Integrative Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques

Integrative Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques
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Relationship of Self to Body. Relationship of Self to Self. The Interpersonal and Intersubjective: Relationship of Self to Others. Culture, Race and Wider Context. Developing the Reflective Function. Traumatic Memory Processes and Dissociation.

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Problem Formulation for the Integrative Psychotherapist. Drawing on a Range of Concepts for Problem Formulation. Relational Perspectives on Problem Formulation. From Personality Style to Personality Disorder.

Developmental Perspectives in Problem Formulation. Existential Life Issues in Problem Formulation.

1st Edition

Complex Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder. Constructing an Integrative Problem Formulation. The Process of Integrative Psychotherapy. The Role of Love and Hope. The Working Alliance and Effective Therapy. The Reparative or Developmentally Needed Relationship. Different Views on Working with the Transference.

Repetitive and Selfobject Dimensions of the Transference. Implicit and Explicit Levels of Relationship. Conceptions of Time in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Maria Gilbert

A Process Goal of Therapy. An Integrative Approach to Trauma. Research and Clinical Perspectives. The Integrative Psychotherapist as Researcher. Techniques and Strategies for the Integrative Psychotherapist. Working with Self and Interactive Regulation. Working with Unconscious Process and Unformulated Experience. Empathic Enquiry and Empathic Resonance: Sexuality, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.

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An Overview of Therapeutic Interventions. Working with Improvisation and Spontaneity in Psychotherapy. Working with Shame and Shame-Based Systems. Working with Symbolism and Metaphor. Working with Erotic Transference. Self Disclosure in Psychotherapy: Addressing the Process of Rupture and Repair. Working with Enactments and Therapeutic Impasse. Accepting and Working with Mistakes. Ethics and Professional Practice.

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Buy Integrative Therapy ( Key Points) 1 by Maria Gilbert (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Maria Gilbert is currently Joint Head of the Integrative Department at Metanoia Institute in London. She is Programme.

Each nugget focuses on a different idea or looks through a different lens or at a different layer. My personal response to the book was one of underwhelm!

While on the one hand it is an impressive condensation of the material, the corollary is that there is little space for digestion, or indeed for a more deep and open-ended look at the questions that arise when you are trying to blend the work of different writers each with their own perspective and lexicon. This would perhaps not be a problem were it not for the power differential between the group making the diagnosis and the group being diagnosed. Can we reconcile notions of treatment with an I-Thou encounter, with its necessary absence of an agenda?

That we do it is discussed on p but not the how of it, or whether there is an alternative. How do we ethically pay attention to contemporary research in the field while holding the position that each client-therapist encounter is unique and co-created? Certainly the link between the hypothesised causative mechanism and the outcome is not necessarily proven.

Can we orientate ourselves towards well-being, and perhaps put more effort into researching whether the work that a given therapist is doing with a given client is satisfying rather than research that tries to prove which form of therapy should be practiced?

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These questions may not have answers but I believe that these and questions like them need to be struggled with. While I have my ideas about their absence — to do with space and series style and possibly political correctness — without them the book feels limited and seems to deliver a mixed message.