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Many of those animals, including Teymour, are endangered or exotic, and were initially bought on the black market. However, the trade in endangered wildlife remains a problem in the Gulf, where owning expensive exotic pets, especially big cats, is the ultimate status symbol. None of the pet owners we approached would speak on the record about illegally purchasing exotic animals, but many amateur videos uploaded online attest to their popularity among young men in the Gulf.

In one YouTube clip that was widely viewed in the region, a man frightens his friend by chasing him around the living room with a chained lioness. Another clip shows a group of men walking a cheetah on a leash in an indoor location. There's even a man trying to ride a fully grown lion. It is all about bragging rights for the men buying these animals, says Ali.

But this is not courage; this is animal rights abuse.

Big Cat Times 2012 04

It has largely fallen on private individuals like Ali, backed by the government, to care for neglected illegally obtained animals. The large cages harbor a staggering variety of rare animals -- white lions, white tigers, black jaguars, cheetahs, baboons and wolves -- to name a few. Also on Inside the Middle East: Saudi foodies ditch fast food for fine dining.

The the petite mother of four cares for almost animals as varied as iguanas, alpacas, foxes, monkeys and pheasants in her residential villa that doubles up as the Dubai Animal Rescue Center. All the animals were abandoned or rescued and some are exotic and endangered.

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Her closest friend, an endangered South American macaw named Rio, was abandoned in a cardboard box in a parking lot. Rio sits perched on her shoulder throughout the interview, pecking at the microphone.

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Relying on help from volunteers, Kelaif spends most of her income taking care of the animals. I don't have any retirement fund; it's all for the animals," said Kelaif. She added that she carries financial burden because the reward is priceless. The are so many fake sites which said they have the book that I want like latest Harry Potter. This is the first that worked! Recent Activity Loading activity Korryn McMinn Finally I can download and read this ebook.

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Such people often have a great interest in maintaining wild populations. Reptile forums is extremely responsible. Yet that wall does not exist. The rest of her writing is a diatribe trying to cover her rear end on facts that have been presented about her. Many share their cages with one or more compatible companions——all sterilized, to preclude any possibility of breeding. But the Baskins hope that the need for rescue work will be substantially diminished by the time the youngest Big Cat Rescue animals are the ages that the oldest have reached now, and that additions to the Memorial Wall will become steadily fewer. I had never heard anything so heartless and now the pile of dead cats in the corner hit me with the reality of a freight train.

Tara Leigh I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site. But for many months since then, he has been paying legal fees that very likely exceed the amount of the monthly payments we suggested.

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While Big Cat Rescue offers guided visitor access, for an admission fee somewhat higher than that charged by major zoos, it is not a zoo, and the Baskins, like most operators for facilities called sanctuaries, insist on the difference. Big Cat Rescue is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, formed in with support from several national animal advocacy organizations.

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The Association of Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association, founded in and , respectively, also enjoy strong credibility among animal care professionals. A liger, bred by crossing a lion with a tiger, at Big Cat Rescue. Ligers do not occur in the wild.

But many quasi-sanctuarians, while similarly insisting that they are not running zoos, operate under the umbrella of the Zoo Association of America, formed by merging several other entities in The Zoo Association of America differs philosophically from the sanctuary accreditation associations in allowing a variety of practices which amount to using animals to raise revenue, rather than ensuring that they are not economically exploited.

At the same time, the Zoo Association of America differs philosophically from the American Zoo Association in allowing unrestricted breeding.

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There are no shortage of critics of the corrosive effects of the rise of the Zoo Association of America on animal care standards, especially within the American Zoo Association, but few of those critics are more outspoken than Carole and Howard Baskin. A white tiger at Big Cat Rescue. Some sanctuaries now have more cast-off white tigers than the sum of all white tigers ever reported in the wild. Much time and money has been spent on branding so that zoo-goers know if they are supporting a good zoo or a bad zoo. There has never been a serious threat to that branding until the ZAA began heralding themselves as an accrediting body.

These SSPs are managed by experts for each species of animal. Matings are suggested based upon providing the most genetic diversity and healthy specimens. This is why the AZA does not condone breeding white tigers, white lions or other inbred animals. The Baskins tends to be most incensed by people who not only breed large and exotic cats, for whom there are no suitable homes, but make money by exhibiting the cubs. Big Cat Rescue volunteers prepare behavioral enrichment toys for the cats.

Big Cat Rescue has a large volunteer corps, more than 80 people at any given time, who make behavioral enrichment toys for the cats, manage the gift shop, organize fundraising events, and do a wide variety of other chores around the grounds. But no one at Big Cat Rescue, including Carole and Howard Baskin themselves, has routine physical contact with the resident cats, or enters the cages.

Big Cat Rescue: remembering every large & exotic cat

Cleaning and feeding are done with equipment that avoids the risk of contact. If a Big Cat Rescue cat must undergo a veterinary examination or procedure, the cat is sedated before anyone enters the cage. Big Cat Rescue frequently hosts photographers, both from news media and for paid commercial photo shoots. Many of the Big Cat Rescue cat enclosures have been designed to enable photographers to capture images suitable for calendars, postcards, t-shirts, and other uses in which the animals appear to be in the wild, without actually putting anyone in proximity to an animal.

Much more attention, though, has been put into giving the resident large and exotic cats at least a semblance of life in the wild. Few of the cats spend all of their time in just one cage. Rather, cages are linked by corridors to other cages, set at angles to each other, offering the resident animals a variety of views, including views of other animals. Most of the cages include trees, or whole copses of trees.

Most of the sightlines offer varied backgrounds, within which shifting shadows, vegetation moving in the breeze, other cats in distant cages, and workers on the access paths may present stimulating motion. Instead of just one place to climb and hide, most of the Big Cat Rescue cats have several. Many share their cages with one or more compatible companions——all sterilized, to preclude any possibility of breeding. The bigger animals with larger space needs, especially tigers, take turns sharing a large open exercise area, larger than a football field, with a pond.

Those who get along well with each other may share the open area for several days. For visitors who must handle a cat, Big Cat Rescue offers cats from local shelters for adoption.

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Menu Big Cat Times is a quarterly printed newsletter about all the fun things Caring for Big Cats . 11, Today at Big Cat Rescue Oct 18 . Big Cat Times 04 - Kindle edition by Jamie Veronica. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

At 67 acres, Big Cat Rescue is about the same size as many American Zoo Association-accredited zoos, including the well-regarded Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, which is either 56 or 63 acres, depending on which published figure one accepts. Though the Lowry Park Zoo makes relatively efficient use of space, Big Cat Rescue appears to use a much higher percentage of the available land for animal housing.

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