I Dream of Zombies

What does it mean to dream of Zombies?
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It is amazing how robust these unresolved issues can be. They refuse to die. They will haunt us until we finally face them once and for all. On the other hand, this dream may have a positive effect on the dreamer and help them realize that something needs to be put to rest once and for all. Zombie attacks are common in pop culture. Dreaming of one may relate to fears, anxiety, and overwhelming stress. Do you feel threatened or attacked in your waking life? What negative feeling or influence is challenging you?

Since most scenarios of zombies involve zombies being infected by something, this dream can relate to being influenced or damaged by something internally. Are you fearing you will lose control of a situation or yourself? Do you feel others threaten to control your life or take away your personal power? A mob of zombies can represent overwhelming feelings of stress.

Perhaps this relates to a situation that was ignored and has now gotten out of hand. This can relate to a situation in your waking life or a battle you are experiencing internally. Mobs can also represent all of the little stressors, fears, and irritants that collectively overwhelm you. Dreams like this may indicate to the dreamer that they need to take a break, sit down, and allow themselves time to confront uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings and situations in order to find resolution for what is holding them back.

To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. So the dream starts out with my dad taking me to school. We start to drive and it looks like a very cloudy almost overcast weather. We start to go the wrong way to my grandmothers house. I noticed a rabbit that turned down a block ahead of us. When we pass it the rabbit is in someone's yard but it's now the size of a kangaroo with a tan tucan beak instate of a muzzle.

We keep driving till we get to tge bridge over the storm surge irrigation system. By now it sprinkling and the entire system is full of sediment and a layer of water on top. In the sediment is a man half submerged. My dad stops the car and gets out. He goes to the man to see if he is ok and the man lashes out at him. He backs away and calls I ask him what wrong because he looks worried and said that no one will answer.

Dreams About Zombies – Meaning and Interpretation

So he takes me to my grandmothers where all of my aunts and uncles are. We wait around the house and talk to each other when I noticed that I hadn't seen my dad in a while. I look outside and his truck is still there but I can't find him anywhere. While looking around I found my grandma and she was talking to a women and her child through the window. They were asking to come in from the storm. It was now poring down rain. We let then in and I continued ti look for my dad. I started to get more and more scared and frantic.

As I'm searching I noticed the tv was on the news. I saw my dad at the building were my mom works. There inside the building with a huge horde of people surrounding it. Then I hear banging on all the walls and moans. I look around for my family but im alone. The banging gets louder and louder. I'm huddled in a coroner and I try to block out the sounds then I hear screaming and I start to cry. I closet my eyes and fell like I'm falling. And that's when I wake up. Dreams of zombies, especially lately with this genre's popularity, can often be a result of our daily experiences and media on our dreams.

I know for myself, if a movie or TV show scares me or bothers me in some way, I will dream of it that night and work through these icky emotions. Those dreams certainly seem to have a function even if I'd rather avoid a rerun!

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If I watch anything zombie related or if I'm super stressed, I always have a zombie dream. Just yesterday we watched World War Z and I told my boyfriend, "thanks, now I'm going to be dreaming about zombies all night. They used to terrify me but, perhaps because I've had the dreams so often, I've gotten to the point where they actually don't scare me at all, even though they do keep me up when I wake up with my heart racing from running away from hungry hordes. This was yet another fascinating read. Zombie dreams tend to relate to feeling dead or having our actions detached from our thoughts or feelings.

Since you are on the roof in this dream, it may be that you have retreated into your thoughts and have a tendency to lose yourself in your mind in order to escape tough feelings and experiences. The zombies could show you what threatens you by being so detached. A lot of the dream is focused on your dad. How is your relationship with him? What could he represent for you? Is there something about your dad that you are not expressing?

Since he dies while going to church, perhaps this relates to feeling spiritually cut off. The 2 girls fighting could relate to inner conflict within you.

What do dreams about zombies mean?

Jordan is an isolated man who dreams of a zombie apocalypse. He practices with weapons, trains on video games and turns his house into a fortress. When he. Dreaming of zombies is becoming more and more common among dreamers. Find possible dream interpretations of zombie dreams and.

The wrench gives me the idea that your emotions or conflicts has thrown a wrench into the situation idiom. There seems to be an imbalance of energy in the dream. Do you feel like you are just scraping by now and do not have enough time, focus or attention to give to all parts of self? If you have an imbalance of give and take within your life, it can leave you feeling depleted and deprived. The dream may be showing you how cutting of yourself, such as a spiritual side, does not make sense just like it wouldn't make sense to be grateful you lost your dad because that would leave more food to split among everyone.

This dream may try to be focusing you on matters of the heart and soul. What is feeding your heart and soul? In what ways are these parts of who you are stifled and not expressed currently? Hello, idk if you look at comments on this page but I had a really weird zombie dream, It wasn't so scary but I was disturbed for some reason. What happened was I was sitting on the roof of my house, with many kids my age friends and random people, some i have not seen in a while, so the zombies only came out at night so here's some things i remember my dad was going to some prayer circle, and he doesn't even go to church, he died on the way there just in sight of the house.

Kids went to church but we had no classes so I just remember running around. I don't remember much after this but i remember not that many kids came back to my roof after a few days, yes there was maybe days in the dream but i don't remember it, like it skipped, I woke up a little bit after this point, but i also remember my mom said that it was good that my dad died because we have less food to split. Don't know if anyone will see this, much less respond to this, but I needed to get this off my chest.

The ocean often relates to our unconsciousness. The moon often relates to our emotional side. To have it melt into the ocean seems like an unhelpful way in which we are choosing to manage our emotions- by ignoring them and believing they will just go away. Zombies would relate to how we feel-- disconnected.

Dreams About Zombies – Meaning and Interpretation

This type of emotional management is threatening you. It may be time to confront emotions and stop running from things. Dreaming of your mom waking up from the dead may relate to your struggles to truly accept that she is gone and actually gone. Since she becomes a zombie, it may also relate to your disconnection from painful feelings associated with the loss of your mom and your disconnection from your mom.

Although this sounds like a scary experience, dreaming of similar things over and over again can mean you are not addressing something important and may need to confront your feelings. I would associate your dreams with attempting to avoid these feelings and put them to rest without truly processing them and feeling like you are being chased by these feelings- they can't quite go away. If she is chasing you in the dream, then you are running from something associated with her. I would think this relates to a need to confront your feelings and really allow yourself to grieve.

Last i had a dream about my deceased mother, she passed away on In my dream, we are in her funeral, my cousin and aunt were crying, and then suddenly my mother wants to wake uo from the dead, she keeps on waking up like a zombie and then she started to chase after me, i was so scared. Im so confused, i don't know what is the meaning of my dream. And before this i also had a dream about my deceased grandfather who died last year.

The same thing happened in my dream. Please help me, im getting scared. That sounds like a creepy dream.

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A diseased child with a blank stare could relate to either concerns about the maternal connection with your child or your inner child. What about dreaming of deseased child with blank stairing look at me. If the werewolves are hunting you, I would see this as you running away and avoiding what it represents. It could feature an abandoned pet project that you started, but is now heading to nowhere. Zombie Ex To see your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend in the dream as zombies, implies that your romantic feelings for them is dead. You have not emotional attachment towards them.

Hung Up On A Dream - The Zombies

However, if you feel sadness in the dream, it can reflect that you still care about the ex. Dream About Zombie Invasion or Outbreak If you dream about the onset of outbreak with zombies killing, eating, and converting everyone. It can mean that a violent force is at play within your community. Perhaps a new violent idea is spreading cross some groups of people and they take aggressive actions.

Observing a Group of Zombies invade from afar is a wake up call for you to notice and care issues affecting your family or community. It appears that they are feeling dead inside and unloved. Reach out to them before the relationship becomes a lost cause. To fighting and killing zombies in the dream can feature your actions to fight off enemies for your survival, it could also be a symbol as potential ways for you to regain your own humanity. Consider the method that you used to kill the zombies in the dream.

If you used different types of guns to shoot zombies, it suggests that you need to take aggressive and violent measures, stand your ground to protect your family. If Fire is used, it may signify that you need to be more enthusiasm and passion to bring your own thoughts out of the undead zombie rot. When the dream features a total complete zombie apocalypse with much of the population gone and dead, and that the world has gone to hell. It reflects the feeling of hopeless with your waking world. It could be a serious life changing event involving the life around you. Perhaps you have lost friends or families member to alcohol and drug abuse, pyramid scheme, or cult.

The world you know it is coming to an end and you fear what the future will hold. Dream About Dressing Up as Zombie If you dream about dressing up as a zombie during Halloween , it suggests that you are keeping up a facade that you do not care about everyone around. You actually do care and want to relate to others deep inside. What does this mean? This was so helpful. First I dreamed of becoming close to my sister who is a tormentors of my past again.

Bullets fired from s car we get in are actually spiritual gemstones lol. He is handsome and lacks confidence in the dream in spite of it. He slowly gets closer to me I can feel real feelings for him and want but he pushes me away and I have no idea if because of his insecurities or sincere non interest of me. We are all afraid. I am filled with compassion and would rather him kill me than hurt him. Sorry to go in to depth. I just though being a dream in interpreter and myself understanding a few things in reality it may help you with confidence in how good you are.

Leave this field empty. Post navigation Dreaming about zombies can be pretty common when you have watched too many zombie related TV shows or movies like The Walking Dead. Dreaming of unicorn typically relate to someone whom you know are very pure and honest. Seeing a werewolf or a wolf man in your dreams warns something or someone around.