The Cathedrals of Northern France

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Figure 1a -- Selected Cities of Northern France. These are not included here. The Constellation of Virgo itself had long been associated with almost every major female deity in any of various worldwide early civilizations including: For example, one can quickly draw straight lines through: All the windows are the same size. Amiens heads the list with a length of nave and choir of ft.

The churches of the forty suppressed Sees still rank as Cathedrals, as do others also where the throne was transferred at some earlier time. There are some seventy quasi-Cathedrals of this kind. In an appendix we have the dimensions and dates of some of the principal buildings.

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Amiens heads the list with a length of nave and choir of ft. It is surpassed, however, in superficial area by Bourges 70, to 73, square feet. The width of ft. In addition, Paris and Abbeville are located roughly the same distance east of their respective stars. The naming and selection of stars which constitute a constellation is largely arbitrary. Accordingly, stars that are not designated with a member of the Greek alphabet such as Virginis may still be included in a traditional view of Virgo while named stars such as Gienah Ghurab and Denebola might also be included in an expanded view of Virgo.

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In fact, the four bright stars: Arcturus, Denebola, Zubenelgenubi, and Gienah Ghurab nicely frame Virgo, and these four might have been viewed by the designers of the Northern France cathedrals to be part of the Virgo symbolism in their plans. Obviously, the selection of cities is limited to settlements which were already established as of the 11th through the 14th centuries as places to build Gothic cathedrals.

It also takes a long time to build a cathedral — the Notre-Dame of Reims took a hundred years ! Cities are also notorious in not springing forth in full bloom overnight. Accordingly the matches between stars and cities is not always exact. And while the Catholic Church may be eager to identify Notre Dame as the mother of Jesus, there is almost no reason to assume that this was the case. The Church is also notorious for reinventing the wheel in its own peculiarly narrow focus when it comes to interpreting history and events in general.

Cathedrals of Northern France

The labyrinth designs, meanwhile, were nothing short of prolific. Chartres Cathedral of Notre Dame [14]-- Built Reims Cathedral of Notre Dame [14] -- Built -- end of 13th Century; labyrinth destroyed in Amiens Cathedral of Notre Dame [16] -- Built ; labyrinth destroyed in , but rebuilt in For this labyrinth, follow the black lines, not the spaces in between.

Saint Quentin Collegiate Church of Saint Quentin [17] -- Began in and completed after years; labyrinth dates from and still exists Again, follow the black lines, not the spaces in between. Sens similar to Auxerre Cathedral of Saint Etienne [18] -- Built ; labyrinth 30 foot in diameter, destroyed Auxerre demolished in Bertin; labyrinth destroyed at the time of Reims destruction and possibly for the same reason.

Poitiers Church of Notre Dame de la Grande [20] -- " It will be seen that the construction is such that he who traces the path eventually emerges--like the poet of the "Rubaiyat"--by that same door at which he entered; he will have encountered no "stops," but he may have "looped the loop" an indefinite number of times. Once again, follow the black lines, not the spaces in between.

Virtually every depiction of the Virgo constellation by various and diverse scholars astronomical, mythological, and so forth shows a fully clothed Virgo lying prone along the elliptic. In one hand is inevitably shown a shaft of wheat or other cereal grain, as if identifying the Virgo as the bringer of harvests and nutritional well being.

The medieval cathedrals of northern France are marvels of craftsmanship, designed and created with incredible skill. Centuries later we still. This is a list of cathedrals in France and in the French overseas departments, territories and Turkey · Ukraine · United Kingdom. States with limited recognition. Abkhazia · Artsakh · Kosovo · Northern Cyprus · South Ossetia · Transnistria.

While this sounds plausible — based on all the various symbolisms from various cultures around the world — it is not necessarily what the Knights Templars had in mind. In fact, the normal depictions -- for example, from astronomy [21] or astrology [22] -- may be far short of a far more interesting picture of what Virgo is really all about.

List of cathedrals in France

To consider Virgo in an alternative depiction, we might begin by investigating various geometrical aspects of the stars of the constellation and the various French cities. For example, one can quickly draw straight lines through: The latter line up of stars very closely approximates the elliptic the path of the sun across the constellations. This may be very important.

There is also the curious fact that a circle centered on Evreux and passing through Chartres Spica meets tangentially a larger circle centered on Chartres -- one which intersects Gienah Ghurab Auxerre and Nu Virginis Meaux -- at a point which intersects the lines between Arcturus and Spica. This latter curiosity can lead one to turn the traditionally depicted figure of Virgo about ninety degrees — so that her figure is perpendicular to the elliptic, i.

One can then overlay what Leonardo de Vinci might have called his Vitruvian Woman.

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This is beyond coincidence. Other very interesting correspondences include: Bayeux Virginis conjunct the tip of the right raised arm;. Amiens Rho Virginis conjunct the tip of the left raised arm;. Gournay-en-Bray Sigma Virginis conjunct the right elbow;. Rouen W Virginis conjunct the left eye;.

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Evreux Zeta Virginis conjunct the heart center;. Dreux 74 Virginis conjunct the navel;. Auxerre Gamma Corvus conjunct the tip of the left foot;. Tours Pi Hydra conjunct the tip of the right foot; and. Chartres Spica conjunct the vagina womb. These conjunctions are shown in Figure In fact, there seems to be an honoring of a goddess or someone whose fertility was symbolized far more effectively by her womb than by her carrying a handful of wheat stalks. BTW, an arm carrying the wheat stalks and offering them to the world can always be drawn so that the wheat stalks correspond to the Notre Dame at Paris without violating the scale.

Chartres, France: Pure Gothic Cathedral

One might also surmise that the reason no dead person has even been buried in Chartres Cathedral is that the end of such lives and their burial might have been considered to be inconsistent with the womb of life. The site is simply too sacred to appease the arrogance of celebrities and honored folk of a Church so totally out-of-touch-with-reality. We should also emphasize that the womb is the source of the menstrual blood — as in the Bloodline of the Holy Grail. We might also recall that Spica Chartres has more than one meaning. Recall also the association of Virgo with healing, justice, wisdom, or prophecy.

Keep in mind that as in all cases of labyrinth walking one exits by the same path as one enters. This suggests an additional meaning of labyrinths: The first person to read this web page other than the author who while not reading it did at least skim it suggested that the labyrinth of Chartres might be overlaid on the Vitruvian Woman figure. When this is done and the circle oriented so that the horizontal line on the labyrinth is parallel to the elliptic, we obtain: This should be sufficient to cause apoplexy in the Vatican.

Inasmuch as Myth can often be considered as a condensed history suitable for use in oral traditions, it is worthwhile to consider one particular story, as related by Julius D.