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Vertigo, sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus, vestibular disorders, Meniere disease. Journal of Vestibular Research , vol.

Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials oVEMPs are a non-invasive method to investigate otolith function mediated via the superior vestibular nerve. However, the herein used recordings and protocols may alter within different studies. In particular the diverging use of electrode configuration regarding polarity or even electrode position varies across studies.

Therefore, a systematic analysis and appraisal of the different electrode configuration seems mandatory. In this study we compared the quality of uni- and … bipolar recordings based on the signal to noise ratio SNR. We recoded oVEMPs using a uni- and bipolar electrode configuration simultaneously and compared the recorded amplitudes and latencies and calculated the SNR.

Additionally, we estimated a transfer function that enabled a comparison of uni- and bipolar recordings.

Online journal of otolaryngology (JORL) issue 1 volume 1 2011

To conclude, the variety of setups used for oVEMP recording hinder a comparison of results and unipolar electrode configurations have clear disadvantages. Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential, oVEMP, transfer function, asymmetry ratio. Body sway for standing 30 seconds on a force platform in 3 conditions was recorded for each participant: Postural stability … was subsequently evaluated by measuring the total track length TL and surface area SA of center of pressure of body sway.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Online journal of otolaryngology volume 1 issue 1 (JORL) eBook: Balasubramanian Thiagarajan, Venkatesan Ulaganathan: Kindle Store. This is the first issue of online journal of otolaryngology (JORL). This journal is free to access and free to publish.

We concluded that optimal binocular vision provides more information for keeping balance than monocular vision according to the results revealed in our study. Assessment of visual acuity is recommended before doing a posturographic test in the clinical setting. However, the long-term impact of blindness on controlling posture is uncertain and needs further investigation. Monocular vision, binocular vision, static posturography. Motion sickness may reduce passenger comfort and crew performance. Countermeasures are dominated by medication with specific and often undesirable side effects.

2015: Volume 5, Issue 1

To our knowledge, this is the only series describing a group of sinus disease patients with Serratia marcescens positive cultures of their purulence. Routine culture non-Serratia taxonomy. Monocular vision, binocular vision, static posturography DOI: Given its frequent occurrence in hospital acquired infections Serratia marcescens has been commonly held to be a predominantly nosocomial infection [ 4 , 5 ]. International Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

To shown that sickness due to motion can be reduced by adding an inherent non-sickening … vibration and by mental distraction. Eighteen blindfolded subjects were exposed to 20 minutes of off-vertical axis rotation OVAR. Vibration was added by means of a head rest.

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Effects of OVAR and vibration were tested separately and in combination, while the subjects were performing an audio letter memorising task. This task was absent to test the effect of mental distraction. Effects were quantified by rating subjective misery and objective task performance. Their task performance decreased with increasing sickness. Sickness due to low-frequency motion can be reduced by adding a high-frequency vibration and by mental distraction. The effect of vibration can be understood by assuming an internal model used by the central nervous system to optimise the control of body motion.

Motion sickness, nausea, vibration, performance, mental distraction. There are two leading theories on the origin of motion sickness.

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One, the sensory conflict theory, states that sensory information provided by one sensory channel does not match the expected input from another channel; commonly, these two inputs originate in the vestibular system and the eyes. The second theory — the postural instability theory — states that motion sickness comes about not through sensory conflict, but through an inability to control one's posture.

Twenty-one people living with chronic spinal cord injury 9 quadriplegics, 12 paraplegics completed the Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire MSSQ , via an online survey, to compare susceptibility to motion sickness before and after injury. Spinal cord injury, regardless of level, did not produce an increase in susceptibility to motion sickness. Choi, MD; et al. Cmejrek, MD; James M.

2018: Volume 8, Issue 1

Coticchia, MD; James E. Prim, MD; Juan I. De Diego, MD; et al. Outcomes and Techniques Bruce H.

Tracheostomy: The Life Saver

Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Submandibular Gland: Blumin, MD; Gerald S. Otolaryngologic Manifestations of the 22q Kirschner, MD; et al. Martin, BS; Timothy L. Smith, MD; et al. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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