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If you would like to contribute information or materials, or correct errors, please contact the Iowa DOT at Please be sure to include your references and sources of information. Within these files is correspondence between the auto trail associations and commission, official registration documents, route maps, pole marker images, promotional materials, etc.

Many of the early road associations and organizers in Iowa achieved statewide and national prominence, and were recognized as a beacon for international developments in transportation. Despite the tremendous efforts by the IHC to push into the public consciousness the need and value of registering automobile routes to comply with the Iowa Highway Route Registration Act , many willing and able road associations were left with a sense of confusion.

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Many associations laboriously corresponded with the IHC to qualify for registration. At the same time, the road associations were working feverishly to get their routes placed on the national tourist maps. The ideological Good Roads Movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which was based on the premise of grassroots leadership and promotion, and local financing, eventually succumbed to the need for a more practical roadway network overseen by the counties and state.

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Gifford Woods State Park. On the Green Mountain crest, west of Woodstock, this patch of primeval forest has been beautifully preserved. This road is a concrete realization of the idea that highways can sometimes improve on the work of Mother Nature. Designed and constructed back in the early days of the automobile, the route winds past a series of lovely waterfalls while taking in the best sights of the Columbia Gorge, east of Portland.

Standing on a stony cliff top, feet above the Columbia River, Vista House is a historic rest stop that doubles as a memorial to Oregon Trail pioneers. Climbing from the lush rainforests of Puget Sound, U. Highway 2 crosses the Cascades and drops into apple orchards before reaching placid Lake Chelan.

National Scenic Byway

The system of auto trails was an informal network of marked routes that existed in the United Some, such as the Lincoln Highway, maintained by the Lincoln Highway Association, the auto trails were essentially replaced in the United States with the system of . Washington, DC: American Automobile Association. pp. Midget Map of the Transcontinental Trails of the US - · Motor Routes to MINNESOTA. Registered Minnesota Auto Trails, - MN/DOT . Part 1)- FHWA. The National Old Trails Road, Part 2: See America First in - FHWA.

Ambitious drivers can loop back to Seattle via rugged and remote North Cascades National Park, along equally scenic Highway For an unexpected treat, spend some time in kitschy Leavenworth, an old timber and railroad town that re-created itself in the s as a Bavarian Alps hamlet, complete with beer gardens and lederhosen. Lady Bird Johnson led a campaign to beautify American cities, and in her native Texas, vast gardens of bluebonnets were planted across Texas Hill Country.

While there are countless nature trails, first-timers should start in Austin and take U. Then hightail it along U.

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Smarty Plants at 8 a. Along the mile route, the trans-Alaska pipeline pops in and out of view. The final approach to Valdez includes a mile drop from Thompson Pass 2, elevation to sea level through the waterfalls of Keystone Canyon, opening into Prince William Sound. Gawk at domesticated musk oxen, the Ice Age wonders of the Alaskan landscape prized for their wool, in Palmer.

Pack your binoculars for this coastal drive that skirts the woodlands of Acadia National Park , a prime spot for spying bald eagles and nesting peregrine.

Local small towns begin buzzing in late spring. For homemade ice cream and popovers, pull over at the historic Jordan Pond House open for the season as of May.

John Muir Trail: California, 210 miles

Follow the literal High Road from Santa Fe north on Route through high-elevation deserts and orchards. It leads to the cottonwood-dotted valley of Ojo Caliente and its pueblo communities. With zero roadside sprawl, the Merritt Parkway has more than enough sinuous curves and leafy landscaping to make driving it a true pleasure.

From the east end of the Merritt Parkway, continue on to the heart of New Haven to sample another historic treat: You might expect small-town charm driving alongside the Mississippi River. Enjoy roller-coaster hills and steep canyons in Iowa, from Dubuque to the prehistoric Effigy Mounds.

Middle America often gets overlooked for adventures, but there are many scenic miles between the Appalachians in the east and the Rockies in the west. The Ozark mountains in Arkansas are the largest range in the midwest and the Ozark Highlands Trail traverses their rolling length for over miles.

Unlike the more mountainous PCT and CDT, which are usually buried under snow except in late summer, the Ozark Highlands trail can be hiked all year round. There are no shelters, but the route passes through a number of campgrounds and state parks, some of which even offer showers.

Be sure to bring a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows , a classic coming-of-age tale of a boy exploring the Ozarks with a loyal pair of redbone coonhounds.

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Top tip The Ozarks Highlands Trail follows the scenic White river through the Lower Buffalo Wilderness for 15 miles, giving hikers a taste of true midwest wilderness. During the ice age, the region now known as Wisconsin was buried under thousands of feet of ice.

U.S. 1, Florida Keys

Lincoln Highway Group on Facebook. September 02, , Named Automobile Trails of Ohio. Hiking the entire PCT takes between four and six months. West of New Orleans, the low-lying lands of the lower Mississippi River are known for languid country lanes winding past lazy bayous.

As the ice retreated, it left behind a landscape strewn with post-glacial features such as potholes, kettles, boulders and lakes. Hikers can follow in the footsteps of woolly mammoths on the Ice Age Trail, which traces the former edge of the glacier for over 1, miles through the state of Wisconsin. The trail links numerous state parks and wilderness areas, though only about half the trail is on footpaths, marked by yellow blazes. The rest of the unfinished route follows mostly quiet country roads and is safely navigable on foot. Top tip The section along the Milwaukee river follows the original 34 miles first mapped out for the trail across a unique post-glacial landscape renowned among geologists.

A number of overnight shelters and walk-in campsites are available.


The Superior Hiking Trail follows a ridge overlooking the north-west shore of Lake Superior, the largest and northernmost of the five Great Lakes. The route starts in Duluth, Minnesota, and runs north to the Canadian border, with Superior in view most of the way.

Pacific Crest Trail: California, Oregon and Washington, 2,663 miles

Car-accessible trailheads every five to 10 miles make for easy logistics: The entire trail can be completed in about a month: Top tip A number of lodges on the North Shore of Lake Superior offer lodge-to-lodge hiking , where you can hike between resorts, enjoying the comforts of hot meals and comfortable beds. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.

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