A Broken Nation Returns

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We are a broken nation at a point of no return

Most disturbing, to Vulliamy, are the tectonic changes in British social life and values. A society once admired for its civility, its sense of fairness and deep pride in its heritage, has lost all of this, including even its sense of a common purpose as a nation.


Ethnic, economic, and social class divisions run very deep in Britain. Looking ahead, Vulliamy sees no great untapped potential for revitalization, only further decline. Are we destined to suffer a similar fate?

The parallels are eery, and the immediate prospects don't look good. Indeed, we face a political Armageddon of sorts in just a few days, when Democrats and Republicans must either fashion a compromise over our serious national deficit problem or else deepen the economic and political divisions and cause further damage to our economy -- and the common good. An escalating civil war, with the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements on opposite sides, seems all too likely.

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Yet we need to remember one of the important lessons of history. Renewal and revitalization are also possible.

Can a dysfunctional society have a moral meltdown?

National decline is not inevitable and irreversible. Our great nation still has the capacity for renewal. But we need a new vision one "candidate" is spelled out in my book, The Fair Society , along with strong leadership and an energized electorate.

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Revitalization on every front should be our national agenda for Just watch out for those clay feet. I've proposed that we build a universal statue for all the great heroes of history. Like the frog in the kettle, you can gradually adjust your morals so that godlessness is a part of your lifestyle and doesn't really disturb you anymore.

You can rush around, vainly trying every human option to stem the tide of the enemy's assault. This can make a big noise, but in the end produce little substantive change. Nehemiah chose this response.

His appeal was to the God who is above the nations and rules over all. He fasted and prayed and then immediately obeyed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and the directives of His Word.

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In the end it lead to one of the greatest nationwide revivals in the history of the world see Nehemiah, Chapter Nehemiah knew that only God could stem the tide and reverse the decay. Only God could mercifully forgive and return His glory to the land.

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