The Frailty of Flesh

Frailty Of The Flesh
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Hatchet "Frailty of the flesh" 7/21/07

A scar is a monument to our frailty. The scars of horror lie underneath the surface of us all. Oh, and the title! I almost changed the title.

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The Frailty of Flesh has ratings and 9 reviews. Benjamin said: Another book from the dollar-a-bag sale. This one is very fine. It's always something. Born June 2, in Etobicoke, I grew up in Muskoka, Ontario. As a child I devoured books, including Jack London's The Call of the Wild, CS Lewis's Narnia .

And vampires, too… they can be draining! We are squishy and resilient.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. They did not stay alert. Browse All Media Related Media. That structure is highly effective in involving readers in the story as they "overhear" the varied bits of the story but difficult to summarize in any coherent way without spoiling the experience for new readers. I almost changed the title. Ruttan doesn't spoon-feed the reader: I am still not certain who did what - or even what the crime was

Pain reminds us of our frailty. It does remind us how frail we are, however, it also makes us stronger. You know you want to. This one is very fine. This is a tightly-plotted police procedural with characters that are real, as opposed to the two-dimensional cardboard produced by the guilty parties named above. Well worth the time to read.

Fearology: The Frailty of Flesh

Oct 24, Randy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Follow-up yo What Burns Within. Police procedural set in Canada. As in the first one, you get sucked in and by the time I reached midpoint, I couldn't put it down until I finished, about four hours of reading. Great read this is a hard book to put down once you start reading it.

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IT deals with real life issues and heartache. Thriller to the end did not want to turn the kindle down. I will be reading more. May 07, Tomi rated it it was ok. I am still not certain who did what - or even what the crime was IDK I liked the book as a whole but I just never could seem to really be captivated.

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Worth a read but nothing to write home about. Couldn't put this one down.

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Apr 10, Jennifer Higgison rated it liked it. Tracy Thurston rated it liked it Jan 11, Jenny rated it really liked it Mar 27, Cyber rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Diane rated it really liked it Apr 18, Whitney Buck rated it liked it Sep 10, He had taken them with Him into the garden on the night of His betrayal.

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Could you not watch with Me one hour? The flesh is weak! Our human bodies can function properly for only so long without rest. The longer we go without sufficient rest, the more our normal faculties are curtailed, or shut down altogether. Examples of the inherent weakness of our flesh are abundant. The strongest still have accidents and suffer injury.