Dreams, Smiles, and Bloody Tears

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She is currently attending university in her hometown. When she is not writing or doing course work, she reads, blogs, and makes silly videos with her friends and siblings for Youtube.

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There are some big improvements coming soon! Back to the subject! And I call it mammoth for the fact that it's over pages of word Amazon actually puts it at pages , lol, but still really good!

Dreams, Smiles, and Bloody Tears

Now to the review! Kindle Edition, pagesPublished. SO sit back, scroll down, and read all about the book and check out it's cool cover. Keep reading for my review, a super awesome giveaway, and an excerpt from the novel. Jaimie AdmansDate of Publication: Lloyd Layton will know I exist. He once said three whole words to me, so this is obviously progress. This post was actually meant to go up on the 16th I had a huge problem with Blogger, my brother messing with Google, and foolishly forgetting to log out of Google on the home computer, smh but now I have it up and I'm so sorry Maria and Michelle!

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Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Dreams, Smiles, and Bloody Tears is a collection of poetry about life, love, and pain. The poetry featured in this book is relate able to almost everyone, especially older teens, and written in different perspectives.

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This is particularly because Michael spent a good portion of his childhood in a Roman Catholic orphanage and the book largely revolves around such an institution. Of course, I am sure it is all heightened. It is a novel However, there were things that seem to reflect personal experience in the novel. Blood Tears opens from the point of view of the murderer. He is in the act of killing a man using the stigmata method to mirror the wounds of Christ.

It is a brutal, disturbing, and gripping scene. When the body is discovered it is Glasgow DI Ray McBain immediately realises the terrible mutilations spell out the wounds of the stigmata and recognizes their significance before the other police do. McBain makes some poor procedural decisions and gets himself arrested as a suspect. Thereafter, McBain is a cop on the run, who must prove his innocence before his former police colleagues catch him again. Dreams of his orphan childhood come back to him, making him question his sanity and motivations.

McBain is definitely a flawed protagonist. Clearly, he should have left the case to other detectives because of his connection. A large part of the excitement derives from the fact that he did not. He also brought in his friend Daryl Drain and a new detective, Allessandra, threatening their careers as well as his own.

McBain is also over-weight, swears like a trooper, is having an affair with a married woman, and is friendly with a heavy-duty gangster. He is definitely flawed. The story does get stretched at times. McBain seems to lose weight rather quickly, which helps him to protect his identity along with dyeing his hair. Also, the book jumps between first person when McBain is the narrator and third person the rest of the time.

Tht is a conceit I truly dislike. However, overall, the book kept me guessing, there are plenty of twists and turns to grip the reader. At the reveal, what happened to all the kids in the orphanage is upsetting. The hotel is reviewed at https: Apr 16, henrys-axe rated it it was amazing. A most interesting novel, written in the first person. Detective Inspector Ray McBain and his team are called to the scene of a grisly, torturous murder.

As the narrative develops, it becomes known that McBain was raised in a Catholic children's home, a very structured and cruel environment.

Blood Tears

Mistreatment came in various forms and it appears most of the children were subjected to the whims and terrors of their nun guardian, Sister Mary. I must digress a bit as I knew way too many Sister Marys in A most interesting novel, written in the first person. I must digress a bit as I knew way too many Sister Marys in my own youth. I was placed in such an environment as an eleven year old and I can honestly say there were very few happy moments and fewer happy nuns.

Beatings were commonplace, harsh words and insults were continually spewed and daily regimentation in the name of religion was the norm. Author Malone has his protagonist state that a very high percentage of children raised in these institutions do not "make it" in later life. I have no statistics to disprove that assumption but I do know that I, for one, did quite well despite the terrors that were inflicted.

I cannot speak for the other or so children who lived in the home during my "stay" that ended when I graduated from high school. She was way, way too real. This is a very cleaver novel with top notch character development and a plot that is a true page-turner. Nov 13, Susan Angela Wallace rated it it was amazing. Blood tears by Michael j Malone is a dark crime fiction read. Absolutely Blood tears by Michael j Malone is a dark crime fiction read. Absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters.

He was my favourite character. May 04, Emma Clapperton rated it it was amazing. I'm not going to lie, this book for me started off slow. But I continued to read and ended up loving it. The story was very well written and the characters were all individual.

I like a book that has life like characters and McBain was certainly realistic and he made me laugh. I liked how this book ended and I'm ready to start the follow up 'A Taste of Malice' I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Scottish Crime: Sep 11, Mary Picken rated it really liked it.

Oh boy, am I glad I did! Dark, gritty and yet with real warmth and a great deal of humour, this is a class piece of work. Blood Tears begins with a murderer brutally killing a man and i have read and thoroughly enjoyed Michael J. Blood Tears begins with a murderer brutally killing a man and inflicting wounds in the form of the Stigmata. At once we can see that this is a deranged killing. DI McBain is a good-humoured, self-deprecating cop and his team largely look up to him.

He is also a bit of a loner. Not normally much of a drinker, his social life involves a married woman whose husband works away a great deal. There he asks the Mother Superior for a list of the children who would have had contact with the murdered man. Now he will have to prove his innocence while investigating the case on the run. The strict and unyielding way the orphanage was run has had a long lasting impact on him and though some of his memories are suppressed, he remembers with clarity the cruelty and harsh treatment he received from some of the nuns.

As the killings continue and the case progresses, he finds his dreams becoming more raw and grotesque, leading him to question his own mind and what really happened back then. McBain is written as a first person narration and this is what really makes the book work. There is rawness and vulnerability depicted in his character that really speaks to the reader.

His character is the embodiment of how children who are poorly and sometimes cruelly treated by those who should have their best interests at heart can develop. He and the killer have more in common than either might imagine. The covering up of abuse is now well known, but the impact on the children is lifelong and devastating. Gritty, engrossing and with some gloriously gruesome moments, this is book with a thoroughly compelling plot and a stand out character. The complex character of McBain is a keeper.

Aug 02, Emma rated it really liked it. Malone, and it has recently been given a fantastic new makeover! Beautiful, haunting and oh so powerful, it was an easy choice for my book of Since then I have read several other works by this author and loved each and every one of them. A brilliantly graphic and gory start pulls the reader straight into this hard-hitting story. I'm a strange creature maybe and I have before confessed to loving crime novels which revolve around religious practices and institutions.

And oh boy, this one certainly does. DI Ray McBain is called to investigate the grisly murder scene and immediately notices something no one else has; the victim's wounds mirror Stigmata. Having had a lonely childhood in the local Catholic orphanage, Ray is all too familiar with the marks. What he doesn't realise, as he starts to investigate the killing, is that he's going to have to confront those childhood traumas head-on.

Straight back to the malicious Sister Mary and memories of his lonely, far from perfect childhood at Bethlehem House. Desperate to stay on the case, determined to find the killer, Ray makes a catastrophic mistake and convinces a younger officer to lie on his behalf. Can McBain solve the case from afar and clear his name before it's too late I loved Ray McBain how could I not?!

I do like my lead characters to have 'something' about them, something that makes them a little more, shall we say, interesting? Ray is certainly that. He knows right from wrong but in the interests of the investigation, there are certain lines which he is more than happy to blur a little. And as for his mate, well, he's a local 'businessman' who doesn't seem to care how criminal the business he's in is as long as the money keeps rolling in! Would I recommend this book? This is a strong, well-written piece of crime noir and I enjoyed every moment I spent in the company of Malone's characters.

There are wonderful dashes of laugh out loud humour dotted here and there which bring a lightness to the intense, terrifying plot. Four out of five stars. Glasgow DI Ray McBain is forced to confront his own past when a body is discovered displaying 'stigmata', the wounds Jesus is reported to have received when crucified. The man, it turns out, was a prolific serial paedophile, working in Catholic orphanages as a gardener and being moved on - to avoid scandal - whenever his activities were reported or suspected.

McBain has a very personal interest in the case since he was housed as an orphan in Bethlehem House, the orphanage at the centre of the inv Glasgow DI Ray McBain is forced to confront his own past when a body is discovered displaying 'stigmata', the wounds Jesus is reported to have received when crucified.

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At eventide I sing to him the song of Hope, and then print smooth hisses upon His face; I am swift and fearful, but he Is quiet, patient, and thoughtful. His expression then changed. She answered, "Beauty is that which attracts your soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. Jennifer Don marked it as to-read Jul 26, I was looking forward to reading his first crime novel, Blood Tears. Having said that I feel he may get better as the series progresses I have already bought book 2 so there's confidence for you as this story brought too many unpleasant childhood memories to light.

McBain has a very personal interest in the case since he was housed as an orphan in Bethlehem House, the orphanage at the centre of the investigation. McBain, in order not to be removed from the case, expunges his name from the list of children housed at the orphanage at the time that the murdered man was working there. He is also having nightmares from which he emerges screaming and drenched with sweat, and in which feathers play a significant role. His mental state, not helped by a surfeit of junk food and drunken binges, becomes noticeable to colleagues.

One of them witnesses McBain physically attacking a 'person of interest' in a police interview room and another feels duty bound to report that McBain had removed his name from the list of orphans at Bethlehem House. McBain's superiors leap to the quite ridiculous conclusion that McBain must be the killer. He can provide no alibi for the time of the murder as McBain is too much of a gentleman to admit that he was spending the night with a married woman and expect her to provide his alibi.

Arrested and charged, McBain manages to escape in order to track down the real killer and clear his name. Overall this is a powerful and captivating piece which exposes the level of abuse carried out in Catholic orphanages in the not-so-distant past. Nuns in particular come out of this as far from the holy and compassionate figures we are led to believe they are. McBain's thoughts and actions attempt to make even the reader suspect that McBain might have been the killer while unaware of what he was doing.

It's not really a spoiler to point out that as this number one in the Ray McBain series, he being the murderer is not a likely outcome. It doesn't really make sense that Ray is arrested for the murder with seemingly no evidence against him whatsoever but that point is outweighed by the dramatic possibilities made available by the consequences.