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Her language is lyrical, flowing, and atmospheric. Description Three thousand years ago, a god told a lie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There was a crack. Polgara the Sorceress also showcases the only example of unrestrained capitalism in the entire series.

Sam starts off Book VI by walking into Mordor by himself. His panic-induced adrenaline has worn off, and he first catches a glimpse of Mount Doom while standing small, cold, and afraid.

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He just maybe-murdered a giant spider of numinous darkness. First, there is simply the question of power, as Sam faces his main temptation from the Ring around his neck. As Sam stood there… he felt himself enlarged, as if he were robed in a huge distorted shadow of himself, a vast and ominous threat halted upon the walls of Mordor. He felt that he had from now on only two choices: Already the Ring tempted him, gnawing at his will and reason. Wild fantasies arose in his mind; and he saw Samwise the Strong, Hero of the Age, striding with a flaming sword across the darkened land, and armies flocking to his call as he marched to the overthrow of Barad-dur.

And then all the clouds rolled away, and the white sun shone, and at his command the vale of Gorgoroth became a garden of flowers and trees and brought forth fruit. Gandalf, as Tolkien mentioned, would have been far worse as a master of the Ring than Sauron precisely because of his good intentions.

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Sam—thanks to that solid hobbit common sense—is able to realize that benevolent garden tyranny is still a tyranny of its own. The interesting thing about this chapter, though, is that Sam is also repeatedly saved by the power that he abdicates. There is a sense of tension present throughout The Lord of the Rings around this question. The peace and simplicity of the Shire, its utter disregard for power and conquest, form the core of hobbit courage. But the question of how—and whether—such things can be maintained without force nearly always bubbles below the surface.

When I read Tolkien as a teenager, I was always aware of a strong contingent of shippers who were deeply invested in the idea of Frodo and Sam being a couple. But I also am not surprised by it in the slightest, because the relationship between Frodo and Sam is intimate and tender in a way that feels unique in the depiction of male fantasy heroes.

There is hand-holding, spooning, and so many tears! Sam felt that he could sit like that in endless happiness; but it was not allowed. Touch and affection are embraced as healing and strengthening. Tears are a mark of empathy and not of weakness. But now the vision had passed.

There was Sam kneeling before him, his face wrung with pain, as if he had been stabbed in the heart; tears welled from his eyes. I do wonder, to a certain extent, if Tolkien manages to be so old in his views here that he feels new. In any case, it does feel like another indication of the wobbly foundation for claiming Tolkien as the grandfather of modern fantasy.

The painting of Sam approaching Cirith Ungol is courtesy of aegeri. Only two of the books in this series list both David and Leigh Eddings as co-authors. This duology shows the way that POV shapes history and politics. The Polgara the Sorceress wraps up the entire series. This book is a fitting conclusion to their longest collaboration, and to their own hidden metaphor. Eventually, Poledra summons Polgara to Riva, because Beldaran was dying. Belgarath puts Polgara and Daran in charge and leaves. Polgara and Daran accuse the priest of witchcraft and eventually exile the members of the cult.

Eventually, she returns to the Vale of Aldur, and studies the prophecies for several centuries. Poledra summons Polgara to Arendia, and tells her that Ctuchik was planning something. Polgara proceeds to stop three Murgo plots. She tells the Duke of Waconia that his advisor is a Grolim. The Duke of Asturia proves incompetent, and she initiates a rebellion against them. She remains in Arendia for the next several decades. Polgara rescues the son of the Wacite Duke from the nephew of the first Asturian Duke.

The three Dukes then give her the Duchy of Erat, which then becomes Sendaria. Polgara spends a great deal of time guiding Sendaria into competency. Ontrose is the only man Polgara loves before Durnik. Belgarath drags her back to the Vale to keep her from fighting. However, she works through factors to protect Erat, the survivors of Waconia. For the next several centuries she protects Erat, as it becomes Sendaria, bartering with Tolnedran Emperors and Alorn Kings to keep it free.

This persists until the death of Gorek, whereupon she takes charge of protecting Geran and the line of the Rivan King. She apprentices various heirs to artisans, and then eventually buys out the shop of their childless teacher. They occasionally flee from Murgos and move around Sendaria and Aloria. Then comes the Battle of Vo Mimbre, which progresses as Belgarath described it. Poledra and Polgara spy upon Torak and Zedar in the form of an owl. Poledra helps Polgara defy him when Torak confronts Brand.

From Vo Mimre, Polgara resumes her task of protecting the Rivan heirs. Gelane, the heir during Vo Mimbre, proves slightly troublesome. He knows who he is, and Chamdar, or Asharak the Murgo, finds him, and controls him. Belgarath and Polgara break this control and move the family away from Sendaria. Things continue peaceably from there, with Polgara making a side trip to Nyissa at one point. She meets a former Salmissra, and prevents Chamdar and Ctuchik from manipulating her into causing problems.

Alara wanders off on Erastide, and Polgara goes to find her. Ildera gives birth, and Asharak kills Geran and Ildera. One of the persistent problems in Polgara the Sorceress is how women are pitted against each other. Their relationships prove adversarial, except for sisters, mothers, or mentors. Even then, Polgara spends a good portion of her childhood trying to be ugly.

She never combs her hair, bathes, or changes clothes unless forced. The master changed that, however. Polgara compares herself to Beldaran and finds herself wanting. Only when Beldaran and Riva fall in love does Polgara clean herself up.

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The precedent of comparing women to other women based on looks and pitting them against each other continues. At Riva, Polgara joins the other young courtiers and sets about breaking hearts. She captures the attention of all the young men based on her looks. It might have been my imagination, but after they left I seemed to hear a gnawing sound — a sound that was remarkably like the sound of someone eating her own liver. She enjoys the pain she causes other women because of her conquests.

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The wedding planning devolves into one-upmanship between the two. Women can compete against each other, yes, and they frequently do. The fact that only the sparse mentoring and familial relationships remain free of competition makes this problematic. Another thread in this book shows how men try to force women to submit.

Polgara rebels against this, of course, and tries to help other women, but it proves slightly outdated in this respect.

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The families quarreled over some land. Daran dissolves the marriage and then punishes the husband further by whipping him in court. When Polgara leads Erat, she establishes laws that harshly punish spousal abuse. I did urge the constables not to break too many bones in the process however.

While abusers seldom listen to reason, removing the victim from the range of the abuser would be better. Polgara just notes these events in passing.

She dwells more on the instances where men attempt to personally control her. He hoped to beat Ontrose and be her champion. His loss to Ontrose led him to betray Wacune and Erat. Torak also desires to control Polgara. She will obey me—nay, even worship me. Who of all the women of this world is fit to share my throne—and my bed? Torak wants to possess both the Orb of Aldur and Polgara. Torak with the Orb would control the Purpose of the Universe. With Polgara, he would further disrupt that purpose.

They recognize the evil in spousal abuse and the submission Torak wants. But time has outstripped their understanding in the past 21 years.

Review: The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer

She attended the first meeting of the Alorn Council and established the Arendish one. Both of these events occur because of pressure by the Murgos and Grolims. The Alorn Council grows into a pseudo-United Nations, and it began with the intent of preventing Angarak influence in the West. The parallels between the Cold War barely need to be drawn. It reads as the Red Scare all over again, except with less cause. The story plays with many of the threads of ancient myths, such as the idea of the Elysium fields as a final resting place for heroes, and the three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld, but with a new and refreshing take on these old ideas.

As it is, if you enjoy myths and want a story about immortal lesbians, then The Dark Wife is a very enjoyable story. The characters are rounded and developed as people. The way the gods are portrayed compared to humans is interesting and feels genuine. New romance meets old southern charm in this new series from Renee Porter. Warrior girls are sent to fight the deadly mermaids infesting their waters. Can Meela overcome her feelings for the mermaid she was sent to kill? Love always finds a way home.

Book 4: The Dark Wife

It should have been easy. But Ariana didn't plan on stunning taverna owner Nikki still living there. In the Distance There Is Light. Two women lose the man they love. All they have left is each other. A Spartan Hoplite's Slave. Halcyon, a female Spartan warrior, purchases and falls for a rare slave named Thora. Learn about Ancient Sparta and the struggles of love and duty. A contemporary lesbian romance novel set in the glitzy world of Hollywood. Perfect for fans of The L Word! Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention dark wife greek mythology sarah diemer well written love story persephone and hades really enjoyed hades and persephone young adult greek gods beautifully written look forward well done falling in love persephone myth queen of the underworld anything else writing style really liked sex scenes. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I so rarely read lesbian fiction, and yet it is a representation of who I am. It's because for years I could not find stories either written by us, or things tended to be explicitly erotic.

I have read most of the classics, so to speak, but really only now have tried to peel away from them for more modern releases. This book was really wonderful, lovely enough to keep me up past bed time. I found it on a fluke, because I was so tired of reading about heterosexual pairings. All love is beautiful, but it's fun for a second to consider a completely lesbian realm.

Or even a story where lesbianism can sit at the forefront as if no different than heterosexuality. Which, in reality is an incredibly tough battle to fight, due to people's prejudices. So, thank you for this lovely book. I will be checking out others. I dont write book reviews often, but I really wanted to leave a review as a kind of thank you to the author.

I love the concept of this twist on the story of Persephone, because it's creative but still follows closely enough to the actual series of events. Aside from the individual writing skills from this author, I love that the heroine is a lesbian. I didn't have stories like this one when I was in high school, and I'm only I wish I had something like this to read back then that would have made me feel more comfortable with myself at an earlier age.

I'm so grateful that authors like Diemer and her wife have been releasing young adult novels that give some of us a story that we could actually relate to. This instantly became one of my favorite books, and I will gladly read anything else that she publishes. I hope that she continues to create amazing stories and that they become popular enough to be sold everywhere and possibly made into movies.

I send the biggest thank you to Diemer for this incredible book. In fact, I like this version of the story better than the original. It is more satisfactory, while it maintains its sense of mythological explanation intact. I wonder, if this version of the story were to be taught, how long would it take before it replaced the actual myth? In my imaginary, this is now the real story. Congrats to the author. Out of all the stories from the Greek mythology about the Gods of Mount Olympus, the myth of Hades and Persephone had always been my favorite.

The Lord of the Underworld takes the daughter of the Goddess Demeter to be his wife, marking her as the Queen of the Underworld. But, in this novel, things happen a bit Hades is a woman, and is by no means what we perceive her to be. She is the light, the kind ruler of the dead.