Melchisedech or Mel the Jew!: Peacemaker, Prophet and Lover (Brown Jesus Book 1)

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Melchisedech or Mel the Jew!: Peacemaker, Prophet and Lover (Brown Jesus)

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The Black Biblical Heritage. Our Saviour Has Arrived. Rastafari In Transition Paperback. Ancient and Modern Britons Vol. Ancient and Modern Britons, Vol. Origin and Evolution of Primitive Man. The Science and the Myth of Melanin: Egyptian Book of the Dead, The: Papyrus of Ani Paperback. The Columbus Conspiracy Paperback. African Holistic Health Paperback. Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity Paperback. From Babylon to Timbuktu: People Blessed by God Paperback.

A Taste of the African Table Paperback. Nutrition Made Simple at a Glance. Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism Paperback. The Sweet Science of Sin. Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race from B. Message to the Blackman in America Paperback.

The Fall of America Paperback. The Heroic Slave Paperback. The Souls Of Black Folk. Stories of Modern Nigeria Paperback. The Keys to Your Dreams: An A to Z Guide to over 11, Dreams. Rebirth of African Civilization Paperback. The Arab Invasion of Egypt Paperback. Who Betrayed the African World Revolution?: Black Men, Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?: Documents of West Indian History Paperback.

History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago. Africa and the Discovery of America Paperback. British Historians and the West Indies Paperback. Seat of Our Emotions Paperback. The Greater Key of Solomon Paperback. Translated out of the Original Tongues Hardcover. Children of the Sun - George Wells Parker. The Doctrine of the Sufis Hardcover. Introduction to Sufi Doctrine Paperback. Recovering Letters, Discovering Numbers: Literary and Statistical Studies.

Western Narratives and African Alternatives. We Shall Not Fail: Slavery, Commerce and Production in West Africa. Angola Under the Portuguese: The Myth and the Reality Paperback. The Myth and the Reality. The Souls of Black Folk. Ngugi Wa Thiong'o Speaks: Interviews With The Kenyan Writer. Africa and the Americas: Interconnections During the Slave Trade. And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses: A Question of Excellence: A Century of African Masters.

Washing the Negro White: Becoming an African University: The Writer as Myth Maker. Africa In The Twentieth Century: Voices from the Continent: A Political History of Zambia. Contemporary African Theory and Thought. The Cultural Modernity of H. Nigerian History, Politics, and Affairs: The Collected Essays of Adiele Afigbo. Economic Growth in Botswana in the s: A Model for Sub-Saharan Africa. The Long Road to Freedom: My Mother Who is Me: The Sun By Night, a novel.

Borderline Movements in African Fiction. Charismatic Movements in Modern Nigeria.

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Igbo History and Society: The Essays of Adiele Afigbo. White Racism on the Western Urban Frontier: Dynamics of Race and Class in Dubuque, Iowa Swhaili Poetry as Historical Source. Beauty in Black Performance: Plays for African American Youth. Power, Poverty and Prayer: The Lion Man and Other Stories. Literatures of New Climes. Postconflict Reconstruction in Africa.

Transnational Caribbean Literary and Cultural Criticism. Paperback Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford English Mini Dictionary. Higher Education in Postcolonial Africa: Paradigms of Development, Decline and Dilemmas. Keeping the Embers Alive: Blending Colors from Life: Trenton's Own Watercolorist, Tom Malloy. See this image African Women in Revolution. Young Americans in South Africa. Traditional and Modern Health Systems in Nigeria.

by Mr. Vincent P. Grupi

Living on A Horizon: Bessie Head and the Politics of Imagining. The Icons of the Occidental Tradition. See this image Hurling Words at Consciousness. Women and Conflict in the Nigerian Civil War. Urgent Tasks for Educational Transformation. The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology: Ogbuide of Oguta Lake. Circles of Love Poems. People Theater and Grassroots Empowerment in Cameroon. Rethinking Age in Africa: Urban Legends, Colonial Myths: Popular Culture and Literature in East Africa.

Global Exchange as Enclosure. African Literature at the Millennium. The Aftermath of Slavery: Transitions and Transformations in Southeastern Nigeria. Sacred Drums of Liberation: Religious and Music of Resistance in Africa and the Diaspora. Held Together by Pins: Liberal Democracy under Siege in Africa. The Mines of his Mind: Critical Reflections on the Works of Tayo Olafioye. Emerging Perspetives on Aminata Sow Fall: The Real and the Imaginary in her Novels. Women's Spaces, Women's Visions: Challenge to the Standard Version - Yosef b Regular price: Macgregor Mathers Regular price: A Novel Paperback Regular price: Beloved by Toni Morrison Regular price: Sula Paperback Regular price: El general en su laberinto Spanish Edition Spanish Regular price: The Dew Breaker Paperback Regular price: Tar Baby Paperback Regular price: A Lifetim by Maya Angelou Regular price: Trump , Meredith McIver Regular price: Lynn Harris Regular price: Jazz by Toni Morrison Regular price: Love by Toni Morrison Regular price: A Novel by Bayo Ojikutu Regular price: King, Courtney Carreras Regular price: Used - Good Quantity available: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Date published: Log-in or create an account first!

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