Signs From Heaven

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Or the plant or animal may have associations with the person who passed over. For example, your grandmother loved irises, and an iris suddenly starts growing in your flower bed — when you KNOW you never planted an iris bulb. You may notice your pets acting strangely after someone you love passes.

Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

This is because animals have high vibrational energy, which means they can sense — and even SEE — the spirits who come to visit! These are all common signs from heaven. One of the most common signs from heaven is when electrical and technological devices get glitchy. Remember that when they pass over, spirits are helped and taught by others who have been there a while, and they may have been told that using electrical or technical devices are a good way to communicate with the living. If you were especially close to the one who recently past and spent a great deal of time with them, you may be able to sense their presence.

Many people find the connection with spirits of their loved ones comforting during that difficult time of mourning. Simply invite them in and let them know that you are open to receiving their communications Yes, they can hear you! Ask them to send you a sign when they are around. Pay attention to your environment and trust your instincts. Enter My Free Chatroom. I just could not sit still.

And he may not make it. The doctors came out and told me that his brain is probably dead and his robs are broken after 45minutesof trying. They will try one more time. I walked in, when they tried the last time and moved away, I could finally touch him. I held his hand and I said I am here. The green line jumped and started to move up and down, all the crew came back, one of the doctor showered, turn the monitor on!

It lasted secobds, we were all watching themonitor. I was so happy to see it. It confirmed me that he is still with me. I hear his comment here and there all the time…. Hi my daughter in law was pregnant when her mom passed away , she now has a 15 month old beautiful baby girl. My granddaughter is always looking up at the picture my daughter in law has on wall of her descended mother. What does this mean?

She would always just stare at the picture when she was an infant. The deceased grandmother was probaly standing near the picture blowing kisses at her grandaughter. And what do we do when someone blows a kiss…. She is able to visit her grand daughter. I wonder why, because I think about my mother everyday, that I never have dreams of her. Which I so badly want thank you. When I was a child, I dreamed that the nice man up the road died…I woke and found my mother upstairs crying because she had just found out he died. Years later when my grandmother passed, I lived a long way away from her and as far as I knew, she was doing fine…..

A couple of hours later I got the call that she had passed. When my dearly beloved cat passed away about 10 years ago, I cried out to her that I needed a sign…. It was such a joyful experience.

Then another night, I was in my bed, with my cat Samantha. Samantha always slept at the foot of the bed, because my kitty Phoenix the one who sadly died was already about 21 years old when I got Samantha, and Phoenix slept on my pillow and Samantha at the foot of the bed. This night, while I was laying there, I felt a cat jump on to my pillow. My first thought was that Samantha was getting on the pillow for the first time.

I reached behind my head to pat her and there was nothing there. I turned on the light and Samantha was at the foot of the bed. I also saw that Samantha was seeing Phoenix in the house the day after she passed…. But now years have passed, and I have recently lost my much loved dog 3 nights ago about to this minute I believe and am sinking in grief. Not sure if this was one, or just a coincidence, but about 10 minutes ago I set my alarm on my phone for the morning, I then closed the phone up, but the alarm started going off.

I turned it off and looked to see if I had accidentally set it for this time I believe she may have passed right about that time 3 nights ago…. I hope she sends me more signs. On Saturday July 21, my present wife had been fussing to me about something that I do not remember but I went out and was complaining to myself and to GOD at the same time.

I set down and looked up and toward the eastern sky and I saw these two whispy clouds when it was like either GOD took HIS finger or He blew between them and they moved like blood flows through our veins and quickly formed into the shape of a heart. Very soon after this it was pulled apart at the bottom and it all disappeared. Was this a sign from GOD to love my present wife or a sign from my previous wife who died 28 years ago that she was all right. My neighbour was driving me with my sick pug to the vets on friday as we pulled in the car park i remember seeing the closing time was she replied its only a few minuits over they will still have someone in at that point my dog passed away in my arms i had my watch on next day i collected my dog and drove him to the chapel of rest after saying my goodbyes i drove back and went for a beer while talking to a friend i realised i never put my watch on after my morning shower so searched my bag and got my watch out as i put it on i noticed it had stopped at the time my dog died it only had a new battery 2 months ago and it hasnt started again this happened 2 days ago.

There have been no signs, not a single one. When his mother died it was quite different. I could hear her voice and feel her presence all the time. One day I smelt her perfume waft over me and then she was gone. Ther only thing I have seen that was a bit unusual was a deer that stood and watched me. I feel utterly bereft. My mom died a few weeks ago. She died from cancer. On the day of her funeral, right as i was walking in, a really big rabbit jumped in front of me and stared at me. It literally came out of no where.

Also, the other night, my dad said he went down stairs to let the dogs out, and then decided to sleep in her bed he sleeps in a different room now he said when he layed down the covers, which were by his waist, were lifted up to his neck. Finally, last night, i had a very vivid dream about her. I was explaining that to my therapist just yesterday. In the dream, i was about to walk down the aisle with my dad to marry my boyfriend who was like a second son to my mom. As i was walking i felt someone grab my other hand on the other side of me.

I looked over and it was my mom. I always told her i wanted both her and my dad to walk me down. Hey Hannah sorry for your loss it just is not right or fair sometimes, I lost my nephew on his motorbike just over a year ago still miss him incredibly always know your mums watching you and that she lives through you now take care sweetheart x Buck. I want to share my story. I live in san diego, California so I took a plane flying from Tijuana that same night. I so want it to be there with my mother and sibs. I wanted to fly fast, fast. I did not see any injury.

I held it for a while, covered and hugged it with my two hands to give it some warmth. I thought this was a sign from my brother that wanted to say goodbye to me, his sister. I was thinking and talking aloud about my lovely son Garry who was tragically killed in a RTA three years ago in May I think about him every day and I talk to him most days, then last night whilst I was watching the TV a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder I have never seen a butterfly quite like it, it then went onto the mirror in front of me so I went over cupped it into my hand and I found myself talking to this butterfly.

When I opened the patio door this morning there it was on the inside of the curtain, so I found myself talking to it again, then I cupped it into my hand and it flew away. I was speaking with Garry telling him I have just one spoon not three like he used to and the next thing the light flickered. I have also had an orb go right across my TV screen. My daughter had the same happen to her she captured it on her phone as she was taking a picture of my two grandchildren at the time when it came out from the TV I was amazed, so these things do happen…..

I have hummingbird that comes to me every morning I go out on the deck of my new place to have coffee an he gets right in my face for a bit then flys off I put up a feeder for him an two females showed up but they dont get in my face like he does. My grandmother passed away about a year before my second child was born. I was sort of half sleeping on my side in the morning facing the inside of the bed. I felt a very strong poke in my back and turned expecting to see my husband standing there. I saw a split-second vision of a youngish woman in a white robe leaning over and straightening up to stand.

As she straightened she brought her hands up to her smiling mouth like she was covering a giggle, and then she was gone. I had a visitation dream from my deceased mother two years after she passed, it was beautiful. There names are Izaiha and Blake. We grew up in PA always close to each other. We always had a happy family, but of course we been having trouble with finding a house. We ended up moving into my older sisters for a while until we get a house.

Eventually the older I got the more depressed I got, I eventually cutted and everything but eventually I stopped and got better. Blake had it worse than me and everyone else. On July 1, , we found Blake dead in his closet. He ended up committing suicide. Nobody could believe it at first, we thought since I got better, he would too. Lately we have been seeing a lot of ladybugs and butterflies and birds, and Izaiha also had a vivid dream about Blake trying to tell him he is ok. There were 2 butterflies dancing and playing in corner of my yard where they loved to be the most.

I watched them fluttering into each other all the way up to my window. I knew for sure that was my fur babies in spirit to ease my pain in my heart. I hope they visit me again. My beautiful Grandmother who raised me from a baby and was my Mom in every way, passed on March 31, My 88 year old Grandmother was the strongest woman I have ever known. She was the family rock, the person that you can tell all your secrets to and know that she would keep them safely tucked away. She would do anything for anyone, she was just that special. Grandmother was funny, had a quick wit and never held back about what she felt about you.

In her 88 years, she never needed help physically, she was still driving and looked to still be in her 60s. She was a 19 year Breast Cancer survivor, which we celebrating yearly. Well, a minor back discomfort in December was the start of a healthy woman going from Healthy to Hospice to Heaven in 3 months. Her Cancer had returned and it had already spread throughout her body. After her passing, I took it surprisingly well, however the last few months have been very difficult for me.

I wanted so bad to feel her presence, hear her voice and to know that she was well… I have all my life been that person that could communicate with relatives that had transitioned, but for some reason the very person that was the closest person in my life, I could not feel her and I so desperately needed to.

So the last 3 days I have been sitting outside on the patio in the Morning Meditating and Praying, when each day a beautiful Red Cardinal would fly over me and land next to where I was sitting. It never happen before so today I took a picture of the Red Cardinal and looked up the significance of the bird. I found out that the Red Cardinal is a representative of a love one who passed away and they come to give us peace and comfort and to let us know that our love one is with us.

This has been an amazing day, I finally feel at peace with my Grandmothers passing. May everyone feel the presence of love from your loved one who is no longer on this earth with. Both of Parents are deceased. They communicate with me often. I saw a white glowing almost see through figure of my Father. He had a Toga on. With two women about7ft. Guiding him down the hallway. I felt like I was in a Trance. And as for my Mother. I hear hear tapping her fingernails beside my bed at night.

He used to smoke n had to quit. Shortly after he died, one day I heard a loud knocking, about knocks. Loud enough my dog barked no one was here. A huge sign was the morning I went to have my taxes done n I was upset, as I now checked the widow box. I did m the time was And numbers freak me out how I connect them to meaningful moments. Our first date was April 11, he passed on the 11th. I wish I could see him again looking healthy. I also think my dog is a vessel of his presence. I saw my mother with my own two eyes in Aug , 1. However, if a person is scared of spirits Like me , I simply choose to NOT see any of them…but I hope to see my mother on my wedding day.

She will be walking me down the isle. You should come see the GOD of my God in me! Her Light shines very brightly so you may want to put your spiritual shades on. Truly, in my world Head, shoulders , mind, soul and spirit, that there is no better place to be than on sitting on the Lap Of her in him that Sits on the Throne In me; and that is me. If your curious as to what she looks likes, then you can see Divva Starz photo on Facebook and then when you come and see her your can admit here on this forum that I did not lie.

My daddy passed away June 30th At the funeral I delivered the eulogy. A couple of days later my mom and I were sitting in her car in a parking lot having a serious discussion about my dad. All the sudden this truck rolled by blasting a song. My mom stopped mid-sentence and we both started to cry. Also he wrote a short story in the 90s about playing baseball as a child. He let me borrow that story to read about 3 or 4 years ago. A couple of days before he died he asked my mom to ask me about it.

My mom told me after he died if I found it she would like it back to try to publish. I panicked because we had moved since then and I had no clue what I had done with the dang thing. I was worried sick. A couple of nights ago I had the urge to look at my wedding photo that had my parents and my husband and I in it. I opened a drawer to look for it and right in top was that story. Never remember even swing it there before. I had a drawing on my sliding glass door of an ex-fiance. I found out a year and a half after he died. I had a dream of seeing him and his wife at a party and thought about this dream for 2 weeks and then I decided to look him up on line and there I found his obituary.

The picture stayed for about 2 to 3 weeks and then just dissappeared. I think he may have tried to tell me something about his death. I only know it was a jet ski accident and that he had critical neck injuries, but there is something across the top of his head in the picture that does not coincide with that story. My mother passed April 3, fairly young at only 56, my mom was my rock and I was only My mom was very sick but there was still hope, however when she took a turn for the worse it was a matter of days until she passed.

I am her youngest of three, and we were best friends she always said we had a mind between us. I handled her passing oddly well and could not believe how well I was doing consoling my older brother and sister. Obviously I have had good days and bad days and in the year she passed I feel I have had three visitation dreams. Also our TV turns off randomly and there is always a yellow butterfly flying around me outside whether walking or in my car I see one. Also right after she died I put her wreath on our front door of our condo, we lived on the ground floor so you had to walk down to the lower level in a cubby where our door was, and two birds built a nest with babies in the wreath, that had never happened before ever with our other wreath, and there were babies sitting in the wreath as we would open and close our door.

I like to think she is with me and I know it breaks her heart to see me so sad so I am hopeful to see her again one day I love her so much! Later that day we were in the car and suddenly a sent of hospital filled the car. Also when we finally arrived home I was the only one who smelt the strong sent of the hospice.

I hope so ,I do worry if he is safe. I am truly impressed and overwhelmed at how many people have added their stories. I lost my parents about 9 years ago and that took me oh so long to cope with. My X-husband became my best friend and regardless of relationships with others or even when I moved out of state, he was always available for me.

As the years went on, our friendship grew stronger and stronger and for several years, we have spoken on the phone, perhaps times per day about anything. Suddenly, while he was in Florida on vacation, not feeling well, he went to the hospital, believing he had pneumonia but the doctor came out and said they had done an ultrasound and found a mass in his pancreas and it did not look good. They advised him to fly home. He did; it was confirmed and he passed away 5 weeks later. I only saw him once, during the first week, before entering the hospital.

Then, he told my daughters he did not want me to see him like that and that I should not come; but, he called, no matter how ill or weak he was filling, as he could. I never saw him again and I loved him so very much. He passed away March 27, My days feel void and I miss him so very much. Then, yesterday walking home with my two dogs, approaching my driveway, an orange butterful flew slowly by us; I watched as it went to the front of my home then went into my tree and disappeared.

Am I just wishful thinking? I think the biggest key to knowing if a butterfly is a sign is this: Did it remind you of him? Did you feel his energy or sense his presence? My Dad communicates with my mom and me by turning a light and ceiling fan on and off in the room where he died….. Then, my dad came to us through a blue jay a thing he and I had ….. Right after mom passed, 3 of us saw a license plate on the same car 3 different times with her complete first name and last initial…..

Signs from Heaven

Keep the faith friends! I have experienced almost all of the signs mentioned. My husband passed away and I feel and believe that he has been communicating. Birds, feathers, boxes with the word feather written on it, temperature changes, heat turned off, music, specific songs, items in my path, radio interventions, physical touches, taps on the walls, visitational dreams, scents, flowers. All these were initially a lo overwhelming as it was just shortly after he passed away. I thot i was losing my mind but I knew it was him.

Voices in my head etc….. The signs have slowed down now but I do feel him close by. My son senses him all the time. I lost my darling hubby of 45 years last September and today when I was putting fresh flowers on his grave , I spoke to him.. My husband of days died unexpectedly January 5, The day that he died was going to be the day that we were going to sign a contract on a new home. I had never heard the song before, but for some reason I listened to it over and over, while crying my heart out.

The next day, I went to the builders office to discuss the house and at that time, I was going to make up my mind if I would move forward with the purchase or not. Stevie Wonder, I never dreamed you leave in summer. Right in the middle of the office, I broke down and cried.

Yes, she will be able to hear you. And I know that she will communicate with you if you pay attention. My mom passed in On two significant days first day of going back to college day I moved in with my boyfriend I found a white feather stuck to my drivers side door of my car. I kept both of those feathers.

You should also notice songs with personal meaning coming on the radio, or being played by a street or subway musician. She can hear you. Honestly you do not need a feather to speak to your mom, if she is in your heart. She is a living spirit; one who can see, hear, walk, talk to your spirit , and save IF you take heed to that very soft voice Her voice , speaking to you in your own spirit. Dreamt of my step daughter. It is thought that she took her own life. Her boyfriend was with her at the time and they had been arguing but we had no reason to believe he was responsible for her death.

Last night is when the dream occurred. I dreamt I was with some friends and family. They were saying that my step daughter was coming. This confused me but sure enough there she was! I asked her if she was happy. I was perplexed with her response. Then I woke up. Later in the day I was still unsure what she was trying to say to me. So I started a conversation with her saying I needed her to tell me what she meant. Can this be possible????? My Mom, aged 56years passed away on 4th June She walked and went in to the Hospital but came out in a Death Bed after 12 hrs.

I knew life would never be the same again. Heard sound of wood plate falling around 1am near the place where she was lied at rest till both her sons my brother and me arrive as we both stayed in different states. Feeling Heavy and Strong Presence of her in the bed she used to sleep. We just sat near the bed and started talking about her.

Also we kept the bed organized and the Fan running for 10 days above the bed as she never could tolerate Humidity. Always used to wake up at 2am for atleast 3 days and then started seeing So had to leave the place just checking where she took her last breath. I tried different app to communicate with Spirits as I was worried how will she manage alone in the Dark if she has to be alone. I was so so concerned. My Sister had few more incidents: Once I arrived home it seems with mild air the cloth over her face was trying to come over.

She was overwhelmed by seeing it. After few days I tried to control my emotions and started checking the photos, then I see this photo where I am wearing a traditional white dress and holding her face and giving final bye with tears rolling all over and all the people around crying. In this photo there is a reflection of a faded Woman face smiling, its not the guys wall paper, there was no woman standing near-by for any reflection. The same thing happened when I turned on the Parking light. I am taking the Jeep tomorrow for Tech check Servicing. I work in a Corporate Company and never it happened that Electricity would go for Computers but my PC got turned off completely twice in the middle of work and it actually dint loose much work but all my colleagues were shocked as all computers have active Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Whenever I read the last Hospital Bill or Death certificates or touch her favourite clothes or items, I feel very heavy in Head as if I caught cold. Finally not to forget every now and then I get complete Goosebumps from top to bottom and even now as I am typing. There were more interesting facts about her before leaving this life: Before 1 month of her death, She completed all her duties, paid all her dues and visited all Religious place and Relatives Houses and it was different this time.

It was like it was kind of a farewell from her side. I wish I knew. My Mom passed away just about 2 years ago. Since she passed, I see big hawks birds sitting watching me as I drive to work. I almost always see only one hawk. My mom used to point out hawks on the side of the road when I was a kid as we would drive on long trips. I believe this is her watching over me. I want to talk to both of my sons desperately. One was only three and a half when he was killed, is he now grown?

Will he come to me again? I have horrible nightmares about their passings and its so hard to deal with when I want them to be alright and happy. Have they met and are they together? I wonder because my youngest son was born a few years after my others son passed away. However his father has reached out to me so many times through songs, people, places!

Recently June 14 my son turned On the morning of his birthday my son walked in the kitchen came back out to the living room and saw that the TV was on, he asked if I turn it on which I did not, I asked him if he turned it on he did not, I asked if the cats bumped the Remotes, however they were put away.

Then my son was saying mom were talking about cancer on TV and it dawned on me with my other experiences that his father was reaching out to him. I asked him to turn off the TV he tried with both remotes he could not he walked up to the TV and could not turn it off.

I told him well we have to go to school I will take care of it when I come home. My son was pretty pale white when you went through that experience so I know what hit him pretty hard but it was pretty neat to me to experience very close and through the experience with my son. He had not been a very nice man to me while we were married however I took the highroad knowing that he could die because he had brain tumors.

Two weeks after he died we had a planned Hawaii trip for two years I was paying on. I actually had to do the ladies hair who I rented the condo from the next day at my salon. I did not want to cancel on her it was the only Day I could do your hair before I left for two weeks,. When she walked in the door she had a plant for me she did not know the liking or favorites of my ex-husband. My dad passed away last month. Two nights ago I awoke to my alarm clock while hearing his voice talking to me. I went upstairs and got chills as I walked into his office. So obviously the first ringing sound was not due to me trying to print.

I then called my sister to tell her what had happened. When I described the computer ringing sound, three beeping sounds from my phone in the same notes as the previous computer ringing randomly occurred. She did not hear the beeping herself on her end, so I was questioning whether I was just hearing things. But it seemed so loud and clear to me. When I was 5 my sister was born on April 25th, and died 6 weeks later.

Lately, I have been seeing signs from her.

What people are talking about . . .

Fast forward July 2nd to the day our family was at the funeral home trying to pick out a casket and after a few minutes my husband calls me over and shows me a casket that is named Brand and color Jackson Copper! I believed every word of it. They will try one more time. I handled her passing oddly well and could not believe how well I was doing consoling my older brother and sister. I was cleaning out some of his things after his death, and I went to throw it away. My cousin and I had a visit within moments of leaving the hospital from a yellow butterfly. My X-husband became my best friend and regardless of relationships with others or even when I moved out of state, he was always available for me.

A few weeks ago, I went to the cemetery where she was buried for the first time in years. I stayed for a while and as I began to leave I noticed a butterfly. It was flying around my feet and trying to land on them. I stuck out my hand, and said it again. And the butterfly flew to me and landed on my hand.

I went to the cemetery a week later to tell my sister some good news about my life. I was thinking about the butterflies, and I was like how weird would it be if there was another butterfly. I open my door to get out at the cemetery, and before I can even get out of my car… the same kind of butterfly landed on my open car door. I broke down in tears. It is truly amazing. I shared these experiences with my mother, and she said she also has experienced this butterfly thing.

My Ex favorite song played in my head yesterday morning as I got up. All I could do is repeat those 3 songs. Its been over 5yrs when he passed away. My heart just fluttered. I feel like he was the only one who loved me. We both had issues in our life, so we went our separate ways. But he always seem to find me know matter what. Rite before he died he came and visit me we went to a friend of his house.

That was the 1st time someone came to see me before the passed away. Yesterday I felt like I desperately wanted him. Like I wanted it to be so real. Thank You Tracie Johns. Can one get a sign many years after death, or is it only right after their death? Yesterday I was sitting outside with a friend and we noticed a blue jay which is rare to begin with flying from wire to wire, then land on a roof near by, then it landed right in front of us and started hopping around for a while then flew off.

Did I just have two signs in just as many weeks? My mom passed on May 7th. My good friend from my church text me one morning saying she dreamt of my mom and she was beautiful. She also said she was in her presence in the dream and watching me as I was preoccupied in the dream. So, maybe she used my friend to let me know she ok and is with me. My dad passed away exactly a month ago yesterday. Even my toddler knocked and nothing. We opened the window and talked to it and it just sat there. We actually wondered if it was even alive.

I wonder if this was a sign from my dad. Could this be a sign my husband passed away April 28th and my daughter posted a video to her father on fathers day the year before he passed and he had posted a message on there. But when people look on her facebook the comment states 3y and on her phone it clearly says 2y. The comment he wrote three years ago talked about her being daddys little girl and he would always be the one who loved her first and held her first and he would love her always even after he takes his last breath.

Is this a sign maybe? We just lost our family pet after 19 years this morning and was kind of sudden despise his age. My daughter is divested and crying constantly. My grandma passed away on november 9th and it was a very hard death for me to cope with because she was the only real grandma ive ever had. One night i was downstairs and i smelt her perfume in a certain spot and than i tried going back to the same spot and it was gone. Than a few days ago me and my nephew were in our swimming pool and a butterfly followed us around the whole day and even landed on my foot and my nephews head.

I truly believe that was my grammy. My wife passed away on February 27, We were alone in her dorm room and talking about her mom, when I got a little emotional and started to cry a little. My daughter came over and gave me a big hug, and while we were hugging, the power in the room and all the lights flickered off, then on again, off, then on again, off one more time, and on again, then stayed on for good — three times in quick succession.

After reading this article and others like it, and seeing that flickering lights are a common sign from the spirit world, it just confirms what we already knew and felt and that she was there with us. Definitely a beautiful sign. My grandmother passed away on Saturday, June 9th. Her funeral was on Wednesday. The very next day, I was thinking of her as I was driving to work. Also, my uncle her son is named Ron. Ron is still alive, but his son my cousin passed away several years ago at the age of I believe that this was a sign from heaven that my grandmother and my cousin have reunited and they were saying hello.

Additionally, just yesterday I was driving to run an errand, and all of a sudden I smelled the scent of cigarette smoke. My grandmother smoked cigarettes nearly her entire life. The scent only lasted for a minute or two, and I believe it was a sign that she was with me, or at least thinking of me. We had to come to California to share his final moments. He knew his death was coming. He was telling us goodbye as recent as a few weeks ago. My parents slept in my grandfathers room and I went in there early in the morning to mourn my grandpa and chat with my parents.

My mom then told me that if I am a believer I am then my grandfather is in a better place. A few seconds later we heard what sounded like a door bell. Nothing fell on it or anything. We checked the boxes where the other alarms were and they had no batteries. Only the one on the table did and there was no way anybody could have pushed it. That was our proof of grandpa telling us he was okay. My mother passed away last Sunday evening.

After a lot grieving, I finally fell asleep, but awoke periodically as my mind was racing. The door and the window in my small room were closed. There was no heat register in my room. My room was very warm but very still. Then, all of the sudden, I felt a rush of air, like a cool breeze, flow across my lower body, which was uncovered at the time.

I became distinctly aware that something had just passed over me. My grandfather passed away on Tuesday. My mother, almost instantly, had a visit from a yellow butterfly and a significant song. My cousin and I had a visit within moments of leaving the hospital from a yellow butterfly.

6 Signs from Heaven

My husband, who had taken my children to the park, said a yellow butterfly flew al alround them. My grandpa wanted us to know he was ok. My only Son, Shane 44 yrs was recently on his way to work May 7, and was killed instantly when he hit a box truck head on. On Monday, May 28th. I was working on the pool getting it cleaned up and ready to open. I noticed a little butterfly on the handle of the ladder. I felt my heart jump and I heard myself gasp because at that moment I knew it was my Son! I knew without a doubt it was him because his right arm was broken when he had the accident. I put my hand down next to the butterfly and it hopped right up on my hand and just sat there looking at me while I talked to it.

That has been the best thing that has happened to me since his accident. Also, there is something else that frequently happens. Shane was a self taught musician and while he could play any instrument, his favorite was guitar. He played in church, tent revivals, and would go visit people in nursing homes and play and sing for them. I just wanted to share this with the hope that it may help someone else who may have also recently lost someone and is having a hard time learning to live with it like I am.

Hello Dawn We lost our son also on May 8th at the age of He had 2 sisters and we all loved one another very much. He would teach his younger sisters how to drive ro get their license and stay up late to help them with their homework. A beautiful thing he did for his youngest siter also was beautiful. My daughter had just come home from a junior prom and had not had a boy ask her to dance throughou the night.

When she cam home from it He asked her how it went. When she responded that no boy danced with her he put on her favorite song and danced in the living room while she still wore her prom dress. He was a very humble and meek erson who loved his famly and loved others. I hurt so much as I miss him every moment. It is hard to understand and get through the greates painb I have ever know not having him. I know that the promise of the Heavenly Father shall reunite us oncre again when Jesus returns.

God Bless You Dawn. My late husband appeared in photo that I took last Christmas. Only realised it a week after Christmas when I browse through the photo. I know he still looking up after me. Recently I dreamt about him. He came fr visit and i found feather on my pillow. Once a while bird will fly in my balcony and hang around for while.

I know he love me so much. My mum passed away on thursday morning when i went to bed Thursday night i found a feather in my bed and tuesday night i had a moth land on my hand me and mum discussed sending signs that she was ok when she passed so i am taking comfort in these little things that she is now safe and ok in her next journey. Hello all My mum passed just over a year ago and today for the first time she came to pay me a visit. I was standing in the kitchen and her faint image passed from the hall into the living room.

Then I had tiny goose bumps and a chill all over my body. And there have been white feathers outside the front door. I ve been desperate to hear from her. Hello, My name is Darrick. So 2 years and a half almost 3 years, my mom passed away 6 days before my birthday. So about 2 days later I fell asleep in her bed with my body positioned awkwardly. The back of my arm and hand were up against the wall and I laid on my left side which left my right ear out and exsposed.

The guy didnt come off as scary or evil more of a im going to let you talk to your son but we gotta go. It felt extremely real. The breath on the ear and the hand thing was so uncanny for her not to had physically been right there with me. I felt so happy and sad at the same time but more so sad. Then as days and weeks went on i use to have crazy random dreams about her. My mother was a very outgoing jokester. I know that im writing too much but the night she died, that morning I actually woke up from a dream of her getting shot and dying and I told her about it. That was a weird day for me because she was actually watching my favorite tv shows with me wich she despises of.

Hello everyone, I have some recent experiences I would like to share. For the last week the spiritual activity in my house has been very active. It all started with objects near me randomly falling over or being knocked off the counter ,also the flickering light bulb in my kitchen… and then it esclated to my hair being grazed while I was talking, and the other person said my eyes got so big after I felt the movement of my hair.

Just last night I was sitting in my room and I got up to go out and as I did I felt like I bumped into somthing.. After i walked by the stand the windchime went off like it was touched and I turned around and asked my aunt did she hear that and she said yeah,but listen to what I just saw before you walked in…My au t had said she saw a shadow figure in the corner of her eye walk out before I even got up and she thought I was walking in but I didnt until like 15 seconds later…To conclude this, I woke up this morning and my dow was low-growling at the window and tv corner and nothing was there..

My mom came in and said my grandmother was probably watching over us,and as soon as she said that a ladybug flew on her and sat there. Does this sound like a visit from my loved one? Or the tricks its playing is that a sign of another spirit? The knocking things off the counter and low growling to me is a little beyond what our loved ones normally do to reach out.

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I have indeed had visits and signs made from my deceased loved one. I can now honestly say with positively with confirmation that my brother is always with me, and im not crazy. I knew since the very first day that the light started flickering that it was my brother who passed away on june 2nd, Your sis always rosie. My father passed in January and a month ago I sat in his car that he left me and I could smell his scent!!! That was the only time I ever smelled it.

I read this and I broke down in tears because I knew he was sending me a message. I have some of my deceased parents belongings. They worked hard for the items. Its hard for me to just give it away and I also am not sure if Mom and Dad know that I have their things. I dont want to get rid of something if they are aware I have it as they always loved their furniture and worked hard for it. Do the deceased know what we kept of theirs? I dont want to hurt their feelings. My mom died on the 26th of April from stage 4 breast cancer. We were talking beforehand and if it were possible, she would send me a sign via a ladybug landing on me as to say hello.

She had been unconscious for two days before she died, and 6 hours before she passed I was getting in my car to go see her and had a ladybug fly right into my car and landed on my hand. Is it possible for the soul to leave the body before the body dies? And do you think that was Mom? Was that a sign to? Especially hearing she was unconscious… What a beautiful and such a clear sign from your mother!

When I lost my husband of 25 years, I started finding dimes in the oddest of places. I looked it up online and realized that it was him trying to tell me that he was ok. The last one I found was the oddest of all. On his dresser that had been a little tattered box that probably used to hold a piece of jewelry. I was cleaning out some of his things after his death, and I went to throw it away. There was no weight to it and no sound when it was shaken, but something told me to just check the inside first.

It was a dime with a straight pin through it. Now please realize that he was not at all a sentimental man, and there was literally no reason for him to have this made or to keep it. I had never seen it before. On closer inspection, I realized that dime was minted in the year that we had met. I just had to sit down for a while! I cried and cried.

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After that, the dimes ended. The dream seems so real I can even smell his Sent, I truly believe with all my heart that he is visiting me. When I wake up from the dream I feel good, its hard to explain. But thank you thi. Thanks for sharing your experience Kayla! Moments like these are truly so precious and beautiful. I feel the presence of both my mother and my father not at the same time. Their presence is very clear and distinct to who they are, ie, first a strong sensie of them by me, and their distinct scent. Their presence is like nothing I have ever felt before.

I never know when they will appear, but I feel such peace when they do come to me. My mom died in january of a long time heart ailment age 81, in the usa. The doctors knew she was going fast so i flew from france on. Strangely , in the week following while remaining at the family house , i did not feel the incredible sadness i thought i would feel losing my dear mother.

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But some favorites i could not find. He was so close to my mom over the years and she would have surely loved to come to this special celebration.

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My son gave us a tour of his college town , the highlights being the blocks full of antiques stores he enjoyed visiting. It was bittersweet for me because i knew how much my mom and her companion had loved browsing antiques shops when they came to visit us twice a year. I kept remarking aloud for hours about this to my son and husband. I brushed it off and decided to not go inside but then a rack of vintage clothes set out on the sidewalk stopped me in my tracks: They knew immediately it was an identical dress to our mother.

That in itself was a miracle , then one sister reminded me it was the same dress my mom had loaned me to wear for a portrait she had painted of me as a teen. The same painting i could not find at her house after her death. Forty years later and 3, miles away this dress appears. I felt it was a sign from mom saying she was there with us , and knows i should still try to find this missing painting she painted of me wearing her dress.

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I have had a few occurrences that let me know my husband Marty is near. He loved surfing, and died in a surfing accident in Sept. Later that morning, I noticed sand scattered on my hardwood floor! Neither my daughter or I had been to the beach recently. My neighbors had come by, and I invited them in to look at it. One had commented on a footprint! Also, I had a breadbasket on a shelf in my kitchen which had fallen onto the counter numerous times. Nothing else had fallen from that shelf.

I started taking pictures of it. One time, after I had come inside from being away, I saw the basket and contents spilled to the floor! I laid in bed one night , and the saying bridge over troubled water kept going threw my head , so I got up to see what it ment , the internet took me to utube and a beautiful song started playing , then all of a sudden I connected with my son Shane he took words out of that song and with out words said he was heartbroken, but would dry my eyes when I cry , it was like his mind was placing them words in my mind , and it felt like a good bye ,.

My mum sadly passed on Monday evening, following several years suffering with a terminal illness. She died with myself and my sister by her bedside holding her hand and talking to her. Two other things I wonder about. I really hope she knows how much I loved her and still do.

My mother and father are both deceased but they both have made it obvious that they are around us. My dreams are usually vivid regarding them. They both told me in a visitation dream that they were okay. I had a dream that was like outter body experience about them being in Heaven together. Yes I have seen things like the pennys, and my alarm clock the one that does not work rang for me to get up as soon as I touched it it stopped, This is my daughter who passed away, Can she see me?

I miss her so much. Hi My girlfriend passed three months back and through my grief for her i became close with one of her friends and one night i thought she wanted to kiss me and I thought to myself. I took it that was telling me it was not time or it was not right for me. I found an old phone and went through our old text and the last date was April 5.