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Associazione Italiana per la promozione della Scienza Aperta - Italia. Canadian Association of Research Libraries - Canada. Association for the promotion of library and information science communication - Deutschland. Confederation of Open Access Repositeries - International.

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Scientific communities, research institutions and scientific and technical information professional associations and organizations are called to support the Jussieu Call. How to do this: JussieuCall at gmail dot com. Jussieu Call for Open science and bibliodiversity.

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We, stakeholders of Open Access scientific publishing, hereby claim that: Business models should be found which preserve their long-term continuity; 8 priority should be given to business models that do not involve any payments, neither for authors to have their texts published nor for readers to access them. Research funding should go to research, not to publishers! This is why current journal subscription spendings should be changed into investments enabling the scientific community to regain control over the publishing system and not merely into new spendings only earmarked to pay the publication fees for researchers to commercial publishers.

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D'ailleurs, Lennox et al. Open Access must be complemented by support for the diversity of those acting in scientific publishing — what we call bibliodiversity — putting an end to the dominance of a small number among us imposing their terms to scientific communities;. Alors que tous les missionnaires peuvent ramer, un seul cannibale en est capable. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Regardless of whether they discuss global warming, biodiversity or sustainable development, and whether they adopt an anthropological, geopolitical, economic or pluridisciplinary point of view, these books help us grasp the c Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

We call on creating an international consortium of stakeholders whose primary aim should be to pool local and national initiatives or to build an operational framework to fund open access publishing, innovation and sharing of resulting developments. Regardless of whether they discuss global warming, biodiversity or sustainable development, and whether they adopt an anthropological, geopolitical, economic or pluridisciplinary point of view, these books help us grasp the c A selection of books focusing on the scientific, social, ethical, economic and political challenges of the changes produced by digital technologies.

This trans-national, multiple art combining different forms of artistic expression is the bearer of individual and local qualities.

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Reception and production, actors and cinematographic movements are the focus of this series of works providing a panorama of world cinema. This coincided with a time of strong international politicization, reflecting the importance of the ideologies and engagements in favour of civil rights, decolonization and feminism.

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Locus of study and political action, field of the imagination or the site for the expression of social relationships, the city is invested by all actors in the humanities and social sciences, who often experiment their pluridisciplinarity in the light of this common subject. A selection of studies on English-speaking novelists, playwrights and short story writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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It now seems obvious, for example, that simple generalizations about the collective nature of art in non-literate cultures cannot hold good in face of the evidence about the creative activity of the individual poet or story-teller, and that the process of artistic composition even in non-literate societies turns out to be more complex than often imagined. This publication, which produces two issues a year, thus seeks to highlight the variety of national configurations as well as the processes It publishes summative articles on discoveries and major research on ancient France.

Its chronological field spans protohistory, from the first Iron Age, Antiquity and Late Antiquity, to the Merovingian kingdoms. Created in , Les cahiers philosophiques de Strasbourg are dedicated to philosophical thought, with a strong focus on the history of German philosophy, its relation to ancient philosophy and its influence on contemporary philosophy, as well as on the arts and humanities and social sciences This extends to not only Greek and Latin texts, but also the Hebraic, Syriac and Arabic texts that nourished medieval and early It brings together research on all schools and periods of ancient philosophy and on all forms of its reception up to the present day.

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Palethnologie is the first bilingual French and English digital-only journal of archaeology. Its purpose is to promote a sociocultural approach to the communities of the past palaeoenvironment, archaeozoology, analysis of archaeological artefacts, etc. Online in full text since December Needlework in English Literature and Visual Arts.

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