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Document Preview Only occasionally does good sense prevail and offer hope for a long life of devotion. In addition, the collection includes several historical ballads and tragic love stories not anthologized by Child.

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It is hard to think of any question about this material that he has not faced up to and answered as well as it can be answered. Unfortunately, however, the book is not easy to use.

The Glenbuchat Ballads

It has, for instance tightly limited indexes and no complete table of contents. Each ballad is assigned a number corresponding to its place in one of the four notebooks, but these numbers are not printed at the head of each ballad. And the notes to the ballads are not cross-referenced by page to the texts to which they refer.

Consequently, one must do a good deal of shuffling to find texts or pursue questions. This is my only complaint, however.

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Birds and animals in their gun sights are not, well birds and animals, but game. In the space of one to three paragraphs per ballad, the authors concisely provide valuable details on historical events associated with the songs, sourcing information, metrical notes, and comparative data. David Buchan was a leading international ballad scholar. David Buchan , James Moreira. Editorial notes are kept to a minimum, and the original notes are left intact—including some informative original insertions. In a raiding party searching for illicit stills charged and took away 39 Glenbuchat men — some to jail.

All those who love ballads have cause to be deeply grateful to James Moreira for his dedication in making this fascinating collection of classic ballads and broadsides available to readers and students. Let them be grateful, too, for the great Scots ballad tradition of which this collection is a part, and for the genius of David Buchan, who devoted his life to making that tradition better understood.

This site is best viewed in Google Chrome , Firefox 3 , and Safari 4. If you are having difficulty viewing the site, please upgrade your browser by clicking the appropriate link. Last revised June 21, Upon Buchan's death, his former student James Moreira took up and completed his work and wrote the detailed introductory essay and annotations in this volume.

Most of the ballad collections produced during the Scottish David Buchan , James Moreira. Most of the ballad collections produced during the Scottish Romantic Revival were eventually anthologized in Francis James Child's seminal English and Scottish Popular Ballads five volumes, Yet, the Glenbuchat manuscripts, containing sixty-eight ballads in four folio volumes, were not included in Child's volumes.

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The complete work only came to light in when it was donated to the Special Collections of the Aberdeen University Library by a descendent of the original compiler.