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The Coast Guard, therefore, is no place for a quitter, or for a crybaby, or for a lying four-flusher, or anyone who cannot keep his eye on the ball. Your period of recruit training is a time of a test, hour by hour and day by day, to determine whether or not you are made of the right material.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. This book has been a real pleasure remembering and writing it. On the lighter side when I was on a Coast Guard Loran. The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue Mass Market Paperback – December 29, The Finest Hours (Young Readers Edition): The True Story of a Heroic Sea. Deadliest Sea: The Untold Story Behind the Greatest Rescue in Coast Guard.

It is up to you, as an individual to prove your worth. Webber was now on duty in Chatham, a tiny outpost at the elbow of Cape Cod. His worth and his mettle had already been tested many times in the unforgiving waters off the Cape.

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It was one of the busiest and most dangerous places for anyone who made their living on the sea. The director of the U. Coast and Geodetic Survey made a point of this way back in The sunken skeletons of more than three thousand shipwrecks were scattered across the ocean floor from Chatham to Provincetown.

The first known wreck was the Sparrowhawk, which ran aground on December 17, , in Orleans. The crew, along with colonists bound for Virginia, managed to get to shore safely, and the vessel was repaired. But before it could hoist its sails again, another devastating ocean storm came along and sunk the Sparrowhawk for good. Two hundred years later, erosion brought the wreckage into view in a mud bank along the Orleans coastline. Twenty-one British officers and seamen drowned when their lifeboat overturned coming ashore. The survivors were taken as prisoners of war and were then marched to Boston, escorted by town militias along the way.

As author Henry C. Kittredge observed in Cape Cod: Luck had sailed with the Livermore up to that point.

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On November 9, , the destroyer took part in the Allied invasion of North Africa, providing antisubmarine, antiaircraft, and fire support off Mehdia, French Morocco. The Livermore had survived the war relatively unscathed, a fact that some of her crew members ascribed to the fact that she was the first American warship to be named after a Navy chaplain, Samuel Livermore. The ship rested high up on the shoal and was leaning dangerously on its side. Webber and the men stayed with the destroyer for the rest of the night as salvage tugs were called in.

The next morning, the Coast Guardsmen assisted in several failed attempts to free the warship before finally achieving success and sending the Livermore safely on its way. The sailors had given him quite a different reception hours earlier when they pelted him with apples, oranges, and even eight-ounce steel shackles, because in their eyes the rescue mission was taking too long.

It was all part of a friendly rivalry between the Navy and the Coasties. Yes, the life of a Coast Guardsman was often a thankless one, but Webber would not trade it for any other job in the world. And now, just after dawn, he gazed out the window of the mess hall, listened to the wind howl, and wondered what the day would bring. Scarica una delle app Kindle gratuite per iniziare a leggere i libri Kindle sul tuo smartphone, tablet e computer. Per scaricare una app gratuita, inserisci il numero di cellulare.

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Se sei un venditore per questo prodotto, desideri suggerire aggiornamenti tramite il supporto venditore? Two oil tankers get caught in the violent storm off Cape Cod, its fury splitting the massive ships in two. Back on shore, four young Coast Guardsmen are issued a suicide mission: Sailing a tiny lifeboat into the teeth of the killer storm, the rescue crew soon loses all navigation. With no idea where the stranded seaman are nor how to get back home, the crew stumbles upon the SS Pendleton in the darkness.

Can the tiny lifeboat save them all? Dripping with suspense and high-stakes human drama, The Finest Hours has incredible and astonishing true-to-life heroism and action-packed rescue scenes. Dettagli Soggetto a termini e condizioni. Visualizza tutte le applicazioni di lettura Kindle gratuite. Inizia a leggere The Finest Hours su Kindle in meno di un minuto.

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But America's military complex is unique in the world, because it also takes a full-spectrum approach to saving lives. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Ignoring warnings from locals to take a safer, more roundabout route to the Pendleton, Webber chose to save time by motoring his foot lifeboat through the deadly Chatham bar — a vortex of waves and currents just off the coast. Miriam drives to the station, demanding that Cluff call Bernie back. Two oil tankers get caught in the violent storm off Cape Cod, its fury splitting the massive ships in two. In a way, the Coast Guard is always at war; in wartime, against armed enemies of the nation; and in peacetime, against all enemies of mankind at sea; Fire, Collision, Lawlessness, Gales, Ice, Derelicts, and many more. Livesey volunteer to join Bernie on the rescue mission.

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Condividi i tuoi pensieri con altri clienti. Scrivi una recensione cliente. I was anxious to read this book to compare it to the stories my dad repeatedly told over the years. Guothro was at the station on the day of the storm, but was too sick to go on the mission.

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Under normal circumstances, Fitzgerald would never have gone out that day. Despite being fresh out of training, Fitzgerald managed to repair the engine twice, effectively saving the mission. Webber, Fitzgerald and the other two crew members — Richard Livesey and Ervin Maske — battled foot waves, hurricane-force winds and freezing temperatures to find the survivors. It also took off the top of the boat and the compass. Somehow, without a roof or any navigational devices, Webber and his men miraculously located the Pendleton, and managed to save 32 of the 33 men left on board.

Sybert, played by Affleck, became the de facto captain of the stern. After securing boats to the pier, Bernie was ordered by Chatham Station commanding officer Cluff to pick a crew for the mission, and he got three volunteers: Bernie and his girlfriend Miriam were on the brink of getting engaged when Bernie set out on the rescue mission. The screenwriters took liberties with the timeline more than the facts here, since Bernie and Miriam Penttinen played by Holliday Grainger had actually been married for more than a year and a half in February —but their real-life courtship played out much as it does in the film.

Chatham Station was on its own in the Pendleton rescue because the Boston and Nantucket Coast Guards had dispatched all their crews to another oil tanker that had split in half. A tanker called the Fort Mercer suffered the same fate as the Pendleton during that February storm. One of the most dangerous parts of the rescue mission was getting past the Chatham Bar, so the crew thought hard about whether to even attempt it.

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The rescue took place largely as depicted in the movie—with the exception of the song the men sang to soothe themselves during a moment of overwhelming fear. Upon reaching the Pendleton despite a lack of navigational tools, they assumed it was a ghost ship until they saw one man on the deck, followed by dozens more. But he died in a different way than the one depicted onscreen.