David and Jacko: The Zombie Tunnels (Japanese Edition)

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radiomariaauxiliadora.sdb.bo/scripts/2020-02-05/2262.php Mamiya finds the medicine store, but is captured by Galf. However, Kenshiro and Rei arrive to rescue her. Sore de mo onna wa ai o shinjiru!! Kenshiro and Rei rescue Mamiya from Galf, but later when she tries to find the right medicine in the warehouse, she encounters Zorige who throws balls of acid. Rei goes to her aid and deals with Zorige, while Ken disposes of Galf. Later, Rei discovers a "UD" mark tattooed behind Mamiya's shoulder, the mark of Yuda, the self-described lover of strength and beauty. I'm The Most Beautiful!! Ore wa dare yori mo utsukushii!! Yuda learns of the apparent demise of Raoh and calculates what opportunities may present themselves for him.

Kenshiro and Rei learn from an elder that Mamiya was once kidnapped by Yuda, who also murdered her parents. Ken and Rei go to Yuda's castle to confront him, but only find his vice-Commander, Dagarl. How Cruel Time Passes By!! Ten wa zankoku ni toki o kizamu! Dagarl suffers in agony from the injuries inflicted on him by Kenshiro while Ken and Rei approach Buldan. They are attacked by a young group of rebels, but their leader, Nova, asks for assistance in rescuing their female friends and family from Yuda.

They free the women, but find that the "Yuda" at Buldan is a decoy. The real Yuda is revealed to have been hiding in his castle all along, and he sacrificed Dagarl to implement his deception. Kenshiro and Rei return to Mamiya's village, with Rei on the verge of death. Rei sees the Death Omen Star adjacent to the Big Dipper constellation of seven stars becoming brighter. To exact revenge against Rei, Yuda orders his agent Komak to lead a raid and abduct Mamiya. Meanwhile, Rei accepts Toki's offer to push a pressure point on his body that will increase his strength and extend his lifespan for another day, but at the expense of great pain.

Yuda's troops attack the village and the giant Goyan keeps Ken engaged while Mamiya is taken captive. However, Rei emerges even stronger than before and rescues her, although Mamiya reveals that she can also see the Death Omen Star. Ima otoko wa koko made utsukushii!! Yuda and his gang arrive at the village and again take Mamiya captive to force Rei into a match with him. Losing the fight, Yuda signals his men to destroy a nearby dam and flood the village, turning the ground beneath them to mud.

Otoko no hanamichi ni namida wa iranu!! With Rei and Yuda's lower bodies stuck in mud and swirling water, Yuda has a slight advantage because of his upper-body style. Meanwhile, Kenshiro attacks Komak and the men who destroyed the dam and stops the flow of water. Back in the village, as the water level drops, Rei overcomes and mortally wounds Yuda with his ultimate technique.

Yuda accepts his defeat and recognizes Rei as a stronger and more beautiful man. Yuda dies in Rei's arms, but Rei does not have much more time left to live. In the last few moments of his life, Rei says goodbye to Mamiya and seeks seclusion in a cabin away from his sister and friends. He reminisces over his adventures with Kenshiro and his companions while awaiting death with dignity. He dies alone, screaming in agony.

After Rei's death, Ken sets fire to the cabin with Rei's body still inside, cremating him and swearing to keep his legend alive. Supreme Rule in Turbulence! Kenshiro leaves Lin and Bat with Mamiya and sets off alone to find the remaining ones. He arrives at a town and finds the people being mistreated by the troops of a man named Souther. Souther has proclaimed himself the "Holy Emperor", seeking to conquer the world and using innocent children to build a pyramid-shaped Mausoleum as a sign of his greatness.

Time Evolves Beyond The Deathmatch! Somewhere in the desert, Raoh reflects on the growing power of Souther, and his own desire to rebuild his empire. Meanwhile, as Souther's Hyenas prepare to capture Bat and Lin, they are saved by a stranger. In a small village, Kenshiro discovers that Souther's Hyenas are kidnapping children to work on his Mausoleum. When another Hyena tries to kidnap children, Ken rescues them. He is surrounded by more Hyena troops, but they are decimated by rebels led by the blind martial artist Shu, one of the Six Sacred Fists.

He challenges Ken, but Ken proves too strong and defeats him. Bat and Lin intercede and explain that Shu saved them, and Ken offers his hand in friendship. Omae wa kono seikimatsu ni nani o miru no ka!! Kenshiro joins Shu and his resistance against Souther and his troops, led by Belga, who are still kidnapping children to work on his Mausoleum. Lin offers to act as bait so Ken and Shu can trap and kill them. Something Shu says however, reminds Ken that he once fought in the South Star dojo while still a child, watched by Souther, Raoh and Shu.

Shu challenged Kenshiro at that time, but although Shu won, he protected Kenshiro form the others, blinding himself as punishment for not killing the promising young boy, and awakening his own Star of Benevolence. Must the Time Tear Love Apart!? Jidai wa ai o mo hikisaku no ka!! When Jay, a young member of Shu's resistance is killed, Kenshiro goes to protect Jay's fiancee Ami at Suwanny village from Garzus, one of Souther's captains. Ken arrives at the village after Garzus' men have already invaded it and abducted the women and children.

Ken finds them and kills Garzus, but then has to tell Ami of Jay's death. I Disallow Love and Compassion!! Ai mo nasake mo yurusanai!! Shu's rebels intercept one of Souther's food convoys, but they soon realize that the food has been poisoned. Kenshiro finally comes face-to-face with Souther. After defeating them, Ken faces the Holy Emperor, but although Ken strikes him with fatal blows, Souther appears to be immune to Ken's Hokuto Shinken techniques.

Sono tamashii no sakebi ga ten o ugokasu!! Kenshiro is defeated by Souther and is captured, badly wounded and bleeding. However, Shu's young son Shiba sets off to infiltrate Souther's lair and save Ken, even at the possible cost of his own life. Shiba manages to rescue Ken and they escape into the desert, but are found by Souther's troops. Rather that let Ken be captured, Shiba sacrifices his own life to save Ken. Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence!! Jinsei no namida ni ai ga oboreru!! Kenshiro is found by Raoh's men and treated, but he is then rescued by the rebels and returned to Shu's base.

However, Souther has located the rebel base and, after an initial surprise attack, he moves in with a battalion of his forces. Shu sends the unconscious Ken off to safety with Bat and Lin while he remains to fight Souther and his troops. However, Souther uses his hostages to forestall Shu, then disables him by cutting his legs, rendering him helpless.

Souther's troops invade the rebel base, but Ken senses Shu's struggle and revives enough to begin to fight back. Sensing Shu's struggle, Kenshiro awakens and emerges from the underground tunnels, regaining his strength and intimidating Souther's troops. Meanwhile, Shu is forced to carry the apex stone that will serve as the summit of Souther's pyramid-shaped mausoleum. Toki and Raoh become aware that Kenshiro is about to confront Souther again, and head towards Souther's domain.

As Shu continues to painfully carry the huge stone to the top of the pyramid, Toki and Raoh attack Souther's troops. Another Comrade is About to Die!! Mata hitori tomo ga shinde yuku!! Kenshiro arrives at the Holy Cross Mausoleum and witnesses Shu's slow public execution at the hands of Souther. Toki and Raoh also arrive at the scene to witness Ken's fight with Souther. As Shu arrives at the peak of the pyramid, he recovers his eyesight and sees the now-adult Kenshiro before being crushed to death by the apex stone. My Star is the Only Protector of Heaven!!

Ten o mamoru wa waga hoshi hitotsu!! Before accepting Kenshiro's challenge, Souther recalls his tragic childhood, his rejection of the need for love, and his motive for building the Holy Cross Mausoleum. Kenshiro fights Souther again, firstly using Shu's technique, out of respect for his dead friend. Meanwhile, Souther opens a portal in the mausoleum revealing the body of his master, Ohgai. Kenshiro uses his Hokuto Shinken , but it seems ineffective against Souther. However, Ken believes that he has finally fathomed the secret behind Souther's invulnerability.

You Are Weary From Love!! Omae wa ai ni tsukarete iru!! During their fight, Kenshiro has realized Souther's secret; his heart is on his right side and his pressure points have also been switched. This enables Kenshiro to strike using his Hokuto Shinken. The dying Souther joins his late master inside the mausoleum as Shu's blood begins to flow down the pyramid which soon collapses, taking Souther with it. The children rejoice at Kenshiro's victory.

Meanwhile, Raoh leaves, still intent on his own plans for conquest. Koryu, Ryuken's former rival, sends Zengyo to report on Raoh's activities. Meanwhile, Raoh impatiently waits to regain his full strength in seclusion. Kenshiro still believes that Toki was the true successor of Hokuto Shinken and recalls the sacrifice Toki made to save him, Yuria and many others during the nuclear holocaust. After Zengyo reports to Koryu that Raoh has recovered, Koryu decides to seal Raoh's fists according to the succession principles.

At the same time, Toki also resolves that Raoh must be stopped.

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Drive Raoh to Oblivion!! To gauge his strength after his recovery, Raoh challenges Koryu in a battle to the death and emerges victorious. Koryu's sons try to kill Raoh, but he is too powerful and easily defeats them, but lets them live. Meanwhile, Zengyo tells Kenshiro and Toki of Raoh's intentions. Kenshiro and Toki fight to determine if Toki is strong enough to defeat Raoh and Kenshiro wins.

Nevertheless, Toki prepares for a death match with Raoh, fulfilling his own destiny to die as a martial artist, fighting the other adopted son of Ryuken. The Heaven Prefers Tragedy!! Ten wa itazurani higeki o konomu!! Toki takes Kenshiro, Bat and Lin to his hometown and shows them the gravestones for him and his brother. Raoh arrives and reveals that he and Toki are siblings and how they met Ryuken after their parents died. Ryuken only wanted to adopt one child, forcing them to compete for the position, but Raoh helped Toki and they were both adopted.

The battle between the brothers begins, Roah's hard fist style verses Toki's soft fist style, but they appear evenly matched. A Man Only Cries Once!! Otoko no namida wa ichido dake!! Toki fights Raoh in a death match and Toki appears to gain the upper hand. However, Raoh eventually prevails, tearfully defeating his brother.

Raoh leaves, rejecting his Raoh persona and again becoming Ken-Oh. I'll Seize the Rainbow in Tempest!! Ore wa ransei ni niji o tsukamu!! Ryuga visits the graves of Shin and Yuria. Meanwhile, Ken-Oh returns to reclaim his territory in which some of his former lieutenants have become even more brutal than he was.

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David and Jacko: The Zombie Tunnels (Japanese Edition) [David Downie, Tea Seroya] on uzotoqadoh.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. JAPANESE. JAPANESE EDITION Inspired by Roald Dahl and Stephen King, David Downie writes a spine chilling tale of the adventures of David and his dog Jacko and their .

One group has the misfortune to encounter Kenshiro who stops them from mistreating the townspeople. Kenshiro then meets Ryuga, a martial artist and servant of Raoh whose astrological sign of the solitary star Sirius is neither part of Hokuto nor Nanto. Ryuga punishes the former troops and reclaims the territory for Ken-Oh.

When Ken-Oh returns to claim his throne, Ryuga requests permission to challenge Kenshiro. Soko wa ai to nikushimi no hate!! Ken-Oh surveys his territory and praises Ryuga for his loyalty, however Ryuga is inwardly critical of Raoh and his tyranny. After Ryuga witnesses Kenshiro's compassion towards others, he becomes determined to find out which of the two Hokuto brothers-at-arms is more to fit to lead in the new world.

Hokuto o osou wa waga hoshi no sadame!! Kenshiro goes to the aid of a village where the people have been forced to steal from other villages to feed the greedy bandit Sabat. After watching Kenshiro's behavior, Ryuga challenges him to test his strength, but Kenshiro is unwilling to fight back. However Ryuga is determined to fight Kenshiro, the man whom his sister Yuria loved.

Toki is in Danger!! Ima, Toki ga abunai!! Ryuga clears a village of bandits, claiming it for Ken-Oh but he seems disinterested in governing. Kenshiro arrives and Garou, Ryuga's second-in-command challenges Kenshiro, but is no match for him. However Garou reveals thet Ryuga has gone to attack Toki.

Ryuga finds Toki and severely wounds him to provoke rage within Kenshiro. Let the New Age Awaken! The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heaven! Kenshiro travels to Ryuga's castle and forces his way inside, determined to save Toki. Kenshiro finally accepts Ryuga's challenge, but Kenshiro quickly gets the upper hand. After he injures Ryuga, Toki intervenes, telling him that Ryuga had already committed shadow seppuku and re-bandaged himself in preparation to die during the fight.

As he lays dying, Ryuga says that he once believed that Ken-Oh was the one to bring order to the post-apocalyptic world, but now he believes that Kenshiro is the one to lead humanity into the future. With his last breath, Ryuga reveals to Kenshiro that he was Yuria's brother. Shortly after, Toki succumbs to the wounds inflicted on him by Ryuga. Omae wa mukuwarenu ai ni inochi o kaketa!! While cremating Toki's and Ryuga's remains, Kenshiro recalls where it all began - with his old nemesis Shin, the man who engraved the seven scars on his chest and kidnapped his beloved Yuria. This is the first in a series of five episodes, each focusing on a different Nanto Seiken warrior.

Tomo no tame ni shinda Otoko ga ita!! Kenshiro reflects on the life of his ally Rei, the man who sacrificed his life to save Ken. Sono Utsukushiki Hohoemi ga Higeki o Yobu!! Kenshiro recalls Rei's battle against his rival Yuda, the man who once tormented Rei's beloved Mamiya. Kenshiro remembers Shu, a selfless man whose encounter with a young Kenshiro led him to his destiny. Omae wa ai fukaki yueni ai ni oboreru!! Kenshiro remembers Souther, the self-proclaimed Holy Emperor of Nanto. This is the last episode before the series resumes its storyline. The Legend Turns to Terror!!

Kenshiro, Bat and Lin continue their journey and find themselves at a village ruled by a follower of Ken-Oh named Bugal. He is a man obsessed with washing who has monopolized the town's water supply for himself. Although Ken rids the village of Bugal, the people remind him that there is still danger while Raoh remains as the tyrant Ken-Oh. Meanwhile, Kenshiro encounters one of Ken-Oh's enlistment groups and infiltrates them. He finds the group run by the ruthless but cowardly David, who uses Glen the Killer Machine, a man he raised only to fight. After Ken defeats Glen, he renounces his evil ways, only to be betrayed by his master David, who orders his men to kill Glen.

Hyui of the Wind challenges Kenshiro to a sparring match, but is outclassed and leaves, wounded. Hyui launches a war campaign against Ken-Oh and his troops and succeeds in luring Ken-Oh out to face him, but he is no match for Ken-Oh and is killed with a single strike. His brother Shion carries the terrible news to the capital of the South Star.

Shuren is Drenched in Tears of Flame!! On hearing of his brother star Hyui's death, Shuren vows to avenge him. He burns down his own castle as a funeral pyre, leaving him and his Crimson Army with no home to return to. Meanwhile, Morgan, the chief of Ken-Oh's vanguard force with terrible driving ability, has Bat's buggy destroyed for passing him on the trail. Kenshiro follows him to the town which is under Morgan's brutal control, first taking care of his men, and then confronting Morgan. Morgan tries to escape, but crashes because Bat had earlier sabotaged his vehicle. Elsewhere, Shuren's men attack Ken-Oh's vanguard force with flaming arrows.

Shuren's forces continue their assault on Ken-Oh's vanguard and he prepares to face Ken-Oh himself. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Bat and Lin eventually arrive at another town and befriend a gentle giant named Fudo after saving him from a group of Ken-Oh's thugs. He then uses an ultimate technique which causes him to be engulfed in flames as he sacrifices his life to defeat Ken-Oh, but fails in his attempt.

Ken, Bat and Lin continue on their way, now accompanied by Fudo who appears to have star-shaped tattoos on his arm. Who Are You, Fudo?! Ken-Oh's forces counter-attack and wipe out Shuren's Flame Brigade. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and his companions arrive in the next town where Fudo is revealed to be one of the Five Chariots as he secretly learns about the deaths of Hyui and Shuren.

Later, on the trail, Ken challenges a gang of bandits led by a man named Gokure. Meanwhile, Juza of the Clouds receives a request from Rihaku to halt Ken-Oh's advance, but he has little interest in becoming involved in any conflict. Ken, shukumei ga Nanto no Miyako de matte iru!! Kenshiro agrees to accompany Fudo south. Meanwhile, Dalko, a bandit leader captures a group of women, but is killed by Juza who takes the women with him.

Elsewhere, Ken and his friends face a group of bandits pretending to be Ken-Oh's men, but they only cause a short delay. I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!! Toki no nagare ni mi o makasu!! Ken-Oh's agents locate the capital of the South Star with Rihaku in charge. Ken-Oh decides to march his troops south to the capital with only Juza standing between them. Meanwhile Rihaku's agents again attempt to persuade Juza to fight, but he would rather spend time in his pool surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls. However, the squadron only causes a short delay on their journey to South Star.

Juza recalls how he fell in love with Yuria, only to find that she was his half-sister. His reverie is interrupted by the arrival of Gelza, a bandit that has come to his castle to reclaim "his women" from Juza, however Juza destroys him with his unique self-taught fighting style. The Masked General is Finally Revealed!! Juza continues to refuse to join the fight to defend the Last General of the South Star. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and his friends find themselves at a village ruled by Dolfi, assisted by his assassin Zenda, who oppresses the residents by giving them a false sense of democracy.

However, Ken forces Zanda to vote for Dolfi's execution. When the Last General reveals her identity to him, Juza swears to fight for her. I Have No Fear for Raoh!! Kenshiro and his friends attempt to find a way to cross a bridge which is under the surveillance of Ken-Oh's men. They travel in a hay cart with Bat dressed as a cute girl, but the deception is discovered and Kenshiro has to fight Ken-Oh's men. Elsewhere, Juza and his gang intercept Ken-Oh who is surprised to see that Juza has regained his will to fight. An End of the Legend of the Invincible!!

Juza engages Raoh, and appears to have the technique to stop him. Elsewhere, Kenshiro faces Jenomy, an assassin who seeks to make Kenshiro his 10,th victim. However, Kenshiro forces him to become a victim of his own twin swords. Suddenly, during a staged attack, Juza hijacks Raoh's steed Kokuoh and flees the battle as his gang ambushes Ken-Oh's forces, slowing his advance. However, as Juza rides on, he realizes that he has been wounded by Raoh. Isoge Ken, otoko wa tomo o misutenai!! Ken-Oh is fitted with a new uniform and orders his agent Zaku to delay Kenshiro. Zaku's forces catch up with Ken and his companions, but Fudo stays behind to delay them while Kenshiro continues south.

He throws them into a bottomless quicksand pit in an attempt to force Fudo to enter the quicksand himself to rescue them. Will the Hand of Salvation Reach Fudo? Fudo is caught in a quicksand pit with two of his orphans when Kenshiro is told of his predicament. Kens is forced to make a choice between continuing on to the Nanto Capital or helping Fudo, and decides to go to Fudo's rescue. Hilka and his men use their "Snakebite Sash" technique to attack him, but Kenshiro resists and defeats them all. Juza prepares to confront Raoh and continue their battle. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Fudo and the children return to Fudo's village, but as they arrive, Fudo collapses from arrows fired into his back by Hilka's men at the quicksand pit.

Juza returns to Raoh and removes his restrictive armor and attacks Raoh using his special technique. Although he wounds Raoh, Raoh is too strong and grasps Juza in a fatal hold. Tsuyoki otoko wa shishite mo ai o katarazu!! They gained Shin's approval to protect her from Raoh, before Shin took the blame for her death. Ken then rushes towards the Nanto Capital with greater urgency to protect Yuria. Meanwhile, Juza refuses to reveal the identity of the Last General to Raoh.

Juza fights until he is finally killed by Raoh who then grants him a gracious burial. Love and Destiny Looms Over the Woman!! Omae wa ai to shukumei o hikizuru onna!! Kenshiro faces Ken-Oh's shadow brigade, while Raoh advances alone and enters Yuria's castle first. However, instead of finding the Last General, he encounters Toh who is masquerading as Yuria. She declares that she has loved Raoh ever since he saved her from a pack of wolves when she was a young girl, but he only had eyes for Yuria. Spurned by Raoh and rather than reveal Yuria's location, Toh kills herself.

Ken arrives at the castle just as Raoh declares that Yuria will suffer subjugation or death. Raoh, I've Got You Now!! Yuria attempts to escape from her castle in order to be reunited with Kenshiro, while Rihaku challenges Raoh. However, Ken decides that he must confront Raoh before meeting Yuria, fearing that Yuria's life might be in danger as long as Raoh lives. Kenshiro finally meets Raoh and seems to have renewed strength, attacking Raoh and avoiding Raoh's counter-attacks by incorporating the fighting styles of his former comrades.

For the first time, Raoh experiences fear. The Heaven Hesitates Once Again!! Shikashi ten wa mata yoromeita!! Raoh is willing to accept death through mutual destruction. However, he accidentally triggers one of Rihaku's booby-traps and the floor collapses beneath him. Raoh emerges from the wreckage and stumbles into Yuria. He then abducts her and rides off. Meanwhile, although Ken has been blinded by his battle with Raoh, he decides to pursue him and rescue Yuria.

I Don't Believe in Love!!

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Ore wa ai nado shinjinai!! Raoh recovers after being treated by Yuria, which causes him immense shame and he rejects the name Ken-Oh, calling himself the Demon King. Meanwhile, the blind Kenshiro continues to seek Raoh and rescue Yuria. He is ambushed by Jado and his bikers to prevent him from reaching Ken-Oh, but he still manages to destroy them. Meanwhile, Raoh recalls the time he beat Ken as a promising but inexperienced student and how Toki predicted that one day Ken would threaten him.

Haunted by nightmares of his near-defeat by Ken, Raoh seeks to overcome his fears by fighting Fudo, the only fighter he ever feared. He rides to Fudo's village and issues his challenge. The gentle Fudo is shown in the past as a terrifying bandit until he learned the value of life from a young Yuria.

He is challenged by Raoh who threatens to kill the children if he refuses to fight. Fudo reluctantly accepts the challenge and dons his armor. I Can See The Light: Waterworks — LP Goat: Room 29 — LP Jason Isbell: Frengers — 1LP Midlake: Shame For The Angels E. What Does Good Luck Bring? You Flexi Thing Vol 2: Escalator — LP Santana: Woodstock — LP Vinyl Saxon: At Home — 1LP Sia: Recurring — LP Spacemen 3: Heavy Liquid — 2xLP Sublime: Discipline — LP SunPalace: Sufi La — EP T.

Electric Warrior — LP T. Rock N Roll E. What Time Is It? The Rough Guide To Bollywood: Texas Soul 66 — LP Various: Soul Transfusion — LP Various: Like Nashville In Naija: Salsoul ReEdits Series One: Salsoul ReEdits Series Two: I was born on February 8, , making me 20 years old. I'm on the quiet side, but I can be humorous when I feel comfortable.

My non-musical interests include reading, looking up history, cars, and computers. School and friends are also big priorities which I highly value. I enjoy Classic Rock and some Heavy Metal immensely. I'll be honest, I used to be a typical teenager who liked the typical bands, so my first favorite band was Green Day feel free to laugh here. I loved the album Dookie for a long time, because it was hard and very, very catchy.

After this I grew up a little bit and moved on to Black Sabbath, and from there to Ozzy Osbourne's solo career. Although much better musically than Green Day, the heavy guitar tones started to depress me after a while, so I moved on to the fast twin guitars of Guns 'N Roses. Although less heavy than Sabbath, my hormones were slowing down and I moved into softer music, although I still pop these bands in a good amount of the time.

I know everything from Piper to Pulse , and I enjoy most of it. The atmosphere that they manage to create in much of their music is simply stunning. I consider Gilmour's guitar to be among the best in the business, even though many people consider it soul less.

I also dislike light pop, i. Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, etc and I guess that's why I've always had a thing against the Beatles, for providing a model for this type of music. I steadily lose faith in most of today's music, because all that I think of is that the band I am listening to was fitted to the tastes of today's youth, and are not playing what they really feel or believe. There will only be inadequate replications of these bands. I'd better stop talking, this is depressing me more than remembering that at one time my favorite band was Green Day: I know what I like, and why I like it, but when I read the depth of George's reviews, or the humor of Mark Prindle, I don't think I could compete with either.

But who knows, my taste has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, and my friends usually go to me with music questions. My name's Eric Bukowski, 24, part Polish, and part white too. You ask for social status? I'm a partyer with better musical tastes than my friends. I escape the misery of my life by playing instruments, I've played piano since I was four and picked up bass and guitar along the way and can play some drums. I write music and like to jam with other musicians, none of which are ever as good as I am, which is really, reallly sad.

As far as my future, who knows what it holds. At the moment, I'm working mundane, shit-paying jobs, struggling financially and continuing my hobby as a music lover. Whenever I'm totally sick of it I'll go to culinary school I love to cook or learn a boring trade so I can at least make halfway decent wages. Music school is out of the question, I'm not sure I'm keen on turning a personal hobby into work. I'm figuring I'm at a sad state now where my purchasing of a turntable this week is considered a money-saving investment on my part so I can hear more music cheaper than buying CD's via used vinyl.

I'm biggest on prog-rock, but I like most any other genre of music. After all, prog incorporates almost all the other genres so it would be stupid to dislike or dismiss those who did those other genres in a simpler fashion. I'm hardly a prog snob. As far as hating musical genres, hardcore rap is the only genre I absolutely can't stand. I can see the fun in Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff or MC Hammer it's not like I actually like them or think they're good, mind you but serious, hardcore rap bores the shit out of me.

I'll take the most asinine, banal, nu-country schlock over that any day, not that it's a great 2nd choice, but still, it's at least real music played by real musicians. As far as playing instruments, scroll up about a dozen paragraphs. Technically not the greatest but he always played tasty shit. As far as my favorite keyboard player, since that's my main instrument? Rick Wakeman, and I feel it's criminal that you hate him more than I do and you have 5 times the solo albums by him that I have.

I've had the chance to meet him too, he's super cool and signed my copy of Six Wives. My other claim to fame? Annie Haslam lives about a half hour away from me, in Doylestown. As far as George Dubbaya, I don't think he's smart enough to remember to wear socks. I'm not looking forward to him fudging his election for a 2nd term.

Anyways, your site rules and I go on it most every time I'm online, which isn't too often since I'm usually out drinking. Actually I come here every day for ideas on mp3's to download. Then, when I come home drunk I listen to what's downloaded since I've been gone. Sometimes I stay home and drink and impatiently sit by the computer waiting for my downloads to finish. Nevermind that, I'm online all day and don't even drink. I'm a total loser. At the moment I'm 17 years old, having been born on June 26, So they think I'm 18, which is good for getting smokes and porn nah but annoying with regard to Selective Services and verifying my age for my driver's license which I should hopefully be getting finally within the month.

I live in Milpitas, an annoyingly badly-structured city on the southern tip of California's SF Bay Area, which places me smack-dab in the Silicon Valley, near the strongholds of Ebay, Yahoo, and Intel, and with close to nil of hope of being able to buy a house following college. I'm single and lacking a girlfriend, in large part because of the fact that I attend a non-co-ed all-male school insert gay jokes [here] and also because I'm a fairly shy and restricted person around people I don't know.

I wouldn't really call life a "misery," just more of an "itch. I'm a huuuuuge fan of The Simpsons, having watched it since it was a short on the Tracey Ullman show keep in mind that I was FIVE at the time and having been a dedicated fan ever since then. I'm also addicted to Saturday Night Live, hit-and-miss as it is these days there has never been a show surrounded with so many interesting backing stories , Futurama, which is a hell of a lot funnier than Simpsons has been for the past three seasons, and most of the shows on Comedy Central, excluding South Park and a few other lame ones.

Greenstein, I'm a huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut it helps that I'm a teenager and thinks it's funny when an author draws a picture of an asshole in the intro to one of his books and my favorite books of all time are "Catch" and "The Phantom Tollbooth" the best children's novel ever. I used to be addicted to video games, but as high school set in I kind of grew out of them. I used to play Sierra computer games, like George, before that company turned into absolute festering crap. The latest King's Quest game has a freaking lifebar, for Christ's sake! Music-wise, I like to consider myself an eclecticist but I'm simply not a fan of rap, reggae, or roots-rock though I might be coming around on that last one.

Unlike many people I know, I don't judge music based on my first listen-- the most annoying thing to me is when I play music like Bowie in my drawing class and my friends in the class dismiss nearly every song from merely the first 30 seconds. Stylistically I've carved myself into a rut of post-punk new wave, progressive rock and '80s alternative, with some classic rock fit in. When I listen to music, I usually try to find its good points rather than approaching an album with an automatic bias; that's why my reader comments are on the average more positive than other commentators.

And that's all I have to say about that. Oh yeah, and despite what some people who don't like to have fun might tell you, "Weird Al" Yankovic is a god. So is Gumby, but that's another story. Well, I'm 17 so I my 'social staus' is student, I guess. Ok, well that's enough of this nonsense. I do read a bit more than some people not nearly enough, though I play no sports adequately I escape the misery of this life by It does kind of bother me though, no one around this area i. I would say I like almost every genre of music Blonde On Blonde - Bob Dylan It really is a step up from the great 'Highway 61 Revisited' but doesn't contain a scrap of politics in it Abbey Road - The Beatles Absolutely, a grandeur statement London Calling - The Clash I really enjoy all the meledious Really, what can I say, one of the best.

Ok, fine maybe a bit overrated, but I think I like the feel of this album more than any other album on this list. Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen Ok, here we go, I'm not going to defend this album, but wow, this is truely a masterpiece from the streets of New Jersey. I absolutely love the feel of this album. Quadrophenia - The Who Townsend is showing what he's made of on this huge epic Purple Rain - Prince Right now I am pretty enamored by this one, it will pretty drop down the list soon.

Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones I'm gonna stick a knife right down your throat, and baby it hurts hm hm hm mmm duh de duh, whoops I got a bit carries away The Doors - Doors The End Freud and the rest of the psychoanalysts are drooling to get their hands on something like that.

My full boring name is Fernando Henrique Canto aka Fernie , but I discard the middle name because it makes me sound like I'm the former Brazilian president. Yes, I live in Brazil, and I like it! I was born in August, - which makes me 18 at the time of writing. I'm a little bizarre kid who doesn't comb his hair, and sometimes looks like Philip Glass, other times like John Deacon, but that doesn't really matters.

One of my main interests is computers - especially programming - and it has been since I was, uh, 6. My other interest is The Simpsons. Okay, in fact, I'm a maniacal psychotic Lisa Simpson fanatic. She was the reason of my life around 5 years old, and since then, she has been like a goddess to me. My love for her transcends human comprehension: And then, there is music. It's not just an interest, you know. It's the reason of my life.

It's the only thing in this terrestrial world that I can have faith on I'm serious. My love for music started with Queen, around 6 years ago, and since then, I've been collecting music like a madman. I adore Mike Oldfield, who is, in my humble opinion, hideously underrated as a composer and guitarist. Also, I love Jean Michel-Jarre, who is unfairly neglected, and has written one of the best songs in the universe: I also write music on the computer.

Sorry for the spamming, but we oughta advertise! If you're interested on instrumental pop-art-rock, check it out! I play the keyboards, but not that much. I'm taking classes at the moment, too. But in general, that's it. If I can have fun with a piece of music, any kind of fun, it's valuable to me. So there you have it. I have a music reviewing site of my own, at www. I know, Geocities sucks, but what can I do? Thanks for your attention for reading this. My name is Koka Konstantin Chernov. My friends gave me a funny nickname - Blackmore in Russian Chernyi means Black.

I'm 19 years old. Currently a 3-year student of USTU, physical-engeering department. Obviously, I've got some interest towards physics and math. I've graduated from language liceum and therefore should have become George's counterpart someday. Right now i'm digging stuff, connected with artificial intellect, neurocybernetics and so on. So, I read quite a lot. However, I try not to forget sweet taste of real literature. Orwell, Bradbury and Frish are my favourites. I was taught to appreciate classical English prose in school and I sincerely admire it.

Also I consider watching movies a stupid, worthless occupation.

Like Sabs, I sold my soul for Rock'n'Roll once aged 9 or 10, I think and therefore I'm doomed to be a rock'n'roll soldier till my dying day. Oh, I almost forgot about my drums. Yeah, I'm a drummer although I never took lessons , and I play piano time after time ditties like "Fluff", "November Rain". Rhythm is burning inside of my soul, and I can spend hours, hammering life out of my poor snare. What about quality of my drumming: Accordingly, I'll try to devote, whenever it's possible, certain time for analysis of drummer's style and mistakes.

Known on your review site as "WhoJonGalt". I let out the tension with a little bit of exercise.

Plankerton SSD All Amps, Spawn Points and Trap Tunnels

In a one-year period between March and February I either biked or jogged 2, miles. That's Cleveland to Mexico City Love being a dad and husband. Joseph Campbell is my mentor. I enjoy German Wheat Beer with a shot of raspberry syrup. I have traveled the world and found the happiness Dorothy Gale found; in the back yard.

Those who have peeked say I am stuck in the 50s and 60s but I know what I like. Who ever told her she could sing, and her dancing Gee I sound like my dad I don't consider my self stuck as I also love classical from DeBussy to Prokofiev. My criteria for rating music is simple - does it strike the cord deep in my soul? Reviewing is a free exchange of ideas and opinions and who can argue with that?

They are like belly buttons - everyone has an opinion, and one must consider the source. If the review has a crude attitude it will be a crude opinion. During a diet when I lost a bunch of weight my wife bought me "a stratocaster with a whammy bar" like Frank Zappa and I have taught myself. The stuff I like seems to be a different combination of three cords and it helps work out the tension along with the exercise. Favorite bass player is Paul. If you ask Paul who, why are you reading this?

I truly enjoy reading the opinions of others and think this is a great web site. God Save The Kinks! I enjoy listening to music, playing music on any assorted instrument; guitar being a personal favorite , reading about music, and in this case, writing about music. I'd like to see some Radiohead reviews in the future, you do a great job with the other artists. My name is Richard Craig. I am 17 and am from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The joint award for my least favourite band goes to just about every single band formed after about , but hey i'm stubborn.

I make an exception in the case of mids band Kula Shaker, who were really from the late 60s but had to split up because the general public has no taste in music. The sort of music I really hate with a passion is watery British toss like Coldplay and Travis. This music tries to be deep but Steve Hackett's left ear had more talent than any of these bands put together.

To while away the tedious hours of my life I drive my car,having just passed my driving test,watch Formula One, cycle and of course study, as obtaining a university degree is essential to the earning of money,a transaction that needs to occur in order for me to obtain a Rickenbacker bass guitar, something i genuinely desire. In reality I would like to transport myself to the world exemplified by 'Dancing With the Moonlit Knight' but you can't have everything. I play the bass guitar, quite well. I sound a bit like Michael Rutherford, surprise surprise.

He is a hugely talented musician. My favourite guitarist, in appearance at least in as well as style, would have to be Steve Hackett. My house is in Pachuca, my social status is "middle". The people think that mathematics are very bore, but I don't think so, I like the mathematics and so, I want to study something related to computers I love the computers!!!!!

This is my personal ranking: I have put in the web a very very very young page of reviews: I hope that it'll grow in the future, in the page I explain my rating scale, How I put a note to a album ,etc. My scale is , it's very easy The albums that I've put a 10 are: Abbey road, White album, Animals, A night at the opera, wish you were here, magical mystery tour and sgt.

I was born in the UK and lived there until 3 years ago. I now live in Stockholm, Sweden with my partner she's Swedish.

Record Store Day - lista premier: Alice In Chains, David Bowie czy Iggy Pop i wiele innych

I plan to keep on drinking. My musical tastes were formed in the mid-sixties to early seventies and most of the music I listen to is still from that era. Generally I like some metal actually MOST metal , some Goth, blues, traditional English folk music, punk, post-punk, some New Country, Southern rock especially the Allmans and Lynyrd Skynyrd , a lot of 60s pop, psychedelic, some techno and trance especially Astral Projection. I'm busy hunting down rare 60s psychedelia.

I used to play drums, and I also sang and wrote song lyrics for a briefly lived folk-rock band called The Otter in the early s. I tend to escape the misery of this life by either listening to music, or making music that I'd like to listen to if I run out of pre-made music to listen to. I'm in a band called the Other Leading Brand that's weird as all get out what's a get out, anyway? I don't watch television much unless someone else is watching it.

The last movie I saw was "Brazil" and it was fantastic. The last good book I read was I wholeheartedly embrace any and all genres. There's plenty of good rap, plenty of good country, plenty of good techno, plenty of good metal, and plenty of good new age. Would you like me to name some?

There's plenty of good avant-garde, too! I'd like to have my own site if I didn't have to maintain it myself. Albums would be rated according to a big complicated graph that no one can read. What else can I say about me? I have three dogs. I use the computer too much. I'm wearing blue pants. Right now I'm working on a Low Maintenance Perennials remix album.

I like ice cream. If you met me you'd hate me. I'm a music geek. You've seen "High Fidelity," right? I AM that guy. My name is Adrian Denning, i'm twenty seven years of age and was born and raised in England. I'm still in England but I hope to see the rest of the world before I die. I grew up in the countryside and my favourite color is green. I also have green eyes and, when it get's out of hand, Bob Dylan hair.

I don't believe i've had a particularly sucessful life uptil this point. I am however a hopeless romantic and just want to 'arrive' at some stage with a nice house and a nice person to share it with. However long it takes me to reach that point and have a nice job I enjoy into the bargain - i'm not too concerned about. I'd like to get there in the end though!

I write poetry as a hobby. I live with six cats and some sort of dog who is almost as soppy as I am. I like to think I have open minded tastes and have a wide variety of music in my collection. So, that about sums it up then!

  • Tales of Folk and Fairies?
  • Popular Culture and the Enduring Myth of Chicago, 1871-1968 (American Popular History and Culture).
  • David and Jacko - The Zombie Tunnels (Japanese Edition) (Japanese, Paperback).
  • The First Rescue Team (Way of the Harpy Book 1);

I hang on allot of sites and mod on a Farscape TV, Sci-fi oriented discussion board www. I have been overcome by the work George did on this board. It really is huge now and I remember when there were only three comments on the Pink Floyd area.

NEW David and Jacko: The Witch Child (Japanese Edition) by David Downie | eBay

I also am currently creating several sites for different reasons. It helps to see wonderful boards like this, well thought out and enjoyable, informative and just plain fun. Favorite band would be hmmmmm. I give, I like so many here. My name is David Dickson. I was born in Topeka, Kansas, home of the tallest capitol building in the United States. It's true; taller even than the National Capitol by a foot.

I escape the misery of this life by constantly getting shot down by girls with more social experience than twenty of me. Yes, even at Rice, most people seem to have lives. It's the very opposite of fair. I plan to either start an art-rock band and get booed off the stage in every punk-addicted dive in Texas, or move to Russia and build a highway connecting Anchorage to Moscow via a tunnel under the Bering Strait, in the process making enemies of everyone from Russian nationalists to Irkut separatists to paranoid McCarthyites in the U.

Either way, I will make people hopping mad. I am currently embarking on an extensive and very expensive project: So far I have come to but one conclusion: Revolver is NOT number one. It's good, and it's on the list, but it ain't nearly the best. Many other albums that are widely considered to be the most influential of all time have been entirely eliminated from my list: However, since I was 16, my tastes have become eclectic in the extreme: Public Enemy and Shania Twain both get the chance to rub shoulders with the Who and Def Leppard in my chronicles of the best in popular music.

I would say honestly that my favorite styles of that multitude largely consist of big, bombastic, calculated schlock: King Crimson, Boston, The Smashing Pumpkins, and early '70's-era Pink Floyd being prime examples of my preferred kind of popular pomposity. Of all the myriad artists of the last four decades, the Beatles seem to be the only ones to have been consistent AND innovative AND catchy AND popular all at the same time, on all their releases.

I mostly rate musicians on how good their LP's are; you can write great songs but still have mediocre albums. Also, I tend to focus more on the music of a song than the lyrics; if a piece has good lyrics, fine; if not, that's also fine. Occasionally, the lyrics are so good that they push a song over the borderline between "great" and "extraordinary"; "The Last Resort" on the Eagles' Hotel California being a case in point. Yeah, I'll admit it. I'm one of those Hotel California fanatics.

I disagree with George about the Rolling Stones; I think their albums are fairly overrated. I wholeheartedly agree with him about Led Zeppelin; only one of their albums qualifies as a masterpiece, though it isn't George's pick, in my opinion. Sorry, George, we have slightly different tastes. But you knew that already. So far, I've found forty-five albums that sound absolutely amazing enough to make the list. Here they are, in order from least incredible to most incredible. Though the two traits often correlate with one another, they do not necessarily go hand in hand. You don't have it, and you have a life; buy it.

In a good way. It just IS one of the best albums ever made. Quadrophenia also definitely makes the list, but I can't yet figure out where to put it. Definitely above Who's Next , though. Kiss my ass, Tommy. Les Claypool is the best bass player of all time; he's the only one, other than John Entwhistle God rest his soul who truly forged new frontiers in bass playing. Bush's socks are probably pink with polka dots. Escher, Vincent van Gough, Hunter S.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head I want to hurry and proceed to the music part. Anyway, like I said earlier, there's much more. I had to pick and choose, believe it or not. Maybe I should have seperated the list into genres. As far as my criteria is concerned, composition is generally what I pay the most attention to.

I say "generally" because I believe artists' success within certain genres like Jazz, Blues, and Reggae, for example can have as much if not more to do with performance, but as a songwriter, that's usually what catches my interest. Some of the artists on my list haven't released that much material, and some have released a great deal.

Whatever the case, the inclusion of an artist or group doesn't necessarily mean that I enjoy everything they've put out. Some are there because, when I average the quality of their material, it puts them at the top. Some are there because of just a couple of albums, or, in a few cases, just one album, whether they've released one, two, or 15 of them during their careers. I guess I don't really have much of a method to my criteria, and maybe it just goes to show that logic doesn't really apply when it comes to critiquing music, or any art for that matter.

What it really comes down to is, certain music either grabs you or it doesn't. So cut George some slack. I disagree with him a lot of the time, but I appriciate how difficult it must be to listen to and review all the stuff on this site. I know I'd never attempt it. Besides, even if you think George is wrong most of the time, you'll have to admit that his stuff sure makes for an interesting and extensive document of opinions that you may or may not agree with.

I really appreciate this website, since the popular music of the sixties and early seventies is one of my life's passions. That made yesterday pretty significant. Guess I'm a frustrated rock guitarist but I make my money as an attorney. Musically it all flows from The Beatles Before that I was listening to my dad's Dixieland and Broadway show albums, also Danny Kaye and some classical stuff.

Afterwards I would get the mono Beatles albums right when they'd come out.

I got my first job and an awful lot of that money went into buying albums. As the 80s began a lot of my interest in current rock began fading. I'd keep going back to the 60s and 70s instead. I'd go through various phases of getting into acts of the past, like Beach Boys, Otis Redding. Actually that still goes on. I played guitar in a couple of classic rock hobby bands in the last ten years or so, better late than never I say.

I still jam with a couple of friends but we need to find a rhythm section Beyond saying the Beatles are my favorite band, it's hard to pick out other favorites because there are so many. Even now, the difference between now and then is much less than the difference between the sixties rock I grew up with and the big bands and show tunes my folks listened to. I like to think that my tastes are rather diverse, and in actuality I've enjoyed contributions from all genres except rap, unless you count Subterranean Homesick Blues or Anyway the Wind Blows or something.

I won't list my favorites because they're far too obvious and predictable, but suffice it to say my tastes are very similar to George's. I'm an amateur songwriter with many songs and no feasible way to convey their melodies. I love reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and swimming. I have a dog. How far is this personal synopsis supposed to go anyway?

Well, I guess this is adequate, if not I'll correct it on a future occassion. Well, peace, I guess. My non-music related interests would be family. My wife and son's interests and our time together. I escape the misery through music and. I want to write and perform music in some capacity in the future My musical tastes are very broad. I have been around music my entire life. From nickelodeans in the Ozark Mountains to the kid busting rythm on his knees to the Beatles to the latest from Staind.

I love music and I especially love hearing the recordings of people that started new things. I hate the packaged bands that the industry shoves at us, but they are so obvious they never go the distance anyway. I am anchored, though, in the classics. Mostly because I believe that much of everything we will ever love about pop music has already been done. There is alot of good music out there today that is simply being regurgitated. Not that I don't like that.

I am pining to hear some really good Elvis covers and if anyone thinks the Beatles didn't already produce much of the so called grunge alternative sound, all they need do is listen to "Yer Blues" or "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and they should be able to see the connection. I don't need to belong to a music genre when I can clearly see the things that all musical genres have in common. Resistence to that fundamental truth is futile.

I hate rules in music. I think music theory should be used to open the door to aspiring creators, not tie them down. And if they tune their instruments to something totally strange and manage to produce their own chord structure that is musically appealing It was the edgy new blues chords with their dark character that the early rockers were chasing down, not the common stuff found in music class.

I have a passion for the process of recording. I get into the details of the session. Where was it done? I try to pick out the individual sounds and the effects of the room. I think there should be more left in. It is too damn clinical. Jimmy Page didn't bother cleaning up his guitar solo's and I believe the character of his music will endure the test of time because of it. I already like a musician or band of them for taking the time to record their music for me even before I hear them, especially if they did it themselves.

I think I enjoy the simple more than the complex; however, I believe a complex piece of music that is successfully passed off as something simple is a true accomplishment and sign of genius.