Betrayed: How the Education Establishment has Betrayed America and What You Can Do about it

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This was a bipartisan deceit — Republicans are as guilty as Democrats. The CCSS is a godsend for district leaders, however. Many lack the knowledge necessary to identify a solid curriculum. They habitually adopt programs that are unproved or proved to be failures.

In math, the CCSS is cementing processes proved over three decades to be failures. They will destroy more generations of students and further endanger the country. Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit , once presciently noted: Just get people to stop reading them. In history and civics, the new themes are content-light and opinion-heavy, pro-victimization, anti-Christian and anti-patriot.

America is to be portrayed as bigoted, imperialistic, genocidal, misogynistic and anti-immigrant. Great historical figures and much daring and innovative history are to be eliminated, criticized or minimized. This is what happens when those who view America with contempt are given free reign over academic standards.

If the CCSS was ever about helping students academically, its promoters would have had proof of its efficacy — a track record of success. The CCSS is an unproved product. Unfortunately, as bad as it is, the CCSS is just one tentacle of the monster. The Network remains largely hidden as its agenda oozes out around us, like a nasty sludge. Another tentacle is the privacy-destroying longitudinal data systems. Another is the flawed testing, all online.

Another is teacher evaluations, based on the faulty premise that good teachers can overcome bad curriculum, policy and administration. Another is the de facto federal takeover, now seeping into private schools, preschools, daycares and colleges. Another is the creepy technology: These are tentacles of the same monster. Call it what you like, but The Network is in charge and not accountable to anyone. This is how national tyrannies are born.

It benefits from our ignorance and passivity. We are failing to recognize our new reality. The Network now determines problems, makes decisions and provides solutions. It cares less about the children or our rights than it does about protecting its interests. The finer details of the content of the CCSS were always immaterial — a distraction. The goal was that we lose our power as individuals. The Network wants to be the decider; we are to be the obeyers. Network allies will kick into gear to mock and undermine the message. We asked for help from legislators, board directors, government watchdogs, and the media -- only to find out that most are part of The Network.

The Network is self-regenerating, with a long institutional memory. If it loses a tentacle to a determined group of dissenters, it grows another and renames it. It intends to win. For the kiddoes, of course. This is grim, so I hate to leave it here. The battle cannot be won by a few of us while the rest wait to hear how it went.

More citizens must become motivated, questioning, informed and involved. We must learn, vote, dissent, and inform others including the few in The Network who will listen. We must stop supporting powerful people who demand that we acquiesce to The Network. We must vote against legislators who vote for The Network. We must walk away from schools run by well-heeled administrators and board directors who express solemn concern over students they never actually help. The Network prefers that we remain uninformed and obedient.

As we wait in vain for it to do the right thing for our children, it advances the agenda. Americans have been asleep for too long. This information is copyrighted. The proper citation is: Posted by Laurie H. By Nakonia Niki Hayes. Previously published on Truth in American Education. Republished here with permission from the author. After all, textbook publishing is a multi-billion dollar industry. The creation of new Core-aligned materials that prepare students for the Core-aligned assessments is already making a rich impact on publishing businesses, vendors, and peripheral activities teacher training, consultants, etc.

Old materials must be thrown away. New materials have to be bought. Lots of profit is on the horizon. The major problem for publishers, however, is actually in mathematics education. They must figure out how to get good, reliable, and verifiable results from American children who have become math phobic over the past 50 years. That means publishers need to listen to authors who have a proven success record and not to ideologically-driven math education leaders who have for years promoted fads with political correctness as the purpose of math education.

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Profits may suffer at the beginning. But here is a checklist for publishers, administrators, teachers, and parents to consider about math textbooks: It is about student success, not affirming adult beliefs. Local comments from students, teachers, and parents give anecdotal but often powerful insight. Surveys are especially interesting when high school students are asked about their elementary and middle school classes.

Specific studies commissioned by the author s or publishers show results. School districts or schools with similar demographics that have used the textbook should be contacted. This information can be supplied by the publisher. This also helps provide accountability. This also erases responsibility for the publisher. One afternoon of teacher training with a user-friendly textbook should be sufficient.

They need to work with the teacher training sites to produce better candidates, not buy a truckload of supplemental materials. One color used for highlighting words or graphs is sufficient. The textbook uses appropriate space for examples and creative repetition of exercises through every lesson of the book for practice and mastery. Use of social justice themes, for example, in math problem-solving detracts from the math concepts which should be the focus of students. Mental math and memorization of math facts are required.

A test manual and a solutions manual are sufficient as supplements for teachers. A manual for specific populations special needs or gifted may be useful. An Internet search will show if such protests have taken place. This creates holes in the fabric of linear mathematics education. Maybe teachers can do without a book, but many of us know that students need a quality textbook. Parents and teachers come and go in the lives of children these days, but a user-friendly textbook should always be within reach for children. It can set up a satisfying relationship with positive results for them to show the world.

More than a million homeschooled students, plus many charter, private, and small public schools use a textbook that meets these listed criteria.

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The math education leadership hates the series because they say it is too traditional. Reams of documentation exist, however, to prove its success with students. For more information, go to http: The author is NOT affiliated with any publisher. Certified and experienced in journalism, special education, mathematics, counseling and school administration, she also worked 17 years in journalism fields outside of teaching. She now operates a tutoring academy using Saxon materials in math, reading, and writing. Her mission is to have John Saxon recognized and honored for his clarity in teaching and his continued legacy of success among students today.

This trust now serves the districts but not the students within them. Many districts seem increasingly dictatorial, deceitful, expensive and intrusive. We trust them with our children, and in return, they lie to us, miseducate our children and blame us for their failures.

They retain power in the way schoolyard bullies do, by ensuring that parents remain cowed, isolated and uninformed. In reality, parents have all of the power. Schools couldn't eliminate parents altogether, but they could create parents who agree to eliminate themselves. Schools thus trained successive generations to work in a group, defer to the group, think as a group, achieve consensus with the group, be assessed with the group, and defend group decisions. Punishments and rewards have been used to mold thinking and behavior and to direct energies.

Meanwhile, parents have long been shut out of the education of our own children. Worse, it accepts feeling helpless. It will be OK. They must have a good reason. And yet, dissent is critical to helping our children, to serving our honor, and to maintaining a free country.

The government cannot make our child take a test. It cannot force us into its failed bureaucratic, narcissistic, adult-centered system. Not unless we allow it. We can say no to this government. We can refuse to allow it to eliminate our ideas and preferences, or to miseducate, misuse and misguide our children. Most now are part of the government network. Instead of partnering with parents for a better education system, they partner with each other to implement policy, gather data on us and our children, sell their products and services, and implement a political and social agenda.

They help each other. They sit on boards, hand out grants and contracts, campaign, advertise, lobby, buy and sell.

They socialize together, travel together, praise each other, help friends and family members gain preferred positions, and allow each other to get away with things. America is being fundamentally transformed to a totalitarian state in which government and corporate cartels work together to do what neither is allowed to do by itself. It has no incentive to tell the truth or obey the law. Many media outlets — which are supposed to have our back —appear to be part of the Network. De facto national standards and tests are being pushed on all of us from cradle through career.

When we ask who is doing that pushing, the feds point to the states and to non-accountable associations; the states point to districts; the districts point to legislators; the legislators claim ignorance. Suddenly, some of us find that there are handguns in the hands of school employees. Look around you — the K education system in America has become freaking scary. Citizens MUST be the dissenters.

Clearly, the American government no longer knows how to educate a child. It has ceased to hold itself accountable, and it now works collaboratively to skirt laws and protect itself. Opt out of programs: We can opt out of failed academic programs, and out of excessively mature sex education classes and materials. We can find solid math and English curricula online, buy them, and start teaching them to our children. When a school mistreats, abuses, blames, mocks, neglects or refuses to educate our children, we can walk out of that school and never look back.

Opt out of testing: We can opt out of state and federal testing that sucks up class time; tells us nothing of value; collects intrusive and flawed data on us; is manipulated to show success where none exists; and forces our children to either take math tests online or be labeled as special education.

Say no to technology: We can say no to excessive and intrusive technology and data collection.

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We can question the barrels of state and federal money allotted for special education programs that never seem to go to special education students. We can vote no to the next levy and bond for school districts that misspend taxpayer money; use taxpayer money against taxpayers; and lie to us about budgets, expenditures and outcomes. We can inform other parents, run for the school board, or help other citizens run. We can recall corrupt or obstructive board directors and push to replace superintendents and administrators. We can push our legislatures to reject the de facto nationalization and radicalization of the American public school system, epitomized by the questionable, authoritarian and unproved Common Core initiatives.

We can refuse to support charter schools that clearly are under the thumb of local school districts. We can say no. We can make a good system happen. We can help our children, fix the problems, rebuild an accountable government and put responsible individuals in power. We can homeschool, find private schools, hire tutors, or ask family members or friends to teach our children what the schools will not. We can step away from the entire madness of public education. We are not helpless, we can say no, and we do know better. Tuesday, May 27, School district scans driver's licenses and takes photos of visitors in new "sign-in" policy.

She was told the District had implemented a new policy: An administrator finally agreed to make an exception for Mrs. Mitchell because she refused to comply. For those who did NOT complain on Friday, what happened with their information? On May 16, Mrs. Tuesday, April 22, Professional development in math should focus on math, not on pedagogy or materials. I was sent a link to a district page where upcoming courses focus on the implementation of a new and unproved math curriculum , not on mathematics.

But those skills should always have been required.

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Where else but in our public schools are employees persistently deficient in necessary skills? Where else are they taught that pedagogy is infinitely more important than expertise in the subject? Where else are billions of our dollars used to train employees in skills they should have had before they were hired? They learned what they were taught. He sent me a few articles containing older, questionable methodology or anecdotal criticisms of a teacher.

I pointed out to him the last 30 years of the failure of excessive constructivism. I am interested in this country you speak of that has been in the grip of constructivism for 30 years. Most studies indicate that American classrooms incorporate few if any constructivist practices espoused by schools and colleges of education. What we do have, I would argue, is a fairly widespread attempt at ham-handed implementations of constructivist-oriented reforms.

The mathematical and pedagogical knowledge needed to run a constructivist mathematics classroom is not possessed by most teachers now, or at any point in the last half-century W e graduate and hire most anyone with a pulse and a clean-ish criminal record. This stance is typical. It wasn't long before he began to call me names. He is courteous in the way of many reformers: Ostensibly civil, yet still calling me a conspiracy theorist, "closed" to the conversation, "dogmatic" and even "indulging in intellectual dishonesty.

Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing

His entire defense boils down to this: Constructivism works; they just aren't doing it right. Many maintain their faith by denying the problem. When confronted with irrefutable evidence, they blame it on teachers, parents, students or society. Most received garbage for math instruction — in K, in college and for years after they were hired.

How could they teach math properly? They must be so tired of being lied to.

Their training has intellectually disarmed them, their students and this country. These are unforgiveable sins. In the "real world," math is a tool, used to get a job done. What matters are clarity understandable by others ; efficiency done relatively quickly ; and accuracy the result is correct.

Math is a tool — like a hammer or drill. One doesn't come to consensus on the philosophy of a drill; one learns to use the drill and then one uses it. We use math to help us cut the wood, build the bridge, fill the ditch, fire the rocket, heal the sick, fire the bullet, cook the food, calculate the pay, run the business, combine the chemicals, fly the plane, build the software, measure the floor, balance the checkbook, project the earnings, and balance the budget.

Math is critically necessary to the functioning of the country.

Laurie H Rogers (Author of Betrayed)

K math is inherently understandable and doable, but proponents of fuzzy math and excessive constructivism have made it incomprehensible. I recently picked up Saxon Algebra I and read it cover to cover. That was instantly helpful. Efficiency on paper is critical; the calculator tends to get in the way of learning.

Each day, as I work through another chapter, I think, "Oh, yes. I see that now. Recently I tweaked an algorithm to make it more efficient; this would not have come to me without skills and understanding. This is how they duck criticism of their materials and blame everything on teachers. But proficiency is gained via solid instruction, such as from textbooks that provide sufficient explanation and practice, examples, structure, and an incremental and logical progression of skills. Below are some processes that are conducive to the development of solid math skills.

How the Education Establishment has Betrayed America and What You Can Do about it

Unfortunately, as bad as it is, the CCSS is just one tentacle of the monster. The only thing that has EVER mattered in math is what the students know and can do. Some are choosing to supplement the regular program. Not unless we allow it. What is reform math anyway? This compelling portrayal reveals why public education bureaucrats deliver such poor academic outcomes for students:

Proponents of fuzzy math and excessive constructivism typically refuse to implement these: Direct instruction of sufficient material, emphasizing the most-efficient, most-effective processes including long division; vertical multiplication; arithmetic; exponents; negatives; the number line; polynomials; fractions, decimals and percentages; the clock and the calendar; and proficiency with paper and pencil.

Practicing concepts to mastery, with constant refreshers of previously learned skills Using good process: Classes should NOT begin in the middle of a math textbook. Tuesday, March 25, Administrative plan for math is to fix the math program later. It isn't reflected in most high school graduates, nor in most students in any grade prior.

Even board directors appear to have gotten a clue: However, I do know better. The state tests are weak; the cut scores i. In addition, the vast majority of districts in this state also have weak outcomes in math. Being "average" in a state that struggles in math does not denote success in math. Superior talents of any sort are frequently not given room to shine. Public-school students struggle to do basic mathematical, scientific or literary activities that are reasonable for their age.

Many elementary-school students are not progressing from addition to multiplication; some never progress from adding on their fingers. Subjects other than literacy and mathematics — such as civics, history, economics, forensics, second languages, social studies, art, music, gym, geography, ethics and communication — are given short shrift or have been eliminated completely.

As a consequence, an increasing number of parents perceive public school as inadequate. Some are choosing to supplement the regular program. Others are leaving public school entirely — sending their children to private schools, alternative schools or private tutors. More and more of them are making the weighty choice to teach their children at home. Oddly, even as these families disappear from public schools, education professionals seem to have a really hard tim e saying that anything is wrong.

Even as families disappear from public schools, and the numbers of privately educated and home-schooled students increase, administrators deny that families are disgruntled by the failed programs and are voting with their feet. Even as engineers, giants of industry, mathematicians and college and university math professors speak out against certain math programs, and even as standards and curricula are reviewed and modified, administrators deny that math programs are flawed.

The education establishment is insular, the issues are major, and the philosophies are ingrained. Ego, money and social engineering agendas have been big parts of the problem. In all of the data floating around the public arena, there is very little actual truth. There is, however, a great deal of money being made. This article is intended to help provide context for articles you will see on this blog.

The information in this post is copyrighted. The proper citation is: I have read through many of the postings on this blog and am heartened by the sincerity of people who are looking for answers. Public education is failing. I have been working in the system for over eight years and have encountered all of the problems I've read about on this site It is enormously frustrating to me and has made me consider a career change more than a few times.

There is, thankfully, a part of me that wants to fight for what is right and I am encouraged when I read the content of this blog. Please keep up the good work and fight the good fight. Public education is a noble idea and it is unfortunate that empty self-esteem issues, money chasing, and politics have poisoned the waters.

I believe one of the huge mistakes school make is the factual memorization that takes place, especially in history. When I went to school, I could cram the facts the day before or even the class before history and take the test and score an A. But, I wouldn't remember a week later and did not relate it to my life or think beyond the surface. I believe that children should be involved in exploring less information deeper and doing some research on their own, especially in high school.

Also, I believe that testing through essay questions, or a written report, would show more comprehesion. In math, I don't believe formulas should all be memorized; it is better to know how to use them. More classroom discussion would be helpful also, and less homework.

I don't think all classes require a certain amount of homework every week, as if the student would suffer acedemically without added hours of work. I homeschool my son, and this is part of the reason. Very compelling thoughts here. I work at the state level and can attest that public education is seriously flawed. Take the average age of state politicians and legislation writers - I would dare say it would be a median age of These people were educated in a very industrial-age education system and they can't seem to let go of old paradigms. Even our teacher preparatory institutions have yet to catch up with 21st century teaching and learning practices.

I have heard so many arguments about the caliber of students and that schools are asked to do more and more with less. It is true that students come into public education with varying degrees of skill and capability - and let's not forget the socio-economic issues! Our system then is required to bring all of those kids along in order to pass a test? Folks, let's get real. Public education has become so large and bureaucratic that we can't even expect radical change. I agree totally that politics have poisoned the educational waters - but how do we change this? We have to adopt a business mindset and look at how business innovates and trains in order to remain competitive.

They don't convene a committee to study this and that - they don't build top-heavy administrative structures at the expense of the customer do they? The customer is the focus and the product must fit the customer needs or they go elsewhere. Keep up the good work and advocate for change in public education! I also teach school. I'm an inclusion teacher which means I work with kids that have disabilities that make learning more difficult. All of my kids are in regular classes, which I visit constantly. I see what's going on.

Everyone passes, one way or another. The district wouldn't actually tell you that, but when you're called in because too many of your math, science kids are failing what do you suppose happens. Grading is shaded, credit is given for things that don't deserve it, no grade lower than a 50 is entered in the books because it would put the poor student in too far of a hole. Then we wonder why there is no effort. What happened to competition, fighting to be the top of the honor roll? I am an educator, and teach at the secondary level.

There are some great comments here, and some comments that make me shudder! Schools are failing left and right, and yet the students are not. Currently, a grade of "D" or "F" is not an option in my grade book. Students will receive either a "U" or an "I". The mountain of paperwork that I fill out when this happens is beyond comprehension.

I have to save every single assignment, showing use of the rubric, attaching my lessons plans, and documentation that the student has had adequate exposure and time to absorb the information basically attendance.

So, What's In Those School District Records?

Betrayed: How the Education Establishment has Betrayed America and What You Can Do about it [Laurie H. Rogers] on *FREE* shipping on. Betrayed is a passionate, well-researched and frank accounting of how a the Education Establishment Has Betrayed America and what You Can Do about it.

What's more frustrating is that I spend the majority of time teaching my students how to act in public schools. The real issue is that students don't have any consequences, administration is lazy at best, and schools will not spend money where it matters. Staff development needs to actually matter. Instead of hiring a person to do in-district staff development, spend the money to send your teacher to content specific regional and national conferences.

Every single great idea I've every used in the classroom, I've stolen from someone else. I'm a high school senior who's taken both regular and AP classes. While my AP courses have been rigorous and challenging, the 'high school' level courses are, for the most part, a joke. They require the bare minimum of effort and somehow kids are still failing. Critical thinking has not been emphasized at all.

It's just 'copy the answer from the textbook, regurgitate information'. Being thrown into a physics class that demands intensive critical thinking has been a huge shock for me, but better late than never, right? The scary thing is, how will kids who have never taken a challenging class have the ability to think rationally and understand how to apply the knowledge they have? This isn't just a college prep concern, it's a LIFE concern.

However, I'd just like to say that great teachers make all the difference. They've inspired me to go into education myself. I may be young and naive, but I think there's some hope of fixing the system. I've been a math teacher in Idaho for 15 years. Administrators won't apply discipline consequences consistently and so teachers avoid discipline matters outside of the classroom.

Parents don't want me to give cumulative math finals because they are "too hard. When I inform administration that they are misplaced the admin. We have staff development that informs us to write poems in Alg 11 and Precalc. The state legislators blame teachers for what is wrong with education. Give me students who don't think that "work" is a four letter word.

Give me parents who don't complain that I'm picking on their kid when I challenge them to learn. Give me an administrator who will consistently back teachers, and follow discipline policy.