His Every Word (For His Pleasure, Book 11)

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Hunter also reveals his long reserved past to Kallie which made them more together. She should be more firm with herself and her decisions because I can see she uses her heart than her head more which is dominant in this series. I must agree with so many readers that the author is stringing us along to make cash. It is a good story but book 12 is my finishing point so I hope the author doesnt change their mind to keep the series going.

View all 3 comments. Loved it I loved the way Hunter was able to finally open up to her. Glad to see that Kallie got backbone to stand up for herself can't wait to see what happens next. Nov 24, Lisa Masek rated it liked it. The book had pretty much nothing happen this time around, it was a filler book. I'm hoping that book 12, the final book, will add some spunk into the story. Aug 25, Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: Terkejut pasca penyerangan dirinya dan Hunter yg mengakibatkan Hunter terluka, Kallie kembali harus mengalami pukulan saat dirinya tak dapat mendampingi Hunter dan mengetahui kondisi kesehatannya.

Bukan dirinya melainkan Scarlet lah yg dihubungi pihak RS untuk dikonformasi mengenai kondisi Hunter. Namun dengan bentuk hubungan yg baru antar Kallie dan Scarlet, mereka dapat menyelesaikan ganjalan yg ada dengan sikap dewasa bahkan dapat menerima keberadaan satu sama lain. Hunter yg kemudian sadar dari koma akhirnya mengetahui kesulitan Kallie selama dirinya tak sadarkan diri.

Menyadari hal itu Hunter memberi kuasa pada Kallie tak hanya mengenai kesehatan dirinya bahkan Hunter juga mempercayakan perusahaannya pada keputusan Kallie sebagai pengganti dirinya selagi kondisi Hunter tak memungkinkan untuk menjalankan perusahaannya. Dalam keadaan tanpa pengalaman ternyata Kallie cukup tangguh dalam menjalankan kewajibannya sebagai pengganti Hunter.

Kallie dengan brilian menghadapi Max Weismann yg licik yg mengetahui keadaan Hunter yg tak memungkinkan untuk berkonfrontasi saat Max mengubah perjanjian kerjasama dalam pembuatan film yg telah mereka sepakati. Sebagai penanggung jawab kesehatan Hunter, Kallie juga harus mengambil keputusan yg sulit menyangkut nyawa dan keselamatan Hunter saat kondisi kesehatan Hunter memburuk. Siapa yg harus Kallie percayai, dokter yg telah mengoperasi Hunter dan merawat luka Hunter selama ini atau diagnosa dokter lain yg memperkirakan adanya kelalaian dalam penanganan pasca operasi???

Dec 01, Julie Baker rated it really liked it. I was actually disappointed in this one. Not enough to hate it by any means but it just wasn't as good as I was hoping. Hunters backstory was totally lame. I mean, here he is hating himself like he's done something completely insane and not able to be understood but lots of people would understand why he did what he did and probably would do the exact same thing!

Then to leave it on a cliff hanger again was really frustrating. Worst of all it says at the end that the new installment due I was actually disappointed in this one. Worst of all it says at the end that the new installment due out December 10th is the last one!! Dec 06, Lisa rated it liked it. Another good addition to this series. I just wish it was longer. His every word picks up after the massacre at the restaurant. Hunter has saved Kallie's life but he is just barely hanging on. This book is primarily about Hunter's condition and Kallie trying to pick up the pieces.

It does leave us with another cliffhanger, but hopefully a HEA will be included in book Jun 02, Taz Will rated it really liked it. Well Kallie finally stepped up to the plate and did something other then her usual whining in this one. I can't wait to see what happens with Dr. Walsh and get to the bottom of what's really going on with Hunter. The thing with his father is understandable not wanting to let the one you love suffer especially when they demand it. Don't know how he did it though. His Every Word For His Pleasure, 11 by Kelly Favor This is Avery good series I have really enjoyed I knowyouwill enjoy it to very g good love story two sets of lovers with lots of drama can't wait to read 12 I hope you read these I highly recommend this margie moran.

Nov 27, Barbara rated it it was ok Shelves: I am glad you at least got to find out what Hunter's "secret" was. All I have to say is her last book better be long because a lot has to happen in the last book. Read it to them from six; read it alone from eight.

As a great storm rages around their house, Amy and Peter hear a terrible noise like a dying giant. Amy knows that the sound is an ancient oak tree half a mile away being ripped from the ground. Trapped among its roots is a secret that only she can uncover. Beautifully wrought story about the way secrets bring you together and tear you apart, and about the competitive relationship between a brother and sister from a fine writer best known for his brilliant books for teenagers.

Highly entertaining book about Eric, a perfectly ordinary boy, who feels his nose becoming cold and wet and his ears becoming floppy as he is transformed into a dog. In its own schoolboyish way Eric's transformation is just as interesting and surreal as that of poor Gregor Samsa into a beetle. The Roald Dahl must-read for this age-group; they'll find it impossible to resist even if they are hooked on the Danny Devito film version. In fact, seeing the film leads naturally into wanting to read the story of the remarkable Matilda, ignored and derided by her parents and bullied by the odious teacher Miss Trunchbull, who not only has a brilliant mind but strange kinetic powers.

A brilliant, empowering book that shows children that they don't have to be helpless even in the face of the most bullying of adults. Wonderful story about the disagreeable Mary Lennox who, after her parents die, is brought back from India to live in her uncle's great lonely house on the moors. Hodgson Burnett captures the fury of being a helpless, lonely child that makes both Mary and the invalid Colin behave badly. Eight-year-olds are likely to get frustrated by the sentence construction. Either read it to them or wait a couple of years. Modern environmentally and health-conscious youngsters might eye the fox hunting and smoking with horror.

But this story of Barney, a small boy who makes friends with a strange, Stone Age type boy he finds living in the local quarry, is enormously appealing.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (Walker, £14.99)

Hunter is in the hospital, clinging to life, as Kallie tries desperately to navigate the shark-infested waters of Hollywood while simultaneously questioning the hospital's rigid hierarchy, all in a fierce bid to protect Hunter from those who may cause him harm. It's about time Kallie got some balls and now she has. The first book in Le Guin's deep, dense and utterly brilliant Earthsea series, a fantasy sequence that is to Terry Prachett what double cream is to skim milk. A really spellbinding piece of grown-up writing for children that makes the Goosebumps series pale into insignificance. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In a different vein, but just as good, is Cresswell's Snatchers - the story of a girl whose guardian angel appears in the local park to protect her from the Land of the Starless Night. It runs to 8hours and 23minutes, which sure beats nine hours of I Spy.

A really rollicking straightforward read that celebrates a strange friendship and the way two are better than one when it comes to taking on the bullies. Stig's puzzlement at the modern way of life makes the reader look at the world from a slightly different perspective. The girls are enrolled in stage school so they will be able to earn a living. It all seems slightly quaint now, but Streatfield's characterisations are wonderfully vivid, the writing straightforward and honest and the narrative a page-turner.

Quite delightful and infinitely more real than all those titles currently being churned out for ballet-mad little girls. No spoonfuls of sugar are necessary to help this classic tale slip down. Jane and Michael's new nanny turns out to be the intimidating Mary Poppins, who brings a little magic into the lives of children in the Edwardian middle classes' equivalent of "care".

Yes, the Harry Potter books are derivative and hierarchical, but Rowling's a genuinely witty writer with a terrific gift for naming things: What's more, they are real page-turners and appeal to boys and girls equally. The second in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is the weakest; the third, The Prisoner of Azkaban the best, not least because the Dementors are so truly terrifying. But these kinds of arguments are academic: I've yet to meet a child who is resistant and plenty of adults find them just as spellbinding.

Eight upward, but younger brothers and sisters are liable to get in on the act earlier, particularly if you read it to them. It runs to 8hours and 23minutes, which sure beats nine hours of I Spy. Written in , Cresswell's stories about life in a small Welsh village where Lizzie wanders the streets with her head in the clouds seem almost to come from another century.

But while village life has changed out of all recognition, the emotions of Lizzie, who wants something exciting to happen in her life, who loves her soft dad and rather severe mum but keeps getting into scrapes and who meets a witch in the way other people run into the milkman, remain as fresh as a daisy. A touch of romance and a shiver of fear are to be found in this Carnegie Medal-winning fantasy, set in the beautiful valley of Moonacre where the moon princess once ruled.

Old-fashioned, but there is toughness beneath the whimsy. More for the girls than the boys. A classic that doesn't reduce the world - on the contrary, it opens it up - but which does view it from a child-sized perspective. It tells the story of a family of little people who live beneath the floorboards and borrow from "human beans" who don't even know they exist - until the young Arietty makes friends with "the boy upstairs".

There is nothing in the slightest bit twee about it. Norton writes brilliantly, viewing the world as if through the eyes of her little people with a sense of wonder and terror. Even children who are addicts of the excellent but bastardised film version and the superb BBC serial version will gobble this up on the printed page. Jessica loses her house in the blitz and is evacuated before the rest of her school to a huge Welsh castle with only the gardener and housekeeper for company.

But she is not alone; the castle grounds are full of other mysterious presences including a ghostly boy, a sinister green lady, a screeching peacock and chains of desperate "stonestruck" children, engaged in a deadly game of tag with Jessica as the quarry. Cresswell writes with a spare, dense poetry about the desolation of separation, the isolating effect of unhappiness and the need to take care about what you wish. A really spellbinding piece of grown-up writing for children that makes the Goosebumps series pale into insignificance.

It can be read alone at 10 upward, but both are very satisfying for adults to read to the 8-upward age range. In a different vein, but just as good, is Cresswell's Snatchers - the story of a girl whose guardian angel appears in the local park to protect her from the Land of the Starless Night.

His Every Word

Liable to engender plenty of hilarious discussion about whether angels have belly buttons. Yes, yes, we know. Ridiculously middle-class and old-fashioned and full of Christian imagery, the triumph of good over evil and being a jolly good sort. But really it is magic, provided you take care not to force it down your children's throats too early. Some of the sentence structure is quite difficult and you really need to be eight upward and a confident reader not to be put off.

Classic children's library: | Books | The Guardian

But it's like getting into the wardrobe in the first place: Of course this isn't actually the first in the series - The Magician's Nephew is - but this is where you should begin. Joan Aiken's classic adventure story is set during the imaginary reign of James III in the early part of the 19th century when the recently completed channel tunnel has allowed wolves to overrun large parts of Britain.

A really rollicking story, with plenty of wild flights of the imagination, it has the essential ingredients of lost parents, an evil governess and two feisty cousins, Bonnie and Sylvia, determined to evade the clutches of the evil Miss Slighcarp. The good news for those with keen readers is that there are more than a dozen books in the Willoughby Chase sequence. The bad news is that although featuring the memorably stroppy heroine Dido Twite, some of the subsequent novels are off-puttingly obscure.

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Funny and tender storytelling from the excellent Susan Cooper. This one is about a boggart that is accidentally transported from his remote Scottish island to the bright lights of Toronto, and doesn't like it one bit. Life seemed grim when father lost his job and the family had to move to their aunt's home. But with the arrival of Johnnie the pig, things begin to improve. Childhood is somehow golden in E Nesbit's stories about a family of children who discover a Psammead or sand fairy, a grumpy and very ancient creature that can give them wishes.

The difficulty is of thinking of really good wishes and not getting things that they really don't want at all, and even the simplest of wishes seem to get them into great difficulties. This book is such fun that children want to gobble it down in one sitting and are absolutely amazed when you tell them it was written almost a century ago. It seems so fresh because it gets to the very heart of being a child - the wonderful sense that anything can happen to you and probably will. To the average nine-year-old girl, Jacqueline Wilson's books are as desirable as a trip to Claire's Accessories and a pair of the latest fringed jeans.

This story of ten-year-old identical twins Ruby and Garnet, who lose their mother and have to come to terms not only with their dad's new love but also with growing up and growing apart, is a model of Wilson's exuberant and confessional storytelling style, in which Ruby and Garnet take it in turns to tell the story. Wilson's books can be too obviously issue-driven to be really satisfying, but they are a stepping-stone into a real world where real kids face tough emotional problems.

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For His Pleasure is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, and with each new book, the romance only gets hotter. Kallie Young and Hunter. download PDF His Every Word For His Pleasure Book 11 book you are also motivated to search from other sources. Stories By Saki Full List | Short Stories Of .

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention every word kelly favor nicole and red next book story line love this series hunter and kallie word for his pleasure final book wait to read keep reading glad to see entire series looking forward read the next wait to see stop reading red and nicole pleasure book kallie finally. Showing of reviews.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is a great continuation of Kallie and Hunter's story. There story was somewhat like Nicole and Red's story, but different. The plot is exciting and keeps you wondering what will happen next. I have to start book 12 to find out if Hunter lives or dies.

I am definitely looking forward to books 12 thru A must read after you read books 1 to They were great stories. I'd definitely recommend this series to my friends. I absolutely hate it when a reviewer includes "spoilers" in their review. That is certainly not I want to see.

I want to know if the book is worth my hard earned cash and time, but mostly my cash!!! Yes, I think the author and publisher have done a good job of pushing one book into 3. We all know they do this. Most of the time I ignore their game. Or if there is a sequel I look at that too. First off, I don't like being cheated, second I read too fast and cannot afford it. But anyway,,,,, The drama continues with Hunter and Kallie. Again we are not given much background on her other then she has a big family, she is from Ohio.

But we do finally learn Hunters big secret. Kallie now has to run Hunter's business empire and she is WAY over her head in more ways then one.