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The first book did not compel me enough to immediately trudge onward in this journey. For me, the book was just "OK. Feb 14, Ryan rated it did not like it Shelves: Before I started this book, I read some of the bad reviews and I foolishly thought, "It can't be that bad! Then I started reading it. And, honestly,I didn't think it was that horrible at the beginning.

I kind of even enjoyed some of the parts when he is a thief. But it got worse from there. Too much stuff was squeezed in, there were too many one-dimensional characters that I didn't care about, and it was too much effort to figure out what was going on at times, especially at the climax of the Before I started this book, I read some of the bad reviews and I foolishly thought, "It can't be that bad! Too much stuff was squeezed in, there were too many one-dimensional characters that I didn't care about, and it was too much effort to figure out what was going on at times, especially at the climax of the book.

Characters came and went so fast that I didn't care about them at all. The entire Myrjala plot-line was ridiculous, and didn't really make any sense at the end. This book is not worth the effort. Aug 14, Peter Kuppers rated it it was ok. I don't enjoy reading books where I have to go back and read something over again just to figure out what is happening a few pages ahead.

I am a massive fan of Forgotten Realms though and enjoy learning about the history of the world and of Elminster himself and that is why I forced myself to finish the book and the rest of the series.

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I will clarify once more that this isn't an enjoyable read but if you are a fan of Forgotten Realms and of Elminster it is a book you should try to read through. Dec 27, Jesse rated it liked it Shelves: Okay, This was a bit torturous, but in the end I actually feel like it was worth it. This wasn't the first thing I read by Greenwood and I will admit that I am not a big fan of his work. However, I will also admit that he is starting to grow on me now that i'm on, like his 5th book However, do Okay, This was a bit torturous, but in the end I actually feel like it was worth it.

However, don't let this book's tone and pace set your mind on how the other hundreds of forgotten realms books are written Let me state first that the coolest thing about this book is the range of "classes" this character undergoes on his journey to become a choosen of Mystra. In this sense, it's almost like a compile of short stories about the same character and put in a linier order I only mention it beacuse, honestly, why do I read any of these books? So, Elminster starts this story as a young shepered in a small village dreaming about adventure.

Then a wizard, belonging to some onclave of wizardry magelords , swoops down on a red dragon and kills him so they thought. Then they go to the village and kill everyone else. Elminster finds the burnt lion's head hilt of his father's sword. While Elminster is unconscience, we learn that his father is one of many heirs to the thrown of Athalantar, and that the dragon riding wizard is a magelord sent by one of his brothers, come to rid the king uncle of competion. Elminster's father was a humble man, and never wanted the thrown anyway.

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And now, as readers, we are really sad for the young shepard. He goes to sleep and then wakes up. He meets a soldier or mercenary or something, who gruffly tells him a bit about his heritage. He says that he is now an heir to the thrown and his uncle will want him dead. However, the real power is held by a group of "magelords" who are the pupeteers to the king. The soldier tells him to get some training and learn to use a sword before he attempts to go after his uncle and the magelords of Athalantar.

Next, Elminster has joined a group of Robinhood like mercenaries. They live in hiding from the uncle as outlaws or somthing. It starts with them all hiding in a cave structure made into a long term refuge. Then they get attacked. There is a really long battle sequence here that involves a lot of arrows and hiding and sneaking. I don't think Greenwood is very good at this aspect of his writing, so it is a bit tedious, and i won't bore you with it Next, Elminster is dangling from a silk rope outside the window of a fat noble woman who is known for her fine jewelry.

He has a friend and partner, now. They steal some stuff and go to the bar. Here they watch as two noblemen, and their entourages, get into a verbal confrontation with each other. It becomes obvious that if the argument is allowed to escalate, they will destroy the tavern and surly kill many innocent bystanders namly Elminster, his partner, and all the sultry whores. Just in the nick of time, the law comes in and puts a stop to the situation. But El and his friend have seen enough to hold a grudge. They play a practical joke on one of the nobles which involves knocking him out and putting him in some kind of lewd sexual posistion to be discovered and humiliated latter on.

For some reason, they also have a knocked out whore to deal with, and they put her in the bed of some fat baker who is sleeping above his shop Elminster is now a sheperd, failed mercenary, and sneak thief Next, and I don't recall what brings him to this, but he goes to Cormanthyr. I think he feels ready to learn more about magic, but the how and why has left me. However, I do remember that he is transformed into a woman Anywho, Elminster who is now Elmara meets an elf named Baerithryn he teachs her him all about becoming a cleric of Mystra goddess of magic.

Through this whole period, it seems like the elf is just talking about how to preserve the forest, but I guess all that stuff is metaphoricly about the "weave". After El learns all this good stuff, becomes excepted by the elves of Cormanthyr, she is sent on her way. End Story 4, sorta Now we see El adventuring with some party. They are going to get into the floating tower of 'Suchandsuch'. There is this really long battle sequence again, this one is slightly better than the first one because it involves a bunch of magic including a threeway fight between a dragon, a mind flayer, and a beholder Greenwood is really good at writing magic descriptions, if not a bit long winded.

In the end everyone but El dies I don't really remember the sequence of events after this. She is much more skilled in magic now, and can kick soldier's butts. But she is hunted now and has to be carful Eventually there is this scene where they proclaim their love for each other, but you can't really tell what it means, and your think maybe there is gonna be something kinky going on, and the teacher lady turns Elmara back into Elminster So, the two of them start killing all of the magelords.

Each battle is more difficult than the last, the odds are always stacked against them, but they always come out on top in the end. Throughout this whole story there is a web of characters that filter in and out of the story remember the whore and the baker? At first I really thought that Greenwood really just liked to make his minor role characters very detailed before he left them behind, lost hundreds of pages behind. However, all these little characters come out of the wood work in the end to make the final plan come together. Finally there is a sword fight with Elminster and his tyranical uncle; El wins.

He gives up his thrown to one of the more noble side characters, and goes on his way But its not over yet!

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The teacher mage he's in love with turns out to be Mystra herself. She has taking a real liking to El and they actually finish the book with them getting it on in the sky, engulfed in divine flames So, this is how a mage is made; so says the title of the book. Now, I just read that Greenwood himself didn't really like this book and that he had to write it in a really short time and had to make the character a fightr, thief, cleric, mage cause thats what TSR wanted.

I sorta feel bad about all the shit I talked now But it really isn't all that good And to be honest, there wasn't as much history in it as I was hoping for. I think my expectations are too high, I'm always let down when I think I'm really going to learn something interesting about the realms May 04, Brenda rated it really liked it. All the naysayers clearly don't know how to take a Forgotten Realms novel for what it's worth. I was introduced to Elminster, or his legend, via Baldur's Gate pc game, and he likely popped up in other Forgotten Realms fantasies I've perused over the years, so this book I ordered at the library.

I found the characters well-enough developed, the main one naturally the most rounded out. So inconveniences like menses, cramps were ignored, and since the writer is male I guess he's not really an authority on the matter. It should have been addressed, however. I also believe Elmara was supposed to fall in love, as a female, and explore those avenues.

I mean really, wouldn't you if you'd had an impromptu sex change? Enough of that topic. Griping about prayers to Mystra requesting aid, even the mighty elf did so. Every cleric prays in action, and sometimes the hand of a god DM does reach down and save a soul, especially if the character's actions are true and the mission is grave, needing the gifts and insight to complete the task at hand. So, keeping that in mind, I liked the book very much. I don't know that I'll go on with the series, since my curiosity has been satisfied regarding the character and we know El goes on with the goddess by his side in god-form, not as a lover, and he gets to live a lifespan similar to that of elves.

I've read far-worse written books about characters I love and care about deeply, following them through 10 of a series and watched as the author got bored of the writing. I won't venture to discover if this happens with Elminster, but the writing is good, cohesive, and well thought-out. Paciencia, hay que poseerla para no precipitarse en las acciones y todo acabe en fracaso debido a la impulsividad y falta de conocimiento o experiencia. Sera entretenido continuar con sus aventuras. Pero si te sirvo Dec 01, Dave rated it it was amazing.

Elminster's history is critical to a proper understanding of Forgotten Realms. His works influence so much else in the Setting and the book is written well to immerse the reader in Realms culture. My sister bought me the Forgotten Realms boxed for my 15th birthday when I visited her in college in Boston. The discussion was either go to a show sometime in the future or get this at a little shop near the massive Church of Christian Scientist. I have spent so much time thousands of hours devouring this lore that it far exceeds the value I'd have gained from going to a show.

It was a continuation of my early interest in role playing games and I loved the strategy, math, and fantasy of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. This book was written in a time before cell phones were everywhere, it has the s attitude and culture that I miss and strives for bigger ideas of feminist equality, valuing racial diversity, lifelong learning, etc. It even brushes with homosexuality acceptance a bit.

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Lists with This Book. In a way they are a bulwark against the power of Sauron. If not for the magic binding him to the infuriating water mage, he would abandon her amidst the land-locked Inlands, away from the sea she yearns to visit, and pursue vengeance against those who killed his family. I was born to bring the crazy worlds and people in my mind to life, and I love sharing them with as many people as I can. Two people with different agendas. Overall I really liked it, but at the same time the story was very chaotic new kingdoms showing up left and right with each few chapters all attempting to kidnap her. Any sense of suspense is non-existent as he goes from one quest to the next usually with someone helping him along - on his own he's pretty useless.

Truly a rewarding experience for the value. Oct 19, Eric Barnum rated it it was ok. Elminster was this epic sage character who did monster explanations in Dragon magazine when I was growing up. So when I heard about these books, I was excited. And then, I read them. It failed all my expectations. This is a danger I guess when you have years of them based on how he was presented in Dragon.

It would not have been hard to construct the character and tell the story.

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No one knows what a Pastrami Monster is after all. Or the stories are so exaggerated that they set him up to fail. He resolves to document, in detail, the monsters he encounters. He begins slowly and as his power increases so to do his studies. Dec 12, Joe Colistro rated it liked it.

I read this over a year ago so I may be missing some bits. I've read other Ed Greenwood books so I knew what I was getting into with this, but I felt from the get-go that this one didn't quite fit together as well as some of his other works. He tells the long, complicated origin story of Elminster with tons of side characters and recurring plot-threads, but this time around it just seemed a little too stuck together. There are, however, some bright points. I enjoyed how he differentiated El from Gandalf and other famous wizards, which can't have been easy.

Additionally, in true Greenwood fashion, he is completely willing to tackle gender and sex issues. The portion of the novel that El spends living as a woman was wonderful and almost worth the price of admission alone. Jul 20, Yuri Martins rated it it was amazing. As one of the most famous and lovable characters to date on the Forgotten Realms universe sorry Drizzt. And we couldn't have hoped for a better origin story than the one presented on this book.

For those unfamiliar with the setting, it is a fantasy at its best, huge lands, tons of historical events dating back tens of thousands of years, different races, magic, swords, knights. It allows us to finally see how the events shaped a young kid to become we all came to know by many As one of the most famous and lovable characters to date on the Forgotten Realms universe sorry Drizzt. Can't wait to read all the other books in this series. Jul 23, Jennifer Melzer rated it it was ok. This was one of those instances where I wanted to go back in time to see what the Great Elminster was all about, and I was sort of sad that I did.

I struggled to get into this book. The characters felt flat, especially the main character who goes on through multiple books to have many an adventure. The dialogue was very unnatural and difficult to relate to, and a part of me wondered if at the time Greenwood was trying to purposely capture the over-the-top conversations player characters delved i This was one of those instances where I wanted to go back in time to see what the Great Elminster was all about, and I was sort of sad that I did.

The dialogue was very unnatural and difficult to relate to, and a part of me wondered if at the time Greenwood was trying to purposely capture the over-the-top conversations player characters delved into in RPGs back in the day. I will probably check out some of Greenwood's newer Forgotten Realms books, but I don't think I'll be continuing the Elminster legacy.

Jan 26, David rated it really liked it. I first came across Elminster in the Dragon magazine years ago. I found this novel interesting and it introduced a number of ideas to me that I will use in future RPG campaigns. This is also a coming of age novel for Elminster as it starts when he is about 12 years old then he makes his way to becoming a Mage over a number of years.

I would recommend this novel to all who enjoy Fantasy and novels set in the As I work my way thru the Forgotten Realms Novels this was my introduction to Elminster. I would recommend this novel to all who enjoy Fantasy and novels set in the Forgotten Realms.

Mar 20, Frozengod rated it did not like it. I tried really hard to like this book. Unfortunately, I hated Elminster as a character.

Elminster: The Making of a Mage

Everyone loves him for whatever reason and he is a Prince and uncrowned King on top of being a Goddesses chosen one and lover. See the trend here?

There isn't any tension in the story, the characters I tried really hard to like this book. There isn't any tension in the story, the characters are poorly written, but so is most of the story. The magical combat while I read this a while ago so it's not exactly fresh seemed to just come out of nowhere instead of flowing and feeling natural, as natural as fantasy gets. It was every fantasy cliche rolled into one.

This was a chore to read and a completely uninspired look at a world I've come to adore. Avoid this book, if you want to learn more about Forgotten Realms lore or events just wiki it, much faster and probably a better read. Mar 17, Nigel rated it liked it Shelves: My first Elminster book. I'm not the biggest fan of Greenwood's writing style. He tends to finish characters off rather unceremoniously.

Of all the Magelords, the shapeshifter had the best characterization, and he only got a handful of pages. I couldn't get a feeling for any of the others. Best character moment was between the two snotty nobles and a guy we had barely just met who happened to be a friend of Helm's. Best part of the book was Elmara. Mar 20, Adam Barnes rated it it was amazing. He also, never allows the pace of the story to slacken too much.

Having read all four of the books currently available, I can honestly say that this book and the series as a whole does not disappoint. The book is a good page turner and I would definitely recommend. Had trouble with the style of narrative in the beginning. It sometimes felt awkward with the long solo arc but after adding a character or two things becoming interesting as you see this camaraderie born of hardship form. Ending definitely sets up the next which if it continues like the first ends will definitely enjoy. I give The Mage and The Foundling a five so that others might find and enjoy it.

Both books were delightful. The story takes an four the writing takes a five. Unlike some books, due to the strength of the authors writing, each chapter was a joy to read without regard to the story. Even though only three real "good" characters apear in the first and much of the second book, both the writing style and story keep the reader entertained and captivated. I can't wait for the next installment!

Notes to the author: Also a female character lasting more than a chapter would have been nice as well Romance? The main character is an unbelievable fool who consistently makes the same mistakes over and over again even when he himself acnoleges he only survived by sheer incredible luck. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us.

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