Haunted Chatham

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liopratabtane.gq/89-sitios-para.php The ghost reportedly moves the Bible from Fran Leaf Park's namesake is said to haunt her park. Her apparition as well as strange groaning sounds on the wind have been reported. Nankin Mills Tavern is no longer in operation and reports say the building stands empty--except for its ghost, that is. The friendly spirit is said to make noises like banging in the kitchen or slamming doors in the basement. Locals suppose he's a miller who was killed here near sometime Guests have reported apparitions in period clothing and ghostly ballroom music when there is no one around.

He had a wooden leg hence his nickname , and scars over his eye and on his hand. Brown had fled to Canada after being arrested in , for selling It is said to be haunted by Wenman Wynniatt was a British army officer who had been recently met Sarah, John Harris's eldest daughter. The Grand Theatre has a story and a ghost, that of original owner and theater magnate Ambrose Small. On December 2, , Small put a million dollars into a bank account and took his wife to lunch, but after that, no one ever saw him again.

Rob's Place has been the site of some weird occurrences, like glasses falling off shelves, bathroom stores banging open, jukebox volume quirks, strange orbs and squiggles that show in photos, and an apparition of a white-haired man in a Civil War uniform.

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Spooky Creepy Boston Nicholas Goodwin. Witnesses in the s and 90s say she told walkers "I'm going to church", before vanishing into thin air. The apparition of a young girl has been seen staring down from rooms into the street, and has been known to appear to guests in Room 8 and Room The hospital ceased operation in Orleans Waterfront Inn Orleans, Massachusetts 7.

Some say the activity comes from a basement William Tyndale College closed in , but was rumored to have ghosts that may reside there still. The ghosts were discovered by phantom noises: This quaint community theatre has been in operation for over half a century, but already seems to being developing a series of ghost stories associated with the theatre itself and the plot of land it was built upon.

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The first apparition is an man in an old-fashioned suit who appears Legend has it that an s lighthouse keeper, Captain Joseph Babcock, gave his wife many cats to keep her company when she was bedridden. Today, one of those cats remains behind, a ghostly gray cat that does that playful cat-skitter across the kitchen floor in the second-floor living quarters.

At this restaurant, formerly an s inn, a ghostly man has been seen by owners and staff. He turns lights on and off and moves objects. It's said to begin in the basement of Highland Hall, which was once a morgue.

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The basement and the tunnel are said to be haunted. Witnesses have described apparitions of At this circa s bed-and-breakfast inn, strange things are afoot.


A TV on the third floor turns itself down when the volume is turned up, and toilets flush by themselves. In Room 11, also on the third floor, a little girl fell to her death out the window, and her This historic mansion is haunted by Sarah and Alonzo Gunn, who formerly owned the house when it was a private residence. Guests and owners have reportedly heard footsteps, and seen the apparitions of a woman in a shawl and a man in a top hat and old-fashioned cape. This historic playhouse is situated on an old farming property, as the theatre itself is a barn conversion.

The former owner of the property, known to staff as 'Walter', has been seen and heard throughout the theatre. He often is heard sobbing in the theatre, and has been known to Garfield, is believed to be haunted by Garfield's wife Lucretia. Security personnel have heard Lucretia walking upstairs at night and she has been known to turn lights on after the guards turn them off.

She also is said Riviera Restaurant Marine City, Michigan Clair, Michigan 33 miles from chatham, ON This inn was formerly a boardinghouse that opened in Sadler's Pond Essex, Ontario Cadieux Cafe Detroit, Michigan Knock Knock Road Detroit, Michigan Two Way Inn Hamtramck, Michigan St Aubin's House Detroit, Michigan Memphis Cemetery Richmond, Michigan Detroit Macabre Joseph Williams.

Haunted Willoughby, Ohio Cathi Weber. Alhambra Apartments Detroit, Michigan Detroit Symphony Orchestra Detroit, Michigan Detroit Masonic Temple Detroit, Michigan Atlas Tube Essex, Ontario University of Windsor Windsor, Ontario Halmich Park Warren, Michigan Fort Wayne Detroit, Michigan Machpelah Cemetery Ferndale, Michigan Cleveland Ghosts Charles, Jr. Haunted Akron, Ohio Jeri Holland. Birmingham 8 Theater Birmingham, Michigan Riverside Osteopathic Hospital Trenton, Michigan John Dodge House Rochester, Michigan Eloise Asylum Westland, Michigan Rotary Park Livonia, Michigan Coast To Coast Ghosts: Haunted Houses Corinne May Botz.

America's Secret Haunting Sarah Ashley.

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  • Bluebell Hill, Chatham Dockyard and the 13 other most haunted places in Medway?
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  • Bluebell Hill, Chatham Dockyard and the 13 other most haunted places in Medway - Kent Live.

Scripps Road Orion charter Township, Michigan Hilton Garden Inn Romulus, Michigan Nankin Mill Tavern Westland, Michigan Park Hotel Put-in-Bay, Ohio 61 miles from chatham, ON Guests have reported apparitions in period clothing and ghostly ballroom music when there is no one around.

Eldon House London, Ontario Grand Theatre London, Ontario Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore Diane Goldstein. A Guide for Beginners Melanie S. Ghosts of the Northeast David J.

Haunted Chatham

Huntington Playhouse Bay Village, Ohio Claque Playhouse Westlake, Ohio It's also good to know where they are in case you find yourself out and about this Halloween. From the freaky ghost haunting shoppers in Chatham high street to the notorious stories surrounding Bluebell Hill, one of the countries most haunted roads, there are plenty of spooky stories to keep you up at night. See below for some of the most haunted places in Medway, courtesy of paranormaldatabase. A young girl in old fashioned clothing is said to haunt Chatham high street, with several sightings in the s.

The girl was also seen looking through the window of a shop - but upon investigation, the room was completely empty. A woman is also said to haunt the site - with some visitors even claiming she has prodded and poked them if they are not walking fast enough. The paranormal being was seen watching shows.

Haunted Chatham

From the freaky ghost haunting shoppers in Chatham high street to the notorious stories surrounding Bluebell Hill, one of the countries most. This eerie location is home to so many inexplicable occurrences that it's hard to list and categorise them all. From shadows and apparitions, to poltergeist activity .

If he likes it, he will stay. If not, he will stand up and walk out. The building is also said to be haunted by a woman in a long evening dress, and others said they have experienced mild poltergeist activity in the building. The railway bridge along Woodlands Road and Ferndale Road in Gillingham is said to be haunted by a young girl dressed in black.

Witnesses in the s and 90s say she told walkers "I'm going to church", before vanishing into thin air.

Get Spooked on Some of the Most Haunted Tours in Cape Cod!

Others say they have seen her sitting on a wall close to the railway bridge, and others say she runs along Ferndale Road. There was once a lane leading to Bloor Place in Rainham, and some say the area is haunted by a man who was once decapitated here. According to legend, the man had a reputation for being a seducer of women, but the husbands of these women eventually took their revenge by murdering him. Some say the area is haunted by the headless man, who drives a coach pulled by headless horses on Christmas Eve.

The 15 most haunted places in Medway

Blue Bell Hill is said to be extremely haunted , with many motorists saying they have seem something mysterious on this road. One witness says they believed they had run over a girl on the road in Rochester - but no one was there when he went to inspect. An old lady has also been seen haunting this road, appearing in front of cars and causing them to break abruptly. Author Charles Dickens is said to haunt the moat at the castle, with several reported sightings on Christmas Eve. The castle is also said to be haunted by a woman who was inside the castle when it was under siege in He made his way into the castle and tried to force himself on Lady Blanche, who ran to the top of the castle screaming.

De Capo heard her screams and found them both at the top of the keep. He shot an arrow to kill de Clare but it hit Lady Blanche instead. She then fell from the castle to the ground beneath. Lady Blanche is said to haunt the castle to this day, and some visitors claim to have seen her ghost fall from the keep. According to legend, a monk was bricked up alive in St Margaret's Street, Rochester for an unknown sin. Some walkers say they have seen him emerge from the wall - with hauntings especially prominent in November.