Urban Nation: Australias Planning Heritage

Urban Nation : Australia's Planning Heritage by Robert Freestone (2010, Paperback)
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We began to test the hypothesis with University of Western Australia colleagues Paul Maginn and Sharon Biermann in , trying some of the methods piloted in Canada. Although there are widely-used definitions for the rural-urban split, there are no consensus definitions for suburban areas and many different proposals for how they might be classified Forsyth We were looking for methods that could use data that was universally available through the national census and would produce credible results in both large and small metropolitan areas across the nations.

When we started the Canadian research, I expected that the classification would be based upon some combination of built form or building density.

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Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Rob Freestone is Professor of Planning and Urban Development at the University of New South Wales. His research interests are in planning history and.

This should not have surprised us, since there are plenty of dense urban neighbourhoods without high-rise apartments in both countries i. Our analysis of the structure of Australian cities indicates that Australia is indeed a suburban nation. And, despite planning policies that call for intensification and transit-oriented development, a high proportion of Australian metropolitan population growth took place in suburban areas, as can be seen in the tables below.

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The Melbourne neighbourhoods which grew the most were Auto Suburbs as shown in the Table above and map below. A final chararcteristic of Australian cities is that suburban densities are quite low. For example, North Perth is the densest Active Core neighbourhood in its metropolitan area, with an average gross density of only Most of the built form in this neighbourhood is comprised of single-story, single-detached homes in the classic bungalow style.

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This ambitious account looks at every state and territory from the earliest days of European settlement to the present day, identifying hundreds of places--parks, public spaces, redeveloped precincts, neighborhoods, and suburbs up to whole towns--that contribute to the distinctive character of urban and suburban Australia. It sets these significant planned landscapes within the broader context of both international design trends and Australian efforts at nation and city building. Chapter 1 A National Narrative. Chapter 2 Imagining Ideal Places.

Chapter 3 Founding the Capital Cities. Chapter 4 A Nation of Planned Towns.