it really liked it. Clear, smart, funny prose.

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A beautiful beginning for this wonderful writer. May 16, Jane Eaton Hamilton rated it liked it. He's extraordinarily talented and I look forward to what he'll write in the future. But there was a lot of repetition between stories here that began to wear on me. Publishers, connected stories are not the way to go. Despite the advertising, this book was not even close to a novel. Jul 05, Don rated it really liked it.

I found the book an interesting read. It really didn't seem to have much of a plot, but when I thought more about it, maybe the plot was a man's descent into chronically loving the unavailable man. It jumps all over the place from his childhood, teenage years, to different locations he's lived over the years, to different men's he's pined for.

I found the lack of flow a bit off putting, but I'm still going to give it four stars because he held my attention. May 08, Scott rated it it was ok. Well that was boring. Lots of meaningless and completely unerotic sex; too many drugs; and a nervous breakdown. Sep 13, Fagshelf rated it really liked it Shelves: Generally I liked this book.

Too many gay novels out there stop at age for the protagonist, only ever discussing coming out, teenage depression and first loves Staying within YA territory, shying away from serious topics, serious problems, promiscuity, mid-life and later depression, gay loneliness. This is the strong suit of the book. The writing style is extremely simple, there is no "beauty" to be found, but rather it's striking because it's DRIPPING with this experience of gay-in-his-thirties loneliness only by giving you a sheer, plain account of human relationships, of drug abuse, promiscuity, etc.

I didn't read more than pages in one sitting, not because it was depressing or intense, but because the stories never resolve any of the problems presented how could they? And to mention the bad: The individual "chapters" actually form short stories. I would've preferred if either we clearly get one consistent protagonist, and we see these independent "slices" of this live TRULY making a novel, which this is not , or if they were truly independent short stories with no confused connections between them.

Aug 21, Vincent Bish rated it it was ok. It's not that much of a surprise that this was a bad book. Respectability politics aside, this was an unintentional cautionary tale. The author is lucky to be alive.

Reading this however, I did have the thought to myself that this would make a good book for teens if they wouldn't be traumatized into prudishness by the content. The themes were faint enough, yet present enough, and the temptations close enough to their lives that they'd sharpen many skills while hunting through it's pages to make connections.

Wouldn't be a good idea in practice though, the impression it would leave on them about gay life would be much more damaging than any minor skills they may gain. The main character wasn't likable and was one note: This man definitely worshiped at the alter of beauty to his own peril.

After reading it I was like, "I hope this was a lot more fiction than anything else. Jun 24, Ursula Pflug rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was a juror for the inaugural Frank Hegyi Award, and this book was on the shortlist of five books. From our descriptions of the shortlisted novels: Andy Sinclair's stunning debut Breathing Lessons, while called a novel, is actually a collection of linked short stories about a young gay man's quest for meaning. The story line about golf and life was a nice touch. Sep 04, Lorraine rated it liked it.

A very good read. Enjoyed the lessons but a little too perfect. May 15, Nisa Kamila rated it it was amazing. Novel yang mengajarkan bagaimana menjadi orang tua yang baik.. Jan 01, Nicole rated it really liked it. Who knew golf had so many life lessons? I enjoyed this story and the knowledge the character found in the game of golf. Jul 25, Ifnur Hikmah rated it really liked it. Buku ini bercerita tentang Augusta Nicklaus Witte yang lebih suka dipanggil August karena Augusta hanya mengingatkannya kepada golf.

Ngomong-ngomong, August ini benci banget sama golf, sama bencinya dia kepada ayahnya. Semuanya berawal dari August yang nggak mau punya anak karena yakin dia bukanlah ayah yang baik karena satu-satunya contoh orangtua yang dimilikinya hanya ayahnya. Sejak dulu, August punya hubungan yang buruk dengan ayahnya dan semakin menjadi-jadi ketika August keluar dari rumah Buku ini bercerita tentang Augusta Nicklaus Witte yang lebih suka dipanggil August karena Augusta hanya mengingatkannya kepada golf.

Sejak dulu, August punya hubungan yang buruk dengan ayahnya dan semakin menjadi-jadi ketika August keluar dari rumah setamat SMA.

Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life: Gisele Bündchen: uzotoqadoh.tk: Books

Baginya, golf is life. Dan August merasa sebagai sebuah kegagalan karena dia pemain golf yang buruk. Baginya, ayahnya lebih mencintai golf daripada dia. PGA lebih penting daripada dia. Bahkan restoran ayahnya pun bertema golf. Pertandingan golf lebih penting daripada menghabiskan waktu bersama dirinya. Pengalaman buruk membuat August nggak yakin bisa menjadi ayah yang baik. Namun istrinya memikirkan hal yang lain. Erin, istrinya, selalu berdoa semoga Tuhan melunakkan hati suaminya dan dibalas August dengan sinis meminta kepada Tuhan agar menyuruh istrinya berhenti berdoa karena dia sudah bosan mendengar doa itu.

Cerita dimulai dengan setelah tujuh tahun menikah, Erin hamil. Namun August tidak bisa terima dan marah-marah. Dia pergi ke rumah ayahnya dan melemparkan kesalahan kepada ayahnya. Bahwa ketidaksiapannya menjadi ayah karena sikap ayahnya selama ini. London akhirnya mengajak August main golf sekali sebulan, sekaligus dia mengajarkan sembilan pelajaran penting tentang golf yang akan membantu August menjadi ayah yang baik, dan menukar dengan buku harian London yang ditulis di kartu skor golf tentang ibunya sehingga August dapat mengenal ibunya yang meninggal waktu dia kecil.

Dan sepanjang masa kehamilan Erin, dia belajar sembilan pelajaran berharga tentang cara menjadi ayah. Namun emang dasarnya tambeng, August ini masih gengsi mengakui kebenaran ucapan ayahnya. Family drama is always heartwarming. Gue merasa cerita ini real karena setiap orang pasti takut untuk menjadi orangtua dan selalu merasa tidak siap.

Intinya adalah tak pernah ada orang yang siap untuk jadi orangtua, dan tak ada orang yang akan menjadi orangtua yang sempurna. Jika seorang ayah berharap untuk berdiri dan memukul hole in one dari awal dalam mendidik anak-anaknya, dia mengharapkan hal yang mustahil. Fresh dan bikin gue mengangguk-angguk setuju. Ini pengalaman pertama membaca buku Kevin Alan Milne dan gue langsung suka.

Ngingetin gue sama James Patterson dan Nicholas Sparks. Sejak awal, August ini sudah ngegemesin. Dia benar-benar menyebalkan dan mengutarakan kebenciannya kepada ayahnya. Anehnya, gue malah menangkap di balik kebencian itu sebenarnya dia menyayangi ayahnya. Dan yang belajar menjadi ayah di sini bukan hanya August, tetapi juga London. Inilah Mulligan yang diberikan kepada mereka. Ada banyak istilah golf bertebaran di sini dan dijelaskan dengan sangat baik.

Gue baca terjemahan dan gue lumayan enjoy dengan terjemahannya. Mungkin yang sedikit mengganggu adalah ketidakkonsistenan penerjemaha. Di awal memakai ayah, di bagian belakang dad.

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Erotica in genre, the story within Learned Lessons has the ability to inspire motivation for improved self-awareness, education on the realness of what's really. Grand Prize for Literature, Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Accidental But these lessons are learned in time and it is time worth spending with David.

Juga di bagian epilog yang berupa buku harian. Ada beberapa orang di sana yang menulis tapi tidak disebut itu siapa. Font yang sama antara bagian London dan August bikin puyeng. Selain kental drama keluarga, hubungan percintaan August-Erin dan London-Jessalyn juga lucu. Gue suka dengan taruhan satu dolar dan sebuah ciuman yang diterapkan August dan Erin. Apa saja bisa mereka pertaruhkan. Cuaca, skor bola, apa saja. Total ada dua scene yang bikin gue berkaca-kaca. Pertama saat Jessalyn dirawat dan sekarat.

Kedua saat Erin dioperasi dan London membawa August ke pelajaran golf terakhir mereka di kapel rumah sakit. Aku tahu ia akan menjadi ayah yang baik karena ia khawatir bahwa ia tak bisa. Seorang ayah yang buruk tidak akan peduli tentang itu. Dan buku ini wajib dibaca jika ingin belajar tentang bagaimana menjadi orangtua yang baik. Aug 21, anik soemarni rated it really liked it Shelves: Ini bukan novel biasa, dan saya malah menolak jika novel ini disebut novel romance melainkan lebih tepatnya disebut novel drama keluarga, dan bahkan ini adalah buku wajib bagi setiap ayah dan calon ayah.

Augusta Witte, peran sentral dari novel ini adalah seorang dokter hewan yang sudah menjalani pernikahan selama tujuh tahun bersama istrinya Erin. Apakah mereka tidak ingin memiliki anak dalam rentang pernikahan selama itu? Jawabannya adalah ya dan tidak. Erin, sang istri sangat menginginkan kehad Ini bukan novel biasa, dan saya malah menolak jika novel ini disebut novel romance melainkan lebih tepatnya disebut novel drama keluarga, dan bahkan ini adalah buku wajib bagi setiap ayah dan calon ayah. Erin, sang istri sangat menginginkan kehadiran seorang anak sementara Augusta berusaha sebisa mungkin menunda keinginan itu karena ia tidak ingin menjadi ayah yang buruk bagi anaknya kelak.

Dengan sabar Erin tahun demi tahun mengajukan permintaannya ini dan terus ditepis oleh suaminya. Hingga suatu ketika ia melihat hasil uji tes kehamilan yang menyatakan bahwa ia hamil. Dan ketakutan menjadi seorang ayah kembali melandanya. Augusta yang merasa tidak siap dan tidak tahu menahu bagaimana menjadi seorang ayah yang baik, mendatangi ayahnya, London Witte, di tengah malam buta dan menumpahkan amarahnya atas semua kenangan buruk yang ia miliki tentang hubungan ayah dan anak.

Tidak ada kenangan manis akan hubungan diantara mereka inilah yang membuat Augusta membenci London, apalagi sepeninggal ibunya akibat kanker tenggorokan saat ia berusia lima tahun. Ia bahkan tidak begitu mengenal sosok ibu yang telah melahirkan dirinya. Yang ia tahu ayahnya hanya disibukkan dengan permainan golf. London Witte berusaha menebus kembali kesalahan akan hubungannya yang tidak harmonis dengan Augusta, yang tentunya sedikit banyak mendapatkan cemooh dari sang anak.

Dan sebagai imbalan ia akan menerima setumpuk kartu skor golf yang berisikan kenangan mengenai ibunya, Jessalyn. Yang menarik adalah bagaimana cara London bagaimana konsistennya London terhadap golf dan bagaimana ia mengajarkan filosofi hidup pada saat bersamaan dengan cara santai yang membuat Augusta mau tak mau menerima kebenarannya. Pada saat bersamaan Augusta pun mendapatkan gambaran mengenai ibunya dan melihat hal lain serta tumbuhnya ikatan antara ia ayahnya yang selama ini tidak pernah ia lihat.

Intinya adalah, tak pernah ada orang yang siap menjadi orangtua dan tak ada orang yang menjadi orangtua yang sempurna. Jika seorang ayah berharap untuk berdiri dan memukul hole in one dari awal dalam mendidik anaknya, ia mengharapkan hal yang mustahil. Sebuah novel berbeda, yang diambil dari sudut pandang seorang laki-laki, dengan menggambarkan kepribadian laki-laki secara utuh.

Meski secara pribadi saya kurang sreg dengan cover novel yang kurang menggambarkan inti cerita, tapi lagi-lagi saya mengatakan bahwa ini adalah bacaan wajib kaum laki-laki. Mau dapetin harga diskon, silahkan berkunjung ke http: Apr 16, Dana rated it it was amazing Shelves: August Witte is happily married, but he doesn't want to have children.

When his wife tells him she's expecting, he's upset and scared. His own father, London, had been a widower and hadn't been a very good father. He seemed to be more concerned with playing golf than raising a son. August approaches his dad and angrily tells him about the pregnancy. But, now he makes a deal with his son: By the time the baby's born you'll know everything there is to know about your mum, and hopefully you'll have learned a thing or two about golf as well.

With each lesson August learns more about his mom and her relationship with his father. But, he also learns lessons about life. I was amazed at the lessons that were taught about life through golf! I've never even played a game of golf, but I was really drawn into this story.

French Lessons

With both books I've read by Milne, I was trying to decide if they were marketed as "Christian" books. Both books mention God or prayer a few times, but it isn't as big a part of the book as many Christian books I've read. And, I loved that these books were totally 'clean'. I looked it up and he does sell to Christian markets. A wonderful, heart-warming story! August tidak yakin ia bisa menjadi ayah. Bukan karena ia tidak mencintai Erin. Ia berani bersumpah bahwa Erin adalah satu-satunya wanita yang bisa membuatnya begitu jatuh cinta.

Ia menyukai kecerdasan dan spontanitas istrinya. Tapi memiliki anak dan menjadi ayah adalah konsekuensi paling logis dari pernikahan yang ingin ia hindari--andai saja ia bisa. Sesuatu telah terjadi antara dirinya dengan ayahnya. Ia tidak merasa ayahnya telah memberi bekal yang cukup untuknya untuk bisa menjadi ayah yang August tidak yakin ia bisa menjadi ayah.

Ia tidak merasa ayahnya telah memberi bekal yang cukup untuknya untuk bisa menjadi ayah yang baik. Setidaknya, sedikit lebih baik dari ayahnya. Di suatu malam yang dingin--saat ia mengetahui untuk pertama kalinya bahwa Erin mengandung, ia memutuskan untuk menemui ayahnya dan menumpahkan segala kekesalannya. Dan malam-malam selanjutnya mengubah banyak hal dalam hidupnya, tanpa ia sadari. Karena di hari dan malam-malam selanjutnya, ia manfaatkan untuk bermain golf dengan ayahnya, memetik pelajaran dari setiap kesalahan permainannya, membaca pesan-pesan ayahnya tentang ibunya, dan berdamai dengan dirinya sendiri.

Cerita yang diawali dengan kutipan-kutipan terkenal tentang golf ini sangat dikemas sangat menarik dan cerdas. Penulis dapat membawa pembaca percaya bahwa "golf dapat menyelesaikan masalah anda. Bahasa yang lincah membuatnya enak dinikmati hingga akhir. Domestic romance yang menggetarkan. Sayangnya, The Nine Lessons gagal membuat saya menikmati golf yang rumit dengan banyak istilah sulitnya. Anyway, it's all about taste. Intinya adalah, tak pernah suka sama buku ini When he sets off to confront his father about his bad parenting skills and his lack of knowledge of his mother, his father presents him with a deal Aku tahu ia akan menjadi ayah yang baik karena ia khawatir bahwa ia tak bisa.

Aug 25, Kat rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jan 20, youj HO rated it it was amazing. One word to describe this book would be "engaging". While at first I absolutely did not like August main character , over time and over the golf lessons with his father, I liked him more and more, coming to understand his fears of fatherhood. A major problem that August Witte Main character is going to become a father and he is firmly against having children of his own. My favorite part of the book is when August strikes a deal with his father.

His father has a chest containing dozens of golf s One word to describe this book would be "engaging". His father has a chest containing dozens of golf scorecards on which he kept a journal of his experiences during his marriage. He will give the cards to August in installments, and in return August will agree to play nine games of golf with his father.

London believes that golf is life and life is golf, and that golf can teach August to be a better father. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who might have an uncomfortable relationship with a parent, anyone who is a parent, but especially to anyone about to become a parent. Jul 25, Kevin rated it did not like it. When I first started reading it I thought it might be a Jerry B. Luckily, it wasn't that bad.

There weren't very many times when I rolled my eyes and thought "no human being talks like that".

Abdul Kalam, A Lesson for my Teacher: Learn English (IND) - Story for Children "uzotoqadoh.tk"

The plot was non-existent, the lessons were obvious, and I just didn't believe that the point-of-view character, August, didn't want to have children. It seemed more like a straw-man made up so Milne could write the book rather than an integral part of August's makeup. I guess what I'm saying is the character development was poor. Those three words pretty much describe it. Apr 23, Terrie rated it it was ok. This book was okay. The story is very simplistic - a guy with a terrible relationship with his father is about to become a father and is terrified he'll be a bad parent.

His dad, an avid golfer, takes him golfing once every month of his wife's pregnancy and manages to find a life lesson to share. The lessons are certainly worthy lessons and the concept is clever; however, I found the writing style a bit contrived and stilted. Read this book for the category "number in the title" for the read This book was okay. Read this book for the category "number in the title" for the reading challenge - recommend it if you're looking for something inspirational but not for character depth or development or even for excellent writing Oct 09, Annette rated it liked it.

Augusta, named after the golf course, does not want to have children. His mother died when he was 5 years old, and Augusta fears he will not be a good father. He comes by this belief because his own father has been a cold and emotionless example. Wife, Erin, is pregnant after 7 years of marriage. Our hero agrees to play golf with his long estranged father once a month for the term of the pregnancy Turns out dad is not such a bad guy and loving fatherly advice taught thru the game of golf en Augusta, named after the golf course, does not want to have children.

Turns out dad is not such a bad guy and loving fatherly advice taught thru the game of golf ensues. A very comfortable read. Apr 04, Jenn O'Brien rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such a great story on life and lessons we learn. Even though I know next to nothing about golf, it didn't matter, it is the emotional journey of the story that had me hooked and in tears. I know I am a sap to begin with and cry at just about anything, so this one had me using kleenex, napkins, whatever was handy. I'm so happy I've discovered this author and I cannot wait for the new book in May!

Jun 27, Elfega rated it it was amazing. A father gets a second chance in teaching his son of how to deal with life by playing golf. The son gets an opportunity to learn about his family and how to become a good husband and father. Novel ini memang ngasih 9 pelajaran kehidupan yg bagus. Dan memberikan info bagus kalau hidup itu baik dengan segala permasalahan yg menghiasinya, tergantung bagaimana kita melihatnya. May 20, Kay Card added it.

I loved this book. It demonstrates the need for all of us to open our eyes, our ears, and our heart while we learn how parenting really works. What a unique way for a son to learn from the father he wasn't quite sure he liked.

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