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John Rigsby, more affectionately known as "Uncle John" was appointed as a driver. When an alarm was tuned in, a team was secured from Endom's stable, or as frequently happened, a passing team was commandeered, either mule or horse. Ouachita Fire Company No. Renaud was foreman of the hose company; C. Andrew Jackson Herring was the youngest Mayor of Monroe, taking office at the age of 31, in and serving until , and again from to It was during these years that he organized the Ouachita Fire Company No. The Ouachita Fire Company No. According to legacy, nowhere in the history of Monroe was there a greater spirit of loyalty to the people and the city than that of the first Volunteer Firefighter.

The courthouse bell was used to call volunteers for a fire. When they heard the bell, they left stores, offices, barber shops, and even the courtroom to answer the call. This was the beginning of the paid Fire Department. After the election of Dr. Forsythe, who succeeded Andrew J.

History of Monroe

This was done, and shortly thereafter the old company ceased to exist as a separate organization, but continued for years to respond for service when needed. The Mayor took exception to Mr. Renaud having taken the Monroe apparatus to the aid of our neighboring city, due to the risk taken in leaving this city practically unprotected, and Mr. The first step toward motorizing the Monroe Fire Department was taken under the Forsythe administration with the purchase on February 8, , of Kissel combination hose and chemical truck. The next forward step, and probably one of the longest, was the appointment of Frank J.

Roddy as Monroe's first Fire Chief. Under the administration of Mayor Bernstein the following apparatus was added to the Fire Department. In October, another Fire Company was organized to be known as No. At first it answered alarms from the Central Station but in the fall of it moved into the newer No. In Fireman L.

This truck was tested and placed in service January 30, Carney, a friend of the fire department and himself an ardent fireman, conceived the idea of having an emergency or rescue truck. An old truck chassis was donated for the purpose and the doctor did most of the work of building up a truck himself. He was assisted by his fellow Legionnaires in this work. In addition to improvements in apparatuses, equipment, and personnel, new discoveries in fire tactics led to a better level of firefighting service. In the old days the first thing that firemen did upon arriving at a fire was to break all the windows in sight.

This created a draft and caused the fire to burn still more fiercely. They then stood outside and poured in tons of water, completely ruining all furnishings and the interior of the building. Today's firefighting tactics dictate that the seat of the fire be located before the water is ever turned on, and then only enough water be used to put out the fire. If only a small portion of a building is involved, or if the fire is on an upper floor, all furniture is quickly moved to the center of a room, and then covered with waterproof tarpaulins to prevent water damage, which in the old days was responsible for most of the loss caused by fire.

Chief Roddy served until Chief Roddy purchased several pieces of apparatus so that by Monroe had the following apparatus on line: One GPM gallons per minute pumper and hose truck, four GPM pumpers and hose trucks, one ladder tower, one water tower and one emergency "rescue" truck. Some of Chief Roddy's accomplishments included reducing the fire insurance premium by thirty-five percent, installing a fire alarm box system and instituting a second platoon of firefighters to allow time off between shifts.

Chief Roddy worked closely with the State Fire College and the firefighting force was thirty-two members by the end of his term. In , Harvey Hales Sr.

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Chief Hales served from until Under Chief Hale's administration fire stations 2, 3, 6 and 7 were built. Stations 4 and 1 were renovated and a drill tower was built behind Station 4 at the intersection of Lee and Jackson streets. Chief Hales relocated station 4 from the intersection of Jackson Street and Lee Avenue to the more southerly location of the block of Jackson Street. He also relocated Station 5 from the intersection of Powell Avenue at Harrison Street to its present day location at the intersection of Betin and Breard.

Chief Hales managed to improve the city's fire insurance rating from Class 6 to a Class 3.

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Chief Hales added aluminum ladders to the fire trucks and purchased a "tillerman" ladder truck and a "snorkel" ladder truck. Roddy was appointed as Monroe's third Fire Chief. Roddy served from until Chief Roddy continued to make improvements to the department. Chief Roddy converted the gasoline engines to diesel power. He also purchased Monroe's first GPM gallons per minute pumper equipped with an automatic transmission.

Breland was appointed as Fire Chief. Chief Breland served from until Chief Breland was instrumental in reducing the fire insurance rating to a Class 2 rating. Chief Breland built a new Central Fire Station and added fire stations 8, and 9 and a new fire station 3. The construction of the new fire stations also added a third district to the city.

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Chief Breland also was instrumental in establishing a First Responder training program for all firefighters, which is the entry-level training program for Emergency Medical Services. Chief Breland placed one female as a firefighter, hired two women in administration and placed four females in Alarm Headquarters. George Douglas was appointed Fire Chief in Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.

There were 19, households out of which The average household size was 2. In the city, the population was spread out with The median age was 29 years. For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were According to the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the area are:. Monroe was the headquarters of Delta Air Lines during the second half of the s.

As it expanded, it moved to Atlanta. Monroe Regional Airport serves the city. Greyhound Bus Lines provides transportation from Monroe to many cities across the nation. The city of Monroe has the oldest municipally owned transit system in the nation. Created in as a four-line street railroad, the Monroe Transit System now provides 13 fixed bus routes covering most areas of the city, and three demand-response buses serving the disabled.

Highway , Louisiana Highway 15 , U. Highway 80 , and I proposed.

The Monroe Civic Center has multiple facilities. The main complex is the Civic Center Arena. The arena may have larger capacities up to 7, seats. The arena houses events such as banquets, circuses, and rodeos. The civic center also has the B. Robinson conference hall, Monroe Convention Center, equestrian pavilion, and the 2,seat W.

Jack Howard Theatre, named for W. During the last week of June, Monroe hosts the annual Miss Louisiana pageant. In the fiftieth competition, a winner was crowned on June 29, , at the W.

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Monroe is the home of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo , which collectively maintains over animals. The zoo also offers boat rides and a catwalk, in addition to other seasonal activities. This is one of the twenty-six sites identified in the early 21st century as part of the state's African American Heritage Trail. The City of Monroe has its own department of education, which operates separately from the larger Ouachita Parish School System. It is known as the Monroe City School System.

The department consists of three high schools, three junior high schools, and 18 elementary schools. Monroe is served by a Gannett newspaper, the Monroe News Star , formerly an afternoon daily owned and operated by the father-son team of publishers, Robert Wilson Ewing, I , and John D. When the Ewing's Monroe Morning World ceased publication, the sister publication, the News Star , became the city's morning-only newspaper. Monroe is also served by two African-American owned weekly newspapers: The Ouachita Citizen is a locally owned and operated weekly newspaper that was founded in Monroe is served by local radio station KJLO.

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City in Louisiana, United States. NOAA [17] [18] Source 2: The Weather Channel extreme temps [19]. Media in Monroe, Louisiana. List of people from Monroe, Louisiana. United States Census Bureau.

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