IEO Annual Report 2012 (Independent Evaluation Office Reports)

Annual Report on Evaluation
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  • Five ways to think about quality in evaluation. Laying the Groundwork for Peace and Development: Reducing Risk Before Disaster Strikes: Seven Lessons from Turkey. Find out what made such a great year for IEG.

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    Sort by Relevance Date. Our work provides evaluative evidence to help the World Bank Group deliver better services and results to its clients. We do so by generating lessons from past experience and accountability to shareholders and stakeholders at large.

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    In stage three, the draft version of the report is circulated among IMF staff for factual corrections prior to publication. However, the percentage of resources allocated to biodiversity SGP projects has decreased from 55 percent in the early phases, to 44 percent in Operational Phase 4 and 38 percent in Operational Phase 5 to date in favor of increases in cross-cutting capacity development, land degradation, and climate change. Local and national databases developed through these partnerships can then feed into global databases. Relevance of the GEF to the Conventions. In written evidence submitted to the UK parliament's International Development Committee, we argue that further reform of the World Bank is needed. Long preparation times and delayed implementation affected overall efficiency.

    It provides access to all UNDP evaluation reports, plans and management responses. Office Djibouti Dominican Republic E. Office Gabon Gambia Geneva Rep.

    Annual Reports

    Annual Report on Evaluation This report highlights the evaluation activities of and sets the stage for our future efforts. Annual Reports by Year: Anual Report of year: Annual Report on Evaluation Full report.

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    Report of the Administrator on Evaluaiton English. Report of the Administrator on Evaluation English. Evaluation Resource Centre Evaluation Resource Centre ERC is an on-line platform, which facilitates UNDP's effort to strategically plan and effectively use evaluations for accountability, management for results, and knowledge management.