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French Buy or Subscribe now. Further Details 52 issues per year. NO , Due: The weekly Point de Vue magazine from France, distinguishes itself from the people press by its honest and respectful news style, avoiding the twin traps of vulgarity and caricature. In January Point de Vue celebrated its sixtieth birthday.

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My French language publisher was quite accommodating. Although the translator did a great job, the French versions lost a bit of the punchy, in-your-face tone that characterizes my novels — a tone more in keeping with English. With French being a poetic language, some translated passages actually read better than the original ones.

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of 1, results for Books: "Vu Le" Kindle Edition · $ Auto- delivered Audible Audio Edition. out of . by Vu Trong Phung and Thuy Tranviet. Les Campeurs - tome 1 - Camping Belle-vue (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Swinnen, dugomier, Maltaite. Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction . Available on these devices; Les Campeurs (Issues) to Les Campeurs - tome 1 - Camping Belle-vue (French Edition); Due to its large file size, this book may.

Do you find that your English and French speaking audiences react to your work differently? When a book is good, it will touch most people, regardless of their maternal tongues. That said, the popularity of a book depends very much on promotion and reviews. With so many books published each year, readers must rely on reviewers to guide them. New authors need good publicists to promote them, and all authors are at the mercy of reviewers. The French version of my novels had great reviews, so I was able to reach a large French speaking audience in Quebec.

Do you have strong memories of those formative years, and do they drive your writing about the country? I lived through some of the worst years of the Vietnam War as a child, an experience that I cannot shelf and forget.

Point De Vue Magazine

I would not feel authentic writing about other topics. Do I have strong memories of those years?

The Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago. With time, my recollection of that period naturally becomes hazy. While doing research for my novels, some memories resurfaced. You know, the Vietnam War was one of the first wars to be broadcasted live on TV. The extensive media coverage was unheard of before. Be it in Saigon, Montreal, New York or Paris, we all saw the same grainy images of death live in our living rooms. They are all part of our collective memory now.

Recently, three lions that used to be one of the attraction of the zoo were buried in the shade of ancient trees, creating a feeling of emptiness. In total, there are about forty animals which have perished, leaving only residents.

We remember the loss of five camels offered by Gaddafi in the same zoo a year ago. But after a crisis that has made at least 3, dead and tens of thousands Nevertheless, the new president Alassane Ouattara has another fight lying ahead of him: Since the end of November and the defeat of the outgoing president Laurent Gbagbo against his opponent, the former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara, fears of civil war have risen in Ivory Coast.

The international community supports Alassane Ouattara, and his election, announced by the Independent Electoral Commission, seemed to lead to a changeover of political power, 10 years after the previous elections. Ouattara only has a few means of action, and has taken refuge in the Golf Hotel in Abidjan. Outgoing president Gbagbo in fact refuses to admit his defeat, keeping the power, and leading everyday his country closer to a political and diplomatic dead end.

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Electoral lists, made by the Independent Electoral National Commission CENI will allow 5,7 millions electors to take part in the presidential elections of the 31th of October More attractive than ever, the city of Lagos has now to deal with thousands of migrants, coming from the inland and border countries to gather in squalid shanty towns. One of them, Festac Town, was a symbol of modernity in the s, when it was built. Nowadays, the district no longer provides neither electricity nor running water but only precarious and derelicted housing conditions.

As many others, its streets are often flooded The Evariste Gallois Jr. High School in Nanterre a suburb just outside Paris , has developed various initiatives in order to prevent violent behaviours within the school and among students. Working in an area of high unemployment and low social mix, teachers, counsellors and social workers repeat school rules, listen, help and keep on teaching.

We sleep on the train, we live on it, we start on it, we fight on it, we break the law on it, we die on it.

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Africa is on the train ; the train is on Africa. But the signs of civil war were already present in the outrageous exploitation of wealth, corruption, and tribal structures. The pillages, calls to murder, and the ensuing rebellions used the same weapons of the regime they had deposed. Seven African nations became involved in the conflict.


Since and the beginning of the civil war, the international community has tried to intervene between the militias of the Seleka, which are predominantly Muslim, and the anti-balaka militias, Christian and animist. High School in Nanterre a suburb just outside Paris , has developed various initiatives in order to prevent violent behaviours within the school and among students. East of the country became the stronghold of the former rebel, while West remains under the influence of rival militias, the anti-Balaka. It was pure fiction and it was therapeutic. She's managed to penetrate worlds most of us do not know. In parallel, in Mopti and in order to avoid a new military disaster, militia groups are being put together.

Agence VU - Michael Zumstein. In , he carries out a large report about the Crisis in Central African Republic, in three parts..

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Le Monde newspaper gives him the coverage of the presidential election and he has continued, since then, to follow current social and political events for different newspapers who rely on him to produce reportages where the use of where sensibility and rigor are indispensable. See the photographer's map UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic In the Bangassou military base, in the Central African Republic, where UN peacekeepers are trying to protect the refugees against the ethnic conflict that affects the country. Those who leave - Niger With eight children by woman, Nigeria has the world's highest natality birthrate and is the 6th poorest country in the world.

Take the Backway Michael Zumstein followed the road taken by thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants as they leave their countries for a long and dangerous journey: Young Nigerians facing climate urgency In Niger, six young students involved in the issue of global warming have gone into an innovative cartographic project. Bamako, The Downloaders Since two decades, cellphone has created a little revolution in Mali, overcoming the lack of landlines.

Trafficking Bolabola rose wood: Central African Republic, The wages of fear In Central African Republic, torn appart by the conflict beetween Christians and Muslims, diamonds production decreased sightly.

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Crisis in Central African Republic - part III Central African Republic is currently going through the most acute security and humanitarian crisis of its history since its independence in Crisis in Central African Republic - part II On the 5th of December , Christian anti-Balaka militiamen came to Bangui to take control over the capital and overthrow transitional President Michel Djotodia, who had come to power in March , after the Seleka's military coup. Catholics in Chad In the town of Mongo, located km east of N'Djamena in the Guera region, the Catholic church is launching the construction of a new cathedral, the final step in order to be elevated to the rank of diocese.

Mali in time of war In January , Mali has been struggling for over a year with a situation close to a state of civil war.