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Publicist or Marketing Professional. Other Book Industry Professional. Sam's perspective is witty, exciting, and compulsively page-turning. Every character stands on their own with Reed's rich character development. Priceless comedy flows from the pages, leaving tons of laughs to be discovered.

The world-building is easy to follow and the storyline is expertly crafted. This is recommended for those who'd love to read a funny and more insidious version of recent YA paranormal books. If you love to laugh and discover new mythologies, than this might be the book you've been looking for! Jun 09, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: Fun, fast reading, not the best out there, but great when you are bored. Don't expect much from it, but rather try to read it with open mind 2. Jan 04, Savannah Books With Bite rated it really liked it.

I thought this book was fantastic! It was not what I was expecting but it gave me a big smile on my face. Whenever I read book about a succubus it's always about a girl. Not in this book. We have a boy succubus who is struggling with who and what he is. And that folks makes for an awesome read! Like I said before, this book is so cool! I am so happy that I got to read the story of this young mans life and his struggles.

One thing I enjoyed about this book is the great tale of what he is and how h I thought this book was fantastic! One thing I enjoyed about this book is the great tale of what he is and how he came to be. I loved the back round history that Ms. Reed creates for her readers.

I love a good back round history to characters cause it gives them character. I like the rules that are set in the world. Caleb's is learning to deal with his succubus side without it causing err I love the Samara. She is spitfire girl who is awesome! They way that she took Caleb by his ear forcing her help on him Caleb made me what to scream. I adored this characters and watching them fall in love with such animosity going round them left me reeling for more. Samara and Caleb's fight for each other and their families is soo good! I like that Ms. Reed created the characters to be likable.

There wasn't an overdone amount of supernatural that left out the real life that they have. Reading a story of the paranormal but not overriding the life's is great. So you wanna read a story about a male succubus? It contains real life situations laced with the right amount of supernatural that is gives you a great read! Feb 07, Shirley rated it it was amazing. I loved every minute of this story and can't wait for the second book! She's smart, funny, caring, and pretty badass! She doesn't let people boss her around and she stands up for what she believes in.

The Cambion Chronicles

You can't ask for more in heroine than Samara. Caleb is funny and you can tell he cares a lot for Samara. I love that Jamie Reed didn't make Caleb your typical "Hottest most perfect guy in the world" like a lot of YA books do. I like that she made him seem like your average guy in the looks department at least to Samara. I also liked how Jamie Reed made Sam and Caleb's relationship proceed at a normal rate and not love at first sight. It just felt a little more real. I love that Samara had a Filipino best friend and that Samara herself is biracial.

You don't really find that in YA books and it's refreshing to read a book where you can relate to the characters culture. June can't come soon enough!!!!

Living violet : the Cambion chronicles

May 17, Leslie rated it it was ok. I initially picked up this book because of the cover. So I was pretty excited and optimistic. The book is about Samara the biracial girl who falls for a guy who is a sort of incubus they call themselves Cambions. He feeds off the emotions, and lust of others. I like the idea of the story. It actually got better as it went on, especially towards the end. The dialogue just ruined it for me. While reading this book the words of my journalism teachers kept ringing in my head. Seems simple enough right? Not for Jaime Reed the author of this book.

What does this mean? You can tell all that by looking at him? I guess she can read his mind -Caleb pushed back and increased the distance between us while his hooded gaze targeted me as helpless prey. Then there was the way he would look at me, how he could disrobe and deflower me with his eyes yet still look innocent. He massaged my calves, enthralled by the texture and earthly material from which they were made. He was taking off her sock, and this is what he is supposedly thinking.

The damn sun had set. All she had to say is the sun went down. And finally this quote that actually describes my feelings towards this book -I skimmed down the page, singling out random passages. The girl in me giggled over the corny dialogue and profession of undying love. Problem 2 Unrealistic situations: So he should beat the girls off of him?

I have never rolled my eyes or sighed so much in my life. Mar 02, Currer Jean rated it really liked it. I was thoroughly surprised by this book and I am tremendously glad that I liked it seeing as I am also a black female writer from Vriginia. This book was a very quick read or maybe I just saw it that way because I really enjoyed reading it and wouldn't put it down with very likable characters and a very interesting plot. This bok is very YA with our protagonist Samara Marshall being a spoiled inly child with a sarcastic edge to cover up her lack of emotional confidence seeing as saying the wo I was thoroughly surprised by this book and I am tremendously glad that I liked it seeing as I am also a black female writer from Vriginia.

This bok is very YA with our protagonist Samara Marshall being a spoiled inly child with a sarcastic edge to cover up her lack of emotional confidence seeing as saying the words 'I love you' is a very hard thing for her to do. I like how normal this book feels, how the characters are full and there isn't a gaggle of sock puppets, just friends who are comfortably carrying on their own stories yet fit pefectly in the plot. This book had me laughing at quite a few scenes with unexpected twists and protagonist whose dialogue is actually funny opposed to over dramatic and flowery.

Samara is a confident girl who has found her own voice that is both funny and rational yet she does have her moments of weakness where she on wishes to have her normal life back. Completely understandable after what happens to this chick! The romance is real, actually unfolding in a refreshing way that most YA novels forsake these days. Caleb is a sturdy male character who is hot and smart and into Euro-electronic totally hot!

I strongly recommend this book to girl of all races because Samara is strong and a good role model for girls who believe that the world doesn't have to hurt you without you hurting bcak, but also for black girls who want to see someone of their complexion running through the woods like delicious heroine of horror.

I'm glad this book is out there and I hope that more books with black heroines find their way into stardom. I would definatley check them out but I am a book snob so they'll have to hit me in the first paragraph yes that's how bad I am! The only problem that I have with this book is the same problem that I have with all YA book, I wish that there was a little bit more of a back story, letting us see these two characters berfore they got into each other's orbit. And if that's the only complaint a book gets out of me then it is definately something to check out.

This is definately a must read. Jan 01, Wanda rated it really liked it Shelves: I've seen this book floating around goodreads for quite some time and it looked so good, I just had to read it. Though I love books about vampires, werewolves and witches, this one doesn't have one. And I must say I'm not disappointed. This was refreshing and completely different.

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Plus it's not often when you read a paranormal book in which you can relate a bit with the character on a personality level. The main character had a real spunky, funny, sarcastic attitude. I loved her personality. I I've seen this book floating around goodreads for quite some time and it looked so good, I just had to read it.

I like that Reed incorporated the real way teens and some adults talk these days. That's what makes the characters more realistic and interesting. I loved Samara's humor. She had me laughing quite a few times throughout the book. I love the reality of her situation, her having to work and earn things she wanted. Her personality and attitude was the best part of the whole book if you ask me. I can seriously go on, on how much I liked this book.

But let me point out what I didn't like. Here's what I didn't buy. Though Samara at first showed hesitance with Caleb, she quickly let it go because he seemed to intrigue her. To me, Caleb wasn't the "jump his bones" kind of guy. I felt she didn't really consider too much of the dangers in Caleb's lifestyle. So for Samara to just jump right into it feet first wasn't a win for me. Overall Living Violet is a definite page turner. I'm happy I was given the chance to read and review and I will definitely be following this series through.

I hope that Samara continues to grow throughout the series. I'm looking forward to see where Reed will go with the relationship between Samara and Caleb. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and I consider this book a Good Choice for Reading! Sep 04, Willa rated it liked it. I alternated between loving it and hating it. Initially, I was pulled in by Reed's characters, especially Samara and Nadine. It was good to see strong female characters that weren't falling all over themselves for a man. In fact, Reed made is screamingly obvious that Samara wasn't interested in finding love and that her relationship with Caleb was something she had thought about and was valid, not a hormone induced craze.

I also appreciated Nad Actual Rating: I also appreciated Nadine because of her no nonsense attitude towards men and her scariness, but at the same time balanced life - she worked, went to school, and volunteered, while maintaining a social life. Reed also mocked the Twilight series, which by itself is not so cool, but it signaled to me that she wasn't going to repeat Meyer's mistakes.

And while I admit that Reed's writing surpasses Meyers', Reed followed the same basic plot line and replicated the age old story of the girl falling in love with the monster. Which is what started the internal war between my liking of the book and my dislike of the book. If Reed had omitted that part, the amount of problems I had with this book would have been significantly less.

Samara, ultimately, is what saved this book. Her character's strength and unwillingness to compromise on her safety and the safety of her loved ones made this book a worthwhile read. Feb 02, Has rated it really liked it. Four and half stars - and full review to be posted soon: But Living Violet does. The cast of characters and the chemistry they share is fantastic and I really like the paranormal aspect and how that tied into the story.

I also loved that Samara doesn't go all moon eyed over the he Four and half stars - and full review to be posted soon: I also loved that Samara doesn't go all moon eyed over the hero and in fact is pretty suspicious and savvy about him. This was so so refreshing. I will definitely be following the rest of this series.

But honestly - if you are sick of the Twilightesque emo tortured hero and wallpaper heroines - Get this book! Snarky, fun and filled with characters who are very real. Apr 18, Naomi rated it really liked it. Samara works in a book store serving coffee. A guy called Caleb also works in the store but in a different section. He takes an interest in Sam but wherever he goes, females suffer heart attacks. I really enjoyed Living Violet. Aug 23, Claire Legrand rated it it was amazing. Loved this fabulous book! I hated to put it down between batches of reading.

I can't wait for book 2! Feb 07, Rita rated it really liked it Shelves: This was such a different read for me. I had no idea what Caleb was going to be, while reading the book. Samara's character kept me laughing. A no non-sense kind of girl. Definitely didn't see the end coming. I will definitely read the next in the series. Would have liked Caleb's point of view, to get a better handle on his feelings toward her.

But overall a good read. Jul 18, Rai rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was awesome! I don't even know where to begin. She isn't an airhead and doesn't fall for a boy just because he's cute. She is an independent woman and her weirdness makes her incredibly realistic. She is biracial her mother is white and her father is black , and her main squeeze in the novel is white, so right there Jaime Reed is already breaking barriers and adding some depth to her book.

Samara has so many real life problems to worry This book was awesome! Samara has so many real life problems to worry about, like saving up for a new car, dealing with an annoying stepmom, being biracial, and her mother's loneliness, but through it all Samara remains strong. When things start to go wrong Samara doesn't completely break down and have her hot boyfriend lead her around like a puppy. Instead she grieves like a normal person would and works to resolve the issue.

One thing I really loved about Samara was the fact that she didn't jump for joy when she learned about Caleb's supernatural abilities. She reacted like a sane person and was wary and wasn't sure about a relationship right away. Samara was a very likable character and I can not wait to read more about her in the next book.

Caleb Caleb Baker was a very likable character as well. Unlike most supernatural hotties, he is not described as having appearances rivaling a god. Instead he is described as a normal boy with a great personality and violet eyes. I like the fact that Reed didn't take it upon herself to make him amazing in every way. Just like Samara, Caleb has other problems besides being supernatural. He has some major daddy problems and his mother is no longer around. He is out in the world on his own, living far away far away from everyone in his family.

Despite all his issues, both normal and supernatural, Caleb finds a way to smile and move on. He isn't constantly hating on himself and knows that there's a time to be serious and a time to have fun. Plot I really don't want to give to much away so I'll do my very best to keep this spoiler free.

Living Violet by Jaime Reed Review + Skit

The plot of this story was incredibly different and not at all normal. Reed found a supernatural being that I don't often read about and that made the book very interesting. Reed created two characters so realistic it's impossible not to feel their love for each other. However, while their love is strong and pronounced, it is not overdone.

They aren't professing their love for each other in the obvious ways that are normally used and I found that to be refreshing.

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Living Violet has ratings and reviews. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears said: Love indulged the masochist. He's persuasive, charming, and way too mysterious. Book 2 of The Cambion Chronicles. After falling for a Cambion and then turning into.

Reed actually gave Samara and Caleb time to get to know one another, so when the L-word was finally said It felt genuine. This book really lived up to my expectations, especially on the romance. Supporting Characters The supporting characters were so entertaining. Reed gave them enough face time for me to feel like they were apart of the story and not just added to say there were supporting characters. They all had very unique personalities and were all pretty well developed.

Reed made some characters likable and others incredibly annoying, but each character brought out some kind of emotion so I guess she did her job. Extras There were a bunch of extra things I loved about this book, but I can only remember 3 at the moment: Reed picked Twilight apart and exposed all of the stupidity within that book in a classy way. That alone got her three stars no questions asked. Reed is obviously someone that read Harry Potter and she acknowledges its awesomeness with a few small references. Whenever Samara gets mad or uncomfortable she talks in Elizabethan English, and for some weird reason I find it entertaining.

This book was amazing and went above and beyond my expectations. I found this book at a public library and I am heading to the store to purchase this book and it's sequel after I finish this review. Read this book if you want to read something good and not sappy for a change. Nov 25, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: There was so much right about this book that I don't know where to begin praising it.

The writing was sharp and it crackled. Samara, the heroine killed with wry observations and snarky yet whip-smart one-liners. Caleb the hero is not completely human and his non-human part of himself creates some awkward situations. He could have been some smirky jerk, but instead was heartbreaking in his characterization and his need for S 4.

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He could have been some smirky jerk, but instead was heartbreaking in his characterization and his need for Sam. The characters were beautifully defined and added so much color and texture to the story. And I am not just talking about Sam and Caleb the main characters. I am talking about Sam's mother who is the type of mother who makes her daughter and daughter's best friend watch all those 'To Catch a Predator' shows. And who cautions before Sam has to take a fairly long drive: If a cop flashes you make sure you stop at a public place, with plenty of people.

There was a story on the news about this man impersonating police by using one of those party lights in his car. Anyway, you don't wanna know what happened to the poor woman he stopped. I am talking about Nadine, Sam and Caleb's co-worker and friend, who is an enigmatic sexy Polish girl who writes so-bad-it's-good poetry and can give a 1, mile death-stare to any loser who tries to come on to her.

The meetings are hilarious and the book plots range from the awful to the awesome. I especially love the good-natured send-up of a Twilight-esque book series complete with a spot-on characterization of the fans both young and old. I found Sam's response to Caleb's particular paranormal quality to be perfect. Not to beat a dead horse, but she is the anti Bella Swan. Sam's defining quality is her cynicism and her skepticism. They hold her in good stead even as she begins to fall in love with Caleb despite his super-humanness. And later how she handles some pretty overwhelming consequences to her relationship with Caleb.

There were also some wonderfully funny scenes where Sam is determined to "train" Caleb into accepting the part of himself he is intent on rejecting. She is logical and thorough, complete with index cards and a plan of action. The scenes where she enlists Dougie to help teach Caleb how to fight off aggressive woman who better to help than a guy who is always fighting with a girl are hysterical.

I knock off a half star because I was not thrilled with the ending. Yes, it was incredibly poignant and opens up a whole hot of possibilities for the upcoming books but I still wish things did not end up the way they did. On the whole, though, this book was simply stellar! Jan 02, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: At least, not yet… Samara is not like most of the girls around her. What is it about him? And why has he suddenly decided that chasing Samara, the one girl who can resist him, is a great idea?

As Caleb slowly reveals his secrets to Samara, she is both repulsed and intrigued. Will she be able to help him without losing herself? Living Violet is a nice first book in what promises to be an interesting series. A biracial girl living in the South has very different experiences than, say, a pasty white girl who moves to Washington.

This is coming from a pasty white girl who lives in the South. All in all, though, I liked this book, and I would recommend it to any high school or young adult library collection. Living Violet is currently available wherever books are sold, and the sequel, Burning Emerald a spectacular title givin the way the first book ended , is set for a June release. Oct 15, Erika rated it really liked it Shelves: This review can also be found on Living for the Books Going into this book I was expecting the usual paranormal stuff and the usual romance where the guy saves the girl and they end up falling in love or the dreaded instant love.

Well I was pleasantly surprised! Living Violet isn't really like any other paranormal book I've read. The whole Cambion concept was basically new to me. When incubus were mentioned I had this vague sense of knowing what was being talked about before it was explained but I This review can also be found on Living for the Books Going into this book I was expecting the usual paranormal stuff and the usual romance where the guy saves the girl and they end up falling in love or the dreaded instant love.

When incubus were mentioned I had this vague sense of knowing what was being talked about before it was explained but I don't exactly know where I know that word from and that is going to drive me crazy for the rest of the day. The main character Samara Marshall was great. She didn't drool over Caleb like everyone else. She even thought he was weird and he is so a round of applause for her.

It actually took her awhile to warm up to Caleb and she had actual reasons for liking him. Basically she's curious why women are dropping like flies after they make out with him and that's why she want to find out more about him. I mean wouldn't you be curious too? I loved reading about Samara no matter what was happening. She was sarcastic and strong so she didn't like to get bossed around and most of the time she was the one bossing Caleb around. I found some things completely ridiculous though. Like Dougie teaching Caleb how to defend himself and he gets beat up by an eight year old I think that was how old the girl was.

The relationship between Samara's parents was also really strange to me. How is her dad's wife ok with him spending time with Samara's mom?

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Wouldn't she be the tiniest bit worried about that since Samara's mom seems to have a hard time getting over the fact that Samara's dad married someone else. Anyway I think my favorite part of this book was the romance between Samara and Caleb. Sam isn't exactly sure what to do about her feelings for Caleb. This is probably because of what happened to her parents. She's not really sure if she wants a serious relationship and even though Caleb is he doesn't push her.

You can actually read about their relationship developing. I just love reading about that. It was also pretty obvious that there was something paranormal going on with Caleb and there were some other obvious things but I never saw the ending coming! So basically I really liked this book. It was a nice change from the usual paranormal. Nov 26, Violette rated it really liked it Shelves: Via Goodreads, I received an opportunity to read an advance copy of "Living Violet. While I thought the premise was original as original as you can be in the ever-growing paranormal YA genre , there were a few issues that I had which made this a 3.

Let me begin by saying I totally hate this cover. I don't find this Via Goodreads, I received an opportunity to read an advance copy of "Living Violet. I don't find this cover boy cute at all and it totally threw me off when reading the book since I was just picturing THAT dude as Caleb instead of some imagined hottie, and it made the plot a little unbelievable. Since I know that authors rarely even have a say in what their covers look like, I'm not going to detract any stars for this point.

It's a personal pet peeve and I wanted to mention it because it made the book a little harder for me to read. When I did finally get into the book, one thing I really enjoyed was Jaime Reed's writing style. It was really easygoing and fun and Samara was a character who really bounced off the pages. She was realistic, and realistic is good.

I also really appreciated that she wasn't a "Bella Swan" - meek and quiet and far too subtle for my tastes. While I can see where Sam would come off as being a little annoying, I really think that in this case, there was enough sass without it coming across as forced or bratty. Another thing that really made the book for me was the actual premise.

I liked the supernatural beings featured, and I really liked Reed's explanations of how they work. The supporting characters in the book really helped move and shape the story and I really enjoyed getting to know them all. At the beginning, he comes off a little skeevy and really, does not make up for it for the rest of the book. He just did not work for me as the male lead, and do sorta wish he had been written differently. Overall, I decided to rate the book up to 4 stars because I did enjoy reading it, issues aside.

I also am curious to read the 2nd book in the series, because it seems like it would focus more on Samara than on Caleb and Samara's relationship. I'd recommend this book to all fans of paranormal YA. Nov 23, Brenna rated it liked it Shelves: Living Violet doesn't conform to typical YA stereotypes with an interesting premise and realistic cast characters. The unique paranormal aspect was one of the coolest ideas I've read in a long time, and readers who are getting tired of reading the same old paranormal YA will appreciate.

Living Violet gets bonus points for not having a ridiculously good-looking, god-like male love interest. Caleb's interesting, but only because of w Living Violet doesn't conform to typical YA stereotypes with an interesting premise and realistic cast characters. Caleb's interesting, but only because of what makes him so unique. He's far from perfect though, and regardless of what the back cover says I didn't find him nearly as charming or ideal as he was made out to be.

And there was something truly refreshing about that. Samara is an interesting character as well, and I love that Jaime wove in some discussion on race as well, and I liked Sam's independent, determined attitude towards everything live threw at her. Samara's parents love her, and that love and affection shines through in so much they do and how they act with her. Their relationship with Samara, and with each other, was something to make this one stand out from other YA books. I liked this, it mixed things up a bit from what I'm used to reading. New kind of paranormal: Living Violet shares some similarities with the ideas behind X-Men and even seems to have some inspiration stemming from mythology I thought of sirens personally , but makes all of it its own to come up with something completely different.

I really wasn't the biggest fan of the writing style; most of the time it felt overly descriptive and unnecessary, and at times those descriptions were way too much. There ended up being a few times where I was laughing at something that really wasn't supposed to be funny. There were too many times when I just couldn't take the writing seriously, and I found it distracting from the overall storyline. I'd never delved into such spirituality before, but this tilted cubicle became my temple, a place of peace with healing waters of absolution. Dec 10, CJ rated it really liked it Shelves: