Homeless in Santa Bruta & Winter Sun - Two plays about homelessness and mental illness

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Board member Kerry Morrison recommended that the motel conversion applications be approved pending completion of the process, and the vote was unanimous. In recent weeks, Garcetti and other city officials have celebrated the opening of toilets and showers on skid row, and announced plans for 67 temporary housing units in trailers on a downtown city parking lot as a pilot project.

Experts: Youth homelessness is reaching a crisis

River, where storm drains are toilets and people bathe in the water. This is not a disaster movie, nor a dystopian dream in which rules and social contracts do not apply. Former Mayor Jim Hahn once told me that as a kid, he went on rides with his dad, Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, and his job was to look for potholes that needed to be fixed.

Getting people off the street is not easy in every case, and I know this from personal experience, having worked for an entire year with the help of mental health professionals to bring a friend indoors. One block, 31 tents. So here is my question — a question that taxpayers, merchants, sympathetic observers, disillusioned critics and the homeless themselves have every right to ask: When, if ever, will the situation get better? Tents line up along South Beaudry Avenue. Homelessness across greater L. For all that, Ridley-Thomas said, local officials got a late start. Mayor Tom Bradley, Mayor Richard Riordan, Mayor James Hahn, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor Eric Garcetti, On skid row, I asked a social worker if numbers are up.

People take refuge from the street and sleep in the entrance of the Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles. A man climbs into the garbage bin in an alley in Los Angeles. A woman washes her hands with hand sanitizer as she sits outside the Midnight Mission in L. This is Los Angeles. It sounded very familiar. You are now following this newsletter.

Be the first to comment Hide Comments. Braddock has headed the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition since KW The Florida Keys Outreach Coalition commemorated National Recovery Month September by presenting the Anchors Aweigh Club with its Community Partner Award in appreciation for providing a gathering place where residents and visitors can turn for help, support and safety as they recover from alcohol and substance abuse.

For more information about the Club visit www. A few years ago, Alisa Bazo of Key West didn't think much of the homeless men and women living on the island. Panhandlers, she figured, or drunks who didn't want help. Homelessness wasn't on her mind. She found herself with nothing to hold onto, nowhere to go, no one to call. She slept for five nights in a neighbor's yard. They help with the intake of new clients and keep up with supplies. They also can listen to others drained from addiction, alcoholism, disability or financial collapse and nod in complete understanding.

Bazo marveled at the fact that this year was the first time she has ever had a Labor Day holiday off, with pay, due to the internship. Both are interested in studying addiction counseling. The money, however, will first help them earn their GEDs. FKOC approached Bazo and Sakis about the internships, originally presented as only an opportunity for one person. Stephanie Kaple, women's program manager at FKOC, said the staff couldn't choose between the two and so she brought the decision to the Rev.

Steve Braddock, president and CEO of the nonprofit. Braddock said he would see what he could do. Soon, there were two internships available, both paid by the outside grant. We believe in all of our clients. But these two we could see were in line with our goals at FKOC. She is able to comfort new clients who often come in straight from the streets.

There is no judgment. She is beginning to see in herself what her co-workers tell her they see: The work, taxing at times, involves watching people's lives fall apart and sometimes come together. Sakis, who has been a volunteer at FKOC for two years, said he is learning not to take it personally if someone he cares about relapses. His own sobriety of seven years didn't come easily, he recalled.

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When his parents died years back, he landed in Key West "looking for something. It would be years, however, until he had a moment of clarity. His sister died, and Sakis said he had a sudden grasp of his own mortality. Giving to others has become a way of life for Sakis and Bazo, whose co-workers tease her over her dedication to holiday decorations, which she drapes across the living quarters in staggering amounts. But behind the laughter, Bazo and the staff know that such things can matter dearly.

Photo Courtesy of Ronald Roberts. Publix is the longest contributing sponsor in FKOC's year history of providing housing and supportive services to individuals and families recovering from homelessness in our community. Towards the end of his life Jenkins was asked how much he'd be worth if he had not given so much of his money away?

Jenkins responded, "Probably nothing. Photo Courtesy of Digital Island Media.

Homeless in Santa Bruta & Winter Sun - Two plays about homelessness and mental illness - Kindle edition by Robert Wiltsey. Download it once and read it on . Play Video She tolerated the social workers, cops, mental health counselors and church Genny Lucchesi lived homeless in Sacramento for two decades before the nexus between homelessness and untreated mental illness. her from the sun and a subzero sleeping bag to keep her warm in winter.

FKOC is the first homeless service provider established in the Florida Keys to aide individuals and families. The group operates five residential facilities and a food pantry. Ron Roberts, Bill Malpass, Dr. Randy Becker, Paul Clayton, Rev. Larry Schenck, Gina Pecora, Rev. Rose Chan, Niels Hubbell. For more pictures and Awards, click here! Mardones was former FKOC employee who was killed in a tragic accident last year. April Sailors Help Homeless Coalition. The massive foot ship is docked in Key West before deploying to the Baltic Sea this week.

The award is sponsored by Legacy Films, the producer of the movie Have You Seen Clem, a "docu-dram-edy" that featured Edward Kidd, a Key West homeless man well known for his generosity and humanitarian spirit. Kidd died soon after the award winning movie was released. Avael is flanked by last year's honoree, J. Stephen Braddock, the awards first recipient. Braddock praised Avael for her tireless advocacy on behalf of the homeless, children, families, elderly, disabled, addicted and mentally ill.

She recently retired after a distinguished year career of public service but continues to volunteer and serve on a number of community boards. Call for more information. See full story here. Photo Courtesy of Carnival Freedom. Captain Agostino Fazio welcomed Rev.

Homeless and pregnant women find a safe haven. FKOC operates five transitional housing facilities with supportive services that accommodate up to homeless individuals and families. For full story and photos, click here. The donation was made in memory of her late husband and clinic founder, Dr. He died August 13th at age A second distribution site has been established at St. Call for assistance or information. Peter's Deacon, Sarah Fowler; St.

New law, task force aims to protect homeless. Wednesday, April 21, The finest act of love you can perform is not an act of service, but an act of contemplation, of seeing. When you see others in their inner beauty and goodness you transform and create. See the positive results by clicking here See a video of this remarkable show.

Loaves and Fish Multiplies. The FKOC, a non-profit c 3 organization, supports its programs through local, state and federal grants, foundations, and corporate and private donations. A copy of the official registration CH and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll free within the state.

Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. Box Key West, FL FKOC committed to saving this program that serves many of our community's most vulnerable residents and even increased the number of Permanent Supportive Housing beds available in Monroe County. Peacock offers housing and essential services for individuals living with serious mental illness. They go back and forth, and the idea they're two distinct populations is inaccurate.

A more plausible theory is that youth homelessness has not suddenly skyrocketed; instead, it has gone unnoticed. It may have been widespread for years, and data is beginning to trickle in that shows its extent. Many of the experts who were interviewed by the Voice say they believe youth homelessness has been steadily increasing since the s, when the federal government ceased most direct funding of affordable housing.

We put an undue emphasis on personal responsibility on this issue, but that ignores the national crisis that is growing. Victoria, a mother of four, moved to Mountain View last year because her husband had family in the area, and he thought he could find stable work in the bustling construction industry. Back in Los Angeles, her husband's boss didn't pay him for months and the couple drained their savings waiting for a paycheck that never came.

At her request, the Voice changed her name to protect the privacy of her children, who attend local schools. When the family arrived in Mountain View, the plan to bunk with relatives didn't work out "family issues," Victoria said. Instead, her husband's relatives gave them a car and for a time, the family of six squeezed inside the sedan and tried to sleep in a Safeway parking lot.

Her older children, ages 12, 10 and 8 years old, sleep up in the trailer loft while her 2-year-old sleeps in a car seat. Victoria and her husband sleep head-to-head on the floor. During last summer's grueling heatwave, Victoria said she often stayed up through the night to fan her children so they could sleep. The plight of Victoria and Francisco Vargas and their families is not unique.

Mental Illness Propels Woman's Startling Descent Into Homelessness

In Mountain View, homelessness has become harder to ignore, as several neighborhoods have transformed into de facto trailer parks for people living out of cars, RVs and trailers. As of March, there are nearly inhabited vehicles throughout the city, nearly double the number from last year, according to city officials. A series of new studies are beginning to show just how prevalent youth homelessness has become in the U. The study with a widest scope came from a national survey of more than 26, people conducted by the University of Chicago Chapin Hall school. Unlike the routine on-the-ground counts, this study was a conducted in as a phone survey by the Gallup polling firm.

Households with young people were called up and respondents were asked whether any youth had couchsurfed or been homeless over the past year. From that survey, the study found that one in 10 young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 were experiencing some form of homelessness -- roughly 3.

Between the ages of 13 and 17, at least one in 30 were experiencing homelessness, or about one in every classroom, according to the study. Surprisingly, the Chapin Hill study found homelessness was prevalent in both rural and urban areas; it was a problem shared by San Francisco as well as South Dakota. These findings are mirrored in a mix of other recently published reports. About one in 10 college students in California are homeless, according to a report by the California State University system. About one in five college students lacked enough food to eat.

More locally, the Santa Clara-based Bill Wilson Center surveyed South Bay community colleges and reported that 44 percent of students -- nearly half the student body -- identified a classmate who was experiencing homelessness. The study eliminated duplicate student names provided by those surveyed, Flores said. While the growing body of research shows that youth homelessness is becoming widely prevalent, federal and state policy for the most part continues to ignore this segment of the homeless population.

Most resources for homelessness are directed toward the so-called chronically homeless, who are defined as individuals with a disability who have been living on the street for a year or more. But focusing on helping only the most dire cases ignores the source of homelessness, experts say. Spanish translation was provided by Amieva-Wang.

This investigative report is the first in a two-part series on youth homelessness that was supported by a California Data Journalism fellowship from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism. Drive it yourself and see. And do everything you can to fight all the moves to eliminate the office caps that will only make the situation worse. Our country is failing. It's not just Santa Clara County. We definirtely need to make our country great again, but I don't see what electing a President who cannot be trusted with secrets, or one that must be babysat like a 4 year old because he doesn't know how to do his job has to do with this.

The people in power instead of growing and nurturing the economy are shutting it down and exporting it abroad to direct all the money upward to an elite militant group of global capitalists who don't really care about countries or people, just how much money they can steal to impress each other and invent more hoops to get government to jump through for them. In the pockets of foreign investors, in the pockets of anonyous political donors to do nothing about it, in the pockets of the people who bought up all the housing when they made money in the stock market in Silicon Valley?

Now people work in Silicon Valley and the majority think they make good money, but how much of their pay goes Unemployment is very low. Housing is virtually unavailable. I recommend not moving here. These are not San Franciscans who have been laid off, hit hard times, have no friends, no family. They are individuals who choose not to work legitimately, want to live an alternative lifestyle of living on the street and hanging out, getting benefits. Panhandling is NOT necessary, but a choice and not ok for society. Smashing car windiws is a crime and nit necessary for survival.

But rather like places such as Santa Barbara, this place, Palo Alto, is not wise to choose as there is a high cost of living here. There are plenty of reasonable metro areas- how about Houston? What have we done to draw people to an area that they will not find a job in or a place to live. There are a lot of organizations that encourage young people to come here.

Tents line up along South Beaudry Avenue. The coalition never charges extra for children, and most prospective renters are on some sort of disability, Braddock said. Sometimes I get the feeling that many of our elected officials are preoccupied with other issues that offer higher rewards to their careers and standing. Not your decision to make. The coast lines are filled with resorts for tourists that equate to jobs. It was not even known, until , how much the city of Los Angeles was spending to curb homelessness. He also toured our newly constructed units for disabled individuals and families.

We should be encouraging the young people to stay at their homes, finish school and then focus on getting a job. I grew up in LA and we all knew what was expected - we had to finish school, go to college, and then get a job. What are people saying to young people to let them think that they will get any where without the initial effort on their part to first accomplish all of the tried and true goals for young people.

If you look at Expedia - travel site you will see that it has all of the amenities of any major European City.

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The coast lines are filled with resorts for tourists that equate to jobs. And yet people send their children across the deserts alone or with coyotes to the border instead of any major city within the country. A new political party is in power that recognizes the problem and is trying to fix it. The problem is at the origin and we are not required to solve every countries problems.

They have to do that. It is not DT's fault that the parents do this. And you all want to think that DT, who has been in position for 1 year is the reason that this is happening. SORRY - you cannot sell that position - The D party is going to have to come up with actual solutions vs trying to off load blame. And no - Socialism is not the answer. That is some pathetic response. Extra points for blaming "others" as Socialists. Congrats, you earned your Alex Jones points for the day.

What about the children? This is about the children - each country needs to work on their educational responsibilities to keep the children growing within their own countries and within their own families. And no - socialism is not the answer. Governance within each country is the problem and each country needs to fix it. So what are you doing to fix it?. Great focus on the school systems to try and keep the children moving forward to graduation and further devlopment.

If you read the whole article you have lots of people living in motor homes who have no job. What is drawing them to this location if there is no work for them? Who is selling what to these people?

More than 2,500 youth under age 25 deemed homeless in Santa Clara County

Davis, I submit that this youth problems, homeless problem and a lot of other issues are political because they result from systemic rejection of local and national democracy Choose to have the number of children that makes sense for your situation and understand you will need to support them. It is irresponsible to assume random others will do this. In a nutshell, that has often been the history of our country when it comes to initiating progressive changes and improvements.

And yes, it is the overall responsibility of our elected representatives as well as the judicial system to ensure a perpetual democracy for all as per the US Constitution. Sometimes I get the feeling that many of our elected officials are preoccupied with other issues that offer higher rewards to their careers and standing. Unfortunate that an overall sense of humanity often tends to take a back seat to matters like development projects and re-election campaigns. Some leaders should be setting a better example. We are not, certainly, a community based on the dehumanizing exclusionist language used by our president.

We can, I propose, do more to open up our space to temporary shelter such as mobile homes as a small step in support of these families. Their life is a very far cry from our own ultra-comfortable existence. I propose, for example, to use available residential street space more effectively and I would welcome the opportunity to provide utility hookup to my own, if that could be practical and helpful as a short term aid. Others should take similar steps as they see fit.

In the near term, I support increased transit and development as this allows freer movement and may shorten daily travel, thereby reducing congestion.

Experts: Youth homelessness is reaching a crisis | News | Palo Alto Online |

What is taking place right now with parents of children making them cross the desert is what is de-humanizing. Each country needs to take care of their citizens and put the protections in to do that. Each country has to govern themselves to today's standards. As to the suggestion of using residential street space for random people parking is not acceptable to me.

There is space available on the east side of in the business district which should be used. And Portable potties can be provided to that end. The city needs to create a formal response and provide for that vs random parking all over the city. Please do not make assumptions about resolutions which affect more than your household. Not your decision to make. Churches are providing some parking space. There is space available on the east side of